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ANOTHER WORLD 91 What is Kirkland up to?




What is Kirkland up to?



Vicky: Honey what's wrong?

Jake: I'm thinking about my conversation with Kirkland.

Vicky: I take it didn't go well.

Jake: Not at all. I'm actually unsettled by it.

Vicky: I guess he told you.

Jake (curious to know what Vicky knows): Told me what?

Vicky: Oh...he's running for mayor against Grant.

Jake: And you're just telling me now?

Vicky: It was announced in the square. How could you not know?

Jake: Never mind.

Vicky: I'm probably more unsettled by this as you are. We have to stop him.

Jake: Vic we can't do interfere? Kirkland's a grown man. He's gonna have to make his own mistakes.

Vicky: Grant is going to destroy him.

Jake: I don't think Grant's gonna do that to his son.



Kirkland sits at a stool and orders a drink from a handsome male bartender.

Kirkland: Cognac on the rocks.

The two exchange a look and the bartender serves him.

Bartender: Haven't seen you around here before.

Kirkland (taking a sip): I...I don't live here.

Bartender: Oh ok. Visiting?

KIrkland: I'm meeting a friend.

Bartender: Well...kinda wish you lived here.

KIrkland (smiling): I might consider something like that.

Kirkland receives a text to go to room 540...

Kirkland: That's my cue.

Bartender: Your friend?

Kirkland: Yep.

Kirkland slides the bartender a tip with a napkin underneath.

Kirkland: Gotta go.

Meanwhile, an older MAN at the end of the bar makes a phone call...to Grant.

MAN: He's in the Athletic Club.

Grant: Well follow him. Find out what he's up to.



Carl and Rachel walk arm in arm.

Carl: This is a nice place they've built here. It wasn't here the last time I was here.

Rachel: Cory and Elizabeth come down here often, but I don't.

Carl: Why not? This is a beautiful place.

Rachel (shivering): Oh.

Carl: Are you alright?

Rachel: I got a chill suddenly.

Carl: Are you cold?

Rachel: No. The chill went down my spine. Something's not right.

Meanwhile, someone is standing at the fountain, watching Carl and Rachel. Mitch walks in front of the person.

Mitch: Sharlene?

No response.

Mitch (waving his hands): Sharlene? Hello?

Sharlene (finally responding): Oh Mitch hi.




Vicky: You have forgotten who Grant is.

Jake: Kirkland's not a baby anymore.

Vicky: I'm not gonna let Grant hurt my son.

Jake: I get the feeling that Kirkland will be just fine.

Vicky: Kirkland will NOT be fine. When it comes to politics, Grant will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means hurting Kirkland.

Grant will try to crush him. I'm not gonna stand by and watch it happen.

Jake: Whatever happens to Kirkland, it will be of his own doing.

Vicky: I can't believe what I'm hearing this from you.

Jake: Kirkland knew exactly what he got into when he decided to join this race for mayor.

Vicky: You think that we should stand by and watch Grant try to destroy our son? I'm not.

Jake: You're not gonna have a choice Vicky. Kirkland wants to do this..

Vicky: He doesn't know how ruthless Grant can be.

Jake: You don't know how ruthless Kirkland can be.

Vicky: What are you saying?

Jake: You should've seen the look in his eyes when he talked about getting back at Grant. He was extremely determined. I couldn't believe when I saw it. He's not the sweet little boy we raised. He is different. He's changed.

Vicky: You're wrong.

Jake: I'm not wrong. He's gonna be fine, because he's just like Grant. A chip off the old block.


Kirkland walks into room 540 at the Genoa City Athletic Club and meets with Paul Williams, private investigator.

Kirkland: Paul Williams.

Paul (giving Kirkland a folder): This is what my contacts found on your father.

Kirkland (looking over the folder's contents): Your reputation precedes you.

Paul: Hope it helps.

Kirkland: Oh it's gonna help tremedously.

Kirkland gives Paul an envelope full of money.

Kirkland: I really appreciate this Paul.

Paul: Good luck in your election.

Paul walks out and shuts the door, and Kirkland places the envelope on the desk. Someone knocks on the door, and it's the male bartender.

Kirkland: I thought you wouldn't get my little hint.

Bartender (walking in with Kirkland shutting the door behind him): Come on, I'm not new to the game.

Kirkland: I see...you're hot.

Bartender: I figured since you're only going to be here a short time, I might as well make worth your while.

The Bartender starts to unbutton his shirt....


Carl: It's quite a chilly night. You might just be cold dear.

Rachel: It felt like...like someone was watching us.

Carl looks around....

Carl: I don't see anyone.

Rachel: I just probably tired.

Carl: Let's go home.

Meanwhile, Mitch talks to Sharlene behind the fountain....

Mitch: What brings you out tonight?

Sharlene: Just wanted to...get some air.

Mitch: Carl and Rachel were over there.

Sharlene: Oh they were? I didn't notice.

Mitch: You were standing in front of the fountain watching them.

Sharlene: What are you talking about? I did no such thing.

Mitch: Do you need a ride home?

Sharlene: No Mitch I'm fine. Thanks. Speaking of home...that's where I need to go. Have a good night.

Sharlene leaves Mitch.

Mitch: What just happened?



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Nice to see Carl back

I love how Kirkland is running for mayor and the effect it may seem to have on jake and Vicky

I see krik making moves. This race is goign to be good I already know it How far is grant going to go?.

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That was a good fakeout about why Kirkland was at the hotel room.

Very interesting with Sharlene. I wonder what is going on.

I'm surprised Jake isn't more worried about what Grant will do to Kirkland.

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Welcome back Carl!!! Jake is more surprised that the sweet little boy he and Vicky raised is turning out to be just like Grant...maybe that is why Jake is not worried about Grant lol

Read on!! It gets very interesting with Sharlene...

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