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ANOTHER WORLD 92 Grant gets some info about Kirkland




Grant gets some info about Kirkland


Kirkland gets out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist, and goes to grab the folder that Paul Williams gave him.

Kirkland: I'm gonna win this election.

Meanwhile, downstairs at the bar, the MAN working for Grant slips some money to the male bartender who just slept with Kirkland. IN return, the bartender gives the MAN a flash drive, and the MAN gets on the phone with Grant.

Man: Got what you need sir. I think this will get Kirkland to drop out of the race.

Grant: Well get back to Bay City. The plane is waiting for you at the Tarmac. I'm dying to see it.



He answers the knock on the door.

Grant: Charlie?

Charlie: Hi Grant. Can I come in?

Grant: Umm....sure come on in. What brings you by?

Charlie: Have you seen Kirkland?

Grant: No I haven't. Is there something wrong?

Charlie: I really need to talk to him.

Grant becomes curious as to why Charlie wants to talk to Kirkland...



Allen and Amanda lie in bed.

Amanda: I never thought I'd be in the Love Mansion, making love to you.

Allen: You know you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Amanda: Oh I'm sure you've had other occurrences in your life you can think of.

Allen: No...you are. You're sweet, kind, beautiful, strong. Your parents a hell of a woman. You know I wasn't raised with my parents. I was raised at a boarding school thanks to Reginald.

Amanda flashes back to overhearing Allen threaten to kill Reginald in the hospital.

Amanda: But you found your mother right?

Allen: We were kept apart by Reginald.

Amanda: He bought my father's company.

Allen: He's got his paws in everything doesn't he?

Amanda: Can we not talk about your grandfather?

Allen: You're right. Let's talk about things that are gonna make us grow.

Amanda looks under the covers.

Amanda: I love things that grow.

They kiss and make love.



Marley walks in with a paper bag. Tyrone is at his desk working.

Tyrone: Hey.

Marley: Hi. I got you some...lunch?

Tyrone: Smells like...

Marley: Your favorite.

Tyrone: Won ton soup. You must be trying to apologize for something.

Marley (taking out the soup and giving it to Tyrone): I'm sorry.

Tyrone: Bout what baby?

Marley: About pushing to have Allen move in with us. Clearly you were uncomfortable with the idea.

Tyrone: Marley...

Marley: I should have been more understanding about the type of relationship you two had, and I should not have tried to force you to make up.

Tyrone: Marley stop.

Tyrone puts his hands on Marley's shoulders.

Tyrone: I admire that you care about your family. That's one of the reasons why I love you. Don't ever change. You were doing what you thought was right.

They kiss, and Marley suddenly pulls away.

Marley: I...I feel sick I gotta go to the bathroom.

Tyrone: And when you get out I'm taking you to the hospital.



Grant brings a cup of tea to Charlie and sits across from her.

Grant: I haven't talked to Kirkland since the day he announced his candidacy.

Charlie: Thanks...I've tried to tell Kirkland to make amends with you, but he just won't. He's losing so much time. I felt the same way toward my mother, but we made up.

Grant: That's all I want. To be close to my son. We were back then, but I guess he resents me for trying to take him away from Victoria.

Charlie: It happened a long time ago and he should forgive you.

Grant: He doesn't want to unfortunately.

Charlie: He's got so much goodness. I don't like to see his resentment eat him up so much. I see how much it hurts him.

Grant: You really....care about my son don't you?

Charlie: Yeah...yeah I do. I've fallen for him.

Grant: Oh...is that right? I thought you two were just friends.

Charlie: Yeah that's why I came here. I wanted to tell him in person.


Allen sleeps while Amanda is awakened by her vibrating cell phone with a text from Iris.

Iris: Get here soon. It's about daddy's company.

Amanda looks at Allen, gets dressed and leaves.


Tyrone sits next to Marley at the hospital waiting area.

Marley: It's not that serious. I don't know why you took me to the hospital.

Tyrone: You've been looking flushed the last few days. You've probably some virus, and I didn't wanna take any chances.

Marley: I've probably got the flu.

John walks up to them with a prescription.

Marley: Is that for an antibiotic?

Tyrone: I'm gonna make sure she takes them on time.

John: No. It's for prenatal vitamins.

Tyrone: Prenatal vitamins? She's sick. She's been throwing up.

John: That's morning sickness.

Marley: What are you saying Uncle John?

John: Congratulations. You two are having a baby.

Tyrone and Marley look at each other. Shocked, but happy.



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LOL Wait did dude tape his sex with Kirk and now Grant is dying to see it what a sick man and shame ongrant. his own son. There wont be no turnign bck for this. Why is grant goign against his own son any way. I feel bad for kirk I need to talk to u soon about a potenital cross over..

Not to happy Paul is in the story.

So Allen is with Amanda and seems to be happy. That made me smile. hes been through a lot.

Hmm Allen lives with Tyrone now. Interesting. So are Marley and Tryone ok now> Marley is sick?

OMG a baby. I have not been reading is it Tyrones?

Another good episode

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Allen lives in the Love Mansion...Marley offered Allen to move in with them, but Tyrone was against it, and it caused problems between them. Marley and Allen are cousins...so they will not be sleeping together. The baby is Tyrone's. Grant is ruthless, but Kirkland may be just as ruthless as Grant. KIrkland hired Paul because Frankie wouldn't investigate Grant, and Charlie was against Kirkland asking Frankie to investigate Grant.

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Marley's pregnant. This was her dream for so many years. And now when Tyrone has feelings for her mother. That won't end well.

I like all the corporate intrigue which keeps on going.

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