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S01 - Episode One: "Welcome to Hell"

Mr. Vixen



Heaven's Meadow:

Season 1 - Episode One

"Welcome to Hell"

This episode features:

Susan Lucci as Erica Kane

Christina Bennett Lind as Bianca Montgomery

Kassie DePaiva as Blair Cramer

Angell Conwell as Jacqueline

Kelly Ripa as Hayley Vaughan

Rick Herbst as Lucas Erickson

Vail Bloom as Brianna Emerson

Sean Kanan as Brandon Mayweather

Colleen Zenk as Anjelica King

Jerry ver Dorn as Clint Buchanan


Erika Slezak as Victoria Lord Buchanan




susan-lucci1.jpg Bianca: Lind.jpg

( In Erica's Living Room)

Erica: I just don't know what to do, Bianca.

Bianca: Mom, you need to take this opportunity. You have to take this journey. It's your dream.

Erica: It was my dream, Bianca. But I just don't know anymore. Ever since Kendall's death, I just haven't been sure what I want anymore. Every time I have tried to follow my "dreams", something terrible happens. Just look at the last time. I lost Jackson to my selfishness, and Kendall lost her life.

(Erica begins crying. Bianca brings her mother a tissue and embraces her. After a moment, she pulls away)

Bianca: Kendall's death was not your fault, Mom. You can't blame yourself.

Erica: I know that. In my mind, I know that. JR was very ill when he pulled that trigger, and thankfully he is getting the help that he needs now. But in my heart....In my heart, Kendall died because of my selfishness.

Bianca: That's not true, Mom. Kendall's death was tragic, and we are all still trying to deal with that. But I've noticed the effect that being in Pine Valley has had on you since her death. This isn't where you are meant to be. Not now. You are getting another opportunity to go to Hollywood, Mom. To be a star.

(Erica stands and moves towards the fireplace, looking at a picture of Kendall)

Erica: But I AM a star, Bianca. Ever since Kendall's death, my name has been all over the headlines again. "ERICA KANE FORCED TO WATCH AS HER DAUGHTER IS MURDERED!" they say. The country has rallied behind me. I'm a superstar. But everyday, I have to deal with the fact that it's at the expense of my own daughter's life.

(Bianca moves towards her mother)

Bianca: I can only imagine how hard that is for you, Mom. But I just think this is a sign. It's an opportunity for you to be happy, and Kendall would want that. They want you to host a talk show, and we all know you're fabulous at that. This is your opportunity to reach Hollywood & Vine, Mom. And no matter how much we'll miss you, you need to go, you need to do this for yourself. You always taught me to follow my dreams, and now it's time for you to follow yours. You're Erica Kane for God's sake!

(Erica smiles and wipes the tears from her eyes)

Erica: You're right. Kendall would want this for me. I AM Erica Kane, after all! Thank you so much, darling. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go call the production company and let them know that I'm in. Hollywood & Vine, here I come!




oltl_depaivaK_9.jpg Jacqueline: MV5BMTUyOTUwMDI0OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTQ3MzUzNg@@._V1._SY314_CR15,0,214,314_.jpg

(Walking into the empty restaurant)

Blair: I'm sorry call you on such short notice, Jacqueline.

Jacqueline: It's no problem girl, but frankly I was a little bit surprised to hear from you at all.

Blair: I know I said I wasn't going to be moving here after all, but I decided I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Jacqueline: Well you can count on me, the best real estate agent Heaven's Meadow's got to offer, to make sure this venture goes as smoothly as possible. But I have to ask. What about the man you had mentioned? Is he coming, too?

Blair: Tomas? No, that relationship ended before it began, really. I just couldn't commit to another serious relationship, not with my recent track record. I needed to start over somewhere new.

Jacqueline: And your children?

Blair: My oldest, Starr is living on her own in New York , and my son Jack is away at a boarding school. It broke my heart to send him away from me, but it's what's best for him. Only my youngest, Sam, will be making the move with me.

(Blair walks to the other side of the empty restaurant)

Blair: I can't tell you how excited I am to open my club here, Jacqueline. Thank you for finding me such a perfect location.

Jacqueline: I have to warn you, Blair, it isn't going to come cheap. The space already has another prospective buyer.

Blair: Who?!

(They hear heels clicking behind them. They turn and see a woman standing in the doorway.)

Mystery Woman: Me.

(Blair stands silently in shock as she comes face to face with someone from her past for the first time in years.)



kelly_ripa_2.jpg Lucas: pic-of-rick-hearst.jpg



(In the studio where Hayley's talk show "WAVE" is filmed)

Hayley: Well, what's the verdict?

Lucas: She's in. Erica Kane is your new co-host. And she has no idea.

Hayley: That's great! But, I just don't understand why it has to be so secretive. Erica Kane is a very strong, independent woman. She won't like being tricked.

Lucas: Erica Kane doesn't share the spotlight, either. If I had called her and said we wanted her to co-host an already in production talk show? She would have hung up before I could even finish my sentence. But now we've got her here. She's coming to New Hampshire tomorrow to fill out the paper work, and we'll ease her into it. She'll come around.

(Hayley laughs)

Hayley: I can hear her now: "I don't co-host talk shows! I'm ERICA KANE!"

Lucas: Exactly. But she'll come around, once we've got her in person. Especially since it's you that she'll be working with. You were her step daughter once upon a time, after all.

Hayley: I sure hope so. But for now, I'll just have to trust you...And I do. You've been so wonderful to me since Mateo disappeared. I don't know what I would do without you.

(The two embrace, as Hayley's assistant Brianna eavesdrops nearby. Brianna takes a cellphone from her pocket and dials. She holds the phone up to her ear.)

Brianna: Everything is falling into place, just as planned. Erica will be here any day now, and you'll have her right where you want her.


(Outside of the empty restaurant, Jacqueline answers her cell phone)

Jacqueline: Well hello, Ms. Rappaport. I didn't think I'd be hearing from you again.



(Erica re-enters her living room)

Bianca: Well, how did it go? When do you leave for Hollywood?

Erica: I'm not going to Hollywood.

(Bianca looks confused)

Erica: They've moved production, to lower costs. Erica Kane is going to New Hampshire.




victoria_lord.jpg Clint: jverdorn_240x320.jpg


sean_kanan.jpg Anjelica: Colleen+Zenk+Pinter.jpg

(Inside the offices of "The Chat" - A national magazine)

Viki: Oh, Clint. I'm so glad you convinced me to do this. It's going to be such an adventure, turning 'The Chat' into 'The Banner'. Imagine...The Banner, a national magazine! In all the years I ran that newspaper in Llanview, I never dreamed of doing something like this.

Clint: As long as we are together, any adventure is worth it. I know how hard it was for you to leave Llanview. It was hard for me, too. But after our wedding, this just felt...right.

(Anjelica and Brandon enter the room)

Anjelica: You must be the our new owner. And what an honor it is to meet you. Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Anjelica King, your editor in chief.

Viki: It is a pleasure to finally meet you, as well. I very much look forward to working with you. And who might you be?

Brandon: I'm Brandon Mayweather, Chief Photographer here at The Chat, or should I say, The Banner? It's a pleasure to meet you.

Viki: Likewise, my dear.

Brandon: Please, allow me to show you and your husband around.

(Brandon, Viki and Clint exit. Anjelica removes a phone from her purse and dials. She holds the phone to her ear.)

Anjelica: Well hello, Tina. I just had the pleasure of meeting your sister.


Thank you all for reading! The drama heats up tomorrow on an ALL NEW Heaven's Meadow.

Please comment and let me know what you think!

Please Note: Episode Length May Vary


Recommended Comments

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Yay Kendall's dead! JR is a hero!

I'm guessing (and hoping) that Blair's competition is SKYE! And if it is we can finally see more of the Skye/Hayley relationship. And as a plus, I love that Blair is away from all her unwatchable baggage. Let's keep it that way for a nice long time.

"Erika Kane is going to New Hampshire." The line of the episode. Absolutely hilarious.

All in all good first episode with intriguing bits like Mateo's disappearance to make us want more. However, this part confused me ...

"(Outside of the empty restaurant, Victoria answers her cell phone)

Jacqueline: Well hello, Ms. Rappaport. I didn't think I'd be hearing from you again."

Whose Victoria? Whose Ms. Rappaport? This scene made no sense to me.

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  • Members

Hi! Thank you so much for the feedback!

I'm so sorry, that scene should have said JACQUELINE answers her cell phone. Her name was originally going to be Victoria but it was changed and I missed that in the edit.

Ms. Rappaport and Blair's enemy will be revealed tomorrow! :)

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  • Members

So you're resurrecting the Rappaports for this one? That should be interesting.

Viki and Clint are in this one. Good.

I'm thrilled that Kendall is dead-dead, not soap opera dead.

Erica Kane in NH being a co-host? How will a narcissist like Erica handle that?

Happy to see Blair without all of her co-dependents.

I'm looking forward to more. Thanks.

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  • Members

Thank you for your feedback everyone!

SweetPea - The Erica dynamic is going to be played up quite a bit, so you should get the answer to your question!

Spencer - I knew you would be upset and I'm sorry to disappoint you! :( But I hope you'll keep reading and keep your hopes up! :)

Haha, thanks Selena! :lol:

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  • Members

LOL at "Erica Kane is going to New Hampshire."

I also had to lol at killing off Kendall, making Mateo disappear, and sending Jack off to boarding school while keeping Sam... the joy of writing your own stories!

A fun read, nice to "see" these folks again.

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  • Members


Thanks SFK

I had no idea the New Hampshire line would be as funny to everyone as it has been! Glad it provided some laughs.

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  • Members

That Rappaport part confused me too. Did you mean Lindsay? I'd love it if Lindsay showed up!

Great job so far, buddy! Keep it coming! smile.png

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  • Members

Since there seems to be some confusion, yes it is Lindsay, who will appear tomorrow.

The idea was just that the viewers would be intrigued by Victoria getting a phone call from a "Ms. Rappaport" which would build some speculation as to whether or not it's Lindsay, and if so, what is she doing in Heaven's Meadow.

Bad writing on my behalf, I suppose!!

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  • Members

Thanks for the clarification on that Jaqueline scene.

As for Erica, now that Kendall is finally dead, I like to think that Erica is back to the age she's supposed to be and the De-SORAS'ing of her character can be forgetten.

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  • Members

The de-sorasing is definitely undone, because there was no damn way Erica could have been born in 1962. That would have made her 8 when the show started!


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  • Members

Great start. A lot of the photos didn't come up for me.

I like the idea of Viki getting out of Llanview, as it's what I kept hoping would happen for her (too bad she is stuck with Clint, who probably fled due to criminal charges...). Your dialogue for Erica and Bianca is right on the nose. Great to see Blair on her own, with Jack in juvie...er...boarding school. And I love that Tina is in the background somewhere.

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  • Members

Thank you Carl! I'm sorry the photos didn't work for you. :( It was just photos of the actors for those who didn't know what they looked like. You probably already know what the entire cast looks like just from the names, being the soap expert that you are!

Thank you so much for the comment on the dialogue. That scene took me the longest to write because I wanted it to have the right emotional impact.

You know Tina is always on my mind! :)

Thank you for reading!

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  • Members

They are working now, aside from Jacqueline, the one I probably know the least of. :P

Yes, your dialogue reminded me a lot of Erica. When I think of Erica I always end up wanting to focus on tragedy, which isn't really the most rounded portrayal. You have the tragedy, but also some of the self-absorption which is endearing.

I love Erica going along with the cost-cutting. I wonder how she would have reacted to going to Canada.

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  • Members

Carl, if you Google Angell Conwell, you'll find pics of her! Thanks again for your comments on the dialogue. Erica isn't necessarily happy about being in New Hampshire, but she'll deal with it! :lol:

~bl~ yes he was cleared of all charges. That will be addressed soon!

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  • Members

Very nice job! The dialogue in the Erica/Bianca scene felt almost too nonchalant that Kendall was dead. Remember not to put your own bias into it haha.

I'm not familiar with any soaps on CBS, are all of these characters real ones taken from other shows? I recognize all the faces.

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  • Members

Ohhh this is gonna be good. I'm loving having Kendall and Mateo out of the picture. I never got the appeal of Mateo and Kendall just doesn't interest me in the slightest, so this is a good pair of exits. THRILLED about Viki, Clint and Tina, and ESPECIALLY Lindsay. I always loved Lindsay so this oughta be great.

Keep it coming, I'm loving it already!

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  • Members

Brett, I thought the dialogue was appropriate because its been 10 months since her death. So while they're still grieving and upset, they've healed enough to have a rational conversation about it. They've accepted, bug haven't *fully* moved on, if that makes sense.

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  • Members

Greetings from Bay City....Very very nice. Surprised you killed off Kendall, and JR is in a mental institution (from what I'm gathering)...crossovers are always welcome LOL...

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  • Members

Thanks so much!

I knew it would be rather controversial to start episode one with the death of a major character, but I think it will be worth it in the overall grand scheme of the show!

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