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S01 - Episode Two: "Blasts from the Past & Looks Into the Future"

Mr. Vixen



Heaven's Meadow:

Season 1 - Episode Two

"Blasts from the Past & Looks Into the Future"

This episode features:

Susan Lucci as Erica Kane

Kelly Ripa as Hayley Vaughan

Rick Herbst as Lucas Erickson

Angell Conwell as Jacqueline

Kassie DePaiva as Blair Cramer

Robin Christopher as Skye Chandler-Quartermaine

Michael E. Knight as Tad Martin


Catherine Hickland as Lindsay Rappaport



2193340.jpg Jacqueline MV5BMTUyOTUwMDI0OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTQ3MzUzNg@@._V1._SY314_CR15,0,214,314_.jpg

(Inside the abandoned art studio)

Lindsay: Thank you for meeting with me so late, Jacqueline. I would have given you more notice, but I wasn't sure if I would make it to Heaven's Meadow tonight.

Jacqueline: I'm rather surprised you made it at all.

(Lindsay moves to the other side of the room, examining the abandoned studio)

Lindsay: Why's that?

Jacqueline: Well the first time we spoke, your story seemed a little bit shaky. I wasn't so sure you'd be out of prison for long.

Lindsay: I saved two lives, Jacqueline. And luckily for me, the court system decided that that was reason enough to release me permanently, despite the fact that I also took a mans life several years ago. I'm a free woman now, and soon to be a New Hampshire art gallery owner

Jacqueline: And you're sure this is where you want to open your gallery? This location?

Lindsay: I'm positive. It's exactly what I'm looking for.

Jacqueline: You do know the legend of this building, don't you?

Lindsay: I've read some of the articles online. What's the real story, though?

Jacqueline: This was the studio of an artist named Edward van Ark. He was regaled within the community for his artwork, and was on the brink of extraordinary fame. But about 25 years ago, his fiance was murdered. In this building. They never solved the murder, and he gave up art for good. He refused to sell any of his pieces, and became a total recluse. He's deceased now, and his family has been trying to sell the building for years, but no one has wanted to buy it. All of the locals believe it to be cursed.

Lindsay: That's a very sad story, indeed...but it doesn't change my mind. I want to buy this building. In a way, it reminds me of myself.

Jacqueline: I'm not making the connection.

Lindsay: I've done a lot of not so great things in my life, and unfortunately that's what most of the people in Llanview remember me for. But I'm not that person anymore, and I want to start over. I just don't feel that the people there will be very receptive to that, because of my past. Just as the people of this town won't embrace this building, because of it's past. It's a perfect fit.



Erica%2BKane.jpg Lucas: pic-of-rick-hearst.jpg



(Inside of the WAVE studio)

Erica: Mr. Erickson, I have to admit, I am a little bit confused as to why you asked me to meet you at the Wave studio.

Lucas: I asked you to meet me here, because this is the show I want you to host, Erica.

Erica: Oh, no. No, no, no. I can't replace Hayley! I couldn't do that! I don't know if you know this, but I was once married to her father! I simply couldn't do that!

Lucas: I'm aware of all that, and that's why I wanted you for this job. You aren't replacing Hayley.

Erica: Then I'm afraid I don't understand.

(Hayley enters the room)

Hayley: You're my new co-host. _____________________________________________________________________________________________



(At Patty's - A popular bar in Heaven's Meadow)

Lindsay: Bartender, I'll have a vodka tonic. Heavy on the vodka, light on the tonic.

(Tad Martin approaches)

Tad: A woman after my heart. I'm Tad.

Lindsay: I'm just going to save you some time. I'm not going to go home with you.

Tad: Do I look like that type of guy?

Lindsay: At first glance, you look like you may be type who has a wife and maybe a couple kids at home, and you're looking for a fun night away from the family. The way you came right up to me, and that corny little smile of yours, really gave you away.

Tad:Well, I do have children, but they're grown. And no wife. Actually, I just got out of a relationship. Her choice. We were the loves of each others lives in many ways, but after her son's mental break, she just couldn't think about herself or any relationship. Her son is her first priority, as he should be. It broke my heart, but I understood. So now here I am, traveling the country. Trying to reinvent myself, I guess. Anyway, I don't know why I'm boring you with this. I'll leave you to enjoy your evening.

(Lindsay smiles)

Lindsay: No, stay. Let's have a drink.


(Back at the WAVE studios)

Erica: Hayley, it's very nice to see you. You look wonderful, darling.

Hayley: So do you, as always. I'm so sorry about Kendall. I hope you know I would have been there, if I hadn't been on location in Italy. I do hope you got the flowers I sent.

Erica: I did, and they were very lovely.

Hayley: Well it was the least that I could do. Anyway, on a brighter note...I'm very excited for you to become part of the WAVE family!

Erica: I'm afraid there's been some misunderstanding, Hayley. I didn't know that I was coming here to be a part of Wave. I was given the impression that I was being courted to launch a new show.

Hayley: I know that. And for the record, it was not my idea.

Lucas: I admit, I wasn't completely honest with you over the phone. But that's only because I feared you wouldn't be as receptive if we didn't meet face to face. We are dying to have you, Erica.

Erica: You can call me Ms. Kane.

Hayley: Erica, I'm very sorry for the way that this whole thing was handled. I knew that it wasn't a good idea, and I should have put a stop to it. But I promise you Lucas had the best of intentions. We'd really love to have you, Erica.

Lucas: I do apologize, Ms. Kane. I hope you'll still join us.

Hayley: What do you say Erica? The show really needs you. It pains me to say it, but the ratings have been in a slump these past few months. And if anybody can liven up a party, it's Erica Kane!

Erica: All right, I'll do it. Have the contracts sent to me lawyers office, and we'll see if we can't work something out

(Erica begins to exit, but turns around before she is out of the room, and speaks once more)

Ericka: And no funny business, Mr. Erickson. I really don't want to have to fight with you. I simply don't have the right shoes for it.



oltl_depaivaK_9.jpg Skye: Skye.jpg

(Inside of Blair's hotel room. Blair is on the phone.)

Blair: Jacqueline, please call me back as soon as you get this. I'm ready to put in an offer on the space. I will not let that awful woman get a hold of it. It's mine.

(Skye enters the room, wearing a knee-length red dress and bright red heels)

Skye: Actually, honey, it's mine.

Blair: Like hell it is, Skye. Look, I didn't want to talk to you yesterday, and I sure as hell don't want to today.

Skye: I don't know why you're so bitter, Blair.

Blair: Because you are a lying, conniving bitch, and I simply do not have the time.

Skye: Oh dear, I see time has been very cruel to you. You look positively miserable. Though I will say, your hair looks much better this length. Short hair just never suited you. It often just looked like someone had taken scissors to it against your will!

(Skye pauses, laughing, as Blair becomes visibly angry)

Skye: And your personality certainly hasn't improved. Stuck in the past, it seems. You know, the more I think about it...if anyone here should be getting an attitude, it's me. If I recall correctly, you were the one who shot Max Holden and framed me for it.

Blair: Who's dredging up the past, now? You know Skye, I'm surprised to see you here. I thought you lived in Port Charles, now. Or did you get banished from yet another town?

Skye: I left Port Charles very peacefully, and on my own terms. Speaking of towns we used to live in, I heard you continued sleeping your way through Llanview after I left. Congratulations! I just hope you're getting tested regularly. I mean, you have children by pretty much any Llanview man with the capability now, don't you? And there are just so many scary diseases out there now. I wouldn't want you to catch one!

Blair: Those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones, Skye. You've slutted your way through the entire East Coast, from what I heard. And yet, in all your travels...You still don't know who your daddy is, do you? So why don't you just run back to your mob family, and leave the rest of us the hell alone? I'm done with you.

Skye: Oh but I'm far from done with you, sweetie. You don't wanna cross me, honey. Cause I'll send you running back to the farm.

(Skye exits).


Thanks for reading, and don't forget to to check back tomorrow

for an ALL NEW, drama filled, episode of



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  • Members

Ah, my Skye is back in my life and though I love her facing off against Skye her remark about Blair having children with many men was odd.

And I know Mateo has disappeared, but why does Hayley go by her maiden name? Is this a CELEB thing or are they divorced?

And with Rick Her(b)st on the cast, I just have a feeling he'll be getting between Blair and Skye. The chemistry sure as hell would be on fire.

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  • Members

Skye's remark, as well as Blair sayin Skye slept her way through the East coast were really just them being catty and trying to get under each others skin. Not necessarily "fact" but rather what they "heard" about each other in their time apart.

Hayley going by Vaughan is a celebrity thing. That will be touched on more later.

Ric's character is going to be very pivotal down the line! :)

Thanks for reading!

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  • Members

LOL....love Skye vs. Blair. "I'll send you running back to the farm" LMAO! Team Skye ;-)

I didn't think Erica would accept, we'll see how this goes cool.png

When's JR going to get murdered by Zach for killing Kendall? Jk, LOL

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  • Members

Thanks you guys!

I'm glad people are digging the Blair vs. Skye feud. It's going to take a major twist, soon!

AMD@GH - LMAO! You'd love that, wouldn't you?

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  • Members

I'm really enjoying writing the Blair/Skye relationship. It's so complicated and fun, lol

I know Tad/Lindsay seems ironic considering that they were married in real life, but I couldn't resist. I think they'll be a good match.

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  • Members

I wasn't that interested in Blair/Skye on OLTL, but it will be a fun change of pace for Blair here.

I like Erica's line, "You can call me Ms. Kane." I like that she's not getting into a feud with Hayley, and that they're respectful of each other.

I still can't see Jacqueline's photo, but I did see her dialogue, and I thought you did a good job of fleshing out the history of the gallery in a way which still sounded like a human being.

I remember when Tad and Lindsay met in the Fan February episode. This should be interesting. I do think that Tad's lines to her sounded like he was reading a long list of expository lines, to keep the story going, not how he'd actually speak.

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  • Members

Hi Carl!

The Blair/Skye relationship will be explored in a way that will encompass more than just "I hate you, you hate me, let's be bitches". Yes, there will be more catfights, and no they don't like each other. But it's going to be an interesting relationship to flesh out.

Erica and Hayley definitely aren't feuding, and I wanted to make that clear. Again, I really want to explore that relationship in different ways. It's going to be important down the line.

Thank you for the comments about Jacqueline and the art gallery. I found it important to really emphasize the connection that Lindsay feels to the building. Because with Blair and/or Skye (you'll have to wait and see!) buying a club, and Lindsay buying an art gallery, I didn't want it to just be "Oh everyone is popping into New Hampshire and buying real estate!". I really want all of the characters actions to have meaning or connection.

I'm not going to lie, I knew the Tad/Lindsay dialogue was weak. Tad is a very unique character, in his mannerisms, the way he speaks, etc. And it's taking me some getting used to to try and encompass that. I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Hope you enjoyed it, overall, though!

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  • Members

I think you're doing a good job in showing why people are moving there, and not just them buying businesses. Soaps tend to have the story over and over of some random new pet coming in and buying 50 business, and it's just silly. This makes more sense.

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  • Members

Thank you, Carl!

I didn't want it to just be "Oh yeah, we all happen to be in New Hampshire", ha! I want everyone to have their reasoning.

And that is something that will continue to be addressed and expanded as time goes on.

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  • Members

You write Erica's script so good. it's like i'm seeing her on my TV again!!!

OMG I am so here for Tad and Lindsey! They have chemistry!

Skye: Oh but I'm far from done with you, sweetie. You don't wanna cross me, honey. Cause I'll send you running back to the farm.

That line and that fight was everything. 100x better then GH's scene!

Loved this more then episode one!!!

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