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Season 5 Opening & Series News (Including The 2008 SOFF Awards)

Matt P.



Congratulations go out to four characters who took home awards from The 2008 SOFF Awards brought to you by SoapWEB. Matt Bible (Dylan Colby) won for his dramatic performance dealing with testicular cancer. Dylan's on screen mother Kim Zimmer (Lana Colby) rounded up votes for being the mother in law from hell. Ex-ATC band member Joey Murray (S.R. Reardon)'s threatening ways gave him the gold as Deborah Zoe (C.C. Chastity) was the only character nominated.

"I'm so thankful for everyone who voted. I was shocked and surprised that Point Palace took home anything. I want to share the awards with my wonderful staff who has made Point Palace so special. Thank you!" says PP creator Matt Politylo.

An opening has been made for Season 5. It can be viewed by logging on to:

Look for season 6 to premiere on May 17th. It will for sure be the final season but the show is debating extending the last 13 episodes to a possible 20. New character photos along with a few fan favorites (as seen from the season finale) will be coming onto the creative canvas.


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