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Episode 141



Everyone has a decision tonight in Springfield...

Old Cabin:

Olivia is looking at the clock, "Come on Cyrus where the hell are you? I'm not going to be left alone in some cabin with two drug addicts detoxing. Get here now."
Susan walks over to her, "Hey Olivia. I need to get going home now. So why don't you unlock the doors?"
Olivia sighs, "I can't let you out. We just got here."
Susan shakes her head, "We've been here for like 6 hours!"
Olivia sighs, "No we've been here like 2 hours. Susan just relax okay. We are not going back home tonight."
Susan backs up, "I don't even know where the hell we are. I think I'm having a heart attack and I don't know where we are!"
Olivia walks towards her, "Just calm down Susan. You are fine okay."
Susan shoves her, "Leave me alone! Leave me alone! You leave me alone. I want out of here. Get me out!"
Susan starts throwing things.
Gus screams from the other room, "Get me out of here!"
Olivia cries, "It's not supposed to be like this!"
Susan shakes her head, "How long has it been now?"
Olivia's phone rings, "What? Hello.... No I... Hello."
Susan is crying.
Olivia sighs, "I'm sorry. I have to get into town. My friend says it's an emergency. I'll find Cyrus when I get there and he can take over but I have to go. This was a mistake."
Susan isn't listening.
She's laying on the ground muttering to herself.
Olivia takes the keys and leaves.
She locks them inside.

Grant House:

Coop pulls in front of the house.
Vi smiles, "Thanks for the ride Mr. Bradshaw."
He nods, "It's not problem Ms. Grant. Just remember to get your homework done tonight."
She grins, "I will. Goodnight."
She gets out of the car and goes into her house.
Suddenly another car pulls up.
Stephanie Grant gets out and walks over to Coop's car, "Hey what brings you by tonight Coop?"
Coop smiles, "Hi Steph. I was dropping off your niece her car broke down on her way home."
Stephanie nods, "Oh my goodness. Well thank you. We really appreciate it. I'm glad you were there."
Coop smiles, "I'm glad too."
She looks at him, "So how have you been?"
He nods, "I'm good. I'm actually staying over at the Beacon right now until I can find my own place."
She is surprised, "Your not living over at Company anymore?"
He shakes his head, "No. I think it's time I moved out on my own. You know I love my family but I need some independence."
She grins, "You and Ashlee must be missing Europe huh?"
Coop sighs, "Actually we're broke up now."
Stephanie gasps, "I'm so sorry. I thought you were about to get married. I had no idea."
Coop nods, "Yeah. Well I think I should be getting back to the Beacon."
She turns to him, "Wait. You actually just made me think. I'd like to propose something to you."
Coop and Stephanie smile at each other.

Law Office:

Marah looks at Jeffrey, "So Cassie wanted you to raise RJ in case something happened to her?"
Jeffrey nods, "I guess so. RJ is supposed to come back to visit soon. I don't know what to tell him."
Marah turns to him, "Maybe you should tell me. Are you considering doing this? Raising RJ?"
Jeffrey is confused, "This doesn't make sense. Cassie and I broke up like 3 years ago. She was with Josh and Edmund after that. I thought she would have changed this."
She nods, "Well maybe she just didn't want to think about it. After Tammy died she must have been terrified of RJ losing anyone else."
He sighs, "But she tried to commit suicide two years ago. She had to be thinking of RJ."
She sits, "Well maybe she was afraid of certain things. Like my Dad getting back with my Mom. And no one would want Edmund raising their child. I don't think Cassie was that stupid."
He shakes his head, "No she wasn't. But now I have a big decision to make. We have a big decision to make. Marah this will impact your life as well. Taking in RJ into our life."
Marah sighs, "I know but.... Do you think you can handle this?"
Jeffrey looks up, "Honestly? I'm not so sure."
Marah hugs Jeffrey.


Olivia walks inside.
Dinah waves, "Olivia over here."
Olivia walks over to her at the bar, "Dinah. What the hell? You told me there was an emergency? I thought something was wrong with Bill and Emma? You had me worried sick."
Dinah sighs, "I'm so sorry sweetheart. No my brother is fine and so is Emma. I just was so anxious to get you here."
Olivia shakes her head, "I'm sorry. I'm in the middle of something."
Dinah sighs, "No. Olivia, it is Girls Night!"
Olivia sighs, "Dinah I'm sorry. You Natalia and Mel can have fun without me because I'm busy."
Dinah shakes her head, "It's not Mel and Natalia."
Annie walks over, "Olivia Spencer?"
Olivia turns, "Who are you?"
Dinah smiles, "Olivia this is the famous legend. Annie Dutton."
Olivia looks at her, "Wow. The Annie Dutton?"
Annie grins, "So you have heard of me? I've heard of you too. I think we have a lot in common."
Olivia grins, "Sort of. But I think I'm the only wife of Josh's that didn't go completely crazy and lose everything trying to compete with Reva Shayne. Am I right?"
Annie turns to Dinah, "I think she is perfect for this."
Dinah nods, "I told you."
Olivia stares at the two women.


Cyrus got a message saying that Harley wanted to meet him here.
He found it odd but came anyway.
He walks around, "Harley? Are you here?"
Jonathan Randall walks over, "No she's not. But I am."
Cyrus turns, "Jonathan. Nice to see you. What can I do for you?"
Jonathan grins, "I think you know very well what you can do for me Cyrus. Tell me where he is?"
Cyrus backs up, "I don't know what you're talking about."
Jonathan nods, "Yes you do. Where is your brother? You now Mark Guillespie. The man who tried to run me down with his car. The guy who missed me. The guy who hit my wife with his car and left her by the side of the road to die. Like she was a freaking animal!"
Cyrus sighs, "Jonathan I'm sorry about what happened to your wife. Really I am but..."
Jonathan grabs him, "Tammy! Her name was Tammy! Your brother murdered her. Because Alan Spaulding wanted me dead. I may not be able to get Alan Spaulding but I will sure get G."
Cyrus shoves him, "My brother is paying for what he did. He is locked up in a mental institution okay. He isn't getting out anytime soon. He is paying for what happened."
Jonathan shakes head, "I don't think so. You see I go for the old system. Eye for an eye."
Cyrus stares at a very frightening Jonathan.

Gus is still begging to be let out.
Susan here's him.
She is picking the lock, "Gus! Is that you?"
Gus shouts, "Let me out! Let me out!"
Susan cries, "I can't get this stupid thing open."
Gus starts throwing himself into the door, "I need to get out! Olivia why are you doing this? You said you cared about me!"
Susan cries, "Cyrus! Olivia! Where did you go! What happened? Where is everyone at?"
Finally she opens the door.
Susan screams, "Oh my God!"
Gus grabs her, "Get me out of here!"
Susan shoves him, "Get off of me."
Gus goes to the front door, "I need to break this one down too! No a window. Just a window!"
He walks towards the window.
Susan jumps on him, "No! Gus stop it! Look at us! This is so messed up! Gus please. We need to control ourselves."
The two fall to the floor.


Grant House:
Coop looks at Stephanie, "What do you want to talk about?"
She smiles, "Well I was just thinking that since you need a place to stay. Maybe you can stay with us?"
Coop turns to the house, "Uh. Thanks but I don't know if I'm going to move from one family to another."
She laughs, "No. I don't live here. I live in the Museum Apartment. Yeah we have an extra room there."
Coop nods, "Really?"
She nods, "Yes. It's me, Sam Spencer, and Remy Boudreau. Sometimes Marah Lewis stays. It's a fun place to live."
Coop grins, "Well I think that sounds like a good idea. If you guys really wouldn't mind."
She shakes her head, "Not at all. We were all just talking about getting another roommate."
Coop nods, "I'll think about it. Thanks Stephanie."
She smiles at him, "Drive home safe Coop."
Coop drives away.
Inside Vi is in her bedroom.
She looks into the mirror, "Hello I'm Vi Grant. Hello I'm Vi Grant Cooper. I'm Vi Grant Cooper Bradshaw. I'm Mrs. Cooper Bradshaw. Hello I am Mrs. Henry Cooper Bradshaw."
Vi has grown feelings for her teacher.

Law Office:
Marah sit with Jeffrey, "This is really big. I mean this doesn't just effect our life but RJ's too."
Jeffrey nods, "I just want the kid to be okay."
She stands up, "Maybe it's not going to be what we are thinking. I mean RJ is going to start High School next year. He is a good kid. He's my cousin so I know him well. He likes you."
He nods, "I like RJ too. He's a really good kid."
Marah looks at him, "Cassie did this for a reason. She must have known that we would be good guardians to RJ. That it would be good for him to have us. And good for us to have him."
He looks at her, "You think so?"
She nods, "I think this will bring us closer than ever before. Jeffrey we can do this. I know we can. Cassie obviously believed in us."
Jeffrey looks down at the papers, "I guess we are going to do this then. We are going to raise RJ Winslow."
Marah nods, "I think this will be good for all of us."
He turns to her, "We'll be a family."
Marah hugs Jeffrey.
The two of them look into each other's eyes and kiss.

Gus pushes Susan away.
He gets to his feet.
Gus pulls the window open.
He stares at the open window.
Susan stands, "Gus. If you leave now you'll never come back. And I don't mean to the cabin. We need to fight this. Don't give up now. I won't give up as long as you don't."
Gus backs away, "I can't stay here while the window is open. I can't. It's tempting."
She sighs, "I don't know. We can't just make it disappear."
He nods, "I should have stayed locked up in the room."
Susan looks at the door, "We can still lock it."
Gus grabs her hand, "Do it! Do it now!"
Susan and Gus go into the room.
They lock themselves in.
As time passes the two go crazy.
Gus is throwing things around the room.
Susan is crying in the corner.
She grabs her video camera.
She sets it up to record herself, "I've been in this cabin for like 12 hours and I can't make it. I don't know how I let things get this bad...."
Gus looks over, "Who are you talking too?"
She looks down, "No one."
Gus sighs, "Good because no one could understand. No one ever understands. No one understand me."
Susan gets up, "I do. And I think you understand me too and what I'm going through. So we have each other."
Gus sits on ground, "We're just addictive people."
She sit with him, "Exactly. No matter what we are going to be addicted to something right? We just need to find something that isn't bad for us..."
Gus turns to Susan and stares into her eyes.
He never noticed how much she looks like her mother.

Cyrus shoves Jonathan, "Get off of me! Now I am sorry but I can't help you find my brother."
Jonathan nods, "Yes you can but you won't!"
Cyrus shakes his head, "No I won't. Because whether I like it or not, he is my little brother. And it is my job to protect him. I'm sorry Jonathan. But that's how it is."
Jonathan shakes his head, "No. I am sorry. But it is my job to honor my wife's memory. And get revenge for what happened to her. I won't let him get away with this. I swear to you, your brother will die at my hands! I swear Cyrus. And if you get in my way you will be dead too."
Cyrus looks at him, "Is that a threat?"
Jonathan shakes his head, "No. That is a warning. You see you have no idea who I am. I may be a married father now but I have a dark side. And you won't like to meet the old Jonathan."
Jonathan punches Cyrus in the face.
Cyrus falls to the ground.
Jonathan leaves.
Cyrus gets up, "Sorry Olivia but you have to take care of Susan and Gus on your own. I have to see Harley."

Olivia sits at the bar with Dinah and Annie.
Olivia laughs, "So what you guys are saying is that you want me to work with you to take over Springfield."
Dinah nods, "It's more then just that. We will be in control of Spaulding Enterprises. Think of it. We can keep the Spauldings in check. That's something you've wanted for years. You are an intimidating person. You can help us persuade voters to keep Annie as the CEO and not vote for Phillip or another Spaulding."
Olivia shakes her head, "I'm friends with a Spaulding now. Gus. And what about Phillip and Alan. What if they snap and try and go after Emma? I won't let that happen."
Annie looks at Olivia, "Listen. If we do this then we will have control of Spaulding. We will make sure that no one takes your daughter. I promise you Olivia."
Dinah turns to her, "Come on Olivia. Us women have been underestimated for far to long. Don't you think it's time to rise up and take our place at the top or the hill?"
Olivia nods, "You know what? I've had a long night. And I kind of like the idea of us women banning together. I actually think we have a real shot."
Annie hugs her, "Oh! I'm so happy!"
Dinah looks at Olivia, "Didn't you have to go somewhare?"
Olivia sighs, "Sort of. But I can let someone else take care of that. Everything should be fine."

The cabin is dead silent for a moment.
Inside of the room is still.
Suddenly Susan and Gus fall to the floor.
The two are kissing.
Gus starts to tear off Susan's top.
Susan takes off his shirt.
Gus bites her on the shoulder as he kisses her neck.
Susan digs her nails into his back.
The two are rolling around on the floor.
But for one moment the other addictions are completely out of their minds.
Gus and Susan have a rough and wild one night stand.

Cyrus worries about Harley
Marina questions Shayne
Kevin gives Rocky one last chance!
Liz confesses to Jonathan
Aubrey and Rafe celebrate
Rue has news for Marah


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I have a really bad feeling about Vi's crush on Coop. First she went after Kevin when she was dating Jason... (speaking of, where the hell is he?) now she is going after her teacher?

I have this sickening feeling like that high school teacher who dated her senior student; not to mention Mary Beth Leterno (sp?)

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We'll hear about Jason in a couple of episodes. But I don't know if we'll see him anytime soon.

Vi has grown an obsession and now that Coop is possibly moving in with her Aunt, you better believe this will turn ugly!!!

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