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Thanksgiving Part Three



Continued from the previous episode's final scene, everyone at the McGregor table is shocked.


Yvette: Dad?


Joseph: How is this possible?


Andrew: It's hard to explain, but.

Lynette gets up from her seat and goes over to Andrew.


Lynette: Is it really you?

Andrew: It really is.

Lynette hugs Andrew.

Lynette: I thought you were gone forever, Dad.

Andrew: I'm here now and I'm not going anywhere.

Lynette turns to Anna.

Lynette: Mom, how?

Anna: Your father survived the plane crash.

Yvette: That was 12 years ago.

Andrew: It's a long story.

Yvette: I don't really care about that, I'm just glad you came back to us.

Joseph: Dad, I don't know what to say. I never thought this could happen.

Andrew: Second chances, not everyone gets them, but fortunately we did.

Edmund is still sitting in disbelief.


Edmund: The surprises in this family just keep on coming. What else is there?

Andrew: Edmund, I realize that---

Edmund: Excuse me, I need some air.

Edmund goes out to the patio.

Anna: Edmund has been going through a rough patch, so this isn't easy for him. I'll go talk to him.

Anna goes to talk to Edmund.


At Leigh's apartment, Norm is conducting the conference call.


Norm: Okay, Mac, what have you got for me.

Mac: (over speakerphone) Looks like what you thought was smoking gun was one afterall.

Norm: Details, details.

Mac: Well, it looks like Christina has some aliases for her black market dealings, including a very well known one that the feds really want, but the Feds have not made the connection that it's Christina. They still think she's laying low.

Norm: Could you fax me the files, you have the number to my law office.

Mac: I'll do that pronto.

Norm: Thank you, if you get anything else, contact me.

Mac: Sure, buddy.

Norm: Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Norm ends the call.


Leigh: I'm assuming what I just heard is good.

Norm: It is, now all we have to do is find a way to expose it without being too obvious.

Leigh: This could work out even better than we thought.

Norm: How?

Leigh: Well, Edmund is in the department store business, Christina is in ripped off merchandise, to me that would say that their association could also have something to do with shady business.

Norm: But it's not, they're just dating.

Leigh: Ah, but the courts might be persuaded to think it's more than that, if we can create an illusion of a connection.

Norm: I see your point, but I'm not seeing how we can do that.

Leigh: I'm just afraid mere association might not be enough to persuaded the judge to reverse custody.

Norm: Let's go with what we have and the explore other options if this doesn't work.

Leigh: All right, I trust you on this.

Norm: I'll be speaking with the feds after the holiday.

Leigh: It's a shame I have to go through all this drama just to have a chance at getting my sons back, but it's well worth the trouble.



At the Phelps house, Teri has just has arrived.


John: You kept your word.


Teri: Home was calling me, when that happens you can't stay away.

John: We were just about to sit down and eat, you got here in just in time.

Teri: I do have to be honest, there is another reason I'm here.

John: It's not bad is it?

Teri: Not bad, just a little surprising.

John: Out with it.

Teri: Okay, I suppose it's better to come out with it straight.

John: I'm ready.

Teri: Have you have thought about what sort of grandfather you would be?

John: I'm going to be a grandfather?

Teri: Actually, you already are.

Teri peeks out the front door and gestures to George. George walks in holding Jonathan. John is surprised to see George.


George: Meet your new grandson, Jonathan.

John: Now you're the last person I expected to see. Teri, what is going on?

Teri: Now I know you and George have had some animosity, but--

John: Is he this baby's father?

Teri: Yes.

John: This is quite a surprise, but nonetheless, I'm overjoyed to have a grandchild.

Teri: Good.



Back at the McGregor Estate

Joseph: Dad, I'm afraid I'm going to ramble on a bit, this still is all quite jarring.

Andrew: That's okay, I understand that.

Joseph: I wish you could see JC, he's grown up into such level-headed young man. He's having dinner with the Donahues right tonight, but you'll get to see him soon.

Andrew: Last time I saw him, he was about 10, right?

Joseph: Yeah, he's 22 now.

Andrew: The years really have passed. Yvette, how is your daughter.

Yvette: She's at the Academy in London, she's got the acting bug. She's doing great, though.

Andrew: I'm glad to hear she's doing well.

Lynette: And you've got a couple of grandchildren you've never met.

Andrew: That's wonderful, I have no doubt you and Jim are great parents.

Lynette: We tried. I don't want to get into all my problems right now, but things have changed quite a bit.

Andrew: I'm ready to get caught up to speed and I really want to meet those grandchildren.

Lynette: They're napping right now, I was just about to wake them for dinner when everything went topsy turvy.

Andrew: I know you all must have a lot of questions and pent up emotions, so I will understand if you don't want to move too fast.

Yvette: Let's not talk about that right now, let's just stay in this moment. Our family has one of it's pieces back.

Andrew: I'm worried about Edmund, he seemed really upset.

Joseph: Life hasn't been to kind to Edmund the past couple of years, he's been through a lot and on top of all that, this has got to be hard to digest.



Back at the Phelps house, everyone is at the dinner table.

John: So, Teri, how did you and George meet?

Teri: At a fashion show, he was thinking of investing in a designer I was working for.

George: And you could say we hit it off right away.

Teri: I never actually liked the corporate type, but George ended up being an exception.


Den: What are your plans? I hope you and my new nephew will be sticking around awhile.

Teri: They aren't set just yet, but being home probably is best for me for awhile.

John: I know you might not like this idea, Teri, but I've left a spot open in the leadership at Phelps Motors, marketing.

Teri: Is that a job offer?

John: It is if you want it. I'm going back to the SEC, so you'll be working with your brothers.

Teri: I don't know, like I've said before, I'm not good in business.


Harry: If I can pipe in, I have to say that the position is suited for you, it's about advertising and websites. Being in the modeling industry, wouldn't you have picked up a thing or two about that?

Teri: Yes, I have, but I don't know how I could apply that to office work.

John: You're going to be putting together projects, working with people and constantly on the go, you can limit

your office work.Teri: I guess it could look good on my resume.

John: Is that a yes?

Teri: I'll take it. Sounds like a good opportunity while I'm taking a break from modeling.

John: Fantastic.

George: Looks like everything is just falling into place here.

John: Yes, I've got all my children in town and a new grandson, it's surreal.

George: And don't forget, your new job at the SEC, that's another thrilling thing.

John: Yeah, can't wait to get in there and bust those corporate crooks.

Teri: Please, not right now, let's have dinner in peace.

John: What? We're just discussing regulation.

Teri: I know where it was about to lead.

John: If it makes you uncomfortable, we'll stop, right, George?

George: Of course.

John: (thinking) What luck, I get someone like George Lightner permanently tied to my family.

George: (thinking) He's trying to be decent now, but I bet he still can't wait to nail me when he gets back in the SEC.



Out on the patio of the McGregor estate, Anna and Edmund are talking.

Anna: So, you want to talk about it?

Edmund: It's just one thing after another.

Anna: Nothing seems normal anymore.

Edmund: You can say that again.

Anna: It was a shell shock to me too.

Edmund: It's all so confusing.

Anna: Some things don't always have an easy explanation, I know I don't have an easy one.

Edmund: If he was alive all this time, why did he wait so long to come back?

Anna: Pride, he didn't want anyone helping him through his injuries.

Edmund: Part of me is glad he's back and the other doesn't know what to think.

Anna: My reaction is a bit mixed too. I guess it's as normal a reaction one can have a situation like this.

Edmund: Everything that has happened this past year, my custody battle, us almost losing the company and now this, it takes a real toll to go through all that.

Anna: I know. I can't promise you it will all turn out okay, but if we try to get through this latest shock as a family, it won't be as bad.

Edmund: I don't know if it will work, but it sounds like it could work.

Anna: It never hurt to try.

Edmund: Easier said than done.

Anna: Hey, this isn't easy for me either.

Edmund: I know. Mom, if it wasn't for your talks, I don't know what I'd do sometimes.

Edmund hugs Anna. Fade to black.

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That was a nice ending too. I am gladf some one was mad at Andrew for him lying to his family.

I so loved the scenes with John and Geroge, This is going to be so intresting to see how they resolve their diffrecnes.

I still cant stand Lee.

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