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Episode 96



Many plans are being made in Springfield.........

O'Neill and Boudreau Law Office:

Jeffrey is walking around his office.
Mallet walks in, "Hey Jeffrey."
Jeffrey turns to him, "Oh your here."
Mallet shuts the door, "So you have some news on the case that I gave you about Dinah?"
Jeffrey nods, "Mallet I need to tell you that this could get very complicated if I keep digging."
Mallet shake his head, "I told you O'Neill! This is serious. Dinah and I are trying to start a family and I need to find out if she si being honest with me or if she isn't."
Jeffrey looks at him, "Exactly! You are about to have a baby! You should be picking out names and buying clothes but instead you are investigating your wife's past?"
Mallet sighs, "I just need to know. I do. Please Jeffrey tell me whatever it is you have found out."
Jeffrey sits at his desk.
He grabs a file from the drawer, "This gave us some information. Some information that you might want to read."
Mallet takes the file.
He stares at it before opening it.

Old Museum:

Danny is kissing Marina on the couch.
Marah and Stephaine are in the other room listening to music.
Marina shouts, "Can you guys keep it down please?"
Danny looks down, "Oh my God! There is old pizza on the floor. What is up with that?"
Marina sighs, "Oh Remy and Sam were throwing food earlier."
Danny nods, "How many people are living here now?"
Marina sighs, "Um, me, Stephaine, Sam, Marah, Remy. But Marah is only temporary. And so is Remy."
Danny looks at her, "And what about you? Is this temprary? I mean are we ever gonna live together?"
She laughs, "Well this place is a little crowded. But I guess you could stay with me in my room."
He shakes his head, "Oh well I don't know if I should bring my kids around here with everyone who lives here."
She nods, "Well I know you are currently living at the Beacon and I really don't want to move into a smaller place. I mean maybe if you had your own......."
Danny smiles, "My own what?"
She shakes her head, "Nothing... I just..."
He looks at her, "Are you suggesting that we move into our own house? Marina Cooper is that what your saying?"
She sighs, "I'm sorry! I totally just freaked you out!"
Danny starts laughing.


Shayne bring Rocky water, "Here. How are you feeling today?"
He sighs, "I'm tired but my leg is feeling better. I think I can walk on it now without crutches."
Shayne sits, "Well I don't think we need to be going anywhere anyways. But you know I'm glad your feeling better."
Rocky looks around, "Maybe we could go out tonight?"
Shayen shakes his head, "No. I'm expecting a phone call."
Rocky gets up, "That's it! I am sick and tired of this. I need to get out of here."
Shayne follows him, "What's wrong with you?"
Rocky turns to him, "Ever since you found out that Kevin was the one who attacked me you've been acting crazy!"
Shayne scoffs, "The bastard jumped you, beat you, and then left you bleeding. He could have killed you!"
Rocky sighs, "But he didn't!"
Shayne stares at him, "How can you defend that son of a bitch? He ruined everything!"
Rocky walks around, "I'm not defending him. He hurt me physically and emotionally. But why let some jerk destroy everything else in our lives Shayne? It doesn't make sense."
Shayne walks to the door, "You know what I'm gonna go see our friend Kevin right now."
Rocky grabs him, "No!"

Reva Bend:

Reva and Josh sit on the couch.
Josh sighs, "I can't believe we are going through all of this all over again Reva. I mean...."
She nods, "I know. Annie Dutton is back in our lives. Just when we thought we were finally free of her."
Josh turns to her, "I'm sorry I didn't believe you."
She sighs, "It's okay. I wasn't so sure myself but I guess a part of me kind of thought I had to at least check it out."
Josh nods, 'We need to tell the kids. Because they are gonna hear about this soon."
She nods, "We will. Later but right now we need to focus. We need to focus on keeping us safe from Annie."
He gets up, "Okay well she left messages to Cassie. Maybe she left some to other women I've been with? Maybe Olivia?"
Reva nods, "We need to tell Harley, Phillip, and even Alan. They all should know about this."
Josh turns ot her, "There is one more thing. No more secrets Reva. You need to tell me everything. Because Annie could know something. Is there anything that could come back to bite you?"
Reva shakes her head.
She looks across the room to a picture of Jonathan holding Sarah at his wedding to Tammy.
Her biggest secret of all could be in danger.

Jon & Aubrey's:

Little Sarah is napping inside.
Aubrey walks out on the porch.
Jonathan is sitting there.
She sits with him, "I'm sorry Jonathan."
He isn't happy, "So you just had to work with someone from Springfield? Really? That was a smart move?"
She sighs, "I didn't know! Okay? I just knew we need money so when Dr. McCabe called me."
Jon turn to her, "Doctor McCabe? He was Reva's Oncologist."
Aubrey nods, "Well I guess he's dating Liz now."
Jon scoffs, "Liz? Is she to grown up for Lizzie now?"
She sighs, "She seemed nice to me.... I didn't know."
He stands up, "She seemed nice? She made her Grandfather hire someone to kill me! And thanks to them Tammy is dead and buried in the ground! She is a crazy, evil, bitch. I told you what she did to Sarah didn't I?"
She nods, "Yes. She left Sarah in a car and used her to get you to be with her and.... I know what she did."
Jonathan paces, "And now she is going to go to her Grandfather and he is going to find us! And he is going to kill me, kill you and take Sarah."
Aubrey cries, "Liz doesn't know! We can pack our things and leave tommorow! We won't come back!"
Jonathan shouts, "Go where? We came to chicago so I could try and contact my mother and borrow some money. But we can't do that now can we?"
Jonathan storms inside.
Aubrey follows.


Liz sits with Colin, "So I guess Ms. Willis isn't going to be our designer anymore."
He sighs, "I really hoped it would work out. She seemed like a nice girl who just needed some work."
She nods, "How did you meet her?"
He stands up, "I was out of town and ran into her when I was walking by that daycare. I didn't know her but I wanted to help her get some money. She had a daugther."
Liz walk over to him, "You are too sweet."
He grins, "Well the farmhouse will be finished soon. And then we can move in and start the rest of our life together."
She kisses him, "You are just the best guy in the world. I mean you help everyone."
He backs away, "I'm not that great Liz."
She nods, "Yes you are. I mean after everything that happened I thought I'd never be happy again. But with you I can be."
Colin sighs, "Liz.... I love you. You know that right?"
She nods, "Yes what is this about?"


Old Museum:
Danny looks at Marina, "You want to live with me?"
She sighs, "I guess. I mean we've been together for a while now. And we lived together before. I just... I know that we are taking things slow but I just want to spend more time with you."
Danny scoots closer, "I want to spend more time with you too. And I think it's time that we made this move."
She smiles, "Are you serious? I mean you really want to live with me? Your not just doing this to make me feel better?"
He laughs, "No! I want to live with you. I love you. Marina, we deserve this. We deserve to have this happiness."
Marina hugs him, "Oh my God! I can't believe this! We're actually gonna live together! But where?"
Danny grins, "Well I'm thinking a house. Maybe a 3 bedroom house. That way we can have rooms for Robbie and Hope when they visit."
She sighs, "Robbie and Hope. They won't be happy about this."
He nods, "Maybe not at first. But they'll be happy once they see how happy you make me."
She smiles, "I can't believe this! I mean I'm so excited I just wish we could move into a house tommorow."
Danny smiles, "Maybe we can. I'm working on this house and it hasn't been bought yet. I think it might be the right size for us."
Marina jumps into his arms.
The two kiss.

Colin sits at the desk, "I know that you loved Sarah...."
Liz nods, "Yes. She was my daughter. But she and Jonathan are gone and I have finally accepted it and tried to move on. Now I'm in a better place you know? I'm with you."
He shakes his head, "I'm not that great Liz. I mean.... it's just I know you love me..."
She walks over to him, "Why do you keep brining this up Colin? I mean it's bothering me."
He turns to her, "What?"
She sighs, "Jonathan and Sarah. You keep asking about them. Does it bother you that I miss them? Because I don't think I'm ever going to get over what happened to them."
Colin stands up, "No. No, no. I would never try to stop you from loving your daughter. Sarah is a part of you."
Liz sighs, "Was. She's dead now Colin."
He holds her hand, "I know. I just know that this is something that you never get over."
She looks at him, "But you have to understand that I will have good days and bad ones. It's just.... I don't know why but I have never felt like she was really gone and I don't know why."
She sits down on the couch.
Colin's secret is eating away at him.

Jon & Aubrey's:
Jonathan is watching Sarah as she naps.
Aubrey walks over to him.
He turns to her, "I'm sorry I yelled at you. But the Spauldings are dangerous. If any of them find out that me and Sarah are alive, then things are gonna get pretty ugly."
Aubrey nods, "I know. And we'll do something. Whatever you decide I'll be there to support you."
He sighs, "I just... I hate that we have to struggle for money. I mean I wanted better for Sarah. But all of the Spaulding money in the world couldn't make me give her to those monsters."
She hugs him, "What do you want to do? Get another job? I could get another one to help out more."
He shakes his head, "No. You need to spend more time with Sarah. I don't want her to suffer anymore than she already has. The whole reason I'm doing all of htis is to keep her safe."
Aubrey looks at him, "So what do you have in mind to do about money? Any ideas yet?"
He nods, "I have one. And I hate it but I don't think there is any other choice to make."
She nods, "What is is sweetie?"
He walks to the other room, "I need to go borrow some money. And hope that I'll be able to pay it back someday."
She is confused, "Borrow from who?"
He sighs, "I have to go back to Springfield. I need to see my mother."
Aubrey is surprised by his plan.

Reva Bend:
Josh sits with Reva, "I'm glad that we can finally be honest with each other after everything that's happened."
She nods, "I know. I am happy that we are together on this and that we can get through this to..."
He looks at her, "You can say it again Reva. Together."
She shakes her head, "But Joshua, we aren't together anymore. We are not together anymore."
He holds her hand, "Reva. You know how I feel about you. And I know how you feel about me. Reva you are the love of my life. Forever. Always Reva. You are everything."
She cries, "I know that. You are the love of my life too. I never said otherwise. But together we are toxic. It's always... It's the same thing each time. We get together and then right after we get together something happens and we end up hurting each other. Joshua I don't think I can stand to be hurt again."
He cries, "Reva! You are not just the love of my life. You and the kids, you are my life! You are everything to me. You are the reason I get up in the morning. I don't want to live without you anymore."
She looks at him, "I love you. But I just...."
He shakes his head, "No... Just don't talk Reva. Just let us be together. Give us another chance?"
Reva leans in.
Josh kisses Reva.

Shayne stares at Rocky, "What is wrong with you?"
Rocky scoffs, "What's wrong with me? What is wrong with you! I am trying to move past this and all you want to do is lash out and hurt people Shayne! That isn't going to fix this!"
Shayne shakes his head, "I don't want to hurt people I want to hurt that son of a bitch who hurt you! Look what he had done Rocky? What he has done to you and to us!"
Rocky backs up, "Us? What the hell did he do to us?"
Shayne walks closer, "Things haven't been the same since that night. We haven't been the same since that night!"
Rocky shakes his head, "Things are just complicated! It has nothing to do with my attack!"
Shayne stares at him, "You keep acting like we don't know who did it. We know who did this! It was Kevin Marler!"
Rocky sighs, "Okay! I know that! But why do we need to let this take over our lives! We can try and be happy! Don't you want to be happy? That's what you should want!"
Shayne shouts, "That is what I want! That is why I asked you to spend the rest of your life with me! But now I'm not so sure that's what you want Rocky. Is that what you want?"
Rocky walks over to Shayne getting ready to start yelling some more.
But instead he holds him close and the two kiss.

O'Neill and Boudreau Law Offices:
Mallet holds the file in his hand.
Jeffrey looks at him, "You can't open it can you? Because you know that no good can come from this."
Mallet sighs, "I don't want to do this Jeffrey...... But I have to know what is going on."
Mallet opens the file.
He pulls out some information.
He reads it.
Mallet puts down the papers, "It's true. Dinah gave birth to a child in Europe."
The papers show signed papers by Dinah.
For a little child that was delivered.
Jeffrey sighs, "Mallet. I know this is a lot to take in. But maybe you should just go to Dinah now. Ask her."
Mallet shakes his head, "She won't tell me the truth! I need to find out what is going on. Where is Dinah's baby Jeffrey?"
Jeffrey sits, "Dinah gave the child away. Some man she met while on the run. And I am trying to locate him."
Mallet sits, "She wouldn't just give her child away to some stranger Jeffrey. I mean..."
Jeffrey nods, "I know. That's why I suspect that the man she gave the child to.... it may have been the baby's father Mallet."
Mallet throws down the file and storms out.
Jeffrey hates getting caught up in this.

Mallet is ready to confront Dinah!
Reva and Josh give into their destiny
Edmund and Alex take a huge leap
Danny and Marina look at their home
Jeffrey visits Marah
Beth and Phillip discuss the family


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Hey Jay! :D:D I've been out of town and haven't had much of a chance to catch up on "Finding the Light", but am starting to do that today.

Reva and Josh :wub:

Shayne and Rocky :wub:

Looks like you haven't missed a beat and I have alot to catch up on! Thanks for giving me (and others) such a good read. You rock!

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  • Members

WELL DONE!!! Love Danny and Marina together, all thought I feel like Danny is little bit too old for her... But I am loving them... Shyne and Rocky are new favorite Couple... Love them!!! Keep them on the fronline man...

AND I love how ANNIe is causing trouble even thought is not on the screen, Josh/Reva kissing OOOOOOHHHH Nice job!!

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I'm glad you like Darina too.

Shayne and Rocky have a huge story coming up.

Oh yes the Annie Dutton story is going to rock Springfield. There is going to be a huge build up.

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