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Episode 95



All kinds of shocks and surprises in Springfield............

Bauer Cabin:

Alexandra is waiting inside.
Edmund walks in, "Hello."
She gets up, "Finally! You tell me to meet you here and then you make me wait? What happened to manners?"
He sighs, "This is the only place we could be private."
She nods, "Well I had to sneak the keys from Ed."
Edmund walks around, "We need to talk business Alexandra. Spaulding Business to be exact."
She grins, "What? Does Cassie know your here?"
He shakes his head, "No. And she can't. Or else we will both be in a whole lot of trouble."
Alexandra laughs, "I'm not afraid of her."
He sighs, "Look at her! She has thrown you and your family out of your own home! She has this whole town under her control. Now she's starting to worry me because she has become to powerful."
Alex nods, "Well Edmund I told you that she wasn't a good partner. She isn't mentally stable. She still blames all of us for Tammy's death. And now we all have to pay for Alan's mistake."
Edmund turns to her, "But what if we could stop it? What if we could stop her Alexandra?"
She is confused, "What are you talking about?"
He looks into her eyes, "We can work together and we as a team can take down Cassie!"
Alex is intrigued.


Olivia is in her suite.
She is holding a picture of Ava, "Oh baby. I'm gonna make this right for you. I'm so sorry about what happened. But I won't let your Son suffer for my mistakes. I promise."
There is a knock at the door.
Olivia answers.
Marah is standing in the hall, "Hello Olivia."
Olivia scoffs, "What the hell are you doing here?"
Marah sighs, "I need to talk to you about what happened with Ava and the elevator shaft."
Olivia shakes her head, "No. You caused this. You put my daughter in the hospital. You are the reason she is in a coma. You are the reason that she never gets to meet her son!"
Marah sighs, "Olivia I can help you. If you help me. I think if you listen to me then you will understand."
Olivia goes to shut the door, "Go to hell."
Marah stops her, "I need to explain this."
Marah walks in.
Olivia is angry, "I'm calling security."
Marah sighs, "You want me in prison fine. But if you do that then I guarrentee you that when Ava wakes up she'll be right there with me."
Olivia turns back to her.

Malah House:

Reva walks over to her, "Hello Annie. I haven't seen you in a long time. What have you been up to?"
Annie is in shock, "Reva? You.... what are you doing here?"
Reva sighs, "Dinah called me. Annie this is Dinah and Mallet's place now. We don't live here."
Annie looks at Josh, "Josh! Oh I knew you'd come back home!"
Annie hugs him.
Josh is in shock, "I... Annie are you okay?"
Annie smiles, "I missed you sweetheart. But I kept my faith that we'd be back together some day."
Dinah sighs, "Annie, you need to sit down."
Annie smiles, "Dinah I think you should go home now. Josh and I need our alone time. Thanks."
Reva walks over, "Annie! This is all in your head. Josh is not with you anymore."
Annie laughs, "Reva. I know this is hard but you need to accept it. Josh loved me all along. I tried to tell you. But you just wouldn't accept it. I'm sorry I really am."
Josh is in shock "Annie...."
Annie is oblivious to what is going on.

Day Care:

Ms. Willis stares at Liz, "You.... you said your name is.... Spaulding?"
Liz nods, "Yeah. Liz Spaulding."
She looks down, "Liz? Lizzie?"
Liz sighs, "Yeah. That's me."
She stands up, "You don't live here do you?"
Liz shakes her head, "No. I don't I live a few towns away in Springfield. But Colin said you were good and so I came here to see you."
Ms. Willis's face turns pale, "I had no idea..... Oh my God!"
Liz stnads, "What is wrong? Are you feeling alright? I know that the Spaulding's have a bad rep. Mainly because of my Granddad."
She quickly turns, "Your Grandfather! Alan!"
Liz nods, "Yes. You sure know a lot about me and my family. But I hope that doesn't ruin our friendship."
Ms. Willis shakes her head, "You need to leave. You have to get out of here now and don't come back"!
She goes running inside.
Liz is in shock.
Liz picks up her stuff and gets into her car and drives away.
Quickly Ms. Willis walks to her car.
A little girl follows her. The little girl that Liz was staring at days later.

Police Station:

Shayne and Rocky stand across the room.
Kevin is in handcuffs next to Mallet and Blake.
Rocky stares in shock, "Oh my God!"
Shayne realizes, "You Son of Bitch!"
Shayne runs over to Kevin.
Blake tries to stop him, "Shayne no! Please!"
Shayne punches Kevin, "You sick bastard! You son of a bitch! What the hell is your problem?"
Kevin doesn't fight back.
Mallet tries to grab Shayne, "Come on man control yourself! Shayne you need to calm down!"
Shayne grabs Kevin by the shirt, "You sick freak! How the hell do you think you have a right to go around attacking people? Huh? Answer me!"
Kevin just stares at Rocky.
Rocky stares back speechless as the night flashes back in his mind.
Shayne throws Kevin down and starts hitting him.
A sobbing Blake is trying to break it up.
Mallet is trying to pull Shayne off of him.
Rocky jumps over, "Stop!"
Rocky grabs Shayne and throws him off.


Olivia walks over to Marah, "What the hell are you talking about? Why would Ava go to jail?"
Marah sighs, "Ava hired Mark Guillespie to kill me."
Olivia shakes her head, "You are a bad liar Marah. I know Ava isn't that kind of person."
Marah nods, "Yes she is. She hired him to murder me but I got away and I confronted her at the Beacon."
Olivia stares at her, "Where did you hear that?"
Marah is confused, "Hear what?"
Olivia sighs, "Before I knew Ava was my daughter.... I hired Guillespie to..... she got away and she met me at the beacon."
Marah shakes her head, "I'm not making this up Olivia. Ava is crazy. And if you press these charges against me."
Olivia sits, "I'm not the one in charge of this."
Marah nods, "But it's your hotel. You have possession of the security camera tapes right now. David is coming to pick them up. And they had better be missing when he gets here. Or I will make sure that Ava pays for what she tried to do to me."
Marah walks out.
Olivia shuts her door.
She kicks over a sidetable.
Olivia takes a deep breathe and then walks down to the security office.

Bauer Cabin:
Alexandra listens to Edmund, "So Edmund, you all of the sudden want to work with me to take down Cassie?"
He nods, "Oh yes. I know I should have listened to you sooner. But the fact of the matter is I didn't. And now I have paid the consequences for my actions Alexandra."
She laughs, "Oh Edmund you are far from paying your consquences."
He sighs, "Well I know that you want your company back. Alan is in no shape to go after it. Phillip doesn't want anything to do with it. And Alan Michael is all caught up in Mel."
Alex nods, "Well it does make a lot of sense. I mean I know we could do it if we worked together."
He grins, "So you think so too. Listen, Cassie has completly lost her mind. She is a danger to herself and to others. So I think it's only fair that we expose that and get her the help that she deserves."
Alex stares at him, "Are you suggesting that we try and have Cassie committed to Ravenwood again?"
He nods, "I just think we need to do what's best for her. And in her absense.... we could run Spaulding."
Alex smiles, "It sounds easy. This whole plan of yours just sounds to good to be true."
He sighs, "But it is. We can gain control of Spaulding Enterprises and then we will be in the power."
Alex shakes his hand, "You got yourself a deal my friend."

Malah House:
Reva looks at Annie, "Listen, you need to tell me. How long have you been in Springfield."
Annie shakes her head, "I'm not sure I understand what you are asking me Reva? What are you talking about?"
Reva sighs, "Have you been stalking me, Cassie, and Marah?"
Annie sighs, "You know that I would never do anything to hurt little Marah. I love Marah."
Josh looks at her, "Marah isn't little anymore. She is all grown up Annie. She has been for sometime."
Annie smiles, "Our little Marah! Oh Josh I'm so proud of her!"
Dinah walks over, "Maybe we all should just sit down."
Reva gets frustrated, "Annie! You need to tell me! Are the person who has been harrassing me and my family?!?!"
Annie walks over to Reva and grabs her by the throat, "You Bitch!!!!!"
Josh tries to pull her off.
The doorbell rings.
Dinah runs to the door and lets two men in.
The two men are from Ravenwood.
They grab Annie.
Annie screams, "No! No! What are you doing? Stop it! No! No! Josh don't let them take me! Please don't let them take me away!"
They walk Annie out of the house.
Everyone stares at each other in shock.

Police Station:
Rocky falls to the floor.
Shayne runs over, "What are you doing?"
Rocky sighs, "You need to stop Shayne. Okay? Please just stop! This has gotten out of hand."
Shayne gives Rocky his crutches, "Don't let this bastard get to you Rocky. He is going to pay for what he has done."
Mallet looks at Shayne, "You need to control yourself. I'm gonna take him to his cell and I want you calmed down when I get back."
Mallet walks Kevin away.
Kevin and Rocky lock eyes for a moment.
Both reliving that horrible night.
Blake walks over to the two guys, "I'm so sorry. I had no idea that Kevin could do something like this."
Rocky sighs, "Blake this isn't your fault."
Blake cries, "Just please. I know this is asking a lot but he is my baby. I just want you to find it in your heart to forgive him. I know that he did a horrible thing. But he is a good person I know he is. I just think that maybe we could...."
Shayne scoffs, "If you think that we are going to just forget what happened then you are as stupid as you look Blake."
Rocky turns to him, "Shayne stop it!"
Blake nods and then walks away.
Shayne and Rocky leave the police station.

Ms. Willis drives her car into a driveway.
She gets out and opens the backdoor.
The little girl climbs out and walks towards the house.
The girl goes running in the house, "Daddy!"
Ms. Willis calls out, "Sarah no running in the house."
She walks inside and locks the door behind her.
Her husband calls from the other room, "Aubrey! Are you home?"
She sighs, "Yes. We need to talk," She walks into the other room and stares at her husband, "We're in trouble. It's your ex wife."
Her husband stands up and stares in shock.
Little Sarah is watching television.
Aubrey explains what happened to her husband..... Jonathan!


Jonathan makes a plan!
Reva and Josh get closer
Rocky argues with Shayne
Jeffrey has shocking information for Mallet
Danny surprises Marina
Colin feels guilt


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OKAY - I am finding back my Light!!! OKAY nice done! I love Annie, can't believe she is BACK - first of all, I think Cynthia would be a better choice for the cast, but hey... I love the new girl as well... Will done!!!

Shyne, Rocky, Black, Kevin, and Mallet was just beautiful, classic Light... Slowly but sure, will catch up with the episodes...

Keep it up man...

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  • Members

Yes Annie is back...... sort of. I think you'll like where this story is going. I don't know if you like reading spoiers but on the right hand side the casting news might be happy for you. This story is going to be HUGE in 2009.

I'm glad you enjoyed the police stations scenes. Wow these were from over two months ago. So much has changed. Next week I have some good Christmas episodes!

Thanks for reading!!!!

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