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Episode 94



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Many confrontations in Springfield.......

Spaulding Mansion:

Edmund is sitting in the dining room.
Cassandra walks in, "Hello. I have some big news."
Edmund looks up, "Well I'm intrigued."
She sits, "I own the Cross Creek Cabin!"
Edmund laughs, "Oh my God! What about Olivia?"
She nods, "Well I got word that Olivia Spencer is an alcholic."
He grins, "Of course she is. Now we go after the Lewises. I can't wait to see there faces when they find out we have control of their precious cabin."
Cassandra gets serious, "Well first of all, we didn't, I did. Okay? And I already told them."
He scoffs, "Where was I?"
She sighs, "Edmund. I can't spend my whole day looking for you."
He sighs, "We are partners. We should both be informed on all major decisions Cassie."
She laughs, "Oh no. We are not partners Edmund. I am the boss. Okay? I want to make sure that's clear with you. I made this choice. I am the one in charge. Remember that when your in my house."
He gets up, "I'm getting a little tired of your attitude. I helped you get where you are now. And I don't think you appreciate it>"
She whispers in his ear, "Your still breathing. That's how I appreciete you Edmund. Remember that."
She walks away.

Cross Creek:

Billy, Vanessa, and Bill are sitting in the livingroom.
Mindy walks in, "Hi I'm here. What's the big news."
Billy sighs, "It's about the cabin."
Mindy nods, 'What about it?"
Vanessa stands up, "Cassie, or Cassandra. She has revealed to us that she is somehow the owner of Cross Creek."
Mindy walks over, "Oh my God! How?"
Bill sighs, "I guess there were some problems when she sold it to Josh."
Billy walks over to his daughter, "But we talked to lawyers and they are gonna help us out."
Mindy is confused, "What does she want with the Cross Creek Cabin?"
Vanessa shakes her head, "I have no idea."
Billy sighs, "My guess is this is business related. I mean she's gotta be thinkin that she can keep use this to take us down."
Mindy nods, "But it could be to get back at Josh by taking the cabin away. I mean she clearly hates him for leaving her to go back to Reva. I mean that might be it>"
Vanessa sighs, "Well I bet that Edmund Winslow must be behind this somehow. That man has it out for us."
Bill stands up, "Oh God! I know what this is about."
Vanessa is confused, "What is it about?"
Bill sighs, "They are trying to go after the baby."
Everyone turns their attention the little HB napping in the livingroom.

Malah House:

Dinah walks downstairs.
She hears a noise, "Hello? I someone here?"
Dinah takes a look around.
She can tell someone has opened the door.
She keeps looking.
She peaks at the livingroom. Everything has been moved around.
Dinah picks up an umbrella, "Hello? Whoever is there better leave! I'm pregnant! My husbnad is a cop!"
A woman walks in from behind the corner.
Dinah turns and is in shcok, "Oh my God!"
The woman is staring at her.
Dinah puts the umbrella down, "Annie?"
Annie walks over to her, "Dinah why are you here? Why are you in Josh's house?"
Dinah shakes her head, "This is my house Annie. What are you doing here?"
Annie looks at Dinah's pregnant belly, "Where is Josh?"
Dinah backs up.
Annie runs over and grabs her, "What is going on Dinah?!?!"


Rocky and Shayne sit at a table in the diner.
Shayne is going over plans, "So I was thinking we could have the ceremony somewhere outdoors."
Rocky nods, "Uh we can have it here?"
Shayne laughs, "At Company?"
Rocky nods, "Yes. The back is beautiful?"
Shayne shakes his head, "No. I want it to be sepcial for you."
Rocky is nervous. This big stpe might not be the best choice for them.
Shayne smiles, "I'm just glad everything is good right now you know? Everything is good with us."
Rocky gets ready to talk with Shayne, "Okay I need to tell you something...."
Shayne's phone goes off, "One second."
Shayne walks away to answer.
Rocky sits waiting.
He has lost his nerve to tell Shayne that he isn't ready to make this big step with him.
Shayne walks back slowly, "We need to get to the station."
Rocky sits up, "Why what's wrong?"
Shayne is still a little shocked, "They arrested someone for your attack."
Rocky is in shock.

Police Station:

Blake is crying in the room with Kevin, "Why would you do this Kevin? Was it something that I did?"
Kevin shakes his head, "I don't wnat to talk right now. Just go away and leave me alone."
Mallet walks over, "Kevin. Your mother loves you and wants to help you. You can't shut her out right now."
Kevin scoffs, "Oh please. Just lock me up. She doesnt' care about me. All she cares about is her boyfriend."
Blake looks at him, "I love you! You are my son. I want to help you. Your father and I have always wanted you to have a good life. I never wanted this to happent you."
He scoffs, "Dad's dead. And if he were alive he would at least be honest and tell me that I was a disapointment."
Blake cries more.
Outside the room.
Maureen and Jason are sitting.
Maureen is crying, "I can't believe this is happening."
Jason holds her, "It's going to be okay. This isn't your fault. Kevin did something horrible and he is going to have to face the consquences."
Maureen hugs him, "I'm so glad I have you here with me Jason."
Jason feels this bittersweet moment.


Day Care:

Liz and Ms. Willis are going over the plans again.
Ms. Willis is showing her all of the plans, "So this is what I was thinking for the kitchen."
Liz smiles, "I love it! It's so classic. It just looks really cool. It gives that old farm feel."
Ms. Willis smiles, "Well you sure know a lot about design."
Liz nods, "I took some classes on it when I was in high school. I thought about it at one point but my family isn't big on us doing that kind of work you know?"
She nods, "Oh yes. My Dad would have loved for me to just be a housewife. That was the kind of guy he was."
Liz nods, "Was?"
She sighs, "Uh... yes he passed a way a while ago. It's a long story. I don't like to talk about it>"
Liz changes the subject, "Maybe someday I can have a business like yours."
Ms. Willis laughs, "Oh yes! Willis and McCabe!"
Liz corrects her, "Actually Colin's last name is McCabe. We aren't married."
She laughs, "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't know."
Liz nods, "Oh yeah. So it would be Willis and Spaulding."
Ms. Willis dorps her pen, "What? Spaulding?"
Liz nods, "Yeah. I didn't want to let you know my real name because I didn't want this to get weird."
Ms. Willis has a shocked look on her face.

Cross Creek:
Vanessa walks over to Bill and the baby, "You think Edmund and Cassandra are using Cross Creek to get custody of the baby?"
Bill nods, "It's very possible and it makes a lot of sense. I mean this cabin is very important to our family."
Billy scoffs, "What do they think we're just gonna hand over little HB just because they scare us?"
Vanessa sighs, "Well they clearly don't know who they are dealing with."
Mindy walks over, "Well I mean..... couldn't you at least give him custody? I just mean you know it wouldn't be the worst thing?"
Bill gets angry, "What are you talking about Mindy? Why would you even suggest that? Edmund Winslow?"
Mindy sighs, "He is Ava's father. I mean imagine if Daddy couldn't see the baby that woudl hurt him>"
Bill shakes his head, "Edmund was Ava's father for like two weeks."
Billy walks over this daughter, "Melinda Sue. Just stop. We can not let Edmund Winslow anywhere near this kid. He will tear him a part."
Mindy sits, "I'm sorry it was a dumb idea."
Bill sighs, "We just need to do everything we can to protect each other as a family. All of us."
Vanessa hugs her son.

Spaulding Mansion:
Edmund follows Cassandra, "So what? I'm just supposed to help you and not expect to be equally credited?"
She sighs, "Are you really going to whine about this? Because I have a lot to do today."
Edmund scoffs, "That's it right there! You treat me like I'm just some fool who follows you around and lives in your house>"
She turns to him, "No you are the bastard who locked me up in a tower. The same bastard who gave me another woman's baby. You are lucky that I don't smother you in your sleep."
He shakes his head, "Wow you really are insane aren't you? I mean you really are a crazy person. Everyone has been teeling me that but I haven't really seen it until just now."
She laughs, "Oh right? I'm the crazy one? You are the person who trusted me? Did you really think I would let you work that close to me? Please. Now I have to go and have a few meetings. You can stick around here and make some drinks, watch TV. whatever it is you do. Bye Edmund."
Edmund is furious.
He goes to the phone and makes a call, "Alexandra? Hello how are you? I'm fine. Listen a while ago you warned me about Cassie. You said we could take her down together? Are you still in for that?"

Malah House:
Annie is sitting in the livingroom.
Dinah walks back in, "I'm glad you calmed down."
She sighs, "I'm sorry Dinah. I never meant for that to happen. I guess I just got confused."
Dinah sits, "So you thought Josh and Reva still lived here?"
Annie nods, "This used to be their study."
Dinah nods, "Yes. But then they moved into Cross Creek. And my Mom and Billy got this house back. And gave to to me and Mallet as a wedding gift. We changed things around."
Annie cries, "I can't believe how much everything has changed."
Dinah sighs, "I'm sorry Annie. I know this has to be tough. But you know thins can still work out for you. Look at me."
Annie looks at her, "You are pregnant?"
DInah nods, "Yes. I am having a baby with my amazing husband. He is a detective."
Annie wipes away her tears, "Your living your dreams. But what about Cassie? Did you get in trouble for killing Hart?"
Dinah sighs, "Cassie let me off the hook. But I still went after her. And I regret it to this day."
Annie sighs, "I don't know if I can get over what happened with Reva and Josh."
The doorbell rings.
Dianh slowly gets up.
Annie jumps up, "You called the cops?"
Dinah shakes her head, "No. I called someone else."
Reva and Josh walk in.
Reva and Annie stare at each other.

Police Station:
Kevin sits in the room, "Can I leave now? I want to go back to my cell. Mallet can I go?"
Mallet sighs, "Blake I'm sorry but I need to take him back now. We can continue this again later."
Blake cries, "Kevin please! You need to try and ask for forgiveness or they are going to lock you up!"
Kevin scoffs, "I don't care at this point."
Outside of the room.
Jason and Maureen are sitting.
Jason looks at her, "I need to tell you something...."
Maureen turns her head to see Shayne come in.
Rocky is behind him in crutches.
Shayne walks over to them, "Hey we heard that someone was arrested in Rocky's case? Do you know where he is?"
Maureen cries, "Oh Shayne.... I'm sorry. I ..."
The door opens.
Blake walks out, "Oh.... Rocky."
Mallet walks Kevin out in handcuffs.
Shayne is in shock, "What the hell?"
Rocky and Kevin catch each other's eyes.
The room is dead silent.

Ms. Willis has a shocking secret!
Edmund makes a new partner
Reva and Josh confront Annie
Shayne attacks Kevin
Marah makes a deal with Olivia


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