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#80 Monday, September 15th



Jim is rushed into the hospital. Dr. Leslie Claiborne rushes over to check him out as the paramedics wheel him in.


Leslie: What have we got?

Paramedic: Heart attack.

Leslie: Get him to the OR, stat!

Lynette runs in as the the paramedics wheel Jim into the ER.


Lynette: Dr. Claiborne, is he going to be all right?

Leslie: It's too early tell.

Leslie goes into the ER.



Later on, Anna is back at McGregor, triumphant in her victory.


Anna: I got the company back.


John: You certainly did.


Yvette: It's nice to have this company back in the right hands.


Roberta: I'm just glad we got ahold of that information when we did.

Anna: Thanks to Aaron.


Aaron: This company is my family's legacy, I helped out.

Anna: We couldn't have done it without you. And John, thank you, you bought me enough time.

John: That's what I do, no problem.

Anna: Well, celebration can only last so long. We've got to get back to business, we have several new stores opening and we need everyone's best effort.

Yvette: My marketing strategy is ready to go, so we are good in that area.

Anna: That's great. In light of what has happened, I want to hold a fresh shareholders vote and nominate Aaron and Roberta as members of the board.

Aaron: No, I didn't do this for reward, I just did it because it was the right thing to do.

Roberta: Neither did I, Andrew was a good friend and client.

Anna: Never turn down a reward, that's what I always say. Besides, we need smart people in this company.

Aaron: I'll give it some thought.

Anna: How about you, Roberta?

Roberta: I'm game, it's been awhile sense I was in the corporate sector, I'm ready to come back.

Anna: Good, it's settled. And Aaron, I do hope you will consider my offer.

Aaron: I will.

The phone rings and Anna answers it.

Anna: (into phone) Hello?

Lynette: Mom, it's me.

Anna: What's wrong, you sound upset?

Lynette: It's Jim, he's in the hospital, he's had a heart attack.

Anna: Oh, no. How bad is it?

Lynette: I don't know, they rushed him to surgery.

Anna: I'll be there soon. (hangs up) That was Lynette, her husband Jim has had a heart attack. I've got to go.

Anna prepares to leave.

Yvette: I'll drive you.

Anna: Thanks.

Anna and Yvette leave.


At the hospital, Elliot and Eleanor have arrived.


Eleanor: What could have happened?

Lynette: He had a heart attack

Eleanor: I don't understand.


Elliot: I don't either.

Lynette: He was so upset.

Eleanor: I thought he was in such good help, what could have caused that?

Elliot: There must be something else to it.

Lynette: (hesitant) He had been drinking and I think he was on something else too.

Elliot: What?

Eleanor: Oh, my god, no.

Lynette: I feel so responsible right now.

Eleanor: You should, you caused this whole mess in the first place.

Elliot: Please, calm down, dear. This isn't the time.

Eleanor: I can't believe this is happening.

Dr. Claiborne comes out of the ER.

Lynette: Dr. Claiborne, these are Jim's parents, Eleanor and Elliot Craig.

Leslie: Pleased to meet you. Your son's condition is very stable right now, he's had a heart attack, but was wheeled in at just the right time. Plus, he had extremely high levels of valium in his system.

Elliot: Valium?

Eleanor: What? I didn't even know he took that.

Leslie: It seems have had an effect on his condition, he's not conscious right now.

Eleanor: Is there anything you can do?

Leslie: We had him in surgery for awhile now, all we can do is wait.

Eleanor: Does he have a chance of pulling through?

Leslie: He has a very good chance, my concern is what damage the valium may have done. I've got to get back, but I will update you when I know something new.

Elliot: Thank you, Doctor.

Anna and Yvette walk in.

Lynette: Mom, I'm so glad you're here.

Anna: When did this happen?

Lynette: Earlier.

Anna: Elliot, Eleanor, I am so sorry.

Yvette: So I am, I hope Jim is all right.

Elliot: Thank you.

Lynette turns to Eleanor

Lynette: Mrs. Craig, I---

Eleanor: Don't talk to me right now.



At the jail, Cassandra is in a holding cell, George is with her.


George: I don't get it, I really don't. We had this sowed up, but you had to destroy it.


Cassandra: I had to do something, the shareholders would not have been convinced with you

study. It had to be solid.

George: It was all lies, lies. The only way we were going to win is to do it all legal, it was the only way.

Cassandra: If I had just hidden that disc better, this wouldn't have happened.

George: You don't get it, you shouldn't have done it in the first place.

Cassandra: I just wanted you to have what should be yours.

George: I've called you a lawyer, he's well known in Novi and he should be able to get you off light.

Cassandra: I apologize for this turning out like it did.

George: Don't do that. Just worry about yourself and these charges you are up on. I've got to go back to Lightner

and explain to our shareholders how this mess happened.

Cassandra: Is everything going to be okay?

George: I'll find a way to fix it.

George leaves.


Carol returns to her office Donahue Headquarters, dissapointed. Trish walks in.


Carol: I bet your glad right now, since you seemed to feel so sorry for the McGregor.


Trish: I'm glad they got the company back, I'm not glad that you ended up in a bad deal though.

Carol: It looked so good, I thought it would work.

Trish: Can't say I never thought the whole thing wasn't trouble.

Carol: It was a good deal, but it ended up going the wrong way.

Trish: You're lucky you didn't get caught up in the dragnet, you could have easily been brought down too.

Carol: I'm on the up and up, Donahue is a clean corporation.

Trish: Sometimes in these things, the SEC just doesn't care and everybody gets in trouble.

Carol: What's done is done, nothing lost, nothing gained.

Trish: Something to be thankful for.

Carol: I suppose all that time I spent working that deal, I could have spent helping you plan your wedding. How is it coming?

Trish: Henry and I still haven't set a date yet.

Carol: What's the hold up?

Trish: There is none, we just haven't decided yet. And if you say one word about Joseph, I'm leaving.

Carol: Who said I was going to talk about Joseph?

Trish: I know you, you were going say I'm still pining away for him.

Carol: I was not going to say that.

Trish: Yeah, right.

Carol: Okay, okay, you caught me. It just seems a little odd that you keep putting things off, Henry's a great guy and it seems like you would be jumping at the chance to get married.

Trish: I'm not listening.

Trish walks out.




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May I ask what surgery do u have to have for a heart attack. i hae a small background in the medical field, so i was just cusious. I loved the animosty between Elnaore and Lynnette. Another solid episode.

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May I ask what surgery do u have to have for a heart attack. i hae a small background in the medical field, so i was just cusious. I loved the animosty between Elnaore and Lynnette. Another solid episode.

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