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#79 Wednesday, August 20th



#79 Wednesday, August 20th

The next morning, Anna, John and the McGregor board of directors are meeting with an SEC official.


Anna: And everything there is solid enough for you.

Official: It's clear enough for us and the US attorney seems to be on board.


Roberta: After reviewing everything this morning, There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that something fraudulent happened. I haven't seen anything like this in years.


John: Then we have a case.

Anna: Cassandra, buckle your seat belt.



Lynette comes to she and Jim's house, looking for Jim. She finds him in the kitchen.


Lynette: You've been drinking again.


Jim: What? Don't come into my house accusing me of anything.

Lynette: The bank called me, I've got the statement.

Jim: So you caught me? It's my life.

Lynette: You practically drained the checking account.

Jim: I'm not having this conversation with you.

Lynette: I'm not going to stand by while you destroy yourself.

Jim: Why would you even care? You have Greg.

Lynette: You're the father of my children, they need you.

Jim: I needed something to clear my mind.

Lynette: I realize I caused you a lot of pain, but please think of the children.

Jim: You are not one who can tell anyone about being unselfish.

Lynette: I'm not trying to lecture you, I'm trying to keep you from ruining your life.

Jim: I'm giving you a divorce, now leave me alone.

Lynette: Regardless of that, I still care about you. Our marriage might be over, but it doesn't mean

you aren't important to me in some way.

Jim: I can stop drinking any time I want.

Lynette: That's what all alcoholics say, none of them can control it though.

Jim: Not everyone is like me.

Lynette: You couldn't have possibly spent all that money on alcohol the past couple of days, what else

were you doing?

Jim: Nothing.

Lynette: There's something else going on, it's not just the drinking, is it?

Jim: Leave me be.

Lynette: Just answer me.



At Lightner, a live press conference is about to get underway. George, Cassandra and Carol are all there.


George: With that injunction in place, we need to insure all our stockholders that we are going to be stable.


Carol: Precisely, we can't afford our stocks to fall.


Cassandra: Let's hope so.

Meanwhile, outside Lightner, Anna's limousine is pulling up in front of Lightner's headquarters. Anna and John all get out and walk into the lobby to the reception desk.

Receptionist: Can I help you?

Anna: We need to speak with Mr. Lightner.

Receptionist: He's not available right now.

Anna: It's urgent.



Edmund is at Leigh's apartment.


Leigh: Edmund, it's nice that you stopped by.


Edmund: Yeah, I had a little time before I have to go into work.

Leigh: Would you like some coffee?

Edmund: No thanks.

Leigh: Did you want to talk about something?

Edmund: Yes, this whole change of heart you've had.

Leigh: I've already explained, I'm doing what's best for the children.

Edmund: As much as I want to believe that, it's hard for me to do so. Just a couple

of months ago you were bent on getting full custody and making me out to be the bad guy.

Leigh: I simply saw the error of my ways.

Edmund: You've always got something up your sleeve, you never give up.

Leigh: I should have known it would go this way, I try to reach out and you come out swinging.

Edmund: Look, I'm not trying to argue, I just want you to be honest. Do you have something up your sleeve?

Leigh: No, I don't.

Edmund: It's just that it doesn't make any sense.

Leigh: Maybe not to a person like you who is so combative.

Edmund: You know what, for the boys' sake, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Leigh: Thank you.

Edmund: But remember, I'm not letting my guard down.

Leigh: There you go again.

Edmund: Please, I'm not trying to argue, I'm just making sure we are clear on everything.

Leigh: Sure.

Edmund leaves.



The press conference at Lightner is starting. George is at the microphone.

George: This press conference is to answer anyone's questions about the takeover and how the injunction could effect shareholders. Anyone holding stock in this company should rest assured that their interest are protected.

Just then, Anna walks into the press room.

Anna: You sure about that?

Cassandra: What are you doing here?

Anna: Since this is press conference is for airing out everything, let's really shake out the details.

Cassandra: This is a nationally televised event, are you really going to make a spectcle of yourself right now.

Anna: Of course not, I've got proof.

Carol: I knew you were desperate, Anna, but I never knew you were willing to make a fool of yourself.

Anna: If I were you, I'd be quiet until I heard the whole truth.

George: Mrs. McGregor, we have throughly discussed this takeover and---

Anna: We haven't discussed what I have.

George: All right, let's hear it.

Cassandra: What are you doing?

George: Letting her talk, I'm sure whatever she has is nonsense. Could someone please hand Mrs. McGregor a microphone?

A technician hands Anna a microphone.

Anna: Thanks. It has come to my attention that the deal that Lightner Corp. made to take over my company was based on fraudulent information.

Cassandra: That is a lie.

Anna: Would you kindly let me talk? If you have done nothing wrong, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Anyway, I have uncovered evidence that the shareholder responsible for this vote passed off a study full of fraudulent figures and data in order negatively influence other shareholders.

George: Excuse me, but that study was very well put together, I saw the final draft.

Anna: Apparently, there were two different drafts of this study, one for the shareholders and one to throw off the current board of McGregor. Copies of both reports can be obtained from my litigator, Mr. John Phelps. These files were obtained from a disc that was mistakenly included with files on the takeover that Mr. Lightner made available to our attorneys.

Anna points to John who is standing by the door holding copies.

George: I want to see this.

John: Be my guest.

John gives George a copy and proceeds to hand copies to interested members of the press.

George: I don't know what you are trying to pull, but this is not the study that I approved.

Anna: Really? Several shareholders have said this is the study they were given.

George: This can't be right.

Anna: It is. It's not surprising that fake documents would be used, since Mr. Sterling Hart has worked with Mrs. Lightner in the past and forged documents to save them from prosecution.

George: Mother, what is she talking about?

Cassandra: This is libelous, it's all untrue.

Anna: Can you deny that Mr. Hart was your associate at Silver Hills Savings and Loan?

Cassandra: We both worked there at the same time.

Anna: It doesn't take much to draw the conclusion that they were colluding together to take this company by any means.

George: You didn't tell me you knew Sterling, Mother.

Cassandra: I didn't think it was important.

Carol: How do we know any of this is true? Mrs. McGregor is desperate to hold on to her company.

Anna: Everything I've said has been verified by the SEC. Plus, we have someone here to substantiate our findings. Mr. Hart?

Sterling walks in and Anna hands him the microphone.

Anna: Mr. Hart is here and can verify everything.


Sterling: Mrs. Lightner came to me and asked if I could create a report that gave a negative futures report about McGregor's new stores. When it turned out that the stores would be a success, we fabricated everything.

George: Are you serious?

Sterling: Yes.

Cassandra: That man is lying.

Sterling: It's also true that I helped Mrs. Lightner save several assets of her and other promienant associates when the savings and loan collapsed all those years ago.

Sterling hands Anna the microphone back. He gets ready to walk out when Cassandra stops him.

Cassandra: How could you do that?

Sterling: The SEC cut a deal with me to avoid jail time if I talked. At this point, I had nothing to lose coming here.

Cassandra: You rat.

Sterling: I look out for number one.

Sterling leaves.

Anna: In conclusion, I think the evidence clearly shows that the takeover was a fraud and that I am still the rightful owner of McGregor.

Just then, two federal agents walk in.

Cassandra: What is this?

Federal Agent: Cassandra Lightner, you are under arrest for securities fraud.

The agent proceeds to handcuff Cassandra. Flashbulbs from the press photographers go off rapidly.

Cassandra: This is all absurd.

George: Mother, what have you done?



Back at Jim and Lynette's house

Lynette: Please, just answer me.

Jim: I just want to be left alone.

Lynette: Fine, but until you clean yourself up, I'm afraid I can't let you see the kids.

Jim: What? You can't take them away from me, they are the only thing that I have left in my life.

Lynette: I'm not taking them away from you forever, but you know it's not good for them to be around you in this condition.

Jim: I guess you haven't hurt me enough, well I--

Jim stops talking mid-sentence and clutches his chest, then collapses to the floor.

Lynette: Oh, my god, Jim!

Lynette runs over to Jim, then pulls out her cell and dials emergency.

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant belive that cliffhange. I feel so bad for Jim. damn. He is really going through the wire. I so loved the press confrence scene. I was well done and I can't wait to see how cassandra plans on getting out of this one. Did george did not really know what ASsandra was doing?

Again I feel so bad for Jim damn that is so sad

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