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#77 Friday, July 18th (delayed episode)



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#77 Friday, July 18th

Aaron walks up to the front door of the McGregor Estate. He rings the doorbell and Anna answers.


Anna: Aaron McGregor, I haven't seen you in I don't know how long.


Aaron: You do remember me, I'm glad.

Anna: Come on in the house, I was just about to sit down to dinner with a friend.

Anna brings Aaron into the dining room.

Anna: Aaron, This is my friend John Phelps. John, this is Andrew's nephew, Aaron.

Aaron: Pleased to meet you.


John: Likewise.

Aaron: Anna, I spoke with Yvette earlier, I assumed she told you I was in town.

Anna: She picked up a lot of the slack for me at work today, so she probably forgot.

So what brings you to town?

Aaron: Business actually, M.I. to be exact.

Anna: I'm guessing you heard about the mess.

Aaron: Yes and I'm here to lend my assistance. I know a little about corporations.

Anna: I can use all the help I can get.

Aaron: I especially though you could use this.

Aaron gives Anna a printout of Lightner's record with Sterling.

Anna: This is very interesting. John, take a look at that.

Anna passes the printout to John.

John: This is exactly the sort of thing I needed, a link between Lightner and Sterling Hart.

Where did you get this?

Aaron: A reliable source.

John: This could prove Sterling had the motivation to help Cassandra and George.

Aaron: Possibly.

Anna: Well, with Sterling Hart's history of assisting hostile takeovers, this should be the proof we need

for court.

Aaron: I was hoping it would.

John: Check this out, it's an old telephone transcript between Cassandra and Sterling.

Anna: Let's see that.

John: Seems like Sterling phonied up records to keep him and Cassandra from being prosecuted for the savings and loan failure.

Aaron: I saw that, but I wasn't sure if it was of any significance.

John: Yep, it is. Sterling gave us a study that he claimed caused the shareholders to vote against the board, but

no one seems to have viewed it until now.

Anna: You think he faked that study?

John: It's not out of the realm of plausibility.

Anna: How could we prove he did that?

John: I don't know. There are some discs with the papers that George handed over for review, but I doubt

there's anything incriminating there.


Cassandra is in her office at Lightner, looking for something.


Cassandra: Where could it be? I know I had it here.

George walks in.


George: What are you looking for?

Cassandra: It's a disc, it has the study we gave the shareholders on it.

George: Don't worry, we've got other copies.

Cassandra: No, that was my original disc, I needed it for something,

George: The study is all the same, it makes no difference what disc it's on.

Your disc might have accidently gone out when the courier took some of the files I sent Phelps to show him the takeover was legal.

Cassandra: What? That's not good.

George: It's no big deal, calm down.

Cassandra: This is serious.

George: I think it's time you took some time off, you've been acting odd. First, you say you

saw Dad and now you're freaking out about a disc.

Cassandra: I'm fine.

George: Just try to relax then, now is not the time to stress out.

George leaves.

Cassandra: (thinking) If Phelps sees that disc, this whole deal is finished.



Jim stops by Lynette's room at the Town and Country Inn.


Lynette: Jim, come on in.


Jim: I can't stay long, I just wanted to let you know there's been a change in plans

for the divorce proceedings.

Lynette: What?

Jim: I want it over as soon as possible, so I'm having my lawyer expedite things, just wanted to give you notice.

Lynette: That's fine.

Jim: How are the kids doing?

Lynette: They're great. I'm glad they are too young to understand what is going on.

Jim: Yeah, I thought the same thing.

Lynette looks at Jim, noticing that there's something different about his demeanor.

Jim: Why are you looking at me like that?

Lynette: I don't know, something seems different about you.

Jim: I am about to get divorced, that can change a person's personality.

Lynette: No, it's more than that.

Jim, thinking that Lynette has sensed that he's been drinking, slowly back away from the door.

Jim: I've got to go, I just needed to tell you that.

Jim walks away. Lynette has a puzzled expression on her face, not sure why Jim seemed so different.

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Jim is sa dummy, he should have waited until his drunk and hgh worn down before he went to see Lynntte but now sheis aware that something is not right. The M.I. drama keeps getting so good. I wonder if John will will find something on that disc. It's getting good Redd!!

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