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#76 Wednesday, July 16th



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#76 Wednesday, July 16th

Cassandra comes into George's office.


George: Mother, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost.


Cassandra: I may have.

George: What are you talking about?

Cassandra: You'll just think I'm crazy.

George: If it's gotten you this spooked, then I want to hear what it is.

Cassandra: I think I saw you're father.

George: How can that be, Mother? He died twelve years ago.

Cassandra: I was driving down the boulevard and I saw a man in a town car and I could have sworn it was him.

George: It probably was just someone that looked like him.

Cassandra: No, I'd know his face anywhere.

George: I think you need to sit down and take a breath.

Cassandra sits down.

Cassandra: I know it doesn't make any sense, but I know what I saw.

George: It's probably just stress from everything that's been going on.

Sometimes our minds play tricks on us when we have too much on our plate, it's happened to me.

Cassandra: Maybe you're right, but something just tells me it was him I saw.

George: We both know that's not possible.

Cassandra: I know, I know. It's just bothering me so, I can't get it out of my head.

George: Now probably isn't the right time to tell you this, but you're going to find out anyway, so.

Cassandra: What?

George: The judge put up an injunction, we can't legally make any changes at M.I. yet

Cassandra: Great, just fantastic.


Later, John is in his office at Phelps Motors, Anna has just walked in.


John: Sorry you had to come over here, I had some work to do here and couldn't get away, but I wanted to give you this

news in person.


Anna: Good news?

John: Yes, the judge put the injunction in place.

Anna: Terrific.

John: It buys us a bit of time.

Anna: Now all we have to do is find out if Cassandra and George did anything illegal.

John: That's why we need as much time as we can get, before Lightner can appoint an interim board

to M.I.

Anna: He's got his cronies waiting in the wings. Have you looked over the documents George gave you.

John: I've been pouring over them, nothing incriminating so far. They've covered their tracks well. I did

find something interesting though, Sterling was very involved with Lightner just before the shareholders revolt even started.

Anna: Probably up to his old tricks.

John: That's my guess, but we need the proof.

Anna: Where do we get the proof though?


In an office, Andrew is typing on a computer, looking through documents about Cassandra's problems with Silver Hills Savings and Loan.


Andrew: Aaron, have you been able to find out how long this Sterling guy held shares with M.I.?


Aaron: Since about 2004.

Andrew: He's kind of shady, I'm wondering if he's the key to everything.

Aaron: It's possible.

Andrew: This is all very confusing, how does a strong company get taken over?

Aaron: It's supposed to have to do with some study that no one has ever seen.

Andrew: That's even more shady.

Aaron: I'm going to phone John Phelps, see if we can compare notes.

Andrew: Hold the phone for a minute, I may have found something in these documents.

Aaron: What?

Andrew: It looks like Sterling worked with Cassandra during the time of the bank failure. There's even a telephone transcript.

Aaron: Sterling's worked a lot of places, so that probably won't do us much good.

Andrew: We could possibly make a connection between the two. With Sterling's history of shafting companies,

it could show they were in cahoots on the takeover.

Aaron: It's worth a shot.

Andrew: I'll print this off and you take it to Anna, I'm sure she can make use of it.



Lynette is at the CoffeeRoom


Greg: So he served you with divorce papers? That's what he meant when he told me he did something.


Lynette: You talked to him?

Greg: I ran into him at Guido's and we had a talk. He's in terrible shape.

Lynette: I still just feel so awful, this could have been avoided.

Greg: It's not all your fault, I let myself get too close to you.

Lynette: Well, I just came over to give you the number of where I'll be staying.

Greg: You could have stayed with me if you wanted to.

Lynette: I have a room at the Town and Country Inn, I really think it would be

appropriate I stay there until this divorce is over. Besides, I'm going to be keeping the kids for awhile, it's best this way.

Greg: You're right.

Lynette: As soon as this divorce is finalized, we'll take things from there.

Greg: I understand completely, it shouldn't be any other way. I can wait.

Lynette: In the meantime, I really going to be worried about Jim, I just don't know how he's going to take this.

Greg: Hope for the best.

Lynette: I've got to run, or I'm going to be late picking the kids up from kindergarten.

Greg: See you later.


Jim is at home, sitting at a desk with a bottle of wine and a half empty glass. He's talking on the telephone to a divorce lawyer.


Jim: I need this divorce to go through as fast as possible. What do you mean it will take that long? I want it over and done with. Isn't there anyway to expedite thing? If you find a way, call me please. Thanks (hangs up)

Jim pours himself another glass of wine, then pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket with the number of the woman that sold him the Valium scribbled on it. He calls the number.

Jim: Listen, those pills you gave me, I'm down to my last one. How much is it going to cost me to get more? I'm good for it.

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Jim conitunes down his bad path. I was surprised Gregg offered Lynn to stay with him. This is a very well written triangle and I saw that because I am rooting for Lynn/Jim and Lynn/Gregg. So great job on that one. THat truly takes skills to pull something off. And It's a triangle with all good people. THose are another hard trianlge to write. It's your other hottest story redd. I can't wait to read more.

Again more M.I. drama I truly love it and I keep repeating myself, but you really have some of the clearest cut dialog on SONOP. Another good one.

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