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2008: January



January 2008



Previously on Beyond the Horizon, as the clock struck twelve at midnight, New Years 2008...

  • Rod (Forbes March) shattered a champagne glass in his hand as he witnessed his father Terrence's (Walt Willey) New Years kiss with Christian (David Evan Smith). Thanks to Rod's preoccupation, Crystal (Kerry Butler) missed out on her New Years kiss.
  • Shawn (Tobias Truvillion) and Aurora (Jeffrey Carlson) let their guards down at midnight and shared their real first names... which culminated in a very real first kiss!
  • Carina (Natalia Livingston) witnessed her sister's boyfriend Ramon (Kamar de los Reyes) in a compromising position with Rachel (Sherri Saum) and dashed out of the hospital armed with the damning information right before getting mowed down in the street by...
  • Hattie Wilson (Kate Collins), wearing a blong "Eleanor" wig, while Eleanor (Catherine Hickland) lay passed out drunk in the passenger seat, unaware she was being framed by her "friend" Hattie for drunk driving in order to eject Eleanor from the life of their mutual object of affection, Henry Von Stadt (Sebastian Roch√©).

So as we enter the new year:

  • Carina lays at death's door, and may take Ramon's dirty cheating secret to her grave with her, while her life is in Ramon's hands.
  • Eleanor has no idea that Hattie is about to pin everything on her!
  • Aurora might just get what he's hoping for in 2008... true love.
  • Rod must decide how much he can accept his father's choices, and how much he can REALLY trust Christian.


Opening Sequence

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Crystal Halperin immediately starts tending to Rod's wound from the broken champagne glass before he even realizes he's cut himself. Crystal wants to know why Rod is so worked up. Though heated, Rod claims it's because he's been thinking of his mother Emma over the holidays. Rod also says he doesn't blame his father's need to be true to himself. Then a deliriously happy Terrence calls the whole bar to attention to announce that he is going to be producing "Angels in America" this year, which Aurora Borealis has agreed to appear in, and the production will also STAR Christian Avery Field.

Hattie Wilson struggled to regain her composure after realizing she ran a woman down with Eleanor's car. A fair distance down the road from the hospital, Hattie drives the car erratically until crashing into a lamppost. Acting quickly, she checks for witnesses, and seeing no one around, she pulls a passed-out Eleanor into the drivers seat and presses Eleanor's hands firmly around the wheel to leave fingerprints. Hattie, of course, had prepared herself with gloves. Hattie scurries off into the darkness and takes a subway train home.

"THE STARRING ROLE, two months into dating my father?!" Rod explodes, "Are you KIDDING me?!" Crystal and Fiona (Connie Fletcher-Staton) try to calm Rod. Rod's suspicions that Christian is using his father to further his career and reputation are renewed and Rod is further infuriated when Crystal and Fiona try to give Christian the benefit of the doubt. "What more evidence do you need that Christian has a plan, and it's WORKING!" Rod was insistent.

Tiffany (Ambyr Childers) and Rolo (Ignacio Serricchio), fresh from their New Years Eve celebration at a bar in the area of the car accident, find Eleanor slumped over the steering wheel of her car, and believe she just drove drunk into a lamppost. Tiffany calls an ambulance and secretly notices a familiar charm bracelet on the floor of the drivers seat. Tiffany pockets the bracelet without letting Rolo see it and she and Rolo travel with Eleanor to the nearby hospital, where Eleanor is treated. The police tow the car and run tests on it to determine if it's associated with the hit-and-run just reported by Ramon Valdez.

Crystal and Rebecca (Lindze Letherman) raced to the hospital when they were notified about their mother's condition, and arrived as Eleanor was being treated for a concussion and alcohol poisoning by Tiffany's older sister, Dr. Julia Lawless (Melissa Archer). Fortunately, Eleanor pulls through. Crystal notified the staff at The Redeye and Large Bar of Eleanor's car accident and Aurora (as Eddie) shows up to support his close friend Eleanor. Rod arrived to support Crystal, and as Eleanor's best friend, Terrence came to the hospital as well, with Fiona and Christian arriving with him. Thomas (Bobby Steggert) arrived to support Rebecca, as any decent boyfriend would do.

Ramon called Aviva (Christina Chambers) to tell her that her sister was hit by a car, and Aviva was devastated! Aviva was slightly relieved, though, that Ramon was quickly on the scene and was at the hospital already. Upon her arrival at the hospital, Aviva can't imagine how this could have happened to Carina, on New Years Eve, no less. Aviva assumes it was some drunk partygoer that had too much to drink for New Years. Aviva hears about Eleanor's accident and since Eleanor is the mother of Aviva's best student Rebecca, and Ramon's former boss, Aviva wants to go offer her support. Ramon holds off on telling her that he believes Eleanor ran Carina down until the police came up with something conclusive.

Henry Von Stadt arrives in the middle of the night as Eleanor remains unconscious. Speaking to himself, Henry wonders if rather than seducing Eleanor to get the information he needs from her, if he should just silence her permanently, and let the secrets that she holds the key to die with her. Henry caresses Eleanor's I.V. drip with an eerie calm, but looking at Eleanor in the hospital bed, it seems Henry can't bring himself to do what he feels he should. Just then, Eleanor opens her eyes. Eleanor looks around, wondering what happened, why her head hurts so much. Henry just tells her to rest, and everything will be okay, and Eleanor drifts off to sleep again, since she is heavily medicated.

Carina lingers in a coma, and Aviva sits vigil at her bedside. Aviva tried to get in touch with their parents (who are divorced), but couldn't reach either of them. Aviva has trouble coping with this tragedy because nothing like this has ever happened to her before. Ramon is there to support Aviva, and Rolo stops by. Not sure what to say to make Aviva feel better, Rolo apologizes to Aviva for his behavior in her class. Obviously that is little comfort to Aviva while her sister is comatose. Rebecca also stops in to visit her professor, and extends her prayers to Carina. Outside Carina's room, Ramon is questioned by the police as a witness to the accident, and reluctantly fingers Eleanor as the driver of the car (admitting he saw a platinum blond behind the wheel of Eleanor's car).

Eleanor wakes up the next morning to overjoyed and relieved friends and relatives. Everyone's joy is soon dashed when a policeman arrives to question her about her car and license plate number. Eleanor doesn't understand and her memory is fuzzy. After Eleanor confirms her car, the police place Eleanor under arrest in her hospital bed for drunk driving and vehicular assault!

Aviva (and pretty much everyone!) is horrified to learn that Eleanor was the driver of the car that ran down Carina, and Aviva demands justice. Ramon sympathizes with Eleanor, believing she was grief-stricken over her husband's death when she got drunk and got behind the wheel. Aviva doesn't care what motivated Eleanor and is furious with Ramon for caring, considering what happened to Carina.

Eleanor tries to process what's going on, not remembering anything after she started drinking New Years Eve. Fiona calls Royale & Klein, the law firm where she works, in order to try to secure legal representation. "Is she fetching?" Evan Royale (Ian Buchanan) asks. "Excuse me?!" Fiona doesn't get it. "Is she attractive, Fiona, yes or no?" Evan persists. "What does that have to do with ANYTHING, this woman's life and future is at stake!!!" Fiona can't stand her boss. Evan refuses the case if Fiona won't give an answer to his question, and hangs up on her. Fiona growls in frustration at her phone.

Eleanor, in handcuffs and a hospital wheelchair, visits Aviva at Carina's room and is taken aback to see Carina's condition and is devastated that she could have caused this. Eleanor apologized for everything, but also doesn't remember that anything happened, and if Eleanor wasn't responsible, she promises to help Aviva find the culprit. Aviva won't hear of it and orders Eleanor to get her life together before she does anyone else as much damage as she did to Carina. Eleanor leaves Carina's room in shame, feeling like her life really has collapsed since her husband Charles's death.

Fiona is shocked when Evan Royale DOES show up offering Eleanor his legal representation, and Fiona believes Evan has redeemed himself by caring about the case and not how beautiful the client is. Evan laughs, saying he cares about the money -- Henry Von Stadt hired him to represent Eleanor. Evan looks through the window of Eleanor's hospital room and remembers that he ran her husband's will reading, and scolds Fiona for holding out on the fact that Eleanor is QUITE fetching... Fiona is disgusted.

Leo (Jeff Branson) is confused as to why his father hired Evan Royale to defend Eleanor in court, when Eleanor may be armed with information that could bring down Von Stadt International and their entire empire. Henry revealed that not only does Evan have the potential to lose the case and get Eleanor sent away for a long time, but if Eleanor is acquitted, then Eleanor would owe Henry a great deal. Leo would rather let Eleanor go to jail and be done with it, but Henry is disappointed that as usual, Leo is missing the big picture.

Shawn Marks set up a meeting between Jenna Baldwin (Kari Wuhrer) and Henry and Leo Von Stadt to pitch her design label to Von Stadt International. Walking in like she owned the place, Jenna's considerable charm (and talent... kinda) impressed Henry and Leo and after some consideration and a few looks at her portfolio, they decided to give Jenna a shot. VSI offers to oversee distribution for Jenna, but Jenna must produce the line with her own funds... meaning Jenna still needs daddy's millions! Nevertheless, Jenna is thrilled to have her foot in the door at VSI and wants to throw a party to celebrate her success.

Crystal struggled to maintain The Redeye, while trusting Rod with most of the business at Large Bar, while her mother faced her legal troubles. Crystal was equal parts excited and nervous when Jenna Baldwin called to rent out The Redeye for a lavish party to celebrate her successful pitch to VSI. Crystal confided to Rod that she wasn't sure she could handle a party of Jenna's standards without her mother's expertise, but Rod offered to help out. Meanwhile, Jenna sent out invitations to Henry and Leo Von Stadt, Shawn and Rachel Marks, and as many other movers and shakers Jenna could track down in NYC! Jenna also managed to toss an invitation in the direction of her brother James. Jenna failed to invite her father (and chief investor!) Theodore (John Ingle), but when Thomas overheard Jenna and James discussing the party, Thomas made sure to mention it, forcing Jenna to invite her father. Jenna claimed she figured the party might be too much stimulation for her father as a recovering heart patient, and so she chose not to invite him.

Aviva prays hard for her sister's recovery, but when Ramon tells her that perhaps it's better that Carina stay comatose for now, so the body can recuperate, Aviva lashes out at Ramon, telling him he sounds like he doesn't want Carina to wake up at all! Ramon gives Aviva her space and goes out to that floor's waiting area, where he encounters Rachel. Rachel seems genuinely concerned for Carina and feels responsible for her part in Carina's accident. Ramon outwardly blames Rachel for the accident and rejects her, furious that she ever steamrolled her way into his life. Ramon regrets ever meeting her! Rachel is hurt, but takes it as a sign that Ramon is more attracted to her than he wants to be or can control.

Henry Von Stadt admired Jenna Baldwin's nerve when he received an invitation to her party at The Redeye. Henry tosses the invite in the trash, due to Eleanor Halperin's legal woes, but Hattie fishes the invite out of the trash and advises Henry to attend the party for the sake of the press. Hattie even offers to go as his replacement date! Henry still refuses, and tells Leo to go and represent the company.

James Baldwin invited Dr. Julia Lawless to his sister Jenna's party, and Julia turns him down once again, this time because he just spent Christmas with Carina, Julia's co-worker and friend, who lingers in a coma while James is selfishly attending a party and inviting another woman. James explains that he only agreed to date Carina because Julia turned down James's initial date proposal! James tries to convince Julia that he genuinely likes her and she should give him a chance. Julia finally gives in and agrees to attend Jenna's party with James.

Rebecca broke down to Thomas that she was afraid of what might happen if her mother is convicted and sent to prison for hitting Carina Reynoso. Thomas lends a supportive ear and Rebecca tries to bury her fears by getting lost in the beginnings of lovemaking with her boyfriend. Thomas pulls back out of respect, thinking that Rebecca would regret any major decisions she made while conducting her life in fear. Thomas thought taking Rebecca to Jenna's party would be a good distraction.

Terrence stopped home early to overhear another discussion between Rod and Fiona about Christian's new role in Terrence's next play. Terrence is offended that Rod thinks his father is being played for a fool and confronts his son. Terrence swears he gave Christian the role because he's a talented actor. Rod doesn't doubt that Christian is a talented actor, but he doubts that Christian is ever NOT acting. Terrence accuses Rod of not accepting the fact that his father is gay. Rod admits it took time to come to terms with it, but he did. It's Christian he doesn't trust. Terrence tells Rod to get over it, or get out.

Rod's remarks weighing heavy on Terrence's mind, he asks Fiona what she thinks of Christian. Fiona honestly doesn't know. For Fiona, their age difference is alarming, but age is just a number, and she's witnessed no solid reason to doubt Christian. Fiona tells her father to trust his gut and if he's got doubts, he needs to explore them. Terrence decides to invite Christian out to dinner.

Leo invited Fiona to Jenna Baldwin's party, and Fiona thought to invite her family, in order to get a better handle on Christian and his mysterious motives. Rod went as Crystal's date, even though she was busy professionally, hosting the party. At Jenna's party, Jenna generously understands Henry declining the invitation, and even goes so far as to make an offer to Leo to speak to the press in support of Eleanor for the sake of VSI (as if Jenna's really "anybody" in the eyes of the press)!

Hattie also attended the party (dateless) to support VSI and noticed her daughter Julia was in attendance with a handsome man. Hattie probed about James, who quickly turned Hattie off by revealing he was a mechanic. Hattie took Julia aside to encourage her to doing better for herself than some "grease monkey", and Julia savored the fact that James wasn't the kind of man her mother wanted for her. Julia then took the initiative to put some moves on James that Hattie would rather not have seen!

Rachel passes by Carina's hospital room to extend her condolences to Aviva, claiming that she saw the story in the papers (considering that the press is all over the story since prime suspect Eleanor Halperin is dating the very high-profile Henry Von Stadt. Aviva appreciates Rachel's concern and was glad there were still people in the world who cared about victims. Rachel inquired about Aviva's boyfriend, and Aviva shared her frustrations about Ramon with Rachel... and Rachel ate up every last detail.

Jenna meets Terrence and mentions that she did some acting in college. Christian and Jenna get a big kick out of each other, which completely offends Crystal Halperin, who Jenna has had no problems treating like "the help" all night. Rebecca definitely sympathizes with her sister Crystal, since Jenna treated Rebecca like an underling at Thanksgiving dinner. Jenna wears a Jenna Baldwin Original to the party, and the dress is a smash hit. Terrence Applewhite asks if she'd be interested in designing the costumes for his upcoming play. Flattered, Jenna agrees to think about it, if she has any time, but warns Terrence she'll be so busy launching her label! Walking off, past James, Jenna privately jokes that she'd never bother with the costuming of some "little play."

Discovering Rod is a writer, Jenna wondered if they should set up a meeting, to see if he is any good at ad slogans for her line. Crystal continues to feel overshadowed as "the help", as Jenna keeps handing Crystal all her empty champagne glasses throughout the night! Christian couldn't shake the feeling that he'd seen Jenna's date, Shawn Marks, somewhere before, but can't place him. Jenna's certain Christian would have seen Shawn in the newspaper at some point. Shawn grew nervous, fearing that his time at Large Bar would catch up with him. Jenna's party is officially deemed a success, and Jenna debuts another dress, which is also a hit.

Evan Royale finally took a meeting with Eleanor in her hospital room, and remarked that she looked absolutely stunning, given the circumstances. Evan was quite the lecherous lawyer! Eleanor admitted that she didn't remember the night of the accident, which Evan declares could either mean she is very innocent, or very guilty. As Hattie had hoped, Eleanor's brush with the law (to put it mildly) was front page news, drawing plenty of negative press, but Hattie was expecting it to create distance between Henry and Eleanor, not make Henry more protective of Eleanor! Furthermore, since Eleanor's case was snowballing into such an important story, Hattie feared her connection to Henry and Eleanor would be exposed and her manipulations would prove the end of her! Hattie knew she had to cover her tracks somehow.

As the next semester at college began, Aviva decided to take time off for Carina's sake, not knowing when Carina would be back to her normal self. Meanwhile, Theodore Baldwin finally returned to teaching for the first time since he won the lottery and had his heart attack. And Thomas Baldwin started his next semester as well as his internship with Von Stadt International, that his half-sister Jenna was not at all happy about. Certain Thomas only wanted the internship to ruin her chance at success through VSI, Jenna began putting pressure on Shawn to sabotage Thomas's internship before it really had a chance to begin. Shawn decided to keep his friends close and enemies closer, so if he WAS going to put an end to Thomas's internship, then he would need to work with Thomas directly.

Ever since their New Years kiss, Aurora was dreamily getting her hopes up about something serious developing between her and Shawn. But Shawn, after his close call at being recognized from Large Bar by Christian at Jenna's party, decided to visit Large Bar to tell Aurora he couldn't attend her shows anymore. Shawn arrived during Aurora's strip show while Aurora was trying to recruit participants, and when the spotlight lands on Shawn, he flees! Aurora fears she ruined things with Shawn for good.

Hattie started to think back to whether she left any kind of paper trail. Was there any physical evidence linking Hattie to Eleanor? Hattie doesn't have credit cards, so she always paid cash at The Redeye. None of Hattie's family had ever seen her with Eleanor, and Hattie was careful to make sure Henry was unaware of their connection. Deciding she had plausible deniability, Hattie came up with an idea to gaslight Eleanor, making her appear unstable, which would not only cover Hattie's tracks, but hopefully put Eleanor away for good!

Christian was charmed when Terrence took him to a romantic dinner at The Redeye. But soon realized Terrence was looking for reassurance, to reaffirm his relationship with Christian. Terrence opened up about his fears that there's no reason Christian should love him out of all the younger, hotter, more sculpted options he has out there in the gay community. "I don't care about flings, with pretty young things," Christian assured him, "I love you, Terrence, because you see me more accurately than anyone ever has. You support me... believe in me... and you've provided me with unconditional security and support. It's something that I haven't had in my lifetime, Terrence. You make me feel safe and confident and loved. You don't see how I should love you for that?" Terrence felt immensely better and more secure about their deepening relationship after Christian opened up.

Aurora (in everyday clothes as Eddie Dawson) runs into Shawn at The Redeye and Shawn almost didn't recognize "Aurora"! Shawn behaves differently, since Shawn had never met "Eddie," but as they spoke (and after Eddie apologizes for the spotlight attention at Large Bar), Shawn realizes it's Eddie that Shawn is attracted to, not just Aurora. Eddie says that if Shawn can't come to Large anymore, then the two of them should meet for dinner or drinks elsewhere. Shawn agrees, but Henry Von Stadt interrupts, inquiring about Shawn's friend. Shawn scrambles, and lies that Eddie is his personal shopper, making comments to Henry about how Shawn knows nothing about style like "these people" do. Eddie is embarrassed, but goes along with the lie.

Eddie has brunch with his good friend Terrence and shares that he feels like whatever he has with "this man" (not using Shawn's name) will forever be a secret. Terrence wonders if Eddie will be able to live like that, considering how publicly Eddie chooses to live his life. Eddie decides not to call Shawn, to see if Shawn will call him. Several days later, after Shawn spent a night in Jenna's bed, Shawn called Eddie and asked to come over to Eddie's apartment for drinks. Eddie got excited despite himself, and started setting up his tiny apartment for a date while blasting "I Wanna Come Over" on the stereo.

Once Eleanor was recovered from her injuries, she was transferred to jail to await her court date. Evan worked with her, trying everything to try to get her to remember that fateful night. But Eleanor finally realized -- she was drinking with Hattie that night! Evan hopes Hattie Wilson might be able to shed some light on what really happened that night, so Evan goes to visit Hattie at VSI and interview her.

Shawn arrived at Eddie's apartment and they talk over glasses of wine. Eddie is dressed as Eddie and wants to know about Shawn. Initially guarded, Shawn opens up and tells Eddie about his bratty sister that he's stuck living with at the moment, and their parents. Shawn reveals that his mother is a well-known fashionista and his father is a world class con artist, which led to a very rocky childhood up until his parents divorce. Eddie asks if anyone has ever known Shawn was gay, and Shawn refuses to be considered gay or closeted, he just enjoys sex. Shawn makes fun of Eddie's cramped apartment, and Eddie teases back that he doesn't need to overcompensate for anything by having a big expansive home. Shawn promises he doesn't need to overcompensate for anything either, and their flirtation leads them to kiss passionately... until they begin to start taking each other's clothes off!

Rachel continued visiting with Aviva, and supporting her as a "concerned friend," all the while gathering information on her secret rival and developing a growing hatred for Aviva's (up until recently, at least) charmed life. Later, Ramon tries to make amends with Aviva, who rebuffs him, telling him she needs time. Ramon doesn't want Aviva to have to go through this by herself. Then, Aviva mentions that Rachel, who they met at the Baldwins during Christmas, has been coming by to support her. Ramon is furious and wonders exactly how obsessed Rachel is with him. Finding her at Shawn's apartment, Ramon launches a heated confrontation... which finally explodes in passionate, angry, and dirty sex all over the room! Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Aviva sees a ray of hope when Carina opens her eyes!


Stay Tuned for scenes from the next Beyond the Horizon


Coming in February, on Beyond the Horizon:

Hattie claims she has never met Eleanor before!

Evan Royale wonders if Eleanor is completely in touch with reality.

Hattie realizes she lost her charm bracelet.

Tiffany learns how far her mother will go to get what she wants.

Evan enjoys some Valentine's Day fantasies...

Eleanor goes on trial!


Carina's recovery is just beginning

Ramon wonders why he can't stay away from Rachel.

Ramon tries his best to devote Valentine's Day to Aviva.


Thomas and Rebecca reach a turning point on Valentine's Day.

James pulls out all the stops to redeem V-Day for Julia Lawless, who faces painful memories from the holiday.

Thomas impresses Shawn and Henry at VSI, making Jenna very nervous.

Eddie is devastated not to hear from Shawn for Valentine's Day

Jenna wants to know exactly how invested Shawn is in her.


Rod hopes that the stress of working and living together will be the end of Terrence and Christian.

Rod uses Crystal to try to ruin Christian and Terrence's Valentine's Day plans.

Rod makes a very crucial Freudian slip at a very unfortunate moment!

Rod wants Rachel back on the Christian investigation!

Crystal wonders if Rod is having an affair.

Rod and Christian's lives are placed in danger.


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