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2008: February (Sweeps)



February 2008 (Sweeps)



Previously on Beyond the Horizon, New Years 2008 changed lives everywhere...

  • Hattie (Kate Collins) was "innocently" trying to frame Eleanor (Catherine Hickland) for Driving Under Intoxication when she accidentally ran down hospital orderly Carina Reynoso (Natalia Livingston)! Hattie had no choice but to pin that crime on Eleanor too!
  • Tiffany (Ambyr Childers) found a familiar charm bracelet at the scene of the car accident and swiped it before Rolo (Ignacio Serricchio) saw it.
  • Henry Von Stadt (Sebastian Roché) nearly decided to let Eleanor's (and the Von Stadt International) secrets die with her in her hospital bed, but couldn't bring himself to end her life.
  • Carina's sister Aviva (Christina Chambers) was horrified to learn Eleanor had run down Carina, and couldn't understand boyfriend Ramon's (Kamar de los Reyes) sympathy for his former boss Eleanor.
  • Eleanor woke up from the accident only to be arrested minutes later for hitting Carina Reynoso!
  • Henry hired Evan Royale (Ian Buchanan) to oversee Eleanor's defense in court. But does Henry really want her to go free or go to prison?
  • Von Stadt International offers to handle distribution for Jenna Baldwin's (Kari Wuhrer) fashion label, but the catch is that Jenna must produce the line with her own funds. Of course that means she still needs her father Theodore's (John Ingle) lottery millions!
  • Rebecca (Lindze Letherman) tried to lose her virginity to boyfriend Thomas (Bobby Steggert) to distract herself from her mother's legal troubles, but Thomas put on the brakes.
  • Jenna rented The Redeye to throw a party in honor of her own success, and invited half the town (the half that could do something to further her career, of course).
  • Rod (Forbes March) and Fiona (Connie Fletcher-Staton) are certain that Christian's (David Evan Smith) starring role in their father Terrence's (Walt Willey) new play was what Christian was after all along. Terrence overheard and issued Rod and ultimatum to accept Christian or move out!
  • Julia (Melissa Archer) agreed to attend Jenna's party with James (Alec Musser), and delighted in flaunting James in her disappointed (and crazy!) mother Hattie's face.
  • Rachel Marks (Sherri Saum) used Carina's accident to get closer to her rival Aviva and find out details about Aviva's life that might come in handy in the future.
  • Halperin sisters Crystal (Kerry Butler) and Rebecca bonded over how Jenna Baldwin treated them like "the help".
  • Christian thought he recognized Shawn Marks (Tobias Truvillion) at Jenna's party, making Shawn nervous that his time at Large Bar would need to come to an end.
  • Shawn arranged for Thomas Baldwin's VSI internship to place them in direct contact at work.
  • Scrambling to cover her tracks as Eleanor's case garnered more press, Hattie decided to act as though she and Eleanor had never met!
  • Christian reaffirmed his feelings for Terrence.
  • Aurora/Eddie (Jeffrey Carlson) questioned whether he could have anything substantial with Shawn, but agreed to have Shawn over to his apartment.
  • Ramon confronted Rachel over her insinuating herself into Aviva's life, and it exploded in another heated sexual encounter! While, across town, Carina opened her eyes!


Opening Sequence (UPDATED to include Ian Buchanan as Evan Royale!)

Watch the Opening Sequence on YouTube!


Rehearsals begin for Angels in America, and Rod hopes the strain of living and working together will prove overwhelming to Terrence and Christian's relationship. Unfortunately it has the opposite effect and they are brought closer together.

Evan finds Hattie at work at VSI, and asks her about Eleanor. Hattie clarifies that he means Eleanor Halperin. Evan is already encouraged. Hattie says that she knows of her, since Henry has had Hattie call her to schedule their dates before, and of course through all the horrible press lately, but you can hardly say you know someone from what you've read about them. Evan is surprised to hear from Hattie that they had never met. Evan isn't sure how that's possible. Eleanor was so specific about Hattie! Hattie speculated that Henry probably mentioned Hattie to Eleanor a few times. Hattie paints a picture of a lonely, grieving widow so broken by her husband's passing that she even constructed imaginary friends that she could talk to, maybe fixating on the calming sound of Hattie's voice when Eleanor would get a call from Hattie to schedule an appointment with Henry. Evan started to wonder if Eleanor was completely in touch with reality.

After Ramon and Rachel's "confrontation sex," Ramon tells Rachel he never wants to see her again and she had better stay away from Aviva as well. Ramon leaves, and Rachel is more convinced than ever that she has a hold on Ramon. Aviva finally gets in touch with Ramon, after attempting to call him several times with no answer, and she tells him that Carina opened her eyes! Ramon claimed he was working and races to the hospital. Concerned that Carina might have already said something to expose Ramon's affair, Ramon is privately relieved to learn that Carina still seemed unresponsive, and that her eyes were an involuntary motor function. Aviva refuses to believe that it was involuntary, and thinks it's a sign that Carina is coming back.

Making photocopies and filing forms, Thomas immerses himself in Von Stadt International's acquisitions, astonished at how rapidly-growing VSI has always been. Thomas takes every opportunity to learn from Henry, asking strategy questions during every brief, passing moment he gets with the CEO. Henry jokingly warns him that he's not ready to take over any divisions just yet, but stay on his path, strongly focused on business, and he should go far. Thomas is assigned to report directly to Shawn (at Shawn's request).

Evan visits with Eleanor again, while Henry was present, and informed her that Hattie says they have never met. Eleanor becomes irate, not understanding why Hattie would lie so blatantly. Eleanor swears they have seen each other, and she describes Hattie physically. Henry is curious now, and goes with Evan to question Hattie again. Hattie sticks by her story and wonders if maybe Eleanor saw them together at The Redeye on one of their many business lunches, and added Hattie's image to Eleanor's delusions! Evan starts to believe Eleanor is unstable since her husband's death and thinks he can use this to get her acquitted of the charges -- but she may end up in an institution after the acquittal. Music to Hattie's ears! Henry isn't so sure and is curious as to whether Hattie may have a more significant part in it all than anyone knows.

Dr. Julia Lawless visits with Ramon and Aviva to give them an update on Carina's condition. Julia believes it's encouraging that Carina's eyes have opened, but until she starts responding to the outside world and speaking, they can't determine if there's any memory loss or permanent damage. Ramon holds out hope that Carina may not remember seeing Ramon and Rachel together.

Shawn Marks tries to impart some business knowledge to Thomas by discussing the nature of a pitch meeting, and Thomas catches on quickly and takes Shawn's concept for the meeting a step further. Thomas asks Shawn for a project... some difficult or hesistant affiliate of VSI, or a troubled division of the company. Thomas feels he understands people and the way they think and work, and believes he can take a small or struggling project and make it into a success. Shawn says he will look over one of the less time-sensitive projects on his agenda and get back to Thomas, so he can work on it over time. Thomas is grateful and looks forward to sinking his teeth in.

Hattie felt she dodged a bullet with Evan and Henry's questions, but soon realized she didn't have her charm bracelet! Terrified that she last remembered wearing it at New Years, Hattie panicked that it would have been recovered at the scene of the crime. Tiffany came home from class to find Hattie frantically looking for something, but Hattie wouldn't say what it was. Hattie started to sweat, but Tiffany produced the bracelet! Hattie figured Tiffany borrowed it to wear, but Tiffany said she found it in the car when she came upon an unconscious Eleanor after the New Years accident!

Jenna Baldwin held her next meeting at VSI to display her risqué line of lingerie to the entire VSI Board of Directors. Each of the 12 board members (including Henry and Leo) got their own personal tray-carrying girl, each clad in a different skimpy negligeé by Jenna's design, offering finger foods and shots of tequila! Thomas was appalled at Jenna's tactics to sell herself and her "trampwear." But with the Board of Directors, the girls were a hit!

James Baldwin wouldn't stop hounding Dr. Julia for another date since he had great fun with her at his sister Jenna's party. Julia continues to shoot him down, stressing that she can't help her friend Carina bounce back from her New Years Accident. James offers to show Julia a special Valentines Day, and Julia has a strong reaction to the mention of the holiday. Julia says she doesn't want to date him, she didn't even enjoy herself at Jenna's party and just used James to upset her own mother. James doesn't believe her and says he knows he's given a good time to enough women to tell when they are having one. Julia stops taking his calls.


The Valentines Day Episodes (Thursday 2/14 - Monday 2/18)

Rod learns Christian and Terrence are planning a romantic Valentines Day getaway at the secluded Applewhite cabin. Rod is furious, so he invites Crystal to the cabin, pretending not to know Terrence and Christian were planning the trip there as well. Rod whisks Crystal away to be at the cabin before Christian and Terrence arrive. Christian learns from drag queen Aurora Borealis that Rod took Crystal to the cabin and Christian then develops a plan. Christian and Terrence drive up to the cabin but run out of gas and are stranded in a snowstorm. Christian and Terrence have a romantic Valentines night picnic inside the car.

Thomas Baldwin is buoyed by his positive experience at VSI and has Rebecca to his home for a romantic, Valentines night in. Thomas hopes to celebrate his VSI internship and Rebecca apologizes over the dinner Thomas cooked for her. Rebecca feels sorry that she can't keep her mind off her mother being in jail and especially the pain and the drinking that put her there. Thomas is sorry he hasn't been more sensitive to Rebecca's troubles. Rebecca swears he's been perfect with her and she wants to hear more about his VSI work. Thomas goes on about Jenna's over-the-top business meeting and gets Rebecca laughing again. Rebecca thanks Thomas for being the bright spot in her life, and they start to kiss. After their several botched attempts, Thomas and Rebecca finally make love tenderly for Valentines Day!

Fiona was forced to cancel plans with Leo Von Stadt because Evan Royale ignored her request to have Valentines Day off from work. Fiona was furious, but threw herself into her work... albeit ignoring Evan all day out of spite. Evan certainly doesn't get much work done, however, because his Valentines tradition is to spend his work day fantasizing! In Evan's first fantasy, Fiona continues giving Evan the cold shoulder until that finally gives way to the passion that has been burning inside Fiona for the entire time they have been working together! Fiona confesses that she has known how much Evan has wanted her since she applied for the internship, and she can no longer contain her desire for him... Evan takes her roughly on his office desk and makes passionate love to her!

Ramon tries to get Aviva's mind off Carina for Valentines Day and takes her to The Redeye for a romantic dinner. Rachel turns up there and Aviva doesn't understand why Ramon has such a strong reaction. Rachel briefly catches up with Aviva about Carina and then returns to her seat at the bar. Aviva wants to know why Ramon seems to get so upset when Rachel is around. Ramon says he just doesn't like her. Aviva defends Rachel, saying she's been a good friend since Carina's accident, and urges Ramon to give Rachel a chance.

James arrives at the hospital for Valentines Day and tells Julia he knows she had the day off and chose to come in to work anyway. Julia refuses to see him. James can tell she's having a bad reaction to Valentines Day. Julia tries to lie that it's concern for Carina, but James considers Julia a bad liar and senses there is more to it than that. James pesters her until Julia finally breaks down and admits that it was on Valentines Day, ten years ago, when Julia found her father dead. Julia shared the story of her father cheating on her mother with his secretary, and hearing Hattie threaten him over it when she found out. Julia found her father hanging by a noose in their apartment on Valentines Day. Julia said Hattie claimed he must have felt so guilty for his affair that he took his own life, but Julia always suspected that Hattie killed him and made it look like a suicide... but Julia could never prove it. James was sympathetic over everything Julia had to endure back then. James asks Julia to meet him at his garage.

Tiffany demanded to know what Hattie's involvement in the accident was, and Hattie tried to dodge the questions but finally broke down and confessed all to her youngest daughter! Hattie made sure to tell Tiffany she never intended for anyone to get hurt, it was only a DUI that Hattie was trying to orchestrate. Hattie explained that Eleanor wasn't worthy of Henry, and Hattie was acting to secure their future as Von Stadts! Tiffany understands her mother's motives and believes things got out of control. Though horrified by her mother's actions, Tiffany also doesn't want to lose her mother, so she agrees to keep her mother's secret and back Hattie's story that Hattie and Eleanor had never met.

Evan sits at his desk thinking of the start of Eleanor Halperin's trial and considers the possibility of running into Aviva Reynoso, the victim's sister, in the courtroom as he prepares his defense before court is in session. In the fantasy, Aviva approaches him, sharing her sad story of watching her sister wither away in a hospital bed. Evan defends Eleanor, claiming she is mentally ill and then refusing to discuss the case any further. Aviva is sure there is something she can do to ensure Evan sees the case the way Aviva does. Aviva then proceeds to seduce Evan in order to get him to agree to throw Eleanor's case and let her fry for Carina's accident!

Jenna wanted Shawn to take her out for Valentines Day, and wanted to know how invested Shawn is. Shawn reaffirms his commitment, and Jenna tells him to show it by ruining Thomas's internship. Shawn tells Jenna that her kid brother is actually really smart and could be a good help to her if she changed the dynamic of their relationship. Jenna was certain she didn't need "that twerp's" help, and he only lives to see her fail. Jenna wants Shawn's assurance that Thomas is the one that will fail. Shawn decides he will give Thomas the Sapphyre project, which has been years in the making and is virtually hopeless. When he fails at it, they will be able to dismiss Thomas from VSI. Jenna is delighted, and they celebrate by making love...

Aurora Borealis performs her Valentines show at Large Bar and is devastated to not find Shawn in the audience. Aurora felt so close to Shawn at the end of January. Rushing to check his phone after the show, Eddie was crushed not to have even heard from Shawn on Valentines Day. Eddie refused the offer of free drinks from some party boys at Large Bar, and went home, even lighting some candles in the hopes Shawn would surprise him... but Shawn never showed. Eddie stayed on the couch, curled up, listening to "All By Myself" on the stereo on Valentines night.

Evan gets a call from a nervous Eleanor, and after calming her by assuring her he'll do his best to get her released, Evan fantasizes about the day that he goes to the jail to tell Eleanor she can go home to her family and she's free. Eleanor was so grateful to Evan for giving her her life back that she had to thank him in the only way she knew how... Evan thought it might be dangerous for them to give in to their desires in this "so very dirty" jail cell, but Eleanor threw caution to the wind "Let them lock me up and throw away the key if it means I'll know what it feels like to be your lover!" And with that, Evan made love to Eleanor in her jail cell!

Rachel sends Ramon a page after his dinner with Aviva and intercepts him near the back area of The Redeye. Rachel seduces him and he ends up having sex with her in the men's bathroom! Rachel returns to the bar quite satisfied, and orders another drink. Ramon then returns to the table and tells Aviva they should order dessert!

Rod can't relax as he anticipates Terrence and Christian's arrival to the cabin. Crystal urges him to let go and enjoy himself and their time together, and she's determined to get his mind off Christian and Rod's father's troubles. Rod assumes that Christian and Terrence canceled their trip since they hadn't yet arrived, and gives into Crystal's romantic overtures. That night, Rod makes mad, passionate, animalistic love to Crystal on a bearskin rug in the middle of the living room. In the heat of passion, Rod mistakenly calls out CHRISTIAN'S name instead of "Crystal", just as Terrence and Christian come through the door and catch them in the act! Terrence was embarrassed to catch his son in the act, Christian got an eyeful and was shocked to hear Rod calling out his name during sex. Crystal was mortified to be seen by Terrence and Christian and had no idea why Rod was shouting Christian's name in bed. Rod had to make sense of his freudian slip.

Evan is going over the details of Eleanor's case and looks over the latest update of Carina's medical condition. Evan has a fantasy of going to visit Carina and confessing to the comatose girl about how difficult it is, wanting to see justice for Carina but believing Eleanor is just a lost woman who needs help in dealing with her grief. Just then, Carina wakes up, healthy and strong! Evan is shocked, and offers to get the doctors, or Carina's sister Aviva. But Carina wants him to stay. She tells Evan how strange it was, locked in her own body and not knowing if she was awake or asleep, unable to communicate or feel anything for certain. But now that she's awake she needs to feel alive again. Carina asks Evan to make love to her, make her feel truly alive again, set all her senses on fire! As Evan is about to comply, Fiona barges into Evan's office, jolting him out of his sleaziest fantasy yet. "It's 5pm, I'm leaving!" Fiona said, thrilled to be done for the day. Realizing that she caught Evan daydreaming, she asks if he's gotten any work done today. "It was actually one of my most productive Valentines Days yet, Fiona. Have a good evening," Evan smirked, causing Fiona to roll her eyes as she left the office for the day.

Julia meets James at his garage, where he set up a romantic evening in the hopes of creating new Valentines Day memories for Julia. James believes that Julia is so guarded because no one has tried to give her good memories to counteract the bad ones, but James is going to start giving her good memories today. Julia is affected by James's effort, and starts to see James in a different light.

The snowstorm gets worse and strands all the lovers at the Applewhite cabin. Rod covers with Crystal that he said Christian's name because he saw him coming through the door. Crystal was sure the name was called BEFORE Christian came through the door. Crystal tried to put it out of her mind. Rod tried to rekindle again that night but Crystal claimed she was tired and froze Rod out. Terrence went to bed as well. Shirtless Rod was sitting in the dark living room remembering his name mix-up and Christian confronts Rod calmly and quietly, telling him he knows Rod booked his getaway intending to ruin Christian and Terrence's Valentines Day. But they arrived late because Christian wouldn't let Rod ruin it for them. Christian challenged Rod to examine why he's so consumed with ending his father's relationship and why Christian is on Rod's mind so much. There is thick tension in the room that just might be sexual.


Evan tries to get Eleanor to plead temporary insanity, but Eleanor swears she isn't crazy. Eleanor is certain she knows Hattie and can't figure out why Hattie would lie -- unless Hattie is trying to cover her own tracks. Henry and Evan go way back, so Henry asks Evan what Eleanor's best chance is. Evan is sure that it's an insanity plea. So Henry tries to talk Eleanor into going through with it! Eleanor is insistent that she's not crazy, and demands to see Hattie in person.

Once the Applewhite party returns to NYC from the cabin, Rod demands more from Rachel Marks on her investigation into Christian. Spotting Rod and Rachel together, Crystal confronts Rachel about her interest in Rod. Rod doesn't want Crystal to know he's still investigating Christian. Rachel plays along that she does have an interest in Rod, but Rod reaffirms his commitment to Crystal, and she's secure.

Julia catches Tiffany in the throes of angst over the discovery of what Hattie has done to Carina and Eleanor. Tiffany lies that she's having issues with a boy at school, nothing Julia would understand. At college, Tiffany runs into Rebecca and makes a casual effort to chat with her. Rebecca plays it smart as well, fishing to get information about Hattie and Eleanor's relationship. Tiffany says she's never met Eleanor before, she only found her in her car the night of the accident. Rebecca thought for sure Hattie and Eleanor would have come into contact around Henry's office. Tiffany said Hattie never mentioned Eleanor, but Tiffany also tunes out whenever Hattie gushes about work. Tiffany felt guilty that in keeping her mother safe and close, she's robbing Rebecca of her mother.

Ramon drops Aviva by her apartment to check her mail and Aviva has received a letter with no return address. Curious, Aviva opens the letter and scrawled out messily on the page is the brief note "Be Careful Who You Trust...". Aviva isn't sure what the letter means and shows it to Ramon. Ramon urges her to forget it, he's sure it's just some prank or a student of Aviva's who has too much time on their hands while Aviva's on personal leave. When Aviva gets her belongings together to head to court, Ramon slips the anonymous letter into his pocket. Meanwhile, Carina is lying in her hospital bed, eyes wide open, and mutters the name "Ramon"!

Feeling closer and stronger about each other than they ever have, after making love on Valentines Day, Rebecca Halperin and Thomas Baldwin can't stop calling each other. Thomas mentioned how overprotective Henry Von Stadt's secretary is at work, and then Rebecca realized that Thomas has access to Hattie Wilson through his internship at VSI. Rebecca asks Thomas to keep an eye on Hattie and to let Rebecca know if it seems like Hattie is hiding anything. Thomas promises to keep his eyes and ears open.

After a disappointing Valentines Day, Aurora Borealis calls Shawn's office, but intern Thomas answers the call. Aurora tells Thomas to tell Shawn that Aurora called. When Thomas relays the message, Shawn's strange reaction makes Thomas curious. Shawn changes the subject by giving Thomas his assignment -- the Sapphyre project. Shawn wishes him luck! The project hinges on a business mogul that they have been trying to get under the VSI umbrella for a long time and she refuses to even take a meeting to discuss it. The only reason that VSI hasn't completely given up is because it would be an amazing coup if they were able to land her. Thomas is thrilled at the possibility of showing VSI what he could bring to the table.

Tiffany goes to the hospital to find Julia and asks Julia why she left the family when Tiffany was so young. Julia said it was complicated. Julia found it hard to stay after their father died. Tiffany wanted to know more. Julia didn't want to dredge it all up. There was something that went on that broke the relationship between Hattie and Julia, and it most likely will never heal. Julia knows she never knew Tiffany very well, and never did much for her as a sister, but if nothing has broken between Hattie and Tiffany, then not ruining that can be what Julia can give her sister. Tiffany wonders if maybe it is broken and she just doesn't know it. Julia asks if Hattie has done something. Tiffany gets flustered and tells Julia to forget it.

Evan and Henry ask Hattie to come meet Eleanor. Hattie is resistant to contribute to Eleanor's delusions or become a target in case Eleanor is dangerous. Henry assures Hattie she will be safe and Hattie agrees, feeling like she could make Eleanor look even crazier with an in-person visit. In person, Hattie fakes having never met Eleanor, who is driven to the edge since she's unable to prove they know each other. Defeated, Eleanor started to listen to Evan about the insanity plea. Evan said if she pleads guilty, Eleanor could get court appointed grief counselling/therapy, mandatory AA meetings for the drinking, and maybe some community service. Eleanor agreed, finally, and was escorted out by police to visit the hospital and then head to court!

Before going to court, Eleanor is escorted by police to the hospital for a quick follow-up checkup. Eleanor admits to Julia that she's afraid to lose her kids, so soon after they lost their father. Julia understands how hard it can be without a father, but Julia had to tell herself life was going to work out anyway. Eleanor asks about Julia's mother and Eleanor learns her mother is Hattie. Julia asks what Eleanor's relationship to Hattie is, and Eleanor says Hattie may have framed her for Carina's hit-and-run! Eleanor is taken directly to court, and Julia is shocked at the revelation -- but it makes a whole lot more sense out of Tiffany's strange behavior!

Shawn Marks leaves his office for the day, but Thomas wants to stay to gte a jump on the Sapphyre project. Late at night, Jenna calls, wanting to speak to Shawn. Thomas tells his big sister that Shawn isn't there, but Jenna orders him to stop lying, she knows that Shawn is working late at the office tonight. Thomas doesn't want to get Shawn in trouble, so he says he is probably at a dinner meeting, but he left the office hours ago. Thomas apologizes if there were any misunderstandings, but secretly takes great pleasure in the notion that Shawn is lying to Jenna. Jenna is embarrassed to look as though she's being lied to in front of her rival half-brother. Jenna then tries Shawn's cell phone, but Shawn doesn't answer. That's because Shawn is at Aurora's apartment, trying to make up for Valentines Day! Eddie didn't want to show Shawn how upset he was over Valentines Day for fear of scaring Shawn away completely, so Eddie just gave in and slept with Shawn again, hoping to show Shawn how he strongly he feels about him.

Crystal is concerned when Rod misses her mother Eleanor's court date. But Rod is actually stuck at Large Bar with Christian in a robbery! Henry Von Stadt has sent two masked thugs to hold up Large Bar, looking for something in Eleanor's safe!


Stay Tuned for scenes from the next Beyond the Horizon


Coming in March, on Beyond the Horizon:

Eleanor takes desperate measures with Hattie in order to clear her name.

Henry learns the truth about Hattie's motives!

Julia employs James to get to the bottom of Hattie's involvement in Eleanor's troubles.

Tiffany tries to bury her guilt over her mother's actions.

A verdict is rendered, which resolves problems for some, but creates problems for others.

Hattie fears the repercussions of her actions.


The mysterious notes that started with Aviva begin enveloping more people.

Rolo learns of his brother Ramon's deception.

Aviva and Rachel's "friendship" progresses.

Carina's condition continues to improve, heightening Ramon's suspicions.


Thomas begins researching the mysterious Lauren Sapphyre for his VSI project.

Jenna suspects Shawn is sleeping with another woman.

Thomas's internship at VSI allows him to gain access to many secrets around the office.

Aurora makes a friend of a new hire at Large Bar.

Aurora hopes to fill her loneliness with other distractions.

Henry and Leo will stop at nothing to reacquire something that belongs to them.


Fiona makes a moving decision.

Rod and Christian face armed gunmen, and fear for their lives!

The hostage situation changes Rod and Christian's dynamic... and then someone is shot!

A face from Christian's past emerges with a secret agenda of his own.

Crystal realizes that Rod and Christian's brush with death has bonded them.

STAY TUNED, the drama never stops unfolding!


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