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2008: March



March 2008



Previously on Beyond the Horizon, Valentines Day 2008 was a turning point for many couples...

  • Hattie (Kate Collins) claimed to have never before met Eleanor (Catherine Hickland), which drove Eleanor to the brink of madness, and made Eleanor sure that Hattie was responsible for the hit-and-run of Carina (Natalia Livingston).
  • Carina opened her eyes, but still faced a long road to recovery.
  • Thomas (Bobby Steggert) dove into his internship at Von Stadt International, eager to become familiar with all the company's inner workings.
  • Tiffany (Ambyr Childers) confronted her mother Hattie about the charm bracelet Tiffany found at the scene of the hit-and-run accident. Hattie convinced her youngest that she didn't intend for Carina to get hurt, and Hattie was only trying to secure their future as Von Stadts. Tiffany promised to keep her mother's secrets, but began to be eaten up with guilt.
  • Jenna Baldwin (Kari Wuhrer) hosted a scandalously saucy lingerie-clad business meeting with VSI's Board of Directors.
  • Rod (Forbes March) used Crystal (Kerry Butler) in efforts to sabotage his father Terrence's (Walt Willey) Valentines Day getaway plans with Christian (David Evan Smith), only for Rod's plot to backfire.
  • Rebecca (Lindze Letherman) and Thomas finally consummated their sweet romance on Valentines Day.
  • Evan Royale (Ian Buchanan) had a fantasy-filled Valentines Day at the office.
  • James Baldwin (Alec Musser) learned that Dr. Julia Lawless (Melissa Archer) found her father's body years ago after his apparent suicide on Valentines Day.
  • Aurora/Eddie (Jeffrey Carlson) held out hope for a surprise visit from Shawn (Tobias Truvillion) on Valentines Day, and was devastated that he never showed.
  • Jenna secured Shawn's guarantee that he will sink young Thomas's internship at VSI.
  • Ramon (Kamar de los Reyes) continued to have sex with Rachel (Sherri Saum) behind Aviva's (Christina Chambers) back, even ducking out for a few minutes during Ramon and Aviva's Valentines Day dinner!
  • Rod called out Christian's name during sex with Crystal, in the freudian slip of the century!
  • Crystal suspects Rod of having feelings for Rachel, after seeing them together, and Rachel pretends to have an interest in Rod to keep it a secret that she's investigating Christian for Rod.
  • Aviva receives an anonymous warning to be careful who she trusts.
  • Rebecca asked Thomas to keep an eye on Hattie Wilson through his internship at VSI, in the hopes of clearing her mother Eleanor of the charges against her.
  • Tiffany began asking big sister Julia questions about why Julia left the family when Tiffany was so young, and Julia tried to protect her sister for once by keeping quiet about her suspicions about their mother's involvement in their father's death.
  • Henry Von Stadt (Sebastian Roché) began growing suspicious of Hattie due to Eleanor's certainty that Hattie was framing her for the hit-and-run.
  • Thomas realized Shawn was lying to Jenna about working late.
  • Shawn bedded Aurora/Eddie, who didn't admit how upset he was about Valentines Day.
  • Eleanor realized Julia was Hattie's older daughter, while Julia learned that Hattie may have been responsible for her friend Carina being the victim of the hit-and-run!
  • Shawn assigns Thomas the Sapphyre project, hoping his failure with it will justify Thomas's termination.
  • Rod misses Eleanor's day in court because he and Christian are being held up by masked gunmen hired by Leo Von Stadt (Jeff Branson)!


Opening Sequence

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The robbers locked Christian and Rod in the office while they ransacked Large Bar. Their time alone forced Rod to admit Christian was not that bad. Rod opened up about the type of family they had before his mother left and admitted he resented Christian because he was proof that the family was never again going to be the way it used to be. Christian is sorry that Rod lost the family that he had but tries to explain how hard it's been for Terrence, living a lie through most of his life. Rod says he understands that more than Christian knows. Christian isn't sure what Rod means. They are interrupted by the gunmen who demand they open the office safe. Rod tried to lie that he didn't know the combination, but they threatened his "boyfriend" with the gun. Rod worked on the safe with the guns trained on him, but Christian tried to take the gunmen by surprise. The gunmen turned their weapons on Christian, when Rod jumped in and struggled with the gunmen until the gun went off and Rod was shot! Panicking, the gunmen fled, and Christian applied pressure to the wound (Rod's stomach) and called for help.

Eleanor went to court and Evan Royale entered a plea of Not Guilty by reason of temporary insanity. Evan's plea created an uproar in the courtroom, especially from Aviva. Ramon wasn't in the courtroom to calm her down, since he was on his EMT shift. The judge accepted the plea and adjourned for the day.

Tiffany visited Hattie at Von Stadt International and wanted to know what happened years ago to make Julia leave their family. Hattie was taken by surprise to hear the question. Tiffany could tell it flustered Hattie. Hattie claimed that Julia was devastated by her father's suicide and simply couldn't stay with their family anymore. Tiffany wants to know why they didn't pull together out of their shared grief, but Hattie said she had mixed emotions about it and they didn't see eye to eye. Tiffany had no idea how Hattie could have had mixed emotions about her husband's suicide. "Don't you dare judge me!" Hattie exploded in anger. Hattie explained that Larry cheated on her for months with his secretary and Hattie was certain that his own guilt was what led him to take his own life. If Larry felt so bad about it, certainly Hattie was justified to hold a grudge. Tiffany felt like her mother was a stranger... and a dangerous one, at that.

EMT Ramon responded to the emergency call from Christian at Large Bar. Rod was taken to the hospital. Christian stuck by Rod's side, claiming to be family, while he waited for Terrence and Fiona to arrive. Crystal's calls from the courthouse remained unanswered and Christian didn't even think to notify her. The police question Christian about the gunmen, but he remembers nothing, they wore masks, but one of them sounded to be in his early/mid 20s and nervous, like he'd never done anything like it before, and one sounded older, 30s, and more experienced. Terrence and Fiona arrived. Fiona thought to call Crystal, who rushed over since court had just adjourned for the day. Upon her arrival, Crystal blamed Christian for trying to stop the gunmen and triggering the shooting. Christian said he and Rod were BOTH trying to protect HER mother's business while Eleanor was on trial and couldn't protect it herself. Christian did blame himself, but Terrence reassured that the only ones to blame were the gunmen.

Back in jail, Eleanor swore to Henry that she wasn't crazy, and furthermore she was certain that his secretary Hattie was wrapped up in the accident somehow! Henry promised to look into it, but either way, he vowed that he didn't intend for Eleanor to go to prison over this.

Tiffany sought solace in Rolo's arms (and his bed), but Rolo could tell Tiffany was distracted. Tiffany asked Rolo if he ever felt like his mother wasn't who he thought she was. Rolo revealed that he never really knew his parents, he's only really ever had Ramon. Tiffany thinks Rolo might have been better off. Rolo thinks that if Tiffany knows her mother, it's more than some people ever get. Rolo also says no one is perfect and loving someone should include all their imperfections. Tiffany didn't think Rolo had such depth. "I'm just full of surprises," Rolo smirked.

Aviva and Ramon sat at Carina's bedside, and Aviva was holding her sister's hand. Aviva couldn't stop thinking about that weird note that was sent to her home about being careful who she trusts. Ramon urged her to put it out of her mind, it was probably some harmless prank from a student that missed seeing Aviva every day. Aviva can't believe Ramon is being so non-chalant about it, it could be a threat, or even a warning. Ramon didn't think they should be discussing this in front of Carina, but Aviva didn't see why not. Ramon wasn't sure how much Carina understood right now, it might upset Carina's condition to think her sister's being threatened by mail. "Or warned," Aviva reiterated. Then, Carina stirred, and her eyes opened and she looked directly at Ramon!

The gunmen turned up unmasked at Von Stadt International to report in to Leo Von Stadt. The younger was Dominic Soletti (Will Shew), the older was Ford Collins (David Chisum). The gunmen were shook up over the shooting, and Leo was furious since no one was supposed to get hurt. Leo was even more upset they didn't even find what they were looking for. Leo realized Rod was the man that was shot, and just then Fiona called her boyfriend Leo for emotional support. Leo rushed to the hospital to help Fiona, terrified of losing her brother. "I know we don't spend enough time together," Fiona sobbed to Leo, "but it's good to know that I can count on you in times like this." Leo comforted her, unable to ignore the irony that he set this chain of events into motion.

Jenna surprises Shawn at his apartment and strolls in, even though Shawn tells her he might be late for work. Jenna tells Shawn he works too hard and can afford to take a few extra minutes for himself. Jenna mentions calling for Shawn and being told he was out of the office even though Shawn had sworn he'd be working late. Shawn covers, claiming it was a late dinner meeting. Jenna claims not to be worried, because she's a mature woman, she knows that if Shawn wanted a different arrangement, he'd be man enough to tell her so, rather than sneak around behind her back. Jenna gives him a kiss and wishes him a great, productive day at work.

Dr. Julia Lawless saved Rod's life, despite Rod losing a lot of blood. Later, Rod woke up to a worried Crystal, and Crystal was confused and jealous when Rod asked her to find Christian and send him in! Crystal sent Christian in and watched from the window. Rod wanted to make sure Christian was okay! Christian was shocked that Rod cared, considering their history, and Christian teared up a little, admitting he felt guilty that Rod was shot. Rod doesn't blame Christian and actually admired the risk he took. "The kind of courage people write books about." (Rod's a writer) Christian is glad Rod's okay and touches his hand... which Crystal isn't at all happy about!

Julia surprises James Baldwin at his garage and asks him to do her a personal favor and inspect the car that hit Carina Reynoso, for anything that might clear Eleanor Halperin of the charges against her. James agrees, if Julia is willing to go on another date. Julia gets mad and tells James to forget it, he really must be as selfish and shallow as she originally thought. Offended, James lets Julia storm off, and Julia resolved to get her answers on her own.

Jenna returns to the Baldwin brownstone to find both Theodore and Thomas lounging and watching "Jeopardy!" together and bonding over it. "Does no one have any job to go to today?" Jenna snarks, hoping to bust up the bonding moment. "I never have classes on Tuesday, dear, don't you remember?" Theodore asks, and Jenna pretends that she knew her father's schedule and it just slipped her mind. Jenna asks Thomas if he's been sacked from Von Stadt International already for burning someone's coffee. Thomas fires back that he's been granted time out of the office to research the project that he's been assigned by VSI. Jenna fakes interest in Thomas's project, but Thomas decides to keep it top secret. Thomas wonders if Jenna has any VSI executives to throw herself at today in exchange for a bigger investment. Thomas then jokes that maybe Shawn's out of the office again. Jenna tears into Thomas for being so petty and childish as to try to create problems and spin lies. Thomas swears he'd never tell a lie... "Oh go chop down a cherry tree," Jenna spat, storming off in a huff and insecure about whether Shawn really is seeing another woman.

"My sister is coming back to us!" Aviva beamed, and Ramon tried to muster enthusiasm about it, though he feared what it might mean for the secret Carina discovered before her coma. What's worse, Ramon hadn't particularly done a good job of staying away from Rachel since the accident either! Though alert, and engaged with Aviva and Ramon, Carina appeared woozy and to be having trouble understanding what was happening. Aviva encouraged Carina to get more rest and they'd talk soon. Ramon suddenly had to leave and check in with his supervisor. Getting on his cell phone the minute he was out of Carina's room, Ramon ordered someone to meet him at the 66th St. entrance to Central Park right away.

Henry Von Stadt posted bail for Eleanor and offered legal guardianship for Eleanor until her trial, so Eleanor is released into his custody. Meanwhile, Hattie called Tiffany back to VSI to make sure Tiffany is still planning to keep what she knows of the car accident a secret to protect their family. Thomas Baldwin walked by the office just in time to overhear Tiffany reaffirming her commitment to protecting her mother by keeping quiet about the accident, but Tiffany makes it clear that she doesn't trust her mother like she once did. While Thomas only heard a snippet of the conversation through the door, Henry Von Stadt heard every juicy detail on the office intercom from his office! Knowing Hattie's whole scheme, Henry weighed his options on how to play things from now on. Either way, this was the first he was learning of Hattie's true colors!

Terrence halts production on Angels in America for a week until Rod is released. Meanwhile, gunman Dominic turns up on the Applewhite doorstep, and Christian is thrilled to see him! Christian explains to Terrence that he and Dominic were foster brothers for years, and bonded over being young, gay, and without their biological parents. Dominic says he's new to town and hopes to live in NYC. Dominic found Christian from an article in the paper about the shooting at Large Bar. Dominic is happy Christian is pursuing his acting and is has found love with Terrence. Gracious Terrence offers to let Dominic stay at the Applewhites and offers to talk to Eleanor/Crystal about getting Dom a job at Large Bar serving drinks. Dominic is grateful and phones Henry Von Stadt that he should have inside access to Large Bar within a week.

With Dominic moving in, Fiona felt it was the right time to announce she was moving out! Fiona felt the need to spread her wings, and while she would be available for any future exciting family dinners, she was going to be taking an apartment downtown, near SoHo, where she'll be closer to the Royale & Klein offices. Terrence was disappointed, but understood, it was time for Fiona to leave the nest and embrace her own life with open arms.

Rachel met with Ramon at the entrance to Central Park, where Ramon explained a public place was the only way to make sure they wouldn't end up having sex again. Ramon confronted Rachel with the letter that Aviva received, and accused Rachel of writing it to ultimately force their secret out into the open. Rachel reads the brief letter and claims to have had no part of it and to have never seen it before. Ramon doesn't believe her, and labels Rachel twisted and obsessed before ordering her out of his life, for good this time. Rachel leaves frustrated, and then receives a call on her cell phone -- Aviva. Aviva's got news about Carina and wants Rachel to meet with her immediately. Rachel can't wait to see Aviva. Meanwhile, Ramon spins around and finds his brother, Rolo, who has just now heard all about Ramon and Rachel's affair!

Julia visits Detective Nathan Weber, a handsome cop with the NYPD who worked the hit-and-run crime scene. Julia calls in a favor. Julia had done some medical examiner consulting for the NYPD before, and she and Nathan dated *briefly*. Nathan lets Julia in to look at Eleanor's car and James arrives to help. Julia claims not to want or need his help anymore, and Nathan is assisting her just fine. James learns that Julia used to date Nathan and James tries hard to cover his jealousy. Once James and Nathan start in with some macho posturing and competitive attitudes, Julia tires of their male egos and agrees to let James help her, so she can return her focus to the most important issue at hand.

Eleanor settled in at the Von Stadt Penthouse as a condition of her bail, and Eleanor's first night with Henry is awkward. Realizing what a mess her life has become since Charles's death, Eleanor breaks down in Henry's arms and then recoils, admitting that she still feels like she's cheating on her husband by having feelings for Henry. Eleanor thanks Henry for being so great and supportive throughout everything that's happened. Eleanor asks why he's done so much for her, especially since she hasn't been able to give him anything in return. Henry is surprised Eleanor didn't already know... Henry's falling in love with her! Affected and vulnerable, Eleanor gives in to Henry and they make passionate love.

James and Julia investigate the damage to Eleanor's car and James notes the damages, differentiating the impact of the lamppost from the impact of Carina's body. James checks out the interior of the car and notices a dent in the dashboard, on the passengers side. This triggers a memory for Julia, who recalls that Eleanor had a friction burn on her neck that a seat belt would make, but the burn was on the right side of her neck. This could only mean that Eleanor had to have been in the passenger seat at the time of either impact! Julia realizes she needs more info before coming forward, and needs to prove her mother Hattie was the one driving the car that ran down Julia's best friend.

Aviva brings Rachel back to Aviva's apartment, raving about how great it is that Carina is coming back around. But Aviva wanted to get Rachel's opinion on something. Aviva starts explaining to Rachel about the weird letter she received in the mail, and as Aviva looks around on the table for it, she can't find it. Aviva can't understand where it would have gone, but explains that the letter warned her to be careful who she trusted, and Ramon kept telling her to forget the letter, and was sure it was a prank. Aviva wanted Rachel's objective opinion. Rachel tends to believe that if the person who sent her the letter had anything to say, they would have said it by now, so Aviva shouldn't worry. Aviva appreciated the objective opinion, and offered to walk Rachel home, since Aviva was headed that way.

Julia returned to the hospital the minute she got word that Carina was awake. Carina smiled at the sight of Julia. Carina revealed she could talk too, but made Julia swear not to clue in her sister Aviva. Julia laughed. "Didn't miss her one bit while you were asleep, huh?" Julia asked. "How could I, she didn't leave me alone throughout my whole coma! I thought they were supposed to be a peaceful sleep..." Carina groaned. Carina asked how Julia's family has been, and Julia sidesteps the question, just labeling her situation as "hectic". Carina wondered if it's possible to get a restraining order on her own sister to keep her out of the hospital room. Julia and Carina share a laugh, and Julia admits how much she missed her friend. Carina didn't realize how good it would feel to be missed.

Rolo is surprised Ramon had it in him to be a cheater, and Ramon insists that Rolo didn't understand what he was hearing. Rolo thinks it's pretty insulting to try to use a line like that on his grown brother. Ramon admits he doesn't really know how it all started, it just kind of snowballed into a whole situation. Ramon admits Rachel has some kind of sexual power over him. Ramon doesn't even really like Rachel, he says! Every time he has tried to cut off all ties, something takes over and they end up having sex again. Rolo swears he's not judging, he thinks Rachel's hot and he was always annoyed by Aviva as a professor anyway. Rolo claims to have no intention of spilling the beans. He's just surprised Ramon had it in him. Ramon is weighed down even more with guilt now that Rolo knows.

Jenna, overwrought with suspicion, breaks into Shawn & Rachel's apartment with spare key that is usually left under the mat, and heads to Shawn's room. Rummaging through his datebook she finds nothing. Jenna decides to check his laundry, and is taken aback to find lipstick on Shawn's collar in his laundry. "A hideous shade I wouldn't be caught dead wearing... Couldn't he have at least slept with a woman that had some taste?!" Jenna is disgusted. Replacing the laundry as she found it, Jenna storms out.

A short while later, Aviva and Rachel return to Shawn & Rachel's place, and upon entering, they discover an african-american barbie doll that looks like Rachel (same wild curly hair) hanging by a noose from the living room light, with the word "slut" written in red across the doll's naked stomach. Rachel is shaken and tries to cover, spinning a story about how her brother Shawn saw her kissing a guy at the apartment, so he was just teasing her about it in his own demented way. Aviva laughs skeptically, but acknowledge that her sister Carina has a dark humor when it comes to her as well. After Aviva leaves, Rachel wonders if the doll was Ramon's way of threatening her.

Jenna slinks into the legal office at VSI and flirts with a nerd at the desk to gain access to her distribution contract with the company. Getting the legal department nerd to verify that her contract is iron clad, regardless of how Shawn Marks feels about her, Jenna then visits Shawn in his office. Jenna accuses Shawn of lying that Rachel was his sister and accuses Rachel of being his live-in girlfriend, swearing Rachel looks like the kind of "slut" (same term as written on the doll) that a man would cheat with (Ha! If only Jenna knew about the Ramon situation!). Shawn is shocked at the overreaction and verifies that Rachel really is his sister and isn't sure where all this is coming from. Jenna explains about finding the lipstick on his collar and wants to confirm that even if she's not the only one in Shawn's life, that she is at least his "Number one". Shawn reaffirms commitment and that Jenna turns him on completely. Especially when she's jealous... Jenna is won over by Shawn's declarations and they end up have sex on Shawn's desk!

Rebecca surprises Thomas at his family's brownstone with his favorite dish from their usual Chinese takeout restaurant. Curious about Thomas's project, Rebecca offers to help. Thomas doesn't really need assistance, but he's been dying to share the details of the project with someone. Rebecca swears to secrecy about the project, and Thomas reveals he's trying to figure out the best way for VSI to partner with Lauren Sapphyre. "The cosmetics mogul?" Rebecca recognizes the name. Thomas is impressed, because Lauren seems to be quite secretive. Thomas shares that Lauren may not even be her real name! The rumor in the business world is that Sapphyre was an alias derived from the greek poet, Sappho, whose works are largely "lost" and the subject of continued debate and rumor. It's the perfect template to craft one's image after if you want to be a distant mystery to the public.

Terrence introduces Dominic to Crystal, who's running both Large Bar and The Redeye while Eleanor is facing criminal charges. Short staffed, Crystal hires Dominic. Dom proves social and popular with the Large Bar crowd, and hits it off with the staff. Rod is finally released and meets Dominic at the Applewhite home, also learning he will be working alongside Dom at Large Bar. Rod finds him to be familiar, Rod isn't sure why. Rod is suspicious of Dominic and wonders if he's Christian's lover behind Terrence's back. Rod has Rachel Marks start researching Dominic's background and his history with Christian.

Eleanor was remorseful about sleeping with Henry, but was still comfortable around him. But Eleanor was soon shocked to uncover a handgun in Henry's office in his penthouse! Eleanor confronted Henry about the gun, but Henry swore it was for his own protection. As wealthy and powerful as he is, there were a lot of people who would want to get their hands on what Henry has, so he owns the gun. Henry swears he has never fired it, and Eleanor believes him. When Henry leaves for work that morning, Eleanor has nothing to do but roam Henry's penthouse and stew over her situation. Eleanor grows increasingly frustrated thinking of Hattie's lies and manipulations, and finally Eleanor goes back and retrieves Henry's gun!

Thomas hits a wall with Lauren Sapphyre's past, not able to track where she came from before her first big job. Thomas can't locate refrences, education, or ANY history for Lauren Sapphyre before that first big job back in 1982. Overhearing his youngest son's plight, Theodore suggests hiring a private investigator, and offers to pay for it. Jenna and James are privately furious and as soon as they leave the room they are fuming about their half-brother. Jenna and James feel Thomas is just beginning to try to muscle in on the money they've been working so hard for these last few months! Thomas considers the private investigator angle.

Dom asks Christian what he's really doing with "Old Man Apple-polisher," since Christian has such a sweet deal with that sugar daddy. Christian swears it's love, but Dominic doesn't buy it. Dom figures Christian must at least have a threesome going on with the son. Christian admits he has noticed Rod is attractive, but Christian is devoted to Terrence. Dominic is still not convinced, given what he knows about Christian's partying past.

At VSI, Henry and Hattie are in the boardroom at the end of the workday. Hattie is telling Henry he's gone above and beyond for Eleanor, but he should really distance himself because Eleanor is likely going to be found guilty. Henry is just studying Hattie, trying to figure her out, when Eleanor bursts in with Henry's gun, demanding the truth from Hattie! Henry tries to contain the situation, Hattie is terrified, but manages to hold to her original story. Eleanor threatens Hattie, becoming further infuriated when Hattie sticks to her lie, and dares to tell Eleanor not to make the situation worse for herself. Henry tries to lie that there are no bullets in his gun, but Eleanor already checked and even fires a shot at the wall as a warning! Thomas Baldwin heard a gunshot from the other end of that floor and snuck over to the boardroom to find Eleanor holding Hattie at gunpoint! Thomas calls his girlfriend Rebecca to warn her about her mother having completely gone over the edge.

Rod asks Dom probing questions about Christian while they work together at Large Bar. Dom tells Rod if he wants to know about Christian, to take Christian on a date and ask him himself. Dom wonders what kind of straight guy works at a gay bar anyway? "Cute ones who hold no prejudices and like good tips," Rod replied sternly.

Rebecca raced to VSI to talk Eleanor down. Eleanor grows increasingly frustrated until Rebecca and Thomas burst in to try to defuse the situation. Hattie tells Eleanor she shouldn't be allowing her daughter to see her this way. "You made me this way!" Eleanor shouted back at Hattie. Rebecca assures her mother that the truth will come out and Eleanor will be exonerated. Eleanor wants answers now. Just then, Julia and James arrive to confront Hattie and are startled by the scene they interrupted. Julia tries to get Eleanor to calm down, sharing her suspicions about the seat belt friction burn as proof that Eleanor was in the passenger seat. Eleanor is elated and demands Hattie 'fess up! Tiffany arrives as well to discover the confrontation and Thomas then reveals to the room that he overheard Tiffany knew something incriminating about Hattie. On the spot, Tiffany didn't know what to do.

Henry finally stepped in and said it wasn't possible that Tiffany could know anything incriminating because Hattie was with Henry on New Years! Hattie is stunned that Henry lied to be her alibi, but goes along with the lie for the rest of the room. Everyone is shocked at Henry's revelation. Henry explains that they pulled and all-nighter at the office and Henry was impressed with Hattie's dedication on New Years. Henry swears it's all verifiable by the building's security tapes. So Henry agrees Eleanor was most likely framed, but it couldn't have been Hattie driving the car that night.

Dominic and Aurora developed a tentative friendship, as Dominic played it as though he was intimidated to be living in a big city where the gay scene was so "in your face". Aurora offered to show Dominic the ropes, and Dominic revealed that the only way he could liven up the gay scene in all the small towns that he's lived in was with the aid of some designer drugs. Aurora expressed curiosity about the drugs effects, and Dominic assured Aurora that they were safe and very effective. After a successful test run of Dom's designer drugs, Aurora decided that Dominic and he could party together on a regular basis. With Aurora's being exposed to a new carefree partying lifestyle, Aurora tried to be hands-off when it came to Shawn, deciding Shawn wasn't healthy for him. After two unanswered phone calls, Shawn stopped in briefly to see Aurora, and Aurora, high on some of the drugs, told Shawn he never wanted to see him again. The confrontation caught Dominic's eye... and so did handsome Shawn.

Ramon visits Carina while she's sleeping. "Looking for a pillow to put over my face?" Carina startles Ramon by speaking, and that she's awake and alert. They engage in a private confrontation where Carina mentions what she knows about Ramon's dalliance with Rachel, and that she doesn't need to see it with her own two eyes to know Ramon would have probably preferred it if she didn't wake up. Ramon knows a thing or two about Carina as well. He knows she hates her sister and would love to use this kind of info to shatter her. Carina tells him she doesn't intend to tell Aviva... at least not right now. Ramon inquires about the note to Aviva, thinking Carina might have sent it to torture her sister. Carina laughs when reading it. Carina thinks Ramon has bigger problems than her, because Carina didn't send the note, so someone else must know about his wandering eye.

Henry had Leo take a distraught Eleanor back to the Von Stadt penthouse, while Henry and Hattie were finally left alone. Hattie still tried to play innocent, thanking Henry for the alibi, even though she didn't need it since she hadn't done anything wrong. Henry laughed as Hattie scrambled to stick to her story, and warned her to save it. Henry revealed that he's known about Hattie's true plot for a while, since he heard her over the office intercom when she was talking to Tiffany. Hattie didn't know what to say. Henry admitted he was impressed with Hattie's drive, her determination, and her originality. Hattie was flattered, and even more when Henry alluded to the possibility that Hattie's scheming mind could be of great use to him and VSI. Hattie was practically salivating at the notion, but Henry quickly reeled her back in. "You listen carefully, Ms. Wilson," Henry warned her, "You are walking a tightrope between being an obstacle and a help to me. So until you hear instructions from me otherwise, you sit at your desk, answer phones, get me coffee, and switch the diabolical part of your brain off until I call for it. I am a powerful man, Ms. Wilson, and better than you have learned the hard way not to try to put anything past me. Are we clear?" Henry towered over her, equally intimidating Hattie and turning her on... "Crystal clear," Hattie gulped, putting on some reading glasses and peeling herself away to return to her desk and start right away on answering those phone calls. "And don't even think of involving the authorities over Eleanor's little indiscretion today, because the alibi I gave you will be retracted faster than you can type," And with that, Henry returned to his office, satisfied with his results.

When Eleanor returned to court to face the verdict, that was finally reached after much deliberation, the courtroom erupted in chatter when Eleanor was found Not Guilty by reason of Temporary Insanity. Eleanor is given a court order to undergo one week of in-patient psychiatric observation at the Shady Glen Sanitarium to determine her mental state and whether she is still a danger to herself or to others. Her drivers license is revoked and Eleanor is also ordered to join an Alcoholics Anonymous program. Eleanor is shocked and while relieved the plea worked, she doesn't want to be admitted for psychiatric observation. Aviva is outraged, feeling like Eleanor got off with a slap on the wrist, and demands that something more should be done about this. Ramon tries to calm her, but Aviva refuses to take comfort from him given his divided allegiances lately. Aviva storms out of the courtroom. Crystal and Rebecca try to assure their worried mother that it shouldn't even take a week for the Sanitarium to determine she has all her mental faculties.


Stay Tuned for scenes from the next Beyond the Horizon


Coming in April, on Beyond the Horizon:

Hattie visits a relative at the Shady Glen Sanitarium, where Eleanor is admitted.

Henry pays off the doctors to release Eleanor, even though they deem her unstable.

Henry hopes to gain full access to all Eleanor's belongings through trickery.

Tiffany wants to find out more about her father's death.

Julia and Tiffany wonder who Hattie sneaks off to visit periodically.

Hattie uses Julia's connections at the hospital to get her hands on some hallucinogenic drugs.

Hattie's diabolical plans for Eleanor continue behind Henry's back.


Ramon begins to grow paranoid about the warnings and threats being issued.

Aviva receives another note.

Rachel receives an even scarier message than the hanging doll.

Hattie hires Rolo to spy on Eleanor when she is again released into Henry's care.

Julia admits to Carina she thinks Hattie ran her down.

Carina wants to reclaim her life.

Hattie thinks a vengeful Aviva may be her perfect cover.


Thomas decides to hire a private investigator, and looks to Rachel Marks.

Rachel makes moves to secure an office for herself.

Jenna uses ties with Shawn to get Rachel to share info about her investigation for Thomas.

Jenna hopes to plant false information to corrupt Thomas's investigation into Lauren Sapphyre.

Aurora relies more heavily on Dominic's drugs, affecting his work in "Angels in America".


Dominic tempts Christian to return to his partying roots.

Dom tries to strike a deal with Henry and Leo.

Ford Collins tries to make a deal as well.

Crystal is unsettled by Rod's comfort at Large Bar.

Rod decides to let go of his investigation.

Fiona is surprised to discover Leo and Dominic know each other.

"Angels in America" is set to open.

STAY TUNED, the drama never stops unfolding!


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