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2008: April



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April 2008



Previously on Beyond the Horizon, numerous people reached their breaking point in March...

  • Masked gunmen Dominic (William Shew) and Ford (David Chisum) held Christian (David Evan Smith) and Rod (Forbes March) hostage at Large Bar while searching for something. The hostage crisis escalated into Rod being shot!
  • Tiffany (Ambyr Childers) started to realize that her mother Hattie (Kate Collins) may be unbalanced and dangerous.
  • Crystal (Kerry Butler) realized that the shooting at Large Bar created a new dynamic in the relationship between Rod and Christian.
  • Leo (Jeff Branson) was behind the scheme with the gunmen at Large Bar, and didn't approve of the fact they shot his girlfriend Fiona's (Connie Fletcher-Staton) brother Rod.
  • Julia (Melissa Archer) asked James (Alec Musser) to use his car knowledge to help her clear Eleanor (Catherine Hickland) of guilt in Carina's (Natalia Livingston) accident.
  • Carina emerged from her coma, much to Aviva's (Christina Chambers) excitement and Ramon's (Kamar de los Reyes) dread.
  • Thomas (Bobby Steggert) overheard that Tiffany knew some secret about her mother Hattie's "accident", while Henry Von Stadt (Sebastian Roch√©) heard the entire sordid story on the office intercom!
  • Dominic was revealed as Christian's foster brother from when he was growing up, and Terrence (Walt Willey) invited Dom to stay in the Applewhite home.
  • Fiona decided to move out of the Applewhite home to solidify her independence.
  • Ramon accused Rachel (Sherri Saum) of writing the warning letter to Aviva in order to force their affair out into the open. Rachel swore she didn't, but Rolo (Ignacio Serricchio) happened to stumble upon their conversation and learned his brother Ramon was a cheater!
  • Julia called in a favor with an old flame, NYPD Detective Nathan Weber (Jason Thompson) to let her investigate the car that ran down Carina. Det. Nathan inspired some jealousy from James!
  • Henry posted Eleanor's bail and became her legal guardian, necessitating her moving into Henry's penthouse... where Henry pledged his love and they had sex!
  • James and Julia assessed the damage to the inside and outside of the car that hit Carina and determined that Eleanor was in the passenger seat at the time of impact! But Julia still couldn't prove her mother Hattie was driving.
  • Aviva escorted "pal" Rachel home when Rachel discovered a doll resembling herself, hanging by a noose in her living room!
  • Julia was thrilled to have her friend Carina back from her coma.
  • Jenna (Kari Wuhrer) investigated Shawn (Tobias Truvillion) because of her suspicions that he was sleeping with another woman.
  • Jenna accused Shawn of lying that Rachel was his sister, and suspected Rachel was the woman Shawn was sleeping with!
  • Dominic landed a job serving drinks at Large Bar while Rod wanted Rachel to investigate Dominic's background and connections to Christian.
  • Thomas hit a wall investigating Lauren Sapphyre's background for his VSI project, so his dad Theodore (John Ingle) offered to loan him money to hire a private investigator to help! Jenna and James were certain this was finally Thomas's first outright attempt to go after their father's money!
  • A frustrated Eleanor stole Henry's handgun from his penthouse to confront Hattie at VSI for the truth! Rebecca (Lindze Letherman) tried to reason with her mother, but it was Henry providing Hattie with a (fake) alibi that finally defused the situation!
  • Dominic exposed Aurora (Jeffrey Carlson) to some designer drugs, and Aurora decided Shawn wasn't a healthy choice of man for him.
  • Carina confessed to Ramon that she hates her sister, but denied being the one to send the note to Aviva.
  • Henry admitted to being impressed by Hattie's manipulative skills, but warned her to stay in line and do only as Henry instructed... or else!
  • Evan Royale (Ian Buchanan) won the case when Eleanor was acquitted of the hit-and-run charges, but she was remanded to Shady Glen Sanitarium for a week of in-patient psychiatric evaluation.


Opening Sequence

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Tiffany drops the newspaper on the kitchen table in front of her mother in their cramped little studio apartment. Hattie's glad Tiffany has taken to reading the paper. Tiffany's just making sure her mother's name doesn't pop up in one! Tiffany points out that Eleanor was acquitted and that Henry has been appointed her legal guardian. Tiffany reminds her mother that all her work was supposed to be to drive Henry and Eleanor apart. Hattie isn't discouraged, since it's not guaranteed that Eleanor will be released from the sanitarium after a week... or ever. Tiffany asked why Henry Von Stadt lied to give Hattie an alibi. Hattie admitted that she wasn't sure... but it could only mean that he's starting to see that they could be a very good team together. Hattie could barely contain her excitement over Henry's new understanding of her. Tiffany wasn't sure if being appreciated by Henry Von Stadt was a good thing or a bad thing.

Dominic's off work from Large Bar for the night and wants Christian to come out partying with him. Dominic tries to tempt Christian to return to his partying roots and cut loose with some of Dom's favorite designer drugs, but Christian is beyond that part of his life and wants to stay on his current path, with Terrence, which he's sure will be much more rewarding. Dominic still doesn't understand the Christian/Terrence relationship.

Eleanor is a nervous wreck the day she is supposed to be taken to the sanitarium. Henry assures her it will only be for a week. Eleanor doesn't understand why Henry is sticking by her side through all this. Henry already told her -- he's falling in love with her. Henry and Eleanor share a tender kiss, surprising Crystal and Rebecca. Crystal and Rebecca are hit hard when the police escort Eleanor out to the car that is destined for Shady Glen Sanitarium. Rebecca admits to Crystal that she's afraid their mother won't be released in a week. Crystal is scared too, but they have to trust she will come back home. Rebecca then voices her concern that Henry seems overly invested in their mother's care, believing their romantic connection evolved very quickly. Crystal is grateful that their mother has someone as powerful and influential as Henry Von Stadt in her corner, and hopes it will mean Eleanor will be returned to them more quickly. Rebecca is still hesitant... and wonders if Henry wants more from Eleanor than her love.

Meanwhile, at Shady Glen Sanitarium, Hattie is signing in as a visitor, and the staff seems to know her and is friendly with her. Hattie seems polite and calm, unlike her usual, fidgety, uncomfortable self. Hattie sits down in "the game room," across a table from an older, heavy-set woman with unstyled, curly hair, who happens to be playing checkers with herself. Esther, the woman, wins the game of checkers and relishes in her victory against herself. She then realizes Hattie is sitting before her. "Am I actually watching you on TV, or have you gained another ten pounds?!" Esther (Kathleen Widdoes) asks with a hostile edge.

Thanks to his father's urging, Thomas tells Theodore he's decided to hire a private investigator to find out Lauren Sapphyre's backstory. Overhearing, Jenna is certain that Thomas is finally trying to access their father's money. Jenna confronts Thomas privately, calling him a hypocrite, since Thomas was biding his time before dipping into their father's cash. Thomas says he doesn't want Theodore's money and if he does hire a Private Eye, he will cover it with his own savings. Jenna warns Thomas that P.I.'s are expensive, his lunch money may not be able to cover it. Thomas assures his sister he's quite resourceful and not willing to take advantage of his own father to get what he wants.

Rachel Marks finds Ramon having a drink at The Redeye, so she grabs it and throws it in his face! Avoiding a scene, Ramon takes her by the arm and drags her to a corner where Rachel says she's been more than generous by not blowing Ramon's life apart with their secret, but all bets are off if he wants to leave all those threatening messages around. Ramon doesn't know what she's talking about, but Rachel tells him about the hanging doll that she found in her living room. Ramon didn't send it, and he feels this is getting out of hand. Rachel wondered if Carina sent it, but Ramon didn't think she'd be able to manage that from her hospital bed, with no friends to help her. Rachel tells Ramon that Aviva saw the doll too, so she might put both messages together and figure out there's a connection. Ramon accuses Rachel of setting the doll up herself! Fed up with Ramon's accusations, Rachel points out that if she wanted to ruin his life, she'd have done it already. But she knows if she did, she'd lose him completely. Swearing she has no motive, Rachel storms off and Ramon seems to see her point.

Dominic doesn't find what the Von Stadts were looking for in the Large Bar safe, and wants to strike a deal -- If the Von Stadts bury the fact that Dom was a part of Rod's shooting, Dom will work quietly at Large Bar and keep his eyes and ears open, and continue pushing VSI's designer drugs for them (this is the first the viewers learn that VSI works in the drug trade). Leo refuses Dom's deal and demands Dominic finds what Henry and Leo need or Dom will go down for Rod's shooting. Dom regrets his part in it and doesn't want his best friend and foster brother Christian to lose faith and respect for him.

At Shady Glen, it's clear Hattie and Esther don't get along, but that Hattie takes her opinion very seriously. Esther inquires about the woman, the pretty blonde, if Hattie took care of her the way she suggested. Hattie tried, but things got a little out of hand. Esther's quite sure they did, Hattie always had a talent for screwing things up. Hattie is hurt by that, but argues that things actually turned out better because Eleanor is about to be admitted to Shady Glen for a week. Hattie asks her mother Esther's help in ensuring Eleanor remains a patient at Shady Glen permanently.

Rachel Marks shows up at VSI to ask her little brother Shawn for his help in finding an office in New York City to handle her growing client base. Shawn doesn't know how he can help, and Rachel mentions there is office space available in the VSI building. Shawn panics that his sister will be living and working with him and it will leave him no privacy. Shawn encourages her to find a realtor, since she's obviously also had trouble finding her own apartment since moving to New York. One month with Shawn has turned into six! Rachel laughs, shocked that her brother isn't enjoying their time together. Rachel doesn't seem to take Shawn's concerns seriously.

Julia visits Carina to check on her progress and Carina is getting restless. She hates being in her hospital bed, at the mercy of her sister, Ramon, and anyone else who wants to talk her ear off about stuff she doesn't care about. Julia's sorry Carina's been through all this. Julia admits to Carina that she thinks her mother Hattie ran Carina down to frame Eleanor! Carina thinks that would be pretty twisted, but Julia tells Carina that's par for the course for Hattie. The one thing Julia can't figure out is Henry Von Stadt giving Hattie an alibi. Carina appreciates Julia's concern, but shocks Julia when she says she doesn't really care who did it, she's just ready to reclaim her life! Julia's blown away by Carina's ability to just let go of things. Julia can't seem to do that this time. Carina warns Julia not to get sucked into her mama's drama, reminding Julia that was the whole point of Julia uprooting herself and escaping to build a new life in New York. Julia realizes Carina is completely right!

Thomas Baldwin overheard Rachel Marks's plight at VSI and remembered her from the Baldwin's family Christmas dinner as being a private investigator. Realizing Rachel could be a great help to the Sapphyre project, Thomas comes up with a plan and finds Rachel's phone number in Shawn's rolodex. Thomas phones Rachel and asks her to meet with him to discuss her real estate options. Rachel and Thomas meet, and Thomas makes her a proposal. Thomas will get her a reduced rent on an office in the VSI building if Rachel will offer her investigative services at half price. Rachel's willing to do Thomas's job for free if he can secure her an office at VSI. Thomas is thrilled!

Eleanor is admitted to Shady Glen, and Esther immediately recognizes her by Hattie's descriptions. Esther befriends Eleanor (much like Hattie did, originally) and Eleanor is surprised that Esther doesn't seem... "Crazy?" Esther laughs, claiming to be one of the patients who are just old and there because of stress, not because of psychological issues. In Eleanor's room on her first night, Eleanor can't sleep from all the wailing and crying out by the other patients, causing Eleanor to end up crying herself to sleep over the state of her life.

Henry visits Evan Royale to ask how to be appointed Eleanor's legal guardian. Evan tells him he can volunteer to be if Eleanor's doctors decide she needs one. Henry will take care of the doctors. Evan wonders why Henry is going to so much trouble to maintain ties to Eleanor, whom Evan can only see as a liability for Henry. Henry reminds Evan that he doesn't pay Evan to ask questions, only to find answers.

Thomas Baldwin stops by Leo Von Stadt's office to propose that Rachel Marks would make a fantastic in-house private investigator for all the corporate intrigue that goes on and she's willing to work for a reduced rate on retainer if she can have office space in the VSI building. Thomas negotiates that she would make all VSI cases top priority over her independent work. Leo finds the offer very attractive, and agrees to give her office space at VSI. Thomas quickly phoned Rachel to give her the terms, which Rachel found pleasing. They've all got a deal!

At Large Bar, Rod begins to use his looks and fan base to garner more tips. Crystal is alarmed to see that Rod knows some of the regulars and is even casually flirting with them for tips. Rod brushes it off, claiming that he's just working his crowd, knowing his audience, just like he did when he worked at The Redeye. When Crystal seems genuinely upset by Rod's new flirtatious behavior, Rod gets angry and lashes out, wondering if Crystal is accusing Rod of being gay. Crystal admits that it's silly, and apologizes. But in the back of Crystal's mind, she feels Rod is too comfortable in the Large Bar environment.

Hattie did some research on the internet and then showed up at the hospital inquiring about her daughter Julia. Julia wasn't working, but Hattie found the pharmaceutical closet and saw an orderly stocking up the cart. Praying the cart held what she needed, when the orderly returned to the closet for more drugs, Hattie looked quickly and grabbed two bottles of pills that matched the drug name she had scribbled on a scrap of paper. Hattie scurried off without being seen.

Rod gets even more comfortable around Christian and Crystal is upset to come into the bar after closing time to find Rod (still shirtless after his shift) chatting over drinks with Christian. Rod decides to let go of his investigation into Christian's background and releases Rachel Marks from her assignment on Christian and Dominic. Terrence is pleased to see Rod starting to come around and be accepting of Christian.

Rachel took another meeting with young Thomas Baldwin and Thomas set her on her investigation into Lauren Sapphyre. Rachel resolved to sink her teeth in right away. Meanwhile, Jenna Baldwin was visiting VSI for a business lunch with Leo when she decided to stop and visit Shawn. Through Shawn, Jenna learns that Thomas hired Rachel as his private investigator. Jenna immediately started working on a way to undermine Thomas's investigation. Talking later with her trusted brother James, Jenna revealed her plan to pay Rachel to feed Thomas false information on Lauren Sapphyre to sabotage Thomas and make it look like he's squandering Theodore's money on a substandard professional.

At Shady Glen, Eleanor has her first session with a doctor and shares all her grief over her husband, her confusion about who to trust, and her feelings of being lost and unsure of who she really is. Henry visits Shady Glen, and Eleanor admits to him that she feels like she's going crazier around all the crazy people. Henry reassures her and encourages her to hold it together. Henry's next stop is the Chief of Staff's office, where he offers to fund a new wing to be added to the sanitarium if they recommend Eleanor be released into the care of a legal guardian. The doctor isn't sure Eleanor should be released within the week. Henry clarifies that Eleanor will be released, and with a legal guardian. The doctor is eventually convinced. The next day, at Eleanor's next session with the doctor, Eleanor confesses she's considered taking her own life!

Julia resolves not to get sucked into her mama's drama and even calls James Baldwin to invite him on a date! Julia surprises James by being a big sports fan, and impresses James with her baseball knowledge. Julia shows up for their date to a Mets baseball game in a baseball jersey and baseball cap. James makes fun of Julia because she judged him for being athletic, and she obviously has a respect for sports. Julia said she was won over and realized he does have substance, and it's not easy for her to admit she was wrong about him. James and Julia go to the baseball game, and between innings, Julia recalls that when she was seven years old, her father took her to her first Chicago Cubs game and she had the time of her life. It was the first time she remembered really spending time with her father away from her mother, and he seemed like almost a different person -- completely worry-free and happy. He taught her about baseball during the game and Julia decided she was a big Mets fan. She was too young to know she was "supposed" to be a Cubs fan if she lived in Chicago, but her father said she should love whatever she loved. Julia was a Mets fan for life, and it was actually a secret part of the reason she wanted to move to New York when she decided to leave her mother. James apologizes for Julia having lost her father, and they share a romantic kiss.

Jenna created an opportunity and invited Rachel Marks to lunch. Jenna probes about Rachel's cases, but Rachel prides herself on her confidentiality. Jenna says her brother Thomas recently hired her. Rachel refuses to confirm or deny. Jenna has had it and cuts to the chase, offering to pay Rachel double what Thomas is paying, if Rachel will feed Thomas false information on Lauren Sapphyre. Rachel says that even if Thomas was her client, that would be unethical. Jenna is furious that Rachel is being less than cooperative, and puts a quick end to their lunch date!

Ford Collins, the gunman that worked with Dominic and was responsible for shooting Rod Applewhite passes through Large Bar and stops to chat with Dominic. Ford says he was fired by Henry Von Stadt and wants to know how things went between Henry and Dominic. Ford wonders how Dominic ended up at Large Bar, supposing Dom is still working as a mole for the Von Stadts. Dom first advises Ford to take it as a stroke of luck and disappear. Wanting his cut of money for his troubles, Ford says he's not going to be scraped off Henry's shoe like dirt. So Dominic advises him to make himself appear useful to Henry, Leo, and VSI in some other way.

Terrence and Christian put their final touches on their production, Angels in America, and make a vow to find all of their successes in life together. Terrence starts to get a cold, and Christian laughs that it's just Terrence's luck to be home sick while his best production takes the world by storm.

Eleanor's doctor decides she should be on medication to help her with her depression. Eleanor confides to "sweet" Esther that she's afraid of the medication and that it proves she's unstable. Esther vouches for pills, assuring Eleanor that people get a little out of balance sometimes and that the pills tend to help restore that balance. Eleanor starts on her medication.

Sneaking around VSI, Jenna Baldwin steals a key from Shawn's office to get into Rachel's. Jenna locates the file of Rachel's project for Thomas on Rachel's computer. Jenna edits the information and changes key details, as well as deleting vital portions of the file! Meanwhile, Rachel arrives home to find a note in blood on her bed, telling her to "pack it up, and move it on". Rachel is horrified and calls the police.

Aurora visits Dominic at Large Bar to score his next bag of pills for the week. But Dominic didn't know Ford was watching! Ford confronts Dom and demands a cut of the profits. Dom explains that Ford will need to answer to Henry and Leo as to why Dominic's profits take a sudden dip while cutting Ford in. Ford thinks that sounds like Dominic's problem to work out. Ford makes it clear that Dominic has no idea what Ford has done in his life or what Ford is capable of. Ford sucker punches Dominic in the stomach and proceeds to give him a severe beating, leaving him in a heap in the alley near Large Bar, so Dom can have time to consider Ford's offer. Dominic always thought being between a rock and a hard place sounded sexy, but now... not so much.

Tiffany goes to visit Hattie at VSI, only to learn Hattie's just left. Tiffany catches up with her, following her all the way to Shady Glen. Tiffany is surprised to see her mother sit down with a familiar looking older woman. Tiffany then realizes why the woman is familiar... she looks like her grandmother! But Hattie always said Tiffany's grandmother was dead! Tiffany can't hear what's being said, and didn't even see Hattie slip Esther a stash of pills, but followed Hattie back to VSI and watched Hattie resume her work. Tiffany then headed home to dig up a photo of her grandmother. Confirming that the woman she saw was Esther Wilson, Tiffany heads over to the hospital to talk to her sister Julia!

Julia brings James into the ER at her hospital after their date -- he got hit in the head with a foul ball! James didn't find it as funny as Julia did, but eventually came to find the humor in it and enjoyed seeing Julia laugh. Tiffany interrupts Julia and James to ask Julia what she knows about their grandmother. Julia doesn't know much, just that she's been dead for years. Tiffany reveals that she just saw Esther Wilson, alive and well, at Shady Glen Sanitarium! Meanwhile, back at Shady Glen, Esther proves after all that she's not quite well, when she swaps out Eleanor's new medication with the stolen pills that Hattie just gave her during her visit!

Detective Nathan Weber arrives on the scene at Rachel and Shawn's apartment and questions Rachel on any enemies she may have made. Rachel is a private investigators, she could have any number of enemies. Nathan's forensics tests determine that pig's blood was used for the note on Rachel's bed!

Christian stops for a drink at Large Bar and notices Dominic's injuries. Inquiring about them, Christian's met with little explanation. Dominic claims he had a rough night with a lover. Christian knows Dominic fairly well and doesn't really buy Dom's story, but Dominic insists he isn't in any trouble.

Eleanor is surprised when Henry and Evan come by Shady Glen with the judge from her case at the end of the week and even more shocked by the news that she is being released. Henry informs her it will be best for her to live with him until the three month evaluation, but she will still need to have regular sessions with her doctor and will need continued medication. Eleanor is just thrilled to be released and is willing to do whatever is required.

Julia shocks Tiffany by saying she no longer wants to be involved when it comes to their mother. Tiffany can't believe her ears. It's their grandmother, who they thought was dead... who's locked up in an insane asylum and may be as much a victim of Hattie as anyone. And Julia just wants to leave it alone?! Tiffany's ashamed of her sister and storms off, while Julia is torn over what to do.

Dominic tells Aurora that the prices of his pills are going to go up. Aurora immediately gets angry, accusing Dominic of trying to get him hooked on the drugs through their friendship. Aurora insists he won't buy into that extortion ploy and swears he isn't addicted and doesn't need the drugs. Attempting to go cold turkey, Aurora experiences withdrawals and appears to be coming down with a flu.

Henry brings Eleanor back to her home where she is reunited with Crystal and Rebecca. They are both disappointed and concerned that she must pack a bag to move in with Henry for at least three months. Eleanor goes through her belongings and gets sentimental, remembering the simpler life she shared with Charles. Henry promises life can be simpler again, this is the first step in putting this mess behind her.

At Aurora's karaoke show at Large Bar, Aurora has to dismiss himself early as host because of the withdrawal symptoms. Rod takes over as host and Christian convinces him to perform a song to liven up the night. Christian challenges him to sing a song with Christian choosing the song secretly for him. Christian chooses "Private Dancer" by Tina Turner, and the crowd starts to respond, especially when Christian takes Rod's shirt off during the performance. By the end of the song, Rod has gotten into it and starts working the crowd, providing Crystal Halperin with food for thought when she comes into Large Bar to find her shirtless boyfriend singing Tina Turner to the crowd!

Aurora, meanwhile, needs to get money together for the drugs, unable to go cold turkey. Aurora notices a drunk patron in the crowd at Large Bar and offers to get him a cab. Once he hailed the cab, Aurora takes out the drunk's wallet to tell the cab driver the man's address, but ends up taking the man's cash too. Aurora sends the drunk off in the cab, dumps the drunk's wallet in the Large Bar lost and found, and goes back to Dominic to buy the pills. Dominic has an attack of conscience and almost doesn't want to sell to Aurora anymore. Convincing himself that Aurora may be forced to go score drugs from someone else on the street, someone not concerned with his welfare, Dominic sells to Aurora to keep him close. Ford comes to Large Bar and squeezes Dominic for his cut of the sales, and pushes past Rod when walking out. Rod and Christian noticed that Ford and Dominic's conversation seemed tense.

Aviva receives another anonymous letter, slipped under her door at home during a night with Ramon. "Who's really in your bed?" the note reads. Perplexed by the note, Aviva feels the note is about Ramon. Ramon becomes agitated by the notes and Aviva wonders what it's all about. Aviva wants to know if Ramon is keeping secrets from her, or if he's not who he claims to be. Ramon insists that obviously the notes are intended to undermine their relationship, and Aviva shouldn't play into their hands by doubting him. Aviva doesn't understand why anyone would do such a thing, since they don't have any enemies or jealous parties. Aviva asks Ramon point blank if there's a chance another woman is interested in him. Ramon swears that whoever is sending these notes is no one that he's aware of.

Tiffany is feeling alone and turns to Rolo, who makes some time for her. Tiffany doesn't know who to trust, what to do, who to turn to. They make love. Rolo encourages Tiffany not to rest until she has her answers. Get all the information she can, and decide with her heart. Afterwards, Rolo receives a phone call and learns that because of his failing grades, Rolo's sports scholarship has been revoked and the next semester of his classes will not be covered.

Hattie is upset to learn from Evan Royale that Henry has sprung Eleanor from Shady Glen and has taken her into his home to live! Hattie resolves to come up with a new plan. Hattie overhears Rolo telling Tiffany of his financial difficulties from his revoked scholarship and after Tiffany leaves, Hattie privately approaches him, offering him money to spy on Eleanor while he does his landscaping work at the Von Stadt penthouse. Hattie tells Rolo it must be kept a secret from Tiffany. Rolo isn't sure at first, but Hattie manages to sway him with the cash.

Aurora gets loopy on the latest pills Dom sold him and Dominic takes Aurora back to Aurora's apartment where a high Aurora admits to missing Shawn. Dominic tries to convince Aurora to stop taking the drugs, stop trying to escape his loneliness and sadness with the pills, and Aurora passes out. Dominic feels responsible for what's become of Aurora.

Dominic runs into Leo at the gym and asks if he can stop distributing VSI's drugs, and just continue as a mole at Large Bar. Leo won't hear of it, Dominic has been very profitable, and if he stops being useful to VSI, there's no telling what might happen to him, Leo warns. Dominic is thoroughly intimidated. Fiona spots Leo and Dominic in their tense conversation and wonders how they know each other.

Henry organizes a romantic dinner at the Von Stadt Penthouse to welcome Eleanor to her new (albeit temporary) home. Eleanor hopes that she's not imposing and if Henry ever feels that her drama is more than he bargained for, he is free to put an end to their arrangement, Eleanor will understand. Henry opens up about Leo's mother, Sabrina. Henry confides that when Sabrina died, Henry was lost, and a piece of him died too. He dove into his work to pull himself out of his depression, but he knows what its like to forget who you are when you became so much because of the person you loved. Eleanor is comforted to know Henry understands how she feels. Henry sets Eleanor up in a guest room, not wanting to be presumptuous or blur a line in the guardianship arrangement. Eleanor appreciates it and retires early that night to get her first good night's sleep in ages. Leo returns from the gym late that night and asks for an update on Eleanor. Henry tells him things are on track for their plan.

At the "Angels in America" dress rehearsal, Aurora makes a scene and breaks down. The dress rehearsal is postponed and Terrence and Christian privately tell Aurora he is suspended from the show. Aurora is devastated, feeling as if everyone is abandoning him, taking everything away from him, feeling more lost and alone than ever. Terrence and Christian insist that they love him as a dear friend and want to help, but Aurora needs to take a step back from the life he has right now in order to gain perspective on his choices. Aurora storms off and goes home, and accidentally overdoses on the drugs. Meanwhile, Dominic gets his hands on Shawn's phone number and alerts him to what shape Aurora has been in. Shawn can't help but feel responsible, and goes to visit Aurora's apartment to find Aurora on his living room floor after the overdose.

Tiffany goes to Shady Glen and visits Esther... introducing herself as her granddaughter! Esther claims to recognize Tiffany anywhere! She's so glad Tiffany found her! Tiffany's hoping Esther can tell Tiffany about her father's death. Esther stuns her, saying that Hattie killed him and locked Esther up in Shady Glen because Esther is the only one who can prove Hattie's guilt!

Rolo, who was leaving his landscaping shift at the Von Stadt Penthouse as Henry and Eleanor were just sitting down to dinner, phoned Hattie (while she was dining at The Redeye) to let her know of the romantic night Henry organized. Hattie was furious! Every passing night Eleanor spends with Henry is sure to begin outweighing all the time Hattie has with Henry at VSI. Hattie overheard at the table behind her was Aviva Reynoso talking with her boyfriend Ramon about how uncomfortable she was even eating at Redeye knowing it's Eleanor's establishment. Aviva went on about how sad it is that Eleanor became unhinged and fell apart after her husband's death, but still holds no sympathy for the woman who was a menace on her sister Carina's life. Aviva can't believe Eleanor was released from Shady Glen considering all the issues she still has to work out. Hattie realized that a potentially vengeful Aviva might be the perfect cover for Hattie's next plot against Eleanor.


Stay Tuned for scenes from the next Beyond the Horizon


Coming in May, on Beyond the Horizon:

Hattie forces Rolo to do her dirty work at the Von Stadt Penthouse.

Esther plays on Tiffany's desires to get to the truth about her family history.

Tiffany convinces Julia to meet Esther.

Julia and James's connection deepens.


The Baldwin family is rocked by an earth-shattering secret from Theodore's past.

Jenna realizes her problems are compounding by the minute.

Thomas has to reconcile the facts of his father's past.


"Angels in America" opens to mediocre reviews... thanks to the recast in Aurora's role.

Fiona pieces together connections between Dominic, Aurora, and Von Stadt International.

Terrence's cold seems to get worse.

Julia has shocking news for Terrence.

Christian is thrown for a loop.

Ford continues being a menace on Dominic's life.

Crystal confides in Rebecca that she feels Rod's slipping away from her.

Eleanor returns to work managing The Redeye and Large Bar.


Aurora's overdose brings his mother, Edina Dawson, to town, and Aurora gets plenty more than he bargained for.

Shawn tries to help Aurora from a distance.

Jenna becomes more demanding on Shawn.

Thomas starts building his file with Jenna's false, planted information on Lauren Sapphyre.

Rachel feels something's fishy in her Sapphyre file.

Jenna makes more alterations on Rachel's computer.

Jenna's deceptions may have dire consequences for her future with VSI.

The two halves of Shawn's life are on a collision course.


Carina is released, but finds she's still down on her luck.

Aviva grows suspicious of Ramon.

Rachel feels like she's being followed.

Carina refuses Aviva's help, hurting Aviva's feelings.


Henry encourages Eleanor to move more of her belongings to the penthouse so she'll feel more at home.

Eleanor wants to purge Charles Halperin's belongings, but Henry wants her to hold on to them.

Eleanor's medications don't have the intended effects... thanks to Rolo.

STAY TUNED, the drama never stops unfolding!


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About time this great show got some wider recognition!

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you know we've talked before, and I must really encourage to break some of these long episodes down some. I read a lot of blogs here and LONG entires like this are a huge turn off. I want to read but it's too much to fit into my scehdule. i recommend checking out some of the the other SONOP blogs. I bet your views and comments will go up.

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Well I'm taking your feedback to heart and I decided that for SON, starting now, I will break my installments into weeklies instead of monthly blocks.

Hope this is more reader-friendly...

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