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Blue Light Special, Episode22



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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2363900760.jpgLauren walks into Bryan's nite club, "The Jump Off."bar2.jpg She gets a seat at the bar. Tonight is Smooth Soul Nite and the song "Ex Factor" by Lauryn Hill is played by the DJ. Lauren, looks at the bottles that stare at her, deciding what she is going to have as she listens to the deep words of the song. The bartender approaches her


"I am sorry for what happened to Daniel"


"Thank you. Can I get a Cosmo please?"




"So you work here as well? I remember seeing you at TC Hotel at the Gala."

Chris hands her the drink

"I work here and there, well for now I just work here. TC Hotel is closed. SO it's a good thing I had a second job to fall back on."

Lauren chuckles, drinking her Cosmo.


"How is Daniel doing if you don't mind me asking?"


"I really don't know. He's laying in that hospital, helpless. The doctors don't know if he will ever awake from his coma. He doesn't deserve any of this." She finishes her Cosmo, feeling sadness coming, and not wanting to feel that, she tells Chris to get her another one.


"It seems Daniel was dealing with a lot of issues. I know he was very distraught after I saw the Police Chief question him about the murder."


"Yes he was. Trying to fight Ty's influence, dealing with demons from his past, his drug addiction. He's had a very hard life. And Tyler does not help. Getting him hooked on drugs. Drugs does something to Daniel. He becomes a different person."


"Wait..what are you saying? Does he put his hands on you?" You are now reading,



Written by: ML Cooks

Creative Consult:Monique Bitches

Mike's Puberrything_else_BOLOGNA_biscuits-1.jpg

Jodie caresses Mike's hand.


"It seems your life is falling apart. You certainly don't deserve for any one to play with your emotions. That's what Jenn is doing to you. If she loved you she would not have walked out on you. She would not have kept that secret from you, going to see Ty. Do you know where she is right now?"


"No. I sure do not know. I don't know if she's with Tyler... again, or if she even loves me anymore." Before Mike can choke up, he downs more beer.


"It's OK Mike. I am here for you." She sits next to him and puts her arm around him.


"I bet you could use a hug" She hugs him. He returns it as well.


"You smell so sweet."


"Thank you." She caresses his back, making Mike more laxxed among all the beer he has drunk.

The Descanso Gardens D_revealed-cover.jpg

Tyler motions for Jenn to get in his limo. 30020limo.jpg


"I need to talk to my driver I will be right back" He closes the door and walks to his driver.


"Did you sell everything?"


"Yes sir."


"Where's my money?"


"Right here."


"Me and my lady bout spend Q.T. Drive us to my mansion, drop the Ben franks off and bring us back here."


"Yes sir."

Ty gets in the limo to accompany Jenn. PICT0006.jpgHe pours them a drink.


"Where are we going?"


"My driver is hungry, he's going to get a bite."


"So you take a limo everywhere you go?"


"I like to live luxuriously. I need a lady to share that with." They sip their drink as he sits closer to her and draws her into a kiss. He begins to rub on her thighs, caressing them, working his hand closer toward Jenn's panties. Jenn moans as he massages his finger inside her panties and slides one of his fingers inside of Jenn


"MMM, you so wet. I turn you on don't I?" Before she can answer, Ty begins to massage her clitoris. Jenn lets out a loud moan. Ty takes one of Jenn's hands and puts it on his crotch


"You feel that.... You do that to me....Touch it." Jenn unzips his pants and pulls out the "long boy" Jenn feels all of Ty's manhood.car.jpg


"Why don't we take these panties off?...."


"Stop Ty, I can't do this. I'm sorry."

The Jump Off

Lauren takes another sip of her Cosmo.

"No Daniel has never hit me. He has a lot of issues but domestic violence is not one of them."


"I am glad to hear it. Very glad. You have a pretty face and I would hate to hear that he hit you. No woman deserves that."


"Your right about that.... You seem to be a descent guy. I bet the lady in your life is happy to be with you. Working two jobs. You don't find that a lot these days."


"No lady in my life. I am still in search of Miss Right. Maybe I might have found her."

Lauren smiles

"Did you?"


"Maybe." He smiles back at her. "I am glad I made you smile. I haven't seen you smile in a while"


"It's been a while."


" I know you are dealing with a lot and if you ever need some one to talk to I am only a phone call away." He writes down his number and gives to her.


"Thank you Chris."

Huntington Memorial Hospitalhospital.jpg

DiegoS1-1.jpgDr .Diego Serrano walks into Sabryn's room.


"How do you feel?"


"I have a slight headache but I am fine."


"How did this happen to you?"


"A cheap Bitch named Ashley."


"Well you suffered a mild concussion. Take it easy and leave them cheap bitches alone." He chuckles and she does as well. He hands her the release papers.


"Thank you doctor."

"Please, call me Diego." He smiles and walks out the room. Sabryn pulls out her cell phone and calls her assistant Gilbert.Nick.jpg

"Meet me on Lavender Hill in 20 mins. We have a Bitch and a Bastard to Destroy"She looks out her room and see a flood of reporters waiting to find out what happened to the fashion mogul. "This is so embarrassing. Wait till I get my hands on little Miss Blue Light Special."


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I'm liking Jodie's character and I really enjoyed the bar scene with Lauren & Chris. Maybe a possible love connection could be in the works.

Again with the raunchy love scenes! This show wouldn't be on network television, it would be on Cinemax.

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I am glad u like the ep. I was a little nervous when I wrote it. But Like I said, I wanted to slow it down a tad and flesh things out. It's all leading up to a showdown if you will.

I think of STEAM as a show that would air at midnight. That's why I try to air episodes around this time. STEAM Will be known for it's sexual frankness. I have a storyline in the works based on sex. It's quite daring and unique and it's has been freshly created for the fans two favorite lady's. It's very innovative and and aggressive. So look out for that one.

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