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#41 Tuesday June 19th



#41 Tuesday June 19th

Yvette is with Cassandra at the CoffeeRoom, discussing Cassandra's reasons for being in town

Cassandra: Let's get down to business, shall we?

Yvette: Yes.

Cassandra: I've was rather cryptic about some things in our last meeting, so I'll get right to the point. I need you to help me find someone, someone very important.

Yvette: And who is this very important person?

Cassandra: His name is George Lightner, he's my nephew.

Yvette: Okay, so why you want to find him?

Cassandra: He is the key to everything.

Yvette: (sarcastic) Well, that's a whole lot of information.

Cassandra: You'll find out more about him soon enough.

Yvette: I'm still not sure how this could of any use to me.

Cassandra: If everything goes right, you could end up in control of the company.

Yvette: Your beef was with my father, so why are you coming to his daughter for help? It makes no sense.

Cassandra: I know that you want control of this company and will stop at nothing to get it. I needed someone on the inside and you're the only person I think can help me.

Yvette: All right, so where do you think this George is at?

Cassandra: Somewhere in Canada. I am a bit concerned, he hasn't contacted me in quite awhile.

Yvette: None of this makes sense.

Cassandra: Years ago, he worked at a McGregor's corporate office and got his hands on some very sensitive company files.

Yvette: In other words, he stole private information.

Cassandra: Let's not quibble over little details like that.

Yvette: I'm sorry, but I don't like how any of this sounds.

Cassandra: Well, what's done is done, so let's just figure out how we are going to find George.

Yvette: I'm afraid I might end up regretting this, but I'll go along with it.

Cassandra: Good choice, dear.

At the Donahue Estate, Cody, Norm and Carol are meeting with Private Detective Wilkins over his findings.

Wilkins: I went to the gun shop and I talked to the owner and his daughter, it turns out that Cody's name was signed in a ledger, but the description of the person who bought the gun doesn't match Cody.

Carol: I don't understand, why didn't the police know that before?

Wilkins: Because the police only talked to the owner, not his daughter who actually sold the gun. All the owner did was show them the ledger, he never gave a description because he wasn't at the store that day.

Cody: Thank god.

Norm: Do you know anything about who might have purchased the gun?

Wilkins: I'm working on finding that out right now.

Carol: This means that they don't have a case.

Norm: We can get the woman who sold the gun to testify at the hearing, you'll be in the clear.

Cody: Even so, I still want to find out who tried to set me up and who really shot B.P. Charles

Carol: Let's just make sure you are officially in the clear.

Norm: Right.

Wilkins: Whenever you're ready to find the person, just contact me.

Cody: Thank you.

Wilkins leaves. Carol hugs Cody.

Carol: I'm so glad that's over.

Cody: It's not all the way over for me. Somewhere out there, there's someone who tried to frame me and I'm going to find out who it is.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a hotel room

Woman: You know, you are a lucky man, you almost died.

A man steps out of a bathroom walking on a cane, it's B.P. Charles

B.P.: You know what they say, you just can't keep a good man down.

Off B.P.'s smirks, fade to black.

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