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#42 Wednesday June 20th



#42 Wednesday June 20th

At the McGregor Estate, Leigh has just finished tucking the kids in and comes into the kitchen where Edmund is.

Leigh: The boys are sleep now, so I'm going to go on home.

Edmund: Don't leave just yet, I want to have a talk with you.

Leigh: Sure.

She sits down at the table.

Edmund: You know, there is a lot of things I've wanted to say to you since you decided to come back.

Leigh: I think you said some of them at the custody hearing and none of them are nice.

Edmund: Nothing like that. I've been doing a lot of thinking and I think we should at least try and be civil to each

for the kids sake.

Leigh: I agree.

Edmund: And I think it would be in their best interest if you dropped the custody suit.

Leigh: I'd rather let the court decide.

Edmund: Why put up a fight when it isn't necessary? I'm not going to stop you from seeing the kids.

Leigh: You say that now, but once your mother gets to you and starts filling your head with garbage, you'll change.

Edmund: I have a mind of my own.e

Leigh: Are you sure about that?

Edmund: You don't know anything about me.

Leigh: We were married for a long time, I know just about all there is to know about you.

Edmund: I'm not going to sit here and argue, but rest assured, if you continue this case, you will lose.

Leigh: Don't be so sure of yourself, just because you have the McGregor millions doesn't make you a fit parent in the eyes

of the court.

Edmund: With your recent track record, you have no room to question my parenting.

Leigh: Look, I'm trying to make things right, so you should give me some credit.

Edmund: Yes, but what are your real intentions? Don't forget that your own mother came to me and said that you were only

after money.

Leigh: My mother and I haven't been on speaking terms for years, she refuses to say one good word to say about me, everything I do is wrong to her.

Edmund: She seemed to be telling the truth to me.

Leigh: And if you believed her, that makes you a damn poor judge of character.

Leigh leaves.

Meanwhile at B.P's hotel room.

Woman: I still don't really understand the reason you went so far to get back at this guy.

B.P.: Because, he crossed me and thought he could get away with it. We'll see how smart he thinks he is facing a first degree murder charge.

Woman: It still amazes me how you pulled this off.

B.P.'s phone rings.

B.P.: Hello? What do you mean you have to drop the charges? I've put to much money into your pocket for you to back down, you better find away to make those charges stick.

He slams the phone shut.

B.P.: It looks like I'm going to have to get back to Michigan to let this DA know I mean business.

Woman: You think that's wise, most people there think you are dead, what if someone spots you?

B.P.: No one will know I'm even there, except the DA and few cops and they certainly aren't a threat. I'll slip right in and right back out.

Over at Yvette and Chester's house, the phone is ringing and Chester answers it.

Chester: Hello? Who's calling? Okay, hold on a second. (cover receiver) Yvette, someone name Cassandra is on the phone for you.

Yvette: I'll pick it up in the other room.

In the bedroom, Yvette picks up the phone.

Yvette: Why are you calling me here?

Cassandra: It is very urgent, I think I've located what part of Canada George is in.

Yvette: All right, so what next?

Cassandra: We've got to go up there, it's critical.

Yvette: (sighs) When do we have to go?

Cassandra: The flight leaves at midnight, it's ten o'clock now, so we'll have to head out now.

Yvette: Now? I can't just walk out of the house now, Chester might get suspicious.

Cassandra: I'm parked outside your house right now, so be here in no more than five minutes.

Cassandra hangs up.

Yvette: Cassandra? Hello? Shoot, what am I going to do. I don't even have time to pack.

Yvette hurriedly packs a suitcase and then goes into the den where Chester is.

Yvette: Dear, that was the office, one of our investors for a project backed out, so I have to go to London to try and get it straightened out.

Chester: You have to go right now?

Yvette: If I'm going to get there by tomorrow, I've got to.

Chester: Okay, do you want me to take you to the airport?

Yvette: No, they're sending a car for me.

Yvette throws on her coat and rushes out the door and Chester has a puzzled expression on his face.

Outside, Yvette gets into the limo

Cassandra: I thought you'd never make it.

Yvette: Well, I'm here now, so let's roll.

The limo pulls off.

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