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#43 Thursday June 21st



#43 Thursday June 21st


Chester is in his office. He picks up the phone and dials Anna at the McGregor estate.

Chester: Hey, Anna, I'm glad I caught you.

Anna: Chester, what can I do for you?

Chester: Yvette rushed off to London last night, she said something about a business emergency with some investor. I'm sure she's there by now, but she hasn't contacted me, have you heard from her?

Anna: What business emergency?

Chester: All I know is that Yvette got a call last night and said she had to leave right away.

Anna: There weren't any problems last night, if there were, I would have known.

Chester: Well, then none of this makes any since, why would she lie about something like that?

Anna: I have no idea, do you know who called her?

Chester: It was some woman who said she needed to speak with Yvette urgently.

Anna: It's obvious she's up to something she doesn't want anyone to know about.

Chester: I don't know, but I'm getting really concerned.

Anna: If she calls you let me know.

Chester: I will

Anna: Bye.

Anna hangs up.

Anna: Yvette, what are you up too?

Meanwhile, at an Inn in Montreal, Cassandra and Yvette come in the front door and go to the front desk.

Desk Clerk: How can I help you?

Cassandra: I'm looking for a man who may have stayed here a couple of weeks ago, his name is George Lightner.

Desk Clerk: We don't give out information about our patrons.

Cassandra: Oh, but it's very important that I find him, I'm his aunt.

Desk Clerk: I'm sorry, I can't disclose any information.

Cassandra: Perhaps, I have something here that will loosen your tongue.

Cassandra opens her purse and pulls out a hundred dollar bill.

Desk Clerk: Perhaps I could be of some assistance.

Cassandra: Thank you, dear. I figured you'd see it my way.

Desk Clerk: He stayed for about a week and that's all I know.

Cassandra: Well, thanks a lot. That wasn't worth a dollar

Cassandra puts the bill back into her purse.


Yvette pulls Cassandra aside.

Yvette: So this is the all you had to go on?

Cassandra: I'm positive he's somewhere here in this city.

Yvette: He better be, because I didn't agree to go on a wild goose chase.

Cassandra: Don't worry, we'll find him. He's done this before and I've always tracked him down.

Cassandra's phone buzzes, she opens it and sees a text message.

Cassandra: Oh, a text message.

The message reads "Know you are in town, will meet you soon"

Cassandra: It's from George, he knows we are here.

Yvette: Well does it say where he's at?

Cassandra: No, just says he'll meet me soon.

Yvette: It's a start.

Back in Novi, DA Mike Smith enters his darkened house, when he switches on the light, B.P. is sitting in a chair in the living room.


Mike: How the heck did you get in my house?

B.P.: I let myself in.

Mike: I should have never got caught up in this with you.

B.P.: Well, I think it's rather pointless to second guess now. About these charges against Cody Donahue, I wasn't pleased to head about you dropping the case.

Mike: I didn't have much of a choice, the person who bought the gun didn't match Donahue's description.

B.P.: You had better find a way to make those charges stick or there is going to be hell to pay.

Mike: It's too late, I already dropped the case.

B.P.: That wasn't smart, Mr. Smith.

B.P. grabs Mike by the throat.

Mike: I don't want to be a part of this anymore, I'll give you back every cent you gave me.

B.P.: I paid for you to do a job and I expected to get done.

Mike: I can't do anything else now.

B.P.: I guess the old saying "If you want something done right, do it yourself" is true.

B.P. lets Mike go, B.P. leaves.


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