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#44 Monday July 2nd



Since I didn't update for a few days, the blog will resume from today's date.

#44 Monday July 2nd

Cody is at the CoffeeRoom when Norm comes in and sits down at his table.


Cody: I hope you called me because you have some more information on the case.

Norm: This thing goes deeper than I thought. It seems that B.P. Charles had quite a few mob connections.

Cody: But did you have any luck finding out who bought that gun?

Norm: I was about to get to that, apparently it was just some mob random lackey who bought the gun in your name.

Cody: Well, where is this guy?

Norm: I don't know, the P.I. had a hard time tracking him. I don't even have a name, all I know is he works for the mob.

Cody: Shoot. None of this makes any sense though, it someone in the mob wanted B.P. out of the picture, why frame me for shooting him? I've never had any connections with the mob.

Norm: You've been cleared of any wrongdoing, you don't have to make sense of it now.

Cody: I don't take someone trying to frame me lightly, I want them to pay for this.

Norm: You don't want to get in too deep here, the people that B.P. was connected to are dangerous, they'll

blow your head off for looking at them the wrong way.

Cody: If you think it's too dangerous, you don't have to continue on this case, but I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

Norm: If I were you, I'd just be happy that I wasn't in jail facing a long trial.

Cody: This is just too important for me to let slide.

Norm: You've already put enough stress on Mom, so for her sake, you need to cool it on this.

Cody: She doesn't have to know what I am doing.

Norm: When you come to your senses, let me know.

Norm leaves


In a hotel room in Montreal, Yvette is leaving her suite and sneaks down the hall to Cassandra's suite. She uses a credit

card to open the door and walks into the suite.


Yvette: Let's find out a little more about you, Cassandra Lightner.

Yvette starts looking in drawers, but finds nothing. She then spots a medium-sized booked on the nightstand that's marked "Private"

Yvette: Hello, what is this?

Yvette opens the book and a baby picture falls out. On the back it says "George".

Yvette: So that's the mysterious George, wonder what he looks like now?

Yvette begins reading from a page of the book.

"December 4th 1966, I am having a wonderful time spending an early Christmas with Andy. We took a marvelous sleigh ride in the freshly driven snow, then had dinner at a quaint little restaurant. I only wish that he had more time to spend, but I know he has to go back to work."

She skipped some pages and reads another entry.

"January 7th 1967, Andy was kind enough to send for me while he was on a business trip in New York. I had a chance to see all the sights the city had to offer"

Cassandra comes into the suite.


Cassandra: What the hell are you doing in here?

Yvette: I think I have a question of my own.

Cassandra snatches the book from Yvette's hands

Cassandra: I don't appreciate you snooping through my things.

Yvette: I take it that the Andy that's referred to in that diary is my father, Andrew McGregor.

Cassandra: You had no right reading it.

Yvette: I sensed that you had a deeper connection to him than you led on.

Cassandra sits down in a chair and clutches the diary to her chest.

Cassandra: It was a long time ago, we were married once. We kept it a secret, because at the time my family would have never approved of me having a black husband.

Yvette: According to the dates, he had to have been married to you when he was already married to my mother.

Cassandra: At the time, I didn't know that. Eventually he just stop writing and visiting, I had no way to contact him. It wasn't until years later that I learned he was married, when I saw an article in a business digest about him. I realized then that our marriage had been invalid.

Yvette: So this whole little scheme was all a way to get revenge for what he did? It wasn't really about the real estate scheme he pulled off.

Cassandra: I never even lived in that town, I found out about that when I was digging around for information on him a few years ago.

Yvette: And how does your nephew, George fit into all of this?

Cassandra sighs and turns her back to Yvette.

Cassandra: He's my son with Andrew.

Cassandra keeps her back turned to Yvette. Off Yvette's shocked expression, fade to black.

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