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#45 Tuesday July 3rd



#45 Tuesday July 3rd

Anna is at Number 37 with Joseph. Joseph is discussing business, but Anna isn't really paying attention.


Joseph: The Traverse City store is going to have to close for remodeling, it hasn't had any changes since the 80s, so it's time to bring it up to date with the other stores.

Anna: I'm sorry, what did you say?

Joseph: I was talking about the Traverse City store, it needs remodeling.

Anna: I just had something else on my mind right now.

Joseph: It seems to be bothering you, what is it?

Anna: It's Yvette, I'm afraid of what she might be up to.

Joseph: I noticed that she wasn't had work the past couple of days, what's going on?

Anna: According to Chester, she left on an emergency business trip. Now you and I both know that there hasn't been any emergencies related to the company.

Joseph: You know, this is the second strange trip she has made in as many months.

Anna: Really?

Joseph: I was going over all the expense reports for the quarter and I noticed that she had taken a trip to the Sault Ste. Marie on the jet, which struck me as odd since we haven't had any problems with the store up there as of late.

Anna, knowing what the trip was about, thinks back to when Yvette revealed Andrew's real estate fraud

Yvette: Not long before he met you, the town he lived in went through some economic problems. Some of the people couldn't afford to keep their homes, so he offered to help them.

Anna: He was always trying to help someone, that's the way he was.

Yvette: But this time he was only trying to help himself. He had over a dozen people put him on the deed to their homes, with the promise that he would save them, but instead he sold the houses without their knowledge and ran off with the profits.

Anna snaps out of her flashback

Anna: Yes, that is rather odd.

Joseph: So you have no clue about what the first trip was about either?

Anna: No.

Joseph: Well, whatever she's up to I'm sure we'll eventually find out.

Anna: I just hope it's nothing that will cause any trouble.


Yvette is stunned by Cassandra's revelation.


Yvette: I'm speechless.

Cassandra: I would imagine.

Yvette: Did my father ever know about George.

Cassandra: He knew. He saw him a few times when he was an infant.

Yvette: Why did you lie about who George was?

Cassandra: I had to come up with a believable story, you wouldn't have believed me if I told the truth.

Yvette: If my mother ever found any of this out, it would devastate her.

Cassandra: Well, the truth hurts.

Yvette: I refuse to be a party to any of this. I am not going to help you take your anger about what my father did to you and your son out on my mother, she didn't do thing to you, she doesn't even know who you are.

Cassandra: I made you a very generous offer, but I guess you don't want it now.

Yvette: Your little offer is the farthest thing from my mind right now.

Cassandra: Just remember, I will succeed with or without your help, dear.

Yvette: My mother is not to hear a word about any of things you've told, do you understand?

Cassandra: Are you threatening me?

Yvette: It's more like a warning.

Cassandra (sarcastically): I'm positively terrified.

Yvette leaves. Cassandra's phone then rings.

Cassandra (into phone): Hello? George, is that you? I've been looking everywhere for you, where are you? You are where?! You don't do anything until I can get down there!

Cassandra slams down the phone.


At the McGregor corporate building, a man walks in and goes over to the Receptionist, Stacy.


Man: Is Anna McGregor in?

Stacy: She's not here right now, but I can give her a message if you like?

Man: Just tell her that a George Lightner was here to see her, it's a business matter.

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That was real slick. Good episode. I just be so mad when it ends. George is obviously up to something. He's now playing games with Cassandra. And I wonder how far Yevette will go to keep Cassandra quiet. Although It's bound to come out any way. I just hope I don't have to wait a long time for another episode. ;)

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