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Episode 83





(EXT: Gina's Condominium)

---Lily sits on the phone, talking with Gina. Someone knocks at the door & little Channing crosses to answer it. Lily reiterates to Gina everything that she's found out about Angela. When Gina apparently questions her about proof, she assures her she has it, having photographed & taped the two of them together on her cell phone. She asks Gina's advice on what to do about the situation, whether to blackmail her or go staight to Ted with what she knows. Lily agrees that biding her time and thinking things through could prove advantageous in her current situation. She hangs up the phone and asks Channing who was at the door.

"I was at the door Lily," Rafe says, startling her.

"Rafe, hi! What are you doing here?"

"Weren't expecting me huh? I was dropping in to tell you good-bye and that I was leaving for Mexico in the morning. But now, I don't even see why I bothered..."

He turns to leave, but she grabs his arm. "Rafe wait. Please....."

"For what Lily? For you? I stopped waiting for you long ago and I can see that I made the right choice. You're consumed by this...this fixation you have on Angela and Ted- it's eating you alive. I don't even recognize you anymore- blackmail? Videotaping people's private lives?"

"After what she did to me? After how she trashed my wedding and my relationship? The two of them humiliated me, Rafe. In front of this entire town- in front of my mother, in front of Channing, in front of all his family and our friends."

"And I understand that, but at some point, you gotta let that go and move on with your own life. We finally, finally had our chance..."

"We still could, if you'd just let me-"

"It's not me you're hung up on, can't you see that? I'm not even sure if it's Ted, but it's definitely not me you want. Ya know Lily, I really hope you get it together. I really do. I'd hate to see you throw your life away for Ted Capwell and Angela Cassidy. The Lily I knew was better than that...."

Rafe turns and begins to exit. Lily pleads with him to wait, to listen to her but he keeps on walking. She watches outside as he gets on his motorcycle. She yells to him to come back as she begins to sob but he ignores her and speeds off on his motorcycle. Lily falls into sobs outside the door. Little Channing sees this and goes and comforts his sister.

(EXT: London, England)


---Sophia and Edmund finish up their breakfast as Christine comes in and tells Edmund that he has an urgent phone call from Ms. Lowell. Edmund hurries out of the room to take the call and Sophia begins questioning Christine about the nature of Edmund's relationship with Addie while she was in a coma.

"Mrs. L, what does any of that matter now anyway? Dr. L is over the moon in love with ya, I should know. He wouldn't go near that socialite," Christine firmly states.

"Then why does she keep calling him here? First she visits and stays here, with the two of us so shortly after my having come out of a COMA! I played along and was as cordial as could be, but he must have remembered how I felt about having guests stay in our home, especially when I'm sick."

Christine reminds Sophia that she was more than a little chipper when she came out of that coma, which is why it probably didn't even occur to Edmund that she wouldn't be up to having houseguests. Sophia accepts the explanation, but is still adamant about understanding their relationship better. Christine says that while they were very close while she was under, it never amounted to anything romantic.

"Dr. L's heart is always with his beloved Loretta and always has been. He never gave up on you, Mrs. L, and his hard work paid off. Ms. Lowell would be a poor man's substitute for you, don't ya think?"

--Meanwhile, Edmund takes Pamela's call in the study. She informs him that she was able to stop Augusta from going to CC. Edmund asks how she managed to do that but she's evasive, telling him all that matters is she's off their back and won't be a problem any longer. Edmund asks how she can be sure that she won't go to Lionel.

"If you knew and understood the dynamics between those three, Edmund, you wouldn't even have to ask that question. Just trust me when I say that never in a million years would Augusta tell Lionel that Sophia's alive and she knows about it. I'd bet my life on it."

Edmund coldly informs her that may very well be at stake, if Augusta causes him any problems. Pamela shoots back that he ought to keep in mind who came up with this entire scheme in the first place. She tells him that she won't be threatened by him and if they are indeed found out, he'll have nobody but himself to blame. She hangs up on him and a menacing, cold look comes over Edmund's face.

(EXT: Bradford Investigations PEARL BRADFORD, P.I.)

---Mary and Mason arrive at Pearl's office. He sits at his desk, smoking a cigar.

"Pearl, you do know it's illegal to smoke inside public buildings now in the state of California?" Mason asks.

"Arrest me. But, if ya do that, I won't be able to tell yas where Nurse Sherri Rhodes and Mister Mark McCormick have been hangin out since leaving West Palm Beach...."

"Puff away," Mary says, taking her seat.

Pearl says that he had no leads for a bit and was mainly checking into large-scale east coast hospitals, since Sherri has seemingly been attracted to them for years. He assumed she wouldn't use her real name, since she was likely aware that they were looking for her. In the meantime, he checked with some contacts in New York about tracking Mark & Sherri's credit cards. When none of that was panning out, things seemed hopeless, but then he thought of something: cell phone records. He called his friend over at a tracking company and was able to locate them by their phone usage. Mary asks where they are.

"Newark, New Jersey," Maureen says, walking into the room.

"Maureen, what are you doing here?" Mary wonders.

"I promised you that when Mark contacted me, I'd be in touch. But Pearl beat me to it- he called me once he ran the trace on their cell phones and suggested that I call and bait Mark. I played along with him, God help me, and let him think I hadn't given you two any information."

"What did Mark say?" Mason asks her.

Pearl passes him a cigar. Mason takes it and stares at it. Mary stares at it as well, as her face grows hopeful when she realizes it's meaning.

"He told me specifically what he & Sherri told you, matched exactly what you said to me. I told him I'd only agree to go along with him if he told me the truth- otherwise, I'd expose he & Sherri and everything they'd done. I said that I had to know for sure if I was a grandmother, if indeed the baby did live. He didn't say much, but he admitted it. It was strange hearing him say it- it took me right back to when he was a little boy and realized that he'd killed his own father."

"What else did he tell you?"

"That's all I could get out of him- he quickly became paranoid and desperate, worried that I was out to get him or working with authorities, taping the conversation. I insisted that wasn't the case, but he hung up right away."

"Great. He's probably long left Newark by now."

"Oh no- ya see, when I had my buddy track his phone, I also had him check out the billing. And it's paid with a credit card in Sherri's name, one that's still active. In fact, her last purchase was.............$20.93 Shell Gas Station, Newark, New Jersey."

"My God. When do we leave?" Mary asks.

"I took the liberty of booking us on the next flight out. We leave in 2 hours."

"Pearl you're a genius! If you had shaved this morning, I'd kiss you right now!" an ecstatic Mason says.

Pearl opens up a bottle of champagne and lights Mason's cigar, celebrating Mark's impending downfall.

THE END.................for TODAY


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