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The Business Front in '06



On the work front, Vanessa Chamberlain and Alexandra Spaulding rallied their forces to stop Damian Vocheck’s hostile take-over of Spaulding Enterprises. Joining Damian was Alan-Michael, who thought that Alex had wrongly taken the company from him. Many citizens of Springfield however were doubtful that Damian could take Spaulding. Damian however remained determined to seize control of Spaulding. Damian appeared in a face-to-face meeting with Vanessa on WSPR’s Market Street Week. Afterwards, the pair met privately and argued. The chemistry was instant and unmistakable. The fight turned to passion as Damian pulled his rival into a kiss. Vanessa responded. A new romance was born in Springfield.

Vanessa refused to get wrapped up in an affair with Damian. (Their romance had remained a secret to the rest of the town, for the fact that Alex would not be satisfied in the least to learn that the Vice President of Spaulding was sleeping with the enemy. So when in public the two fought like cats and dogs, but behind closed doors the two made passionate love.) She believed that Damian was only sleeping with her so he could wrestle control of Spaulding. In order to prove her wrong, Damian appeared on Market Street Week again, this time announcing that his bid for SE was over, and he was making plans of moving Vocheck Enterprises to Springfield. Vanessa however remained reluctant, for a part of her still loved her ex Billy.

Meanwhile a furious Alan-Michael went to war with Alex on his lonesome. Not known to A-M, Alex’s machinations were more complex than he thought. In order to regain her position at Spaulding, Alex sold her soul to the devil himself, Sebastian Thorpe. In return for his help, by spying and sabotaging several SE projects A-M had organized, he wanted Alex’s hand in marriage! Sebastian believed that by marrying Alex he would have all the power and wealth he ever dreamed of, just like his father. Alex agreed, however she intended on going back on her and Sebastian’s deal, no matter what the cost. She had already been married to one Thorpe before, and she would die before she was to marry another one. As Sebastian and Alex’s partnership continued, Alex used Sebastian to ruin her enemy Mindy Lewis. When Sebastian brought half of Mindy’s fashion company, it was Alex’s money that went into the company not his. As Mindy detested the thought of working alongside Sebastian, what she didn’t know was that it was her enemy Alex, a woman she despised more than anyone the face of the earth, more than Sebastian, was the owner of half of her company. As co-owner of the company, Alex plotted the company’s rise and fall, all with the help of Sebastian.

While this fact remained unknown to Mindy, what she did know was that Alex was blackmailing her with information regarding the death of Eve Guthrie. If it was ever to get out, her fiancé Rick and his father, Ed would be tried for murder and would undoubtedly lose their medical licenses. Not wanting that to happen at the hands of Alex, Mindy complied when Alex demanded that Mindy vote for her at the upcoming Spaulding shareholders’ meeting.

Elsewhere on the business front, Damian went to war with the Lewises, attempting to acquire their company in a hostile take over. Not only did this make Damian a rival of the Lewises, but it also made Billy and Damian enemies. Unbeknownst to Billy, Damian was carrying on an affair with his former wife Vanessa. When Reva came upon this secret, she told Billy, who came upon the pair in bed together. A hurt Billy complied when Vanessa begged him not to tell anyone for she would lose her job at Spaulding. Thankfully Reva was able to convince Billy to fight for Vanessa. In order to help Billy, Reva decided to cozy up to Mr. Vocheck and try to distract him from his affair with Vanessa, while Billy worked on winning her back. To Reva’s dismay, Damian knew what Reva was up, but decided to play along. As Reva’s plan continued to play out, Josh grew increasingly jealous of the two constantly spending time together.

Damian would come upon Billy and Vanessa on the verge of a reunion. Knowing that Billy was about to propose to Vanessa, he decided to get the upper hand. Damian romantically whisked Vanessa off to Budapest where he proposed to her!

Back in Springfield, Damian’s newly hired nurse (Damian had a rare blood disorder that took a toll on his health every so often.), Stacey Reardon, was intent on solving a mystery involving his new home, Thorneway Manor (A home where her mom and Quint had once lived). When Stacey was first hired to work there, Mr. Vocheck warned her not to set foot into the west wing of the manor, not giving a clear reason as to why. However, Stacey’s curiosity got the best of her and while her boss was away in Budapest, she wandered through the halls, and into the library. There she came upon a painting of a beautiful young woman. Even more mysterious was that there was a name plate on the bottom of the painting that spelled out “My Beloved”. Before Stacey could digest any of this information, Stacey was confronted by Damian’s loyal and longtime maid Olga, who demanded to know the reason why she was there. As Stacey was ready to explain, the sound of glass breaking came from the room above the library. However to Stacey’s surprise, Olga acted unfazed by the noise, acting as if she had not heard the noise. Stacey was certain that someone else was there in the west wing, but Olga insisted that they were the only two there. Olga warned Ms. Reardon not to return to this room again, and act as if she had not seen the portrait. Stacey complied, but confided in her friend and confidante Matthew in what she had seen.

Matthew and Stacey had become quite a pair. Although their relationship had remained simply platonic, the thought of anything else was the furthest from their mind. Despite the fact that their fathers were mortal enemies (Quint Chamberlain and a back from the dead Mark Evans), Stacey and Matthew had formed a close knit friendship. Stacey was there when Matthew’s heart was broken by Michelle (A woman who she despised.). Matthew was there for Stacey when a much older Phillip Spaulding dumped her for the affections of his ex wife Beth. Now Stacey was pregnant with Phillip’s child, but had no intention on telling the father, Phillip, that she was carrying his child. When questions began to arise, as to whom the father could be, Matthew shocked Michelle and his sister Amanda by revealing that he was the father after a one night stand with her while he was in a relationship Michelle. Even after that, Stacey considered herself to be alone and pregnant, despite having family and friends there for her (Just as her mother considered herself to be when she was pregnant with her years ago.). This was when she decided to take the high paying job as being a nurse for Springfield’s newest resident, the wealthy Damian Vocheck. Now Stacey and Matthew had become involved in a mystery surrounding the west wing of Mr. Vocheck’s new home.


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