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Chapter 2



Ethan looked at Pilar’s coffin with such sadness in his eyes. He remembered how Pilar had been a second mother to him when he was a child. He remembered the love she had for him as if he were her own son.

He remembered…Theresa. Suddenly all of the memories that he had shared with Theresa came flooding back to him. He also remembered the last thing he said to her before she left Harmony for good.

“You lie, Theresa! You lie over and over and over, and I’ve defended you. But this Theresa, this really takes the cake. You lied about being raped so that you can get sympathy from me. That is low, even for you. Then again, you don’t care who you hurt as long as you get me, is that it? The fact that you would do such a horrible thing disgusts me! The sight of you makes me sick. To think I ever loved you. I don’t ever want to see you again.”

He couldn’t forget the fragility in her eyes as he yelled at her. He couldn’t forget the way she ran out of the church in the storm. That was the last time he had seen her or her children. Somehow, she managed to slip into the mansion and take Jane and Little Ethan with her without being noticed by the guards or Rebecca and Gwen and left Harmony.

He couldn’t help but wonder what she was doing now, if she even knew of Pilar’s death. Even as he sat by his wife’s side, he thought about her. When Theresa disappeared, Gwen was so adamant about having a state-wide search for her and Jane since they had temporary custody, but Ethan stopped her when he reminded her of how she kidnapped Jane when she was sick, and put her in so much danger. From then on, they dropped the issue and tried to focus on their marriage.

Once one of the staff members of the mansion stepped down from the podium to go back to her seat, Ethan stood up and walked to the podium to speak. He let out a deep breath before looking at the all of the attendants. He had practically froze when he though he saw Little Ethan in the back of the church. I must be seeing things, he thought to himself before he gathered himself to say a few words.

“Pilar was one of the best women I have ever know. Her spirit was like no one else’s. She treated everyone with such kindness, and always put everyone else before herself. She did that especially so for her children. She did all she could to make sure that they had a better like, all the while not giving up hope that her husband would come back to her. She has faced hardships, losing a son to death, losing a daughter…” Ethan trailed off, as he could’ve sworn he saw Theresa’s face at the back of the church. “Pilar, you are one of the most remarkable women that I’ve had the pleasure of growing up with. I have learned so much from you, and it won’t be the same not having you in my life. There is a special place for you in God’s kingdom.”

As Ethan talked about her mother with such kindness and love, Theresa’s eyes began to fill with tears. She remembered all those times when Pilar tried to warn her to not do the things that she did, but of course, being a love-struck dreamer, she didn’t listen until it was too late.

“M’ija, don’t do this. Running away will not solve your problems.”

“What am I supposed to do, Mama? Stay here and have everyone think that I lied about being raped? Become Harmony’s whipping post? You think I don’t know what people say about me? ‘There goes that Theresa. What a home wrecker she is. Even lies about rape to invoke sympathy.’ No, Mama, I’d rather not. That’s why I’m taking Little Ethan and Jane tonight, and going as far away from here as possible.”

“Theresa, Ethan and Gwen have temporary custody of Jane. If you take her, you will be in so much more trouble than you are already in.”

“Mama, it’s all taken care of. I’m getting help to get into the mansion and take her. I’m not going without her, and I will have her with me when we go.”

“Who is helping you?”

“I’m not saying who is helping me. Look, Mama. This is the last time you will be seeing me, so I hope that you’d respect my wishes. I have to do this. I can’t stay here anymore.”

“Alright. Alright. I love you, M’ija. Stay safe. Just know that no matter what, I will be looking over you. I will be with you in your heart.”

“I know, Mama. I know. I love you, and I will miss you.”

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