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Ms. Walsh


Life is good...now at least. Classes are really interesting. I absolutely love my History class, and I'm kind of bummed that I'll only have to take 3 more to get the minor. But I'm sure that it's just because of the material we're covering. It's not like a typical History class, but more like a combination of History and Literature. Today we were watching the Disney movie Pocahontas and I was suprised about how differently I view the movie from when I was a little kid. There are just so many aspects of the movie that made me upset because obviously they were just playing on stereotypes and, while they were giving somewhat of a historical accurancy to the movie, mostly what they were showing was just myth and not truth.

Spanish is interesting. I talk a lot more in this class than I did in the previous one, which is good. I like Women's Studies. A few of the pieces have been a bit heavy to grasp, but I find that this is a class that everyone should take in her life. I mean, it just gives a better understanding of what it is to be a woman. And, yes, there is that sort of radical lesbian mantra in it, but it's not dominating our entire discussions and readings.

Economics is good, but it's so complicated. I'm doing this problem set and I have absolutely no idea how to do one of the questions. :blink: Obviously, I was just not meant to be a math major.

There's also this problem with the rooming. So, this other girl wants to room with my roommate next year, so basically it would mean I wouldn't have a roommate next year. Now, I know this girl and I guess I'm friends with her, but now I just don't even want to talk to her because I don't think it's fair that she's doing this to me. I'm not even going to talk with her anymore, which is going to be rough since we're in the same WS class. And granted, my roommate could say no, but chances are she'll say yes and I know I'm going to get upset about it. I mean...I'm already upset about it and nothing's happened yet. I'm the person who started crying when my first roommate told me she wanted to move out, and we hated one another (and I was the one who wound up moving.) I just think it's not fair to me because I already had a roommate issue in the beginning of the year that did not go smoothly at all and, honestly, I don't think that I can risk going through another situation like that, and I had intended on running for HONS and SAA of the house (or Sophomore Class Council), and if I decide not to be in the house, then I can't do that. So I think I'm just going to have to move out of the house and try to get a single in the Quad. I think I'm going to talk to ResLife and maybe the HP, though she'll insist on staying in the house. I don't really like this idea, but that's what's going to happen I guess. Now I regret not applying to ResLife...:(

Having a single will be nice, but I'm afraid I'll get lonely and nobody will talk to me. But having an open double (or worse, sharing it w/ someone I don't like) would absolutely suck.


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