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you say it's your birthday

Ms. Walsh


My birthday has been fabulous! I'm really happy because I was bugging out about the fact that this is my first b-day away from my family. But it's turned out to be one of my best! :)

Last evening we went out to dinner. We had some pizza at this amazing restaurant. I love the fact that I go to a college that's in an awesome town. There are so many "hidden gems" here that I have yet to experience. Anyway, the girl that I mentioned in the last entry showed up...but I'm glad that she did. I now realize that it's wrong to exclude people, especially one single person. From now on, I'm going to be nice to her and not make her feel excluded. I mean, she can be annoying, but it's just rude to intentionally exclude someone.

Anyway, the pizza was great. We ordered two large pizzas: one was a margarita pizza, which everyone likes, and then a chicken pesto which was really good as well. Then we went to this awesome ice cream parlour, which I had never been too...which is sacrilegious for a person at my school, I guess. I had a type of ice cream that's called "Emerald City": it's vanilla ice cream with green jimmies and pieces of Andes chocolate. It was delicious! Then we went to my friend's room in the Quad. (which looks exactly like a hotel...I kid you not! It's got elevators, perfect bathrooms and the rooms are spotless, unlike my house which is more homey and lived-in and has trippy 60s psychedelic flowered wallpaper in the bathroom :lol:.) We watched Live Flesh, which is, of course, a Spanish-language film. It was good, but very weird...as those types of movies usually are.

Then today, while I was at brunch, Steph and her friend decorated our room. They said that they were working on Physics and that they'd join us for brunch, but I should have known that they were being sneaky and that nobody in her right mind would wake up early on Sunday to do homework...at least not until after brunch! But the room looks AMAZING! It's so cool. I wish I had my digital camera here because I'd take photos. We're keeping it up until the end of the month because a lot of people in the house--including Steph--have birthdays in February. So now I'm going to have to figure something out for Steph's birthday, which is on Valentine's Day. I think I'm going to go to Target on Friday or Saturday to buy stuff to make cupcakes and then buy something at Newbury Comics because I have gift cards from there. There's one in Amherst, which I have yet to go to.

For dinner today, they were serving Superbowl food at the dining halls. I'm not complaining about it, but it's quite interesting that they decide to celebrate the Superbowl at an all-female college where I doubt only 10% of the population is actually watching the Superbowl instead of doing homework. It is Sunday evening after all. Nonetheless, the food was really good. We went to the healthy-options dining hall, and ate nachos with reduced fat cheese and baked chicken wings. It's justifiable in my opinion. And the evening will conclude with an oh-so-fun house meeting @ 9. :rolleyes: Looking forward to that! :rolleyes:

As for birthday presents, I got a lot of cards and Steph baked a cake that we have yet to eat. I also got this beautiful bag from one of my friends who lives in India. It's like the perfect bag because I really like totes, and this one is like a tote bag but it zips up which is even better!

And the homework situation is decent. Okay, I did the most loserish thing and actually went to the library to do homework on Friday. But...it worked out really well because now I'm done with my homework for tomorrow and Tuesday, and I'm actually working on a Spanish oral presentation that's not due until March 3rd!! Insane, right?? So I think that I'm just going to do homework on Fridays now because, let's face it, I have nothing better to do, and if it means looking like a nerd, then well...too bad. I'm in college and my job is to do well in school, so it will all work out in the end.

Also, I think I'm going to just go for a Spanish major and maybe a History minor. I love History and all, but the major would be pretty useless. Plus, then I'll have time to take classes outside of the major and minor, whereas double-majoring wouldn't allow that.

Well, that's all for now. I should get back to work ASAP!



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