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'RTSB' is pleased to announce the casting of Clive Robertson as Ashton Lavery, Carrington Garland as Kelly Capwell, and Alisa Reyes as Marta Ramirez. Thanks to everyone who pitched their ideas for each role! Negotiations with Carrington were lengthy and 'RTSB' exec producer juniorZ was scrambling in case the deal fell through. Kelly is integral to the stories I've been setting up for 2007. Given the nature of Kelly's upcoming storyline, 'RTSB' felt that Carrington would be best suited to return in the role. After some convincing, she agreed. Kelly will return to town with a secret- she's fallen in love with and married Ashton Lavery. Ashton's last name should be familiar to readers- since Dr. Edmund Lavery, who was recently introduced, is indeed his father. Both actors are on contract. Alisa Reyes is slated for a short-term recurring gig. See the previews below for her storyline.


In other casting news, Gina Gallego will be returning to the Santa Barbara fold as Santana Andrade. Santana will return to spend Christmas with her mother, Rosa. Some viewers may remember that 'RTSB' has mentioned that Santana is living in Mexico. How long will she be in Santa Barbara? Not long, necessarily, but she will be on 'RTSB' through much of 2007. At the moment, the role is recurring, though 'RTSB' may be open to extending Ms. Gallego a contract offer, depending on how the story plays.

SCHEDULE for this week: (all times are Eastern Standard Time, USA)

TODAY (Monday)- Episode 24, between 10-11 PM

TUESDAY- Episode 25, between 7-9 PM

WEDNESDAY- Episode 26, between 2-4 PM

THURSDAY- Episode 27, between 9 PM - 12 AM

FRIDAY- Episode 28, between 10-11 PM

There is a possiblity that the Friday episode may be delayed until Saturday, depending on things work out with my week. If that is to happen, I will surely let everyone know.

PREVIEWS for this Week!

Kelly returns!

Mason buries his sorrows over Mary!

Angel & Cruz make a move!

Santana returns for the holidays!

Sophia meets with Dr. Edmund Lavery!

Keith & Gina take an active interest in Elizabeth!

Some unexpected characters are brought together for the holidays!


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Excellent stuff.

I like Gina Gallego, but Wanda DeJesus was my favorite Santana. She just fit the part to me the best. But as I said I like Gina too.

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Really? I never particularly liked the character of Santana

in the first place- she was always very needy and pathetic

IMO. That said, I found Wanda DeJesus to be supremely

annoying as Santana- I did not care for her interpretation

of the character at all. Gina Gallego was the definitive

Santana IMO. Plus, for storyline purposes, I absolutely

wanted Gina for the part.

Funny sidenote- when I googled Gina Gallego for her

picture, about 50% of the photos were actually of Wanda

DeJesus!! :lol:

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