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Episode 23





(EXT- Mason & Julia's Home)

---Mason is floored by Julia's admission. At first, he cannot believe that Mary is actually alive and demands details. Julia tells him she doesn't know much, but goes over what she does know: that Mary was comatose for four years in San Remos before she woke up. Mason cannot understand how any of this could be, since he saw her die. Julia tells him that Mary explained that Mark immediately rushed her to the clinic and was able to restore her vitals, but she remained in a deep coma. Julia also takes that opportunity to tell him that, according to Mary, the baby died. Mason is stunned by what he's hearing but it slowly begins sinking in what all of this means.

"You knew.....my God, Julia you knew. For weeks you've known and haven't said a word about it. How could you do that to me ? How could you keep something like this from me?"

"Mason, honestly, I didn't know what to do. Mary told me that she had come back for you years before but saw how happy we were and chose not to disrupt that. She lied to me too- she told me she was married and didn't want her family's life disrupted either."

"But....she wasn't? Married, I mean"

"No. She wasn't."

Mason tells Julia that he's going straight to the clinic to find Mary, but Julia warns him it may not be such a good idea. She tells him that Mary planned on leaving town that day and when she'd seen her the day before, Mary told her it was her last day at the clinic. Mason heads down there anyway, hoping to find any kind of information on her.

(EXT: Apartment in San Remos)

---Mary finishes packing her things. She comes across her picture of Mason and flashes back to their encounter at the hospital. She tears up, but resolved that she's doing the right thing, she takes her bags and heads out the door and into her cab.

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---Elizabeth is annoyed when Kathleen buzzes her and informs her that Pamela Conrad is there to see her. Elizabeth immediately asks what Pamela is doing there, telling her it will arouse suspicions if they're seen together. Pamela marvels at Elizabeth's accomplishments so far, talking of how she heard that Sophia's been barred from the building. Pamela tells her that she cannot believe that Elizabeth was able to get CC to agree to such a thing.

"If you like that Pamela, you're really going to love my final stipulation."

"There's more?"

"Oh yes. If CC wants this merger to stand, he has to give in to one more demand- none of his children with Sophia will ever be able to run Capwell Enterprises."

"It's genius. I absolutely love......My goodness, you know what this means, don't you? The company will be Mason's....."

"Or his other son or any illegitimate children he may have out there, just as long as they weren't birthed by my sister."

Pamela again compliments her on the work she's done so far. Elizabeth admits that it pains her to put CC in such a position, but feels no remorse for what she's doing to Sophia. Pamela chimes in that CC has it coming just as much, whether Elizabeth wants to see that or not. Elizabeth suggests Pamela get going, before anyone sees her. Unfortunately for them, as she's exiting, Pamela bumps into the last person they want to see: CC Capwell.

"Pamela, what the hell are you doing here?"

"Congratulating Ms Wayne on her fine work so far here. Leaving now. Always good to see you CC."

"Wish I could say the same."

Pamela takes off and CC looks into a guilty Elizabeth's eyes.

"Just what are you and my ex-wife up to Elizabeth? And I expect a straight answer...."

(EXT- a poorer section of town)

--Angel once again meets up with Terrance. Terrance tells Angel that the boss knows about the time Angel has spent in jail and is worried about the implications of that. Angel insists everything is on the up & up, that he just wants to help out his family. Terrance says that he told Carlos just that and against his better judgement, Carlos has agreed to meet with him and make arrangements. Angel asks when and Terrance tells him right now, telling him to get into the car and go there with him. Angel jumps in and they ride off.

(EXT: Winding California roads)

---Mason is seen speeding toward the San Remos Clinic. He pulls up and races out of his car through the doors. The nurse recognizes him but before she is able to speak, he tells her he needs to know the wherabouts of Dr. Beckman. The nurse informs him that she's not allowed to give out such information, but Mason pleads with her. The nurse admits that Mary has left her job and all she knows is that she's leaving for Colorado today. Mason thanks her for her help and races off.

......flash to- Mary, at the Santa Barbara airport, just getting to the airport and walking in. She sees the somewhat lengthy line to check her bags and waits.

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

--- Gina asks Kathleen to see Elizabeth but she's told that Elizabeth is in a very important meeting with CC. Just then, Joann walks up, hoping to drop some files off for CC. Kathleen again explains that CC is tied up but tells Joann that she'll gladly pass along the information. Gina corners Joann and tells her they need to talk. Joann informs Gina that they have nothing to talk about and suggests she back off. Gina reminds her of what she knows, but Joann calls her bluff.

"I've thought about it Gina, I really have, and the thing is- nothing you say holds water around here anyway, so why would I possibly be afraid of you? Seriously, go ahead, tell Eden, tell CC, tell them until you're blue in the face for all I care. The fact remains that nobody here even likes you, much less trusts you."

"But they don't know you , Joann. That's the thing with the Capwells- they don't trust those they do not know. They may not like me but they know me, have for years. And they know that I have absolutely nothing to gain from you losing your job..."

"Maybe not Gina, but you certainly have something to lose- what would stop me from telling CC & Eden that you were in on the failed takeover from the beginning? I can't imagine that would sit too well. Face it Gina, you're trash and the Capwells have just been waiting for you to step out of line. One word from me and you'll be out on the curb where you belong."

Gina slaps Joann and Joann returns the favor. Gina's nostrils flair and rage takes over her face and actions. She grabs Joann by the hair and yanks at it. Joann shrieks and pulls Gina down onto the floor. Gina still doesn't let go and brings Joann down with her. The two women go at it, no longer holding anything back. Kathleen walks in and tries to stop them but they push her out of the way. Kathleen runs to the water pitcher on the conference table, grabs it, and pours it on the two women as they roll around. They scream from it being so cold and finally separate, before Joann storms off to the ladies room. Kathleen stares at Gina disapprovingly.

"Oh, what are YOU looking at? Don't you have a memo to take?"

---Elizabeth apologizes to CC for Pamela's upsetting him but insists they are not in cahoots, merely acquaintances. CC bluntly informs her that he won't have Pamela influencing Capwell Enterprises in any way and she agrees. CC asks how she even knows Pamela and Elizabeth admits that Pamela had tracked her down years before. She tells CC that Pamela tried to talk her into a revenge plot of sorts but that she refused, saying that she didn't want to bring that kind of pain back into her life. Elizabeth admits to him that she was tempted by Pamela's offer, but that she'd let her anger at CC & Sophia consume her for a period in her life once before. She wasn't about to regress to that.

"I never knew we caused you so much pain......"

"You knew I loved you very much CC, how could you not have?"

"Yes I remember and you know I loved you too. But the reality was I was marrying your sister, and nothing was going to change that."

"Believe me, I know CC. All too well. But I don't want to talk about the past. I'd rather hear about the present. Have you considered what we spoke about yesterday?"

CC tells her that he has and that he doesn't like it, though he understands why she's doing it. Elizabeth tells him to nevermind the why, reminding him that she doesn't wish to talk about what happened years before. CC admits that he has trouble doing what she's asking, since he'd always planned on leaving Eden in charge of the company someday. Elizabeth taunts that if he wants things that way, then the merger is off the table at which time the takeover will be imminent. CC tells her that none of that will be necessary, showing her the amended will. Elizabeth is floored when she sees CC has changed it but even more shocked by which child he's willed it to.......

(EXT: Carlos Esteban's home)

---Carlos sits in his study, with his two bodyguards on either side of him. He hears Angel and Terrance arriving and summons them both in. Carlos offers them both a drink and the men nod that they'll indulge. Carlos tells Angel that Terrance speaks very highly of him. Angel is appreciative, telling him he grew up with Terrance and they go way back, just like he does with Carlos. Carlos remembers the old days when Angel was a runner along with him, working for the big boys. Carlos tells him that he's worked very hard to get where he is and he's not about to see it all disappear because of a foolish mistake. Carlos talks about Angel's time in prison and tells him of his skepticism about him now. Angel insists he's on the up and up but Carlos wonders why he'd risk his freedom so soon after being released. Angel explains that his wife is broke and they're behind on bills and the mortgage. Angel tells him he's sick of his family living like dogs because of his mistakes and that he wants to make up for that. Carlos is understanding, having been through the rough times himself. Carlos tells them he's willing to take a chance on Angel and goes to retrieve a package. He brings it out and tells Angel he's trusting him, as an old friend. He leaves him with a warning.

"We've been good friends, you and I Angel, known each other most our lives, grew up together. But I'm warning you- do NOT cross me. Those who have......well, they and their loved ones tend to not live long enough to regret it..... Clear?"

"Sure, Carlos, crystal. You got nothing to worry about from me man, I don't sell out my friends, u know this."

"I hope so. For your sake."

(EXT: Bar in the Capwell Hotel)

---Warren sips on a glass of scotch and thinks of his conversation with Augusta about his paternity. Pamela walks in, about to head to her room, when she sees him sitting there. Unable to resist, she walks up behind him.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Why Ms Conrad- would you believe me if I told you that you were just the lady I was hoping to see?"

"Buy me a drink and find out."

Warren agrees and tells the bartender to get the lady whatever she'd like. Pamela orders her Manhattan and gives Warren her full attention. She asks why such a handsome man would be looking for someone like her. Warren tells her not to put herself down, that she's a quite gorgeous woman. Pamela smiles and obviously enjoys his flirtation. Pamela asks him again, seriously what he could possibly want with her. Warren mentions that her name was brought up in a recent conversation he'd had with his mother. Pamela admits to being intrigued and asks him to go on. Warren tells her that Augusta has told him in no uncertain terms that he's to stay away from Pamela, but given him no explanation why. Pamela remarks that he's not doing a very good job of following orders and he concurs.

"A fascinating woman like yourself? How could I?"

"As charmed as I am by all of this, I have to wonder if there isn't something else going on here..."

"Okay, you got me , something else is going on."

"Really? I thought so- what's that?"

Warren takes her off guard, grabs her and pulls her into a very passionate kiss.

(EXT: Santa Barbara airport)

--Mary goes through the security checkpoint, as the guard scans her bags and her.........

flash to

Mason getting annoyed with a parking attendant and finally able to park. He rushes inside and goes straight to security. He's told that only passengers are allowed to go through to the gates and that he'll need a ticket. Mason argues but the guard insists that it's policy. Mason waits in line to purchase.....

flash to

Mary, checking in at her gate, being told by the attendant that the flight has arrived and will board shortly....

flash to

Mason, hurrying the cashier along as he finally purchases his ticket. He proceeds to the security line which has grown longer.

flash to

The gate, where they've called final boarding call. Mary hands her ticket to the steward and boards the flight.

flash to

Mason finally getting through the security line and looking up at the screen for the Denver flight. He sees that it's boarding and races through the airport to the gate. He finally gets there and sees the gate is closed. He begs to be let on the flight but the attendant tells him he's too late- the plane is pulling out of the gate. Mason runs to the window, with tears in his eyes.

flash to

Mary, sitting on the flight, buckling up, looking wonderingly out the window. She pulls Mason's picture out from her wallet and begins to tear up.

The screen splits and all is silent as Mason is seen through the window banging & screaming for Mary and Mary is shown looking out her window, holding the picture of Mason as the flight takes off.

THE END......................for today


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Heartbreaking episode. Again I loved the Mary/Mason scenes at the end. And the Gina/Joann fight, i can so see it happening. Excellent job in bringing this to life again

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