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November 27, 2006



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At Salem University Hospital, Nicole finally arrives, and walks into Eric’s hospital room. He is barely conscious and speaks only in a whisper. She starts crying heavily as she is reunited with her one true love, who is near death. She vows to him that she will stay by his side and he will recover. Eric tells her it’s way too late for that. He wants her to be happy and not mourn him. She tells him to be quiet and conserve his strength, as doctors quietly check on him and, as she holds his hand tenderly, she sits by his bedside.

-In the outer hallway, Nicole has come out and has joined Caroline & Sami as they blast Greta for not telling any of them about what was wrong with Eric. All she can say is how sorry she is and hopes that one day she will be forgiven for what she did. Austin & Lucas have also arrived, and, after hearing what Greta has done on Eric’s behalf, are shocked as well. Greta’s guilt is getting the best of her until she excuses herself.

She goes downstairs to the computer room to do heavy research on what Eric’s condition and what remedies might be available. She now feels this may be the only way left to save his life and redeem herself in his family’s eyes.

-Meanwhile, at Salem Bridge, the S&R team work on Chelsea. They revive her and a cheer goes up loud and clear. The paramedics load her into a waiting ambulance and Kate tells Frankie that she is going to the emergency room with her. Frankie tells her that he will pray for her and Kate returns the favor, hoping that Max & Abby will be ok. They hug and Kate leaves on the ambulance as it blazes a path down the street.

Frankie runs back to the bank and looks out where Max was. The car is still submerged and there is no sign of either Max or Abby. Time is growing very short and he knows that if neither one comes up soon all maybe lost and it will turn into a recovery operation. As Cassie comforts Frankie, a miracle occurs. Max has managed to free Abby from the sinking car with help from the team and has brung her to the surface.

The paramedics now work on Abby but Frankie is still horrified because Max has not surfaced. As everyone looks on quietly, they hear someone yell from a distance. When a huge floodlight is shown in that direction, it reveals a S&R team member, who has Max in his grasp! Frankie thanks God over and over and runs down the bank to where they pull Max out. They perform CPR on him and, suddenly, he regains consciousness.

-Back in the ER of Salem University Hospital, Chelsea is wheeled in and quickly put in one of the rooms, where ER doctors go to work on her immediately. The chief paramedic informs the staff that she has a severe concussion, massive internal injuries & multiple fractures of her right arm. Kate overhears this and starts to cry uncontrollably. She starts to collapse under her sorrow, when Lucas enters the waiting room and catches her. He asks his mother what’s wrong and then happens to turn and look inside the ER backroom, where he sees his niece lying unconscious.

When Austin walks in to see what the commotion is about, Lucas fills him in and begs him to go back upstairs and tell Chelsea’s family that she is near death and that she doesn’t have much time. Austin agrees and races upstairs. Lucas tries to keep Kate conscious but she has a bruise on her forehead and is slipping in and out. He calls for a nurse to bring a doctor for his mother. As orderlies put Kate on a gurney herself, they wheel in Abby at the very same time. Her condition is grave as well with a severe head injury, internal bleeding, and two crushed legs. The paramedic tells the ER doctor that it is truly a miracle that both girls made it to the hospital at all, which she agrees.

Caroline, Lucas, Austin, Sami, Will, Kate, Doug, Julie, Laura, Bill, Frankie, and Max watch as both girls are stabilized and rushed into emergency surgery. Laura breaks down in Bill’s arms, blaming her selfishness for putting these girls in this spot, especially Abby. She tells him that if she dies, Laura feels she may not be able to go on. Bill insists she stop talking like that and learn from her actions. Max has walked in, asking about the girls’ condition and Bill walks over and thanks him for saving both their lives. Max says it was what anyone would have done and prays that they see another day. Max thinks about Abby secretly but Cassie, who has followed him, also sees this and now realizes that he may actually love Abby as more then a friend.

In Sydney, Roman works on his badly injured brother. Hope is being held back by Victor, while Roman says that Bo is breathing but barely. They load him onto Victor helicopter and it takes off at breakneck speed. Hope, Roman & Victor jump on and follow closely behind. Roman looks down at the carnage that was left behind and turns to Victor. Victor doesn’t even look at him but when Roman tells him that this is all in his lap Victor explodes, telling Roman that if he had just let him handle it his son would not be near death right now.

Roman grows livid. He tells Victor that all this Godfather crap was his idea and if his baby brother dies, he will make sure Victor follows right behind him. Victor asks if that was a threat and Roman tells him to take it anyway he wants. Victor informs Roman that just because he has fought Stefano for twenty five years, don’t think he’s as much of a pushover as he is. He says that if Roman takes his best shot there will be two funerals. One for Stefano.....and the other for him. Hope wants both men to hear themselves and can’t believe that they are making threats while their loved ones are fighting for their lives. That statement seems to end the exchange....for now.

-Later, at a Sydney hospital, Abe & Maggie are waiting in the outer room after receiving treatment for their wounds. They both witness the others coming in. Shane is being treated in the ER and Jack gives everyone the news that he will be make it but is still unconscious. Hope is laid on a gurney and Roman tells the attending doctor that she is to be treated for her ankle, no matter what she says. He then walks over to Abe and asks if he is ok. Abe tells him he’s fine, but is worried about Alexandra. Roman says that one thing Stefano won’t do is allow his child to die. He probably has her being seen by some of the finest doctors money can buy and he should know. Abe is strangely relieved at this news.

Roman then walks past Victor and into the ER room where doctors and nurses work on his brother & baby sister. He quietly talks to his father, wondering where he went wrong. Jack & Steve barely speak, as they look on in Kayla’s direction, while Hope has used her crutches to walk near Bo’s bedside after the doctors have stabilized him. She sits down next to him and gently takes his hand, vowing that things will be different once he comes home. Victor & Maggie listen on silently as they observe the love between the two and Roman sits between his siblings, hoping for a miracle. It is fleeting and when Kayla suddenly flatlines, a desperate Steve jumps past the doctors near her on instinct and begs her to live. The scene then switches to.....

A beautiful park. Kayla is surprised that she has recovered so quickly and takes in all the sights. She is the happiest she has been in ages, with Steve back by her side. She then looks near a huge tree to see a man standing there. She decides to walk closer to him, just so she can introduce herself, and is shocked when she recognizes the face......of her late father, Shawn Sr!

At that very same time, Bo has suddenly went into cardiac arrest as well. Roman jumps up and runs around his bed, grabbing Hope who has now gone into hysterical screams begging this man she loves to not die. Victor holds Maggie as she starts crying and Billie helps Roman pull Hope out into the hallway so that the ER staff can do their work on him. Bo then has an out-of-body experience himself, with memories of his life flashing before his eyes. His childhood, fighting and laughing with Roman, holding Roman after he has been shot by Stefano, confiding in Kimberly, kissing Caroline on her cheek, marrying Hope the first time in England, finding out Victor was his father, leaving town, playing checkers with Kayla, pulling Roman up off of a cliff after finding out it was him & many more memories.

One last memory is that of a Bo as a little boy. He is terrified beyond belief, as someone is trying to hurt him. He calls out for Roman, Shawn Sr., Caroline, and Kimberly, but no one comes to his aid. As the figure walks up on him, telling him it will be alright.........he flatlines. The screen splits into three different sections, with Bo & Kayla dead on either side, and a monitor that reads flatlines in the middle. As the anguished cries of their loved ones echo and beg for them to live, the screen slowly fades to black.

On The Next Exciting Episode Of Salem Lives............

Sami to Eric and Nicole: We aren't going to give up on you, bro. Are we, Nicole?

Greta: Oh my God...there may be hope afterall.

Max to Cassie: Abby and Chelsea can't die.

Cassie to Max: You still care for both them but your feelings for Abby...you love her don't you?

Steve at Kayla bedside: Why did I say that?

Hope to Victor: If I lose him, I will make you pay.

Roman to Victor: Not if I don't first.


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Please tell me so far, how many people have you killed now in the year that Salem Lives has been on? :lol:

You're a murderer! You're the true Salem Serial Killer! ;)

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  • Members

:lol: I don't know.

We had almost

everyone on the

island and then

Tek, Bart, Andre,

Bonnie, Jennifer,

Shawn Sr, Mickey,

and Marlena died.

Lexie nearly died

as did Chelsea once

before. Now we have

Eric dying, Abby and

Chelsea near death,

Kayla, Shane, Bo, and

Lexie again wounded.

Wow...I am the SSK :lol:

Of the recent happenings,

no one is dead yet so we'll

see if Salem Lives claims

another victim :lol:

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Actually, I don't think death should be featured on SL for the entire year of 07 :)

I sort of agree, I mean, you have killed off alot of people and might be even the person who's killed off the most people out of all the blogs on SONBC, lol.

Butttt, if it is either a very minor death like some character that is only featured for a week or two died, I would be okay with that, and if you have to kill off like one or two major characters I would be okay, but I even doubt that.

I am just being honest, because Drew is right, you have had alot of deaths.

And, FINALLY, an episode that is still long but not as long as one of those cliifhanger ones. :lol:

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There has been alot of

death, especially in the

summer but who has

died of late?

No one has died from

the recent events yet

so you all just need

to keep reading.

I know it's alot of

doom and gloom

but there is a

break from it

ahead I

promise you.

As for the length,

there will be one

episode like this

every week usually.

However, you will

notice how short

the rest of the week

will be so it should

be fine.

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  • Members

Actor-we are doing

our best. We are

getting there. This

was actually not

that long. It only

took me like two

minute to read

through it.

Our style will

always be longer

but some episodes

will have to be

longer. What you

see the rest of the

week with the eppies

will be what you get

on most days.

I still hope you take

the time to read this

one. It really sets up

alot of things that will

be happening.

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