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Episode #177 - Tuesday, August 15:



Episode #177 - Tuesday, August 15:

- Belle cannot believe that Shawn has left her and departed Salem.

- Victor is rushed to the hospital while Kate and Vivian wonder what they have done!

- Billie touches down in Salem and immediately heads to The Brady Pub.

- Frankie tells Greta that he might want to take her up on the offer if she is still interested, and she says she is, but she is very confused.

- Sami and Annie finalize the plans to steal Carrie's baby while Kristen does the same to Marlena's baby.

- Abby continues to push Max away for his lies. Little does she know that she is pushing him right into Erika's arms. Erika, meanwhile, begins to develop feelings for Max!

Billie enjoys meeting Steve now that she knows his true identity. Kayla and Steve thank Billie for her part in bringing Steve back to Salem. She says that she is happy to do it. Liam enters the Pub and heads for Hope. Billie excuses herself and makes a beeline for Liam. She grabs him and pulls him outside again.

- Frankie explains to Greta that the money she would offer him to pose as her husband would be extremely pivotal in helping Melissa get her children back from her ex-husband.

- Lexie manages to stabilize Victor, but he remains in critical condition.

- Belle goes to the pub and has a frank discussion with Bo and Hope about what has happened to Shawn. Hope and Bo are devastated to find out that Trey is not their grandson.

- Jan and Megan Spears try to regroup after she has now been exposed! Megan contemplates telling Jan the truth about her identity....that she's a Dimera!

- Lance tells Max that he is going to kill him for what he has done to him those years ago.

- Billie tells Liam that she KNOWS Mason is not Hope's biological son! She demands to know what the hell is going on. Liam is shocked! Billie remains adamant and will not be shaken.

- Melissa walks in on Frankie and Greta talking about......their WEDDING!


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