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This HOT and JUICY prime time soap opera is back and better than ever!

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EPISODE 4 - Pretend

KNOTS LANDING “PRETEND” WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison     EMILY/MICHAEL: At Michael’s Home, Emily comes home from partying with her friends at a concert. When she arrives home, Michael enters. The two sit on the couch discussing how Emily’s night was. Emily then brings up her mother, Marty. Michael and Emily talk about Marty, and what she did by leaving Emily to drown. Emily then reveals that she is ready to forgive her mother, and Michael ponders on whether he is ready to do the same, or




Due to a high success rate, "Knots Landing" has been renewed for a second season. The second season will see the addition of six characters. The second season will also consist of 13 new episodes! SPECIAL NOTE: Season 1 only has eight episodes left. The mid season finale will be episode 5, which is set to be titled as "Dinner Party"



EPISODE 3 - The Stain On My Heart

KNOTS LANDING “THE STAIN ON MY HEART” WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison DIRECTED BY: Casey Hutchison SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Charlene Tilton as Lucy   <TONIGHT ON KNOTS LANDING>   EMILY: What did you want to see me about? * KATE: I made a stupid mistake. * ABBY: I can’t do this with you. * DOUGLAS: Would you go out with me? * LUCY: What do you need to tell me, mama? * <AND NOW KNOTS LANDING!> --- ---   It’s a new day for the residents of Seaview Circle. Gary and Val are



EPISODE 2 - Of Mother And Man

KNOTS LANDING “OF MOTHER AND MAN” WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison DIRECTED BY: Casey Hutchison   <TONIGHT ON KNOTS LANDING>   SASHA: Are you and mom really getting a divorce? * DOUGLAS: Will you ever be happy again? * VAL: I have something to tell you. * KAREN: Is our marriage still a marriage? * <AND NOW, KNOTS LANDING!> --- ---   Nighttime has fallen upon California. At the Matheson Home, Paige enters with a couple of grocery bags in hand. She goes over, and sets th



EPISODE 1 - Pilot (Series Premiere)

KNOTS LANDING “PILOT” WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison DIRECTED BY: Casey Hutchison SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Lisa Edelstein   <TONIGHT ON KNOTS LANDING>   PAIGE: Greg’s death has taken a toll on me. * ABBY: I don’t know how I feel about that. * GARY: That was Lucy. * BRIAN: Are you telling me that our marriage is over? * <AND NOW, KNOTS LANDING!> --- ---   An aerial view of California is shown. The camera cuts to a skyscraper, as morning dawns upon Knots Landing. Paige is




Michelle Lee as Karen Cooper Mackenzie Kevin Dobson as Marion Patrick “Mack” Mackenzie Constance Zimmer as Meg Sumner Tate Berney as Eli Sumner Steve Burton as Michael Fairgate Julie Marie Berman as Emily Fairgate Claudia Lonow as Diana Fairgate Patrick Muldoon as Eric Fairgate * Ted Shackelford as Gary Ewing Joan Van Ark as Val Ewing * Donna Mills as Abby Cunningham Tonya Crowe as Olivia Cunningham Bobby Jacoby as Brian Cunningham Troian Bellisario as Sasha Cunningham Vanes



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