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EPISODE 3 - The Stain On My Heart





WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison

DIRECTED BY: Casey Hutchison

SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Charlene Tilton as Lucy




EMILY: What did you want to see me about?


KATE: I made a stupid mistake.


ABBY: I can’t do this with you.


DOUGLAS: Would you go out with me?


LUCY: What do you need to tell me, mama?






It’s a new day for the residents of Seaview Circle. Gary and Val are standing on the sidewalk, in front of their house.


GARY: Are you nervous?


VAL: A little. But, telling Lucy right away will be good. We can deal with the emotions that she will present, and we can move on.


A limo starts down the road.


GARY: Here she comes.


Gary and Val put on smiles, as the limo pulls up to the home. Lucy steps out.


LUCY: (excitedly) Mom! Dad!


Gary and Val hug Lucy.


LUCY: I’m so happy to see you two.


GARY: The feelings are mutual.


The limo driver takes Lucy’s bags to the curve.


LIMO DRIVER: Which house?


VAL: Just put them in ours. Well, let’s go.


The limo driver gets the bags, as he, Gary, Val, and Lucy walk into the home.



At the Sumner home, Meg hands Eli a bowl of cereal.


MEG: Hurry up, honey. Can’t miss the bus.


ELI: Okay, mom.


Meg pours two cups of coffee. She goes over to Kate, who is dressed in her pajamas, and sitting at the island. Meg stays standing, as she hands Kate a cup of coffee. Meg takes a sip of her coffee, as does Kate.


MEG: How are you feeling?


KATE: Like a complete bitch.


MEG: Why do you say that?


KATE: I made a stupid mistake.


MEG: Kate, Brian didn’t love you. You did the right thing in deciding to come here, and not be with him anymore. Good for you,


KATE: Let’s hope it was the right thing.



Outside of the Cunningham Home, Karen knocks on the door.


DIANA: Mom, maybe she doesn’t want to come with us. Maybe, she just wants to sleep in today. I wouldn’t blame her.


KAREN: Diana, she said she wanted to come.


DIANA: I took off work for this. She better come.

KAREN: I can’t thank you enough for skipping that video call with that Versace person.


Diana laughs.


KAREN: What?


DIANA: Still the same mom.


Karen laughs in reply, and knocks on the door again. Abby finally answers, wrapping her robe around herself, and tying it.


DIANA: Finally, you answer.


ABBY: Hi, ladies. Can I help you with something?


KAREN: Abby, did you forget? You said you were going to visit Sid with me, today. Diana even decided to come along.


ABBY: I can’t do this with you.


KAREN: What do you mean? You were so ready to do this with me, yesterday.


ABBY: I just have a lot to do.


DIANA: So, do I. I am still going. Come on, Abby. We really want you to come with us. It would mean a lot to my mom and me.


ABBY: I’m very flattered, but no thank you.


DIANA: Why not? At least give us an explanation.


ABBY: I can’t. Drop it.


Abby then slams the door in their faces. The two ladies are caught off guard.


Inside the Cunningham Home, Abby goes to the couch. She sits down, and grabs a wine bottle. She drinks straight out of the bottle.


ABBY: This was the reason. (sighs) It’s about time I took time off to drink.


Abby takes a swig,



Back outside, Karen and Diana drive off in Karen’s car. Meanwhile, across the street, Douglas is taking out the trash. Sasha walks up to him.


SASHA: Hey. I just got your text.


DOUGLAS: Thanks for coming over.


SASHA: So, what’s up? Your text did sound a tad urgent.


DOUGLAS: It kind of is urgent.


SASHA: Is this about your mom?


DOUGLAS: No. It is about you.


SASHA: Okay, put a hashtag before weird.


DOUGLAS: (sarcastically) L-O-L. Anyways, I just have one question, then you can fade off into your day if you want.


SASHA: Fine, what’s the question?


DOUGLAS: Would you go out with me?



At Michael’s Home, Emily comes down the stairs, and goes into the living room. Michael, and another guy are in the living room.




EMILY: Hey dad.


MICHAEL: Thank you for coming so quickly.


EMILY: What did you want to see me about?


MICHAEL: I have someone that you would probably like to meet.


EMILY: Who’s that?


The other man in the room turns around.


EMILY: Dad, who is this?

MICHAEL: This is my brother, Eric. Your uncle.


EMILY: Oh my gosh! I didn’t even recognize you, Uncle Eric!


Eric and Emily embrace.


ERIC: I haven’t seen you since you were a baby.


EMILY: I didn’t even know you were back from Saudi Arabia.


ERIC: I am. For good.


EMILY: Seriously?


ERIC: You bet.


EMILY: That’s awesome! I’m so excited!


ERIC: Hey, do you mind letting me talk to your father for a little bit?


EMILY: No problem. I’m gonna go meet some friends, anyways. Bye.


Emily gives Michael a kiss on the cheek.


EMILY: Bye, Dad. Love you.


Emily and Eric hug. She exits through the door.


ERIC: So, how are you doing?


MICHAEL: Good, but let's skip the formalities. I have something to ask you.


ERIC: What is that?


MICHAEL: Are you scared?


ERIC: Michael, why would I be scared?


MICHAEL: Because, Brian lives across the street.


ERIC: You think I would be scared of Brian, because he killed my ex-wife? Linda did that to herself, and I forgave Brian a long time ago.


MICHAEL: I’m just saying, no one truly ever gets over that.


ERIC: Well, I have.


MICHAEL: Only time will tell, brother. Only time will tell.



Outside, over at the Matheson Home, Douglas puts the lid on the trash.


SASHA: That is quite the question to ask, Douglas.


DOUGLAS: It was worth a shot.


SASHA: Listen, you are really cute, but we have known one another since you and your mom moved back here. I think of you as a brother.


DOUGLAS: Why is that?


SASHA: I told you. You are like a brother to me. I would expect you to hang out with me at the movies. Not take me on a date there.


Sasha starts to walk away, but Douglas steps her.




She turns back.


DOUGLAS: Is there anyways I can change that?


SASHA: We’ll just have to wait and see.


Sasha continues to walk away. A smile comes across Douglas’ face. Emily walks up to him.


EMILY: Hey, Doug.


DOUGLAS: Hey, Em. What’s going on?


EMILY: I was hoping that I could get your help with something.


DOUGLAS: What’s that?


EMILY: Well, my uncle Eric just returned from Saudi Arabia, and I would like to throw him a huge party. Like, a welcome home party.


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DOUGLAS: Why did you come to me?


EMILY: I know that you are the king of all parties.


DOUGLAS: Thanks for the compliment. And, I would be honored to help.



Afternoon has fallen upon Seaview Circle. At the Cunningham Home, Abby answers the door, when she hears a knock.


ABBY: If you’re looking for your wife, she just left like an hour ago.


MACK: Actually, I wanted to come and visit you. Can I come in?


ABBY: Why not? Come on in.


Mack enters, and Abby shuts the door.


ABBY: So, why are you here?


MACK: I wanted to talk to you.


ABBY: About…?


MACK: I know that you are unemployed, and I know what you have been going through. Abby, a job has opened up at my law firm. I want you to come, and work for me.


ABBY: (sighs) Did Karen put you up to this?


MACK: It was her idea, but I essentially made the choice to bring you on.


ABBY: Listen, yes, I am going through a lot right now in the emotions department. But, that doesn’t mean that I need Karen and you to take care of me. I know that as soon as I take this job, that Karen will want full reports.


MACK: Karen will not full reports. We are not trying to take care of you. This is all your decision. I promise you that.


ABBY: What’s the job?


MACK: I need an assistant.


ABBY: I thought you had that one lady…

MACK: I had to fire Marisol.


ABBY: (sighs) What is the starting salary?


MACK: Thirty dollars an hour.


ABBY: Wow, you plan to impress me. Fine. I’ll take the job. On one condition.


MACK: What’s that?


ABBY: I get a raise every two months.


MACK: Deal. Welcome aboard.


ABBY: When do I start?


MACK: Tomorrow.


Abby and Mack shake hands.



Back at the Sumner Home, Meg has just finished the dishes. She goes back over to Kate, who is sitting at the table, on her IPAD.


MEG: Thank you for helping me do some chores.


Kate shuts off her IPAD.


KATE: Not a problem.


MEG: Listen, you made the right choice. You did what was right for you.


KATE: I just hated leaving Sasha in the position I did. That girl has just started a whole new chapter in her life, and I have to begin that for her with a divorce from her father.


MEG: She’ll get over it. Has Abby said anything? I’m sure she’ll go all protect Brian on you. That should be interesting.


KATE: Brian said that he wanted to hold off on that.


MEG: That will give us time to find a community bomb shelter.


KATE: (laughs) We’ll need more than a bomb shelter when it comes to Abby finding out that Brian and I are no longer going to be together.


MEG: I think you’ll be fine.


KATE: You are awfully confident.


MEG: I have to be. For you.


KATE: Thank you, Meg. For everything. Thank you very much.


MEG: Anytime. Anytime. Hey, Eli is staying with Karen tonight. Why don’t we have a girls night. Just the two of us. Bad rom-coms, fatty snacks, and even red wine.


KATE: (laughs) I would like that very much.


MEG: (laughs) Then, it’s settled. I’ll break out Bridget Jones, and Sex and the City.


The two women laugh.



Back at Michael’s Home, Michael and Eric come down the stairs.


ERIC: Something is strange to me.


MICHAEL: What’s that?


ERIC: We are all grown up. I remember when we were little kids in the kitchen. Do you remember that one girl that I told you to go for?


MICHAEL: I do, but I can’t remember her name.


ERIC: I think Alison. Anyways, it is sometimes strange to me that we are adults. I say that, because time has went by so fast.


MICHAEL: It really has. I wouldn’t change anything. I have a beautiful daughter.


ERIC: Yes, you do. Speaking of Emily. Is her mother still in the mental institution?


MICHAEL: Yes. That is the one part I regret. I married a beautiful woman, named Marty. She went off the deep end. It happens.


ERIC: She’s been out of Emily’s life for twelve years, now.



ERIC: Has Emily forgiven her?


MICHAEL: Marty left her to drown. We don’t really speak of it.


ERIC: She walked off from Em at the pool, in your backyard. You were at work. Em hit her head, and fell in.


MICHAEL: Eric, I know the backstory. Where are you going with this?


ERIC: I guess I’m saying this. Have you forgiven Marty?



Back at the Ewing Home, Val, Gary, and Lucy are having cheesecake and coffee in the living room. Gary is sitting next to Val, while Lucy sits across on the couch.


LUCY: Thank you for the cheesecake and coffee, mama. It was delicious.


VAL: Of course baby. In fact, that is one of Miss Ellie’s recipes.


LUCY: I knew I recognized the cinnamon crust from somewhere.


GARY: Ma, always did have a way of doing things in the kitchen.


LUCY: Gosh, I miss her so darn much.


VAL: I know you do, Lucy.


LUCY: (sighs) Anyways, on the way inside, you said you wanted to tell me something? What’s up? What do you need to tell me, mama.


VAL: I have to tell you something about my health.


LUCY: Your health?


GARY: Val, you don’t have to do this so quickly.


VAL: Like I said, Gary. It would be dangerous to keep this a secret.


LUCY: You two are scaring me. What’s going on?


VAL: (sighs) I don’t know how to put this into words.

LUCY: Maybe daddy can try.


GARY: Lucy, this is all on your mother. Val, you can wait.


VAL: You know what? I’m just going to pull the bandage off.


GARY: Okay.


Val goes over to Lucy on the couch. She goes close to her, and hugs her, and kisses her on the cheek. The hold each other’s hands.


VAL: (sighs) Honey, a couple days ago, I went to the doctors. It was just a routine check up, they wanted to take some blood. They called me in to get my blood results. They were good. The doctor diagnosed me with stage four Primary Peritoneal Cancer.


LUCY: (voice breaking) W-w-wh-what is that?


VAL: The doctor told me that it is a rare cancer that attacks the thin line of tissue that surrounds the abdomen, uterus, bladder, and rectum. Once damaged, the thin line let’s in fluids that are not safe for the body. Without proper care and surgeries, the fluid can kill you.


LUCY: (cries) Kill! Are you dying?


VAL: I promise you. I am not letting go without a fight. This cancer will not get me down. It will not kill me. I promise you that.


Lucy and Val hug.


LUCY: I love you, mommy.


VAL: I love you too, Lucy. I love you too.



At Sid’s gravesite, Karen and Diana sit flowers down.


DIANA: Daddy, was a good man.


Karen puts her arm around Diana.


KAREN: Yes, he was.


DIANA: That car accident wasn’t fair.


KAREN: No it wasn’t. And, he should have lived longer. But, I reflect on the years we did have with him. The wonderful years.


DIANA: We did have a lot of good years. I still lay awake at night. Missing him. Wishing that he was still here to guide me.


KAREN: I do too, Diana. I do too.


DIANA: If he was still alive, would you still be married to him?


KAREN: I like to think I would be.


DIANA: Thank you for letting me come along, mom.


KAREN: Of course. How about we go get some lunch? My treat.


DIANA: Sounds good.


KAREN: (laughs) Okay.


Karen and Diana walk off. The camera zooms out on Sid’s gravesite.





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