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EPISODE 2 - Of Mother And Man





WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison

DIRECTED BY: Casey Hutchison




SASHA: Are you and mom really getting a divorce?


DOUGLAS: Will you ever be happy again?


VAL: I have something to tell you.


KAREN: Is our marriage still a marriage?






Nighttime has fallen upon California. At the Matheson Home, Paige enters with a couple of grocery bags in hand. She goes over, and sets them on the counter. She begins putting the groceries away. Her son, Douglas, enters. He begins helping put them away.


PAIGE: Hey, sweetheart. How was your day?


DOUGLAS: Busy. I have been working so many cars today.


PAIGE: Hey, you are a good boss.


DOUGLAS: Thanks. I just didn’t think when I got Knots Landing Motors, that it would be this much work to take care of.


Paige gets a bottle of water. She also gets one for Douglas.


PAIGE: Thanks for helping me put those groceries away.


DOUGLAS: Of course. (sighs) So, how was therapy today?


PAIGE: Same old. Same old. Dr. Matthews asked me questions, and I replied. (sighs) That’s all it is for me. But, it helps.


DOUGLAS: I’m glad it helps. Hey, I have a questions for you.


PAIGE: What’s that?


DOUGLAS: Listen, I have been thinking about this question a lot. So, I want you to know, that it isn’t just coming out of the blue.


PAIGE: Dougie, what’s going on?


DOUGLAS: Will you ever be happy again?



At an elegant restaurant, Mack and Karen are seated by a hostess. The hostess gives them menus, and silverware.


HOSTESS: A waiter will be with you shortly.


The hostess walks off. Karen and Mack begin looking through their menus.


KAREN: I am so glad that we got the chance to do this. It overjoys me that you got the chance to get pulled away from work.


MACK: It overjoys me that you agreed to this dinner.


KAREN: I thought a night away from work drama would do us good.


MACK: Being away from work always does a marriage good.


KAREN: I like to think so. So, I have another reason for coming here.


MACK: What is that?


KAREN: Mack, with all of the work that we have been doing lately, I feel like I have...,; we have, gotten a little distant.


MACK: What are you saying, Karen?


KAREN: Is our marriage still a marriage?



At Gary’s and Val’s Home, Val pulls up to the driveway. She turns off her car, but sits in the vehicle for a second. She is pondering what she will tell Gary about her cancer. She is wondering how he will react to the news.


She then decides to get out. Val walks to the door. She opens the door, and enters the home. Val sets her purse and keys down on a nearby table. She sets the door, and Gary enters.


GARY: Hey babe.


Gary and Val walk to one another, and Gary gives her a kiss.


VAL: Hi, Gary.


GARY: Did you stop by the store?


Val goes to the closet, and hangs up her coat.


VAL: Sorry, I forgot.


She turns back to Gary.


GARY: Oh, that’s fine. Hey, are you okay? You seem off.


VAL: Do I? I didn’t even notice that I was off.


GARY: Valene, I think you do. What’s going on?


VAL: It’s nothing, Gary. Don’t worry about it.


GARY: Tell me something. Is this about your checkup at the hospital?


Val flops down on the couch.


VAL: (sighs) You know me so well.


Gary calmly sits next to Val.


VAL: I have something to tell you.


GARY: What happened?


VAL: The doctor delivered me some horrific and shocking news.


GARY: You’re scaring me, honey. What did he say?


VAL: He told me that my blood work revealed something he does not see every day. He then went on to tell me that I have Primary Peritoneal Cancer.


Gary is completely thrown off guard.



Meanwhile, at Brian’s and Kate’s Home, Brian and Kate walk down the stairs. Kate has a duffle bag in hand.


KATE: How long is Sasha supposed to be out with her friends?


BRIAN: Is that all you can think about? Our daughter coming into our home, and seeing her mother leaving her father?


KATE: Of course I am worried about that. Sasha’s feelings matter.


BRIAN: They do. You are completely right. Plus, I don’t think she would like to know that her mother is having an affair.


KATE: An affair. Now you are making accusations.


BRIAN: Kate, I heard that phone call. You said to the person on the other side of that line that you love them so much.


KATE: That was Meg, you jackass.


BRIAN: Meg Sumner?

KATE: Yeah. Meg and I have been friends since day one of meeting. She and I have become very close. So, I will be living with her and her son, Eli.


BRIAN: How dare you do this to me.


KATE: How dare you wreck this marriage.


BRIAN: I didn’t wreck this marriage!


KATE: Yes you did!


While the two continue to bicker, Sasha enters.


SASHA: Will you two shut up!


Brian and Kate stop fighting, and turn to Sasha.


SASHA: What is going on here? I go out with friends, and I return to hear my parents throwing down? What is happening?


BRIAN: Honey, we need to tell you something.


SASHA: I think I know what is happening here. Mom’s bag is packed. You two are fighting. That only leaves one question.


KATE: Sasha…


SASHA: Are you and mom getting a divorce?



Back at the elegant restaurant, Karen and Mack are drinking some champagne, and having their appetizer.


KAREN: Have you considered my question?


MACK: Yes, I have. I came to one conclusion.


KAREN: And, what conclusion would that be?


MACK: That our marriage is still a marriage. We love one another, we care for one another, and we mean our vows.


KAREN: Yes, we do. I love you so much.


MACK: I love you too, Karen.


KAREN: So, Abby and I are going to Sid’s gravesite tomorrow.


MACK: Good. I think she needs to get out a little.


KAREN: I think she does,too. She doesn’t seem like the old Abby anymore. She doesn’t seems like Abby at all.


MACK: No, she doesn’t.


KAREN: Now, I know old Abby sometimes wasn’t the best person, but she was active. She was active in everything. I think I could get her back to that.


MACK: That would be nice.


KAREN: Could you maybe offer her job?


MACK: You want me to offer Abby a job?


KAREN: Yes, I do.


MACK: Okay. I can only start her at an entry level.


KAREN: Fine with me.


Mack and Karen clink their glasses.



Back at the Matheson Home, Paige sits at the island.


PAIGE: That is a pretty loaded question, son.


DOUGLAS: I think that it is a very honest question.


PAIGE: Can I give you some advice?


DOUGLAS: Sure, mom.


PAIGE: People can be happy, if they make their life that way.


DOUGLAS: Are you making your life that way?


PAIGE: I’m trying.


DOUGLAS: I know having Greg around always made you happy. Even when you fought over serious issues in life.


PAIGE: Are you talking about when Greg didn’t want any children? If so, I won’t get into that with my son. That is too much to take on.


DOUGLAS: That’s why you adopted me. You wanted what Greg wasn’t willing to give you. I understand that.


PAIGE: I’m glad you do. Anyways, enough about that. Have you eaten any dinner?




PAIGE: How about we go out tonight. Just the two of us.


DOUGLAS: That’d be nice, mom.


PAIGE: Wonderful. I’ll get my purse, and we can go.




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PAIGE: I love you, Dougie.


DOUGLAS: I love you too, mom.


Paige walks off to the living room.



Back at Gary’s and Val’s Home, Val and Gary curl up.


GARY: How are you feeling?


VAL: I think I should be asking you that question.


GARY: I’m fine. Yes, this is hard, but your feelings come first.


VAL: I plan to tell Lucy tomorrow. I don’t want to keep this from anyone. That would be a dangerous game to play.


GARY: When do you plan to tell Bobby and Betsy?


VAL: Well, I want to throw a celebration. Something classy. We can tell everyone. We can even tell all of the Ewing family.


GARY: You sure about that, Val?


VAL: I am. Listen, I just want you to know that I love you so much. And, I am going to put up a fight. I’m not leaving you, Gary. I’m not leaving you.


GARY: (sighs) Come here.


Gary gives Val a kiss.


GARY: I love you so very much. More than you will ever know.


VAL: I will always be here.


GARY: Same goes for me.



Back at Brain’s and Kate’s Home, Sasha sits a book and purse down on the couch.


SASHA: So, when were you guys planning to tell me any of this? Was I supposed to figure it out when mom didn’t show up at breakfast tomorrow?


KATE: Sasha, this is far beyond your knowledge.


SASHA: Don’t talk to me like a child. I know what a fight, and a packed bag means. I’m not five anymore. Dad, you are quiet.


BRIAN: Sasha, I have to agree with your mom on this one.


SASHA: She hurt you. Didn’t she? Mom, you wanted this.


KATE: Your father and I have been on the rocks for awhile now. There isn’t enough time in a year to explain our issues.


SASHA: But, there’s enough to leave him?


KATE: Alright, that’s enough! Yes, your father and I are done! We are done! Just drop it!


BRIAN: Kate…


KATE: Our daughter doesn’t want to be treated like a child, so I won’t treat her like one. This is life, Sasha. People drop one another all the time.


SASHA: People like you guys don’t quit.


BRIAN: Kate, let’s calm down, and talk.


KATE: Sasha, I love you so much.


Kate gives Sasha a hug and kiss.


BRIAN: What are you doing, Kate.


Kate grabs her bag.


KATE: I’m not here to talk. I’m here to leave.


Kate walks to the door.


KATE: I need time to think. I didn’t mean for it to be like this, but it has to be. Goodbye, to both of you. I love you Sasha. Brian, hopefully we can come to terms with some of this, someday.


Kate shuts the door. Sasha is in complete shock, and doesn’t know what do next in her life. She can’t navigate any of it.





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