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EPISODE 1 - Pilot (Series Premiere)

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WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison

DIRECTED BY: Casey Hutchison





PAIGE: Greg’s death has taken a toll on me.


ABBY: I don’t know how I feel about that.


GARY: That was Lucy.


BRIAN: Are you telling me that our marriage is over?






An aerial view of California is shown. The camera cuts to a skyscraper, as morning dawns upon Knots Landing. Paige is sitting down with a therapist (Lisa Edelstein).


DR. MATTHEWS: How are you feeling today, Paige? Have you been taking that sleeping medication that I prescribed?


PAIGE: I am doing as well, as I can be. (sighs) I have been taking the prescribed medication, but I still can’t sleep.


DR. MATTHEWS: Why do you think that is?


PAIGE: Greg’s death has taken a toll on me. At one point, he was a man I loved, and then out of nowhere, he is murdered by some ex-enemy.


DR. MATTHEWS: Are you still afraid of the man who shot Greg?


PAIGE: If you are asking if I still have the nightmare of him coming after me, and my son Douglas, then yes; I am afraid.


DR. MATTHEWS: Let’s talk about Douglas. While you were away from California, and apart from Greg, you adopted this sweetheart of a boy. You moved back, started to reconcile with Greg. You told me that Douglas even became friends with Greg, and started to think of him as a father. Then, Greg dies. What kind of a toll has that taken on Douglas?


PAIGE: A big one. My Dougie is a strong boy. He just got home from college, and we are grieving together. We are grieving together, big time.


DR. MATTHEWS: Do you feel as if he is the only person that you can lean on?


PAIGE: You bet I feel that way.



At Brian and Kate’s Home, Brian enters. He is holding the mail from this morning, and is on the phone. He sits the mail down on the counter, but the phone remains in use.


BRIAN: Sorry, I had to come home early. I know. You can take it out of my check. I just have things to do, for my family. We are grieving the loss of a family friend. Goodbye.


Brian hangs up the phone, and starts up the stairs.


He goes up to his room, and hears Kate talking on the phone.


KATE (V.O.): Listen, no one will ever find out. I just love you so much. I am ready to leave Brian. I just want out of this loveless marriage. He won’t touch me, let alone talk. Our daughter, Sasha, is the only thing I look forward to.


Kate hears a squeak.


KATE: I think he’s home. Bye.


Brian steps into the room. Kate begins to kiss him, but he holds back.


KATE: Honey, is everything okay? You seem, distant.


BRIAN: I heard everything, Kate. When were you planning to tell me that you are leaving me?


Kate is in utter shock.



At the Cunningham Home, Abby is having tea with Karen.


ABBY: I am so glad that we have started to do these things.


KAREN: I am too. In a way, Greg’s death has brought the whole cul-de-sac closer together. It feels like old times, again.


ABBY: Old times? Backstabbing, affairs, lying? Those old times.


The ladies have a subtle laugh.


KAREN: Seaview Circle is quite the place to live.


ABBY: Yes, it is.


KAREN: How are you doing with all of this?


ABBY: I’m fine. I mean, sure, it was a hard thing to go through, but I’m fine. How are you doing with all of this? Especially having Meg in your life.


KAREN: I’m good, and Meg has her son. She knows what she has to do for Eli.


ABBY: I love that boy.


KAREN: I do too. And, she got him through in vitro. What a story that is. Hey, I have a proposition for you. I hope you consider it.


ABBY: What is it?


KAREN: How would you like to come visit Sid’s gravesite with me tomorrow morning?


ABBY: I don’t know how I feel about that.


KAREN: You can say no. Just a thought.


ABBY: (sighs) You know what? Let’s do it. It has been an awfully long time since I last visited my brother, to talk. I’m game for it.


KAREN: Wonderful.


The women clink their glasses together.



At Gary and Val’s, Gary hangs up his phone, as Val enters.


VAL: Who was that, Gary?


GARY: That was Lucy.


VAL: How is our sweet girl?


GARY: She’s good. She delivered some news to me.


VAL: What’s that?


GARY: She just bought a house here.


VAL: Really?


GARY: Yes.


VAL: (laughs) Oh, that’s fantastic!


Gary and Val embrace with smiles.


They then go to the couch to sit down.


VAL: I had no idea she was going to leave Dallas and Southfork.


GARY: I didn’t either.


VAL: Do you think this could have to do with Christopher passing?


GARY: I think that is part of it. She took that very hard, as did all of us Ewings. I think she just needs to have a fresh start.


VAL: I think you’re right. When is she arriving?


GARY: Tomorrow.


VAL: Oh, I’m so excited!


Val curls up to Gary.



Back at Paige’s therapist office, Paige looks out the window, as her therapist continues to sit in her chair, and take notes.


DR. MATTHEWS: With your son growing up, is a full relationship still there, or did you need Greg’s death to reconnect you two?

PAIGE: I didn’t need Greg’s death. But, this did reconnect us. Dougie and I have been falling apart, when it comes to communication.


DR. MATTHEWS: Why do you think that is?


Paige turns back to her therapist, and paces.


PAIGE: Life, like you said. He is getting older. He doesn’t need his mommy there 24/7 to guide him anymore. He is his own person.


DR. MATTHEWS: Does that make you upset?


PAIGE: Of course, it does. I’m his mother. Mothers always have an obligation to fulfill a checklist, to make sure that their baby is safe. I raised that boy from the time he was two months old. I’m still raising him.


DR. MATTHEWS: Before we end things here today, I want you to walk away with this question. Do you feel as if you have a bigger obligation to Douglas, more than normal, because he did not know his true parents?



Afternoon has fallen upon Knots Landing. Meanwhile at The Cunningham Home, Abby pours Karen a fresh cup of tea.


KAREN: Thank you.


ABBY: Of course.


KAREN: Now, I don’t want you to feel pressured.


ABBY: Karen, I said it was a wonderful idea. I know that it will be.


KAREN: Okay. Listen, I hope we can start to do this more often.


ABBY: I hope so too.


KAREN: So, I heard a little rumor.


ABBY: There’s the old Seaview Circle you were referring too. So, what is this little rumor that you heard about me, as of recently?


KAREN: I heard you were dating someone.


ABBY: Oh, I was, but that was scrapped.


KAREN: How come you didn’t tell me?


ABBY: I did not want to burden you.


KAREN: You can burden me anytime you would like. I still consider you a sister, Abby. I will always consider you as such.


Abby reaches across the table. Her and Karen link hands.


ABBY: Thank you.



Back at Brian’s and Kate’s Home, Brian and Kate back away from one another.


BRIAN: Are you telling me that our marriage is over?


KATE: I just need time alone.


BRIAN: Time alone spells over, when it comes to a marriage.


KATE: Not always.




KATE: Look at your mother.


BRIAN: Listen, why are you leaving me?


KATE: It has been no secret. You have not touched me in months. You have not looked at me, taken me somewhere special in months. I don’t live like that. I need to be loved, Brian. I need passion in my life. I need a man who is all in for me. You are not presenting that to me, in any way possible.


BRIAN: Kate, I love you with all of my heart. I have been busy, but the one thing I count on at the end of the day, is knowing that I have a beautiful wife at home waiting for me.


KATE: I love you too, but you don’t show me love, anymore. That is why I am ending this for now. You say you love me, but you don’t show it. You would be absolutely insane to say that you did show it to me.


BRIAN: We have been through so much. We have raised a daughter together. We have been married for twenty five years, and you just want to throw that away, because I didn’t take you to Red Lobster and a movie one night.


KATE: It is more than one night! The last time we had sex was two years ago! I can’t live like that! Brian, a good couple knows when to be physical, when to go on a date. Most importantly, a good husband knows when to tell his wife she is beautiful.


BRIAN: I’m not gonna give up on you.


KATE: Looks like you’re gonna have to.



At Jefferson Memorial Hospital, Val enters. She is on her phone, as she stops off of the elevator. She walks up to the front desk.


VAL: Yes. No problem. I will stop by the store. Love you too, Gary.


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Val walks up to the receptionist.


VAL: Hello, I’m here for my appointment with Doctor Sullivan.


RECEPTIONIST: Of course. Doctor Sullivan said he would like you to go into his office. He wants to see you right away.


VAL: Thank you.


Val walks off to Doctor Sullivan’s office. She knocks on the door.


DR. SULLIVAN: Come in!


Val enters. Dr. Sullivan stands.


DR. SULLIVAN: Hello, Mrs. Ewing. Please, shut the door, and take a seat if you would like.

Val does so. Dr. Sullivan leans up against his desk, with Val’s chart.


VAL: So, what did my blood work reveal?


DR. SULLIVAN: Something is wrong.


VAL: Oh god.


DR. SULLIVAN: Your blood test indicated something I do not see everyday.


VAL: What is it, Doctor Sullivan?


DR. SULLIVAN: You have Primary Peritoneal Cancer.


VAL: Did you just say cancer?




VAL: Oh my god.


The camera zooms in on Val’s worried and confused face.





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