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The Continuation of life in Oakdale

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Carter grabs a faint Lisa before she falls do the ground. Scott rushes over to a table nearby and pulls out a chair while Carter drags Lisa to the chair, seating her.

Lisa: (faint) Scott? Is it really you?

Scott: Yes, Mom.

Carter comes back to them with a glass of water. He hands it to Scott, who is now kneeled next to his mother. He holds the glass while Lisa takes a sip.

Scott: You all right?

Lisa: I will be . . . (strokes his face gently) So glad to see you . . .

Lisa then strikes her son across the face. Scott holds his face, which stings. Carter is stunned. Lisa jumps up and hovers over her son.

Lisa: How dare you! How dare you do this to me!

On Scott totally shocked,



Henry, with a chef hat and apron that reads "I rub my meat for two mins," dances around the kitchen while the pots of the stove create a slight fog from the steam.

Henry: (singing) Pour it up! Pour it up! That's how we ball out! . . . Strips clubs and dollar bills--

He is abruptly interrupted by a knock at the door. Aggravated, Henry opens the door to reveal his younger sister, CLARK COLEMAN.

Henry is speechless.

Clark: (distraught) I need your help.

On Henry worried



Mo and Casey sit on the sofa making out. Tom then barges in slamming the door. The two break apart like two teens that have been caught in the act. As the rearrange their clothes:

Tom: Where is your mother?!

Casey: She's at the station. What's wrong?

Tom: Emily!

Casey: What now?

Tom tosses the paper at Casey before he storms up stairs. Casey unballs the paper to see the headline (from last episode) featuring Tom, Carter, and Scott.

On Casey cringing,





Casey kisses Mo (before she leaves) and closes the door behind her. Tom comes down the stairs, undoing his tie and tossing it to the side.

Casey: You sure you're fine?

Tom: Do I look fine? (off Casey holding his hands up for mercy) Sorry.

Casey: No problem but does this story even has any truth to it? I mean we haven't seen or heard from Uncle Scott since I was child. You sure Emily isn't fabricating this to p*ss you off?

Tom: No she isn't. For once she isn't lying in that rag she calls a paper.

Casey: (confused) So then I don't get while you're mad at Emily . . .

Tom: Because she's ruining my campaign! Don't you see it!

Casey: Dad, I doubt anyone is taking Emily or her paper seriously. Her past isn't squeaky clean either . . .

Tom: But when you're running up against someone with a stellar track record such as Carter Wallace--

Casey: Dad, you need to chill.

Casey goes and sits on the sofa. He pats on it to indicate he wants Tom to join him, to relax. After fighting it, Tom gives in.

Casey: Dad, you have a stellar track record too.

Tom: I do but--

Casey: Not "buts." Who cares that you left mid office almost fifteen years ago? That was then. This is now.

Margo rushes in breathing heavily.

Margo: Oh honey! There you are. (rushes over and kisses Tom) I went by the campaign office and Bonnie told me everything. (calming down) You OK?

Tom: Not really.

Margo: Don't worry, honey. We'll figure this out--me, you, Bonnie, Lisa--

Tom jumps up from the sofa

Tom: Mom! I gotta go see her.

Margo: We're coming with you.

On a shot of the Hughes rushing out,



Henry and Clark are now seated at a table. We enter mid-convo. Henry is trying to pry some info out of her.

Clark: Henry, can you stop!

Henry: No! You just come beating down my door and you want me to stop?

Clark: Yes.

Henry: We haven't heard from you in years! Maddie, me, Bernadette--

Clark: I'm fine. (swiping hair out of face) Can't you tell?

Henry: Not really but I'll drop it for now . . .

Clark: I just need a place to stay for a few nights--

Henry: What? Hold on--you just come in here and expect to provide you a haven when you can't tell me where the heck you've been for the past five years?! Really, Clark?

On Clark moaning,



Picking up where we left off of Lisa slapping Scott, and both he and Carter stunned:

Scott: What was that for!

Lisa: For not picking up the phone and calling me! For not visiting me! Your brother--

Scott: Oh I've seen ole' Tom already.

Lisa: What? So you've been in town for awhile now! (to Carter) And you knew?!

Carter searches for the right words, but before he can get them out, Lisa pops him in the face. Carter now holds his face, shocked.

Lisa: Now I see why you were using me--getting close to me. You wanted to stick it to me and Tom. (pointing to Scott) And he's the best way to do so?

Scott: He didn't even know I was related you to until the night I arrived in Oakdale.

Lisa: Oh really? So how do you two know each other?

Scott: We met awhile back in Somerset. I had a small practice there, he was there visiting--

Lisa: So you two became buddies and decided to come here and run for district attorney?

Carter: No! I didn't even ask him to join me until weeks after I decided to come to Oakdale.

Scott: Exactly.

Lisa: (stewing) Oh OK . . . So Tom knew you were here?

Scott: Yes. I've been here since Christmas.

Lisa: What!

Tom, Margo, & Casey come rushing in and up to Lisa, Carter, & Scott.

Tom: Mom--

Lisa pops him across the face.

Lisa: How could you! (to both of her boys) How could both of you! . . . (enraged, flailing around) How could all of you!

Casey and Margo step back, not wanting to feel the wrath of Lisa.

On Tom holding his face, now stunned too.






Open in Emily’s office. A tight shot on Emily as she stares down at some papers on her desk. She marks them with a red, and is gradually becomes displeased with what she’s reading.

Emily: No . . . No . . . No!

Emily slams her pen down on the desk.

Emily: This is abysmal!

Samantha knocks on the door and then peeks in.


Sam: Everything all right?

Emily: (hostile) No. Everything is not all right. (then) You know what, something is wrong—who green-lit this story on the district attorney’s election?

Sam comes in and closes the door. Sam signals for Emily to hand her the document. Emily passes it to her. Sam skims over it.

Sam: I don’t see what’s wrong with it.

Emily: (rolling eyes) Of course you don’t.

Sam: Why the attitude? I just asked you a simple question.

Emily: Then let me answer it . . . the story is boring. Point blank. That’s not going to sell any papers or bring us hits on the site.

Sam: But it’s the truth.

Emily: And it’s boring. Let’s spice it up some. Put some scandal into it. Something!

Sam sighs.

Emily: What was that for?

Sam: Emily, we’re supposed to writing stories that are true and have integrity. I don’t see any scandal in the Hughes v. Wallace race. I just don’t.

Emily: Of course you don’t because you’re green. Now let me school you on how the media industry—

Sam: School me? Honey, who has the degree in journalism?

Emily: And your point is? Clearly you missed the class on how to sell a proper story.

Sam: No I just chose to skip that class because I believe that a paper should be foregrounded with the truth. Not centering a story around smut and scandal, but if you had proper training in journalism—

Emily: (raising up) Proper training? Honey, I’ve been running this paper for well over a decade. And pretty d*mn fine before you came waltzing in here taking over . . . You know what, ever since you’ve gotten this job, you think you run the place.

Sam: Whatever.

Sam tosses the document on the desk.

Emily: So now what? You’re going to go call grandma and let her know that we’re at a standstill?

Sam: Nope. Run it.

Emily is stunned that she’s won this round.

Emily: Did you just say—

Sam: I said run it. Change it. Edit it. Do what you want. Just don’t be surprised with the backlash.

Emily: Oh it wouldn’t be the first.

Sam: I’m sure it won’t.

Off Sam’s exit, Emily smiles, pleased with herself. She then reaches and grabs the phone and starts to dial. She then waits for a second, then:

Emily: Gary, hey. I need you and the rest of the guys at the printer to be ready. This story I’m about to send will be the headline . . . Yes, I know it will be rushed but make it happen. I want this story out before noon . . . Thanks. Bye.

Emily hangs up the phone. She then goes back to work, churning out a story.


We get a glimpse at the marked document on her desk; however, our eyes are drawn to three names on it: Tom Hughes, Carter Wallace, and . . . Scott Eldridge.



His volunteers are working the phones, doing flyers, etc., but we pan back towards Tom, who is with some of his team as they go over some strategies in the background. Tom sits back and takes in their suggestions, attentively.

Volunteer1: So Mr. Hughes, we need you to be on point at the first debate. We don’t need a knockout for certain, but we need you on point.

Volunteer2: Yes. This first debate just needs to be what you plan on achieving if you win, and you debunking the ideals that you’ll have another mid-life crisis during your term.

Tom: Trust me. That won’t happen.

Volunteer2: I hope not because there are a lot of people in this town that are still upset about the last time you were D. A.


Bonnie (O.C.): That won’t be a problem now that I am here.

Everyone turns to see Bonnie coming in. She makes her way up to Tom and gives him a hug.

Bonnie pulls back and looks Tom straight in the eye.

Bonnie: You ready to go to war?

Tom nods.

Tom: More than ever future Assistant District Attorney.

On Bonnie and Tom sharing a smile filled with determination,





We pick up where we left off—a determined smile between the two. Then Bonnie breaks away, reacting with the interest about their campaign office. She digs it.

Bonnie: Good estate. Right in the center of town, near the police station and town hall . . . just perfect.

Tom: That’s the reason why I chose this place . . . Putting that aside, when did you get back in town?

Bonnie: Last night.

Tom: How’s Duncan?

Bonnie: Doing better. He has his off days due to the chemo but he doing so much better.

Tom: Glad to hear that. I’m still stunned when Jessica called us with the diagnosis—that Duncan had stage two prostate cancer.

Bonnie: Me too. But we’re taking it day by day. I think it also helps that Mom is over there taking care of him. Shannon stopped by to see him . . . Beatrice pops in and out to see him.

Tom: I’m bet he’s enjoying that, being surrounded by all the women he loves. Just shows how tragedy can bring loved ones back together.

Bonnie: Tell me about it . . . Now, who is this Carter Wallace?

Off Tom rolling his eyes,




We open up on Carter flirting with Lisa, as they share a drink at the bar.

Carter: So glad that you decided to join me for a drink.

Lisa: I’ve never been one who turns down libations . . .

Lisa seductively strokes her glass.

Lisa: . . . especially when the person offering them looks just as good as the wine tastes.

Carter: Mrs. Grimaldi, you wouldn’t be hitting on me, would you?

Lisa: And if I were?

Carter: Then I say cheers.

Carter picks up his glass and he and Lisa have a toast. Lisa takes a sip of her wine all while keeping her eye on Carter. She likes him.

Carter: So, Mrs—

Lisa: Call me Lisa.

Carter: OK, then. Lisa, how are things at the fashion house?

Lisa: A mess. However, that is expected in fashion.

Carter: I see . . . so when am I going to be invited there to see your fashions.

Lisa: (modest) Carter, must you forget that you’re the enemy. I can’t take you around time showcasing you. I’d never hear the end of it from Tom.

Carter takes Lisa’s into his and stares into her eyes.


Carter: But just because Tom and I are at war does not mean we have to be.

Lisa: (grinning) True . . .

Carter: Plus, how will I know if you’re good enough to design my suit once I win the election.

Lisa jokingly slaps Carter on the arm.

Lisa: Very funny! You doubt my boy, but you forget that he has a bit of me in him.

Carter: Well I hope it’s not your sexiness because I don’t nor will ever look at Tom like that.

Lisa: I hope not . . . But resilience, resilience is what he inherited from me. He won’t lie down and take a beating easily.

Carter: And I don’t expect him too.

Carter’s phone interrupts him.

Carter: Excuse me, Lisa.

Carter turns away from her and answer it. Lisa waits patiently.

Carter: Hello? . . . So they know? . . . (sighs) That’s fine. Better now that it comes out then later . . . All right. I’ll talk to you later. Bye, bye.

Carter hangs up and turns back Lisa.

Lisa: Now that, that is over . . .

Lisa’s is preoccupied by something. Her glass drops out of her hand and shatters on the ground.

Carter: Lisa, what’s—

He follows where she is look at the other end of the restaurant is Scott. A waiter points him into the direction of Lisa and Carter. He tips the waiter and advances towards them.

Lisa: . . . Scott?!


Scott plants a kiss on the cheek and hugs her.

Scott: Hey, Mom . . . Carter.

Lisa looks at Carter.

Lisa: You know my son?

Scott: Of course he does. Meet Oakdale’s future Assistant D.A. and Carter’s running mate.

On Lisa at a loss for words (for once),



Bonnie and Tom are now in an adjacent office shut off from everyone else. Continuing where we left off with them.

Tom: He’s some flashy attorney from Monticello.

Bonnie: OK . . . so why is he running for D. A. here? Trust me, the crime rates are extremely high in Monticello. His expertise is needed there more than here.

Tom: I said the same thing.

Bonnie: But again, it doesn’t make sense. Why here? Monticello, Chicago, Somerset, Springfield, Bay City, and Salem—those areas should provide wet dreams for anyone running for D. A.

Tom: I’m guessing the mayor. What’ve I’ve heard is that the two became golf buddies a few years back at the Governor’s charity golf tournament in Henderson.

Bonnie: Did he try to run there too?

Tom: (laughs) No. (stoic, but nervous) But I have been looking into his history and he has a stellar track record for his time in Monticello.

Bonnie: How stellar?

Tom: Way better than his predecessor, Mike Karr, and he was one h*ll of D. A.

A Volunteer peeks their head into the office.

Volunteer #3: Mr. Hughes, we need you out in the main room fast. Something has come up.

Tom: (concerned) OK.

Bonnie and Tom exchange looks. They both then rush out into the main room where everyone is surrounding a computer and holding paper newspapers in their hands.

Bonnie: What is it?

Another Volunteer hands Bonnie a newspaper.

Volunteer #4: Take a look.

A close-up shot of The Intruder, and the headline reads, “Brother V. Brother: Battle Lines Drawn.” There is a shot of Tom on one side and Carter and Scott on the other.

Bonnie: You’re brother?

Tom snatches the paper from Bonnie and flings it across the room.

Tom: D*mmit, Emily!

Bonnie: But what damage can it do? Everyone has probably known that Scott’s been back in town, right?

Tom: No.

Bonnie: Tom!

Tom: I know, I know. I was hoping to convince him drop out the race before they made a public announcement or it went out to the presses, but I’m not surprised that big mouth Emily found out before everyone else. (paces the floor) But I can fix this, I can fix this.

Volunteer #5: (at computer) I wouldn’t say that just yet.

Volunteer #5 slides aside to show the same story online.

Tom: She put it online too!

Bonnie: Tom, that’s not the point. Look!

Bonnie points to the side of the screen where Emily has a Twitter box embedded on the site, and it shows a feed of all the other newspapers across Illinois linking to her story.

Bonnie: Sh*t just got real.

Tom: F*ck!

Tom flips a chair over before calming down.

Tom: I’m going to kill her.

On Tom enraged,






Emily drags Lucinda in and slams the door. She spins around like she possessed, and clearly angry.


Emily: Seriously, Lucinda! After all these years—

Lucinda: Darling, it had to be done, and I cannot help that Rachel Cory wants to appoint her step-granddaughter as co-editor. . .

Emily: What you could’ve done was given me some sort of warning! And why the h*ll do I have to be demoted to co-editor?!

Lucinda: It’s hardly a demotion. You still have power.

Emily: (sarcastically) Oh yes. I still have power. . . shared power!

Emily starts to pace the floor—a total wreck. She can sense her world starting to crumble around her. Lucinda, watching on, picks up on Emily’s misfortunes. She reaches out for Emily, and

Lucinda: You should be happy. Take it as a blessing. You being co-editor allows you to have free time with Daniel, fix your marriage with Paul. . .

Emily: Clearly you’ve been living under a rock, but there is nothing to fix with Paul. He wants nothing to do with me, and honestly, I am at the point in my life where I am done fighting for men.

Lucinda shoots a side eye at Emily. She finds this hard to believe.

Emily: Yes, I said it! Emily Stewart is done chasing after men, and being with men who have out the world expectations for me. . .

ANNOUNCER: The role of SAMANTHA CORY has been recast with CHRISHELL STAUSE.

Samantha, unbeknownst to Emily, is standing the doorway as she rambles on. Lucinda (now) cringes.

Emily: (continuing) But I am going fight for this newspaper because it’s been the one constant in my life, and I’m not about to lose it to some young, wet behind the ears brat—


Samantha clears her throat. Emily freezes in place. Then Emily turns around with a grin on her face, an attempt to hide her guilt.

On Samantha returning a not so pleasant grin,



Scene opens up with a shot of a fire crackling in the fireplace. Boys ii Men’s Let it Snow rings in the background. Then we pull back to reveal Bob and Kim, nearby, decorating the Christmas tree.

Bob is on a ladder adjusting the star. Kim, with tinsel in one hand and a glass of wine in the other hand, watches on smirking.

Kim: Honey, maybe I should do it.

Bob: No, Kim. I got it. Now tell me if the star is on straight.

Kim: It’s not. A blind man could see that.

Bob: Was that a dig?

Kim: Yes. If you’d wear your glasses. . .

The doorbell rings.

Kim: I’ll get it.

Kim puts down her glass of wine and goes to open the door.

Tom: Thank God.

Tom enters bearing a bunch of gifts. Kim helps relieve him of some.

Kim: My God. Who are all these for?

Tom: (exhausted) Well there is you, Dad, Mom, Casey, Daniel, Katie, Chris. . .

Kim: Ok, honey. Just sit the gifts down. You look like you’re about to pass out.

Margo (O.C.) Oh he’s fine.

Margo enters. She takes her and Tom’s coats and hangs them up. Just as Kim is about to close the door. . .

Lisa: Hold on!

Lisa comes running up with a bunch of bags in her hands. Lisa and Kim exchange hugs and kisses.

Kim: Anyone else?

Lisa: Yep. Barbara and Henry rode with me. Their getting their stuff out, and Katie and Chris just pulled up. (looking around) Where’s Casey?

Tom and Margo glance at each other, then:

Tom & Margo: Monique!



Casey and Mo lie in bed kissing each other passionately. Their seconds from falling victim to their true carnal when Mo pulls away, second guessing.

Mo: I can’t.

Casey: What? Is it me?

Mo: No. (off Casey’s uncertainty) H*ll no! I just can’t do this.

Casey: Then I’ll wait. One thing I don’t want to do is rush another relationship.

Mo: Would you do that for me?

Casey: Yes. As crazy as it sounds and as much as I want to pounce on you, I respect you. . . I’m falling in love with you.

Mo is overcome with emotion, then:

Mo: Me too, but I just don’t want to hurt you.

Casey: You won’t.

Mo: Casey, but—

The two gaze into each other eyes before falling into a kiss. Suddenly:

Jami: (barging in) Mo! (taking notice) Oops.

Mo: (buttoning shirt) Yes. Your bad. (scooting off bed) What’s wrong?

Jami: (pointing to Casey) Your ex!

Tired and moody, Jami tosses her backpack on her bed. She sits on the bed crossing her arms.

Mo: Ok. . . not to be rude, but can you go be moody somewhere else?

Jami: Mo!

Mo: What?! Don’t you see that Casey and I were having an intimate moment?

Jami looks over to see Casey waving. Jami scowls. Mo, on the other hand, grins and blows kisses.

Jami: Can’t you both hear me out?

Mo: Sure. After we get done.

Jami: Monique, do you have to be so crass? Do you have to think with your vagina instead of your heart?

Mo: I’m not being crass. And he is my heart.

Casey smiles. He then gets up and joins them.

Casey: It’s alright, Mo. Jami, what has she done now?

Jami: Well—

Mo: No! H*ll no! I don’t wanna talk about that tramp, Allison. Not on Christmas Eve. It’s bad enough that I’m not home from Christmas, so could I at least have a good day with my man and best friend without hearing her name! Jesus!

Jami: What’s bothering you?

Mo: Everything. Me and you. Our lie!

Casey: Huh?

Mo: (to Jami) You know if you’d be truthful with everything, we wouldn’t have to deal with this mess!

Jami: (warning tone) Mo. . .

Mo: No d*mmit! This secret is clouding everything. My relationship with Casey. A potential one you could have with MJ!

At this moment, MJ comes up to their door and stops, listening in.

Mo: As your best friend, I’m going to take a stand and do what’s best for you. You need to tell MJ that you have feelings for him just like you need to tell Casey that you’re related to him!

Jami gasps. Casey looks at Mo bewildered.

Casey: Wait—what?

Mo: You both will thank me later on.

Mo grabs Casey’s and Jami’s hands and joins them together.

Mo: Casey, meet your cousin. Your Aunt Sabrina’s daughter.


The door creaks open and everyone snaps their heads back to reveal an equally stunned MJ in the doorway. On his reaction,




There is a bit of an awkward silence. No one is speaking. No is looking at each other. Then, still a bit dazed, MJ steps in and closes the door behind him. Jami pulls away from Casey.

MJ: Don’t let me interrupt.

Jami: (teary eyed, irate) I can’t believe you, Monique.

Mo: Again, you’ll thank me in the long haul.

Mo glances over at Casey, who is still reeling from the news.

Mo: Casey. . .

Casey holds up his hand, suggesting she stop.

Casey: Cousin? Are you two serious? (nearly hysterical) This is joke, right?

MJ: I’m thinking the same thing.

Mo: It isn’t! When was the last time your family has really heard from Sabrina? Seen her? Know what she’s been up too? Huh?

Casey ponders.

Mo: Exactly!

Jami: She’s not lying. If you don’t believe us—

Casey: Oh, don’t worry. I’m questioning it.

Mo snatches Jami’s phone from her bag and hands it to him. The phone is on the contact that reads “Mom” with a photo of Sabrina.

Mo: Want more proof?

Mo switches to another contact—Frannie’s profile. A photo of her pops up.

Mo: That’s your aunt, right?

Casey: Yeah, but—

Mo: We could’ve gotten that image from anywhere? Is that where you were about to go? If you don’t believe me now then we can always call her.

Jami: No!

Mo pushes the dial and speaker buttons and the phone rings.

Jami goes for the phone when Casey snatches the phone.

Frannie (V.O.) Sweetheart! I was wondering when you were going to call home. Merry Christmas!

Casey holds out the phone to Jami with a look of determination—a dare to see if she’ll prove her own accusations.

Jami: Hey, Aunt Frannie. Merry Christmas to you too. How is everyone in London?

Frannie: Great. Andy and I took your mom and brothers out to eat. She wanted to hop on the Eurostar and head to Paris to see you, but Andy handed her the card that you sent earlier saying that you and Monique would be in Athens. Took us hours to reassure her you’d both be fine. How is Monique by the way?

Jami: She’s doing great. Right here beside me listening on.

Mo: Hi, Ms. Hughes.

Frannie: Hey, baby. And don’t worry. Your mom is doing great too. . . Anyways, how is Oakdale? Mo, I’ve received your last email telling me that you’ve fallen for my nephew. A real cutie, huh?

Mo: (looking at Casey) Yep. He doesn’t know how much he means to me. . . A real Christmas miracle if you asked me.

Frannie: Aww. How sweet. If only he knew how you really feel.

Casey is a mixed bag of emotions—angry, confused, saddened.

Casey: He does, Aunt Frannie! Just like he knows that Jami is a Hughes.

Frannie: Casey?! Casey—

MJ intervenes ends the call. Casey wipes the tears from his eyes.

MJ: Point proven.

Casey turns away in disbelief.

Mo: Now what? You wanna take back what you said, Casey? You wanna go tell everyone? You wanna peg me as a liar like Allison. Go ahead.

Jami: (to Mo) Haven’t you done enough today!

Mo: I’m just getting started. Might as well as things are about to blow up!

Casey: (turning back) Why? That’s all I can say. . . Why?

Mo and Jami glance at each other, then back at Casey.




Emily: Sorry. I didn’t mean it.

Samantha: I doubt that, but I understand why you feel the way you do.

Emily: I doubt that.

Emily walks over to her window that overlooks the city.

Emily: Guess I can kiss this all goodbye.

Samantha: You quitting?

Emily: Huh?

Samantha: (sighs) Can you give us moment, Ms. Walsh?

Lucinda: Of course.

Lucinda exits.

Samantha: Look, Mrs. Ryan—

Emily: Emily. Call me Emily. You calling me Mrs. makes me feel old, and I’m not that old.

Samantha: Fine. Emily, I just don’t see why you see me as a threat. If anything, I’m here to help you.

Emily: Help me? More like dictate.

Samantha: I beg to differ. . .

Emily: Well I don’t! If you think about it, I’m not an equal to you. As much as you sit here and try and reassure me otherwise, that isn’t the case. You’re a Cory. Your family now owns this paper meaning you have the real power. I’m nothing but a figurehead. Classic nepotism if you ask me!

Samantha: Do you think my grandmother is like that?

Emily: Didn’t she just appoint you to co-editor? A position that should not be held by someone that has probably graduated from college a few weeks ago?

Samantha: Ouch. But I guess I deserved that. However, I can reassure you that she won’t decide with me just I am a Cory.

Emily: Whatever! I’ve heard how close your family is!

Samantha: Then you need to go check your sources again because my family is just like any other family. We have rifts, and everyone isn’t that close.

Emily: (sarcastically) Oh goody! I feel so much better. (roll eyes) Still doesn’t convince me or make me feel safe.

Rachel: (entering) Then what about you hearing it from me?



Mo: You wanna know why? Fine—

Jami: No! I’ll tell him. I’ll tell you both.

Jami looks to MJ, who gives her a reassuring smile.

Jami: You know that my mom left Oakdale for Montega, correct?

Casey: Yes.

Jami: Well that’s true. Now her spending all those years there was a lie. She met my father there. He was a young law student helping restore the country like she was. They had a May to December romance resulting in them eloping. Knowing how Grandma and Grandpa weren’t big fans of her last relationship. . .

Casey: Tonio Reyes?


Jami: Yes. She decided to keep him a secret for a while. They had me and my brothers, and we moved to Los Angeles where my dad got a position as in a top law firm. He worked his way through and became a partner, but unbeknownst to my mom, he had been doing shady business dealing with some men from Montega. Drug and mob related activities. Things went array. A rival mob family had a hit on my dad, and when my mom learned the truth and fled to Europe with us to avoid being killed.

Casey: Wow. . .

Jami: She didn’t want us to have contact with my dad either—something I can totally understand. We eventually settled down in London and that’s where we’ve been.

Casey: But why didn’t she inform us about you all?

Jami: Embarrassed. She didn’t want to bring the family anymore grief. That along with her worrying about the rival mob family eventually targeting you all. She doesn’t even know I am here. If she did, she’d blow a gasket out of fear that my dad will contact me or I’ll become a target to his old foes.

MJ: How long have Frannie and Andy known?

Jami: Aunt Frannie has always known. She was the one helping us move around. Uncle Andy didn’t learn the truth until leaving Oakdale and taking a photography job abroad. He wound up in London and learned the truth. There you go. Happy?

Casey: Yeah. . .

Casey’s phone rings. It’s Tom.

Casey: I better answer it.

Jami watches on apprehensively.


Casey: Hello?

Tom: Hey! Where are you?

Casey: Uh… hanging out with some friends.

Tom: Well are you coming over?

Casey: Yeah. In a few.

Tom: Ok. See you then.

Casey: Dad. . .

Jami tense up.

Casey: Save some of Grandma Kim’s cookies for me. You know how Daniel gets.

Jami sighs.

Tom: Sure will. See you in a few.

Tom hangs up.


Casey: Your secret is safe with me. You’re family, and I’ll do whatever I can to keep you protected.

Casey grabs Jami and hugs her.

Jami: Thank you.

Casey: And don’t worry about Aunt Frannie. I’ll call and talk to her later and let her know I won’t say a word.

Jami nods.

Casey: (to MJ) You coming?

MJ: No. I’ll catch up with you later on.

Casey: Ok.

MJ places his hands on Jami’s shoulders, comforting her.

Meanwhile, Casey grabs Mo by the hand as they head into the


He closes the door so they can be alone.

Mo: You breaking up with me? Because if you are then you could’ve did that in the room.

Casey: Look up.

Mo: What?

She looks up and sees mistletoe dangling over their head. As she looks back down, her lips meet with Casey. They kiss passionately, then:

Mo: You’re not mad?

Casey: No. Disappointed but not mad.

Mo: (dully) Great.

Mo drops her head but Casey lift it up.

Casey: (smiling) Thank you. While I may never fully understand, you’ve given me the best three gifts of the year. . . a cousin, honesty, and you.

Mo lights up.

Casey: Till tomorrow.

Casey kisses Mo hands and leaves.

On Mo love stricken,






Emily, disheveled and angry, enters. Lining each side of the table consists of journalists that work for the paper. They all stand with confusion riddled on their faces. Emily makes her way to the head of the table, and has a seat.

Emily: Anyone know the meaning of this meeting?

Random Reporter: Nope. We all just got a call and was told to meet here.

Emily: Dear God. Everyone have a seat until I get to the bottom of this. . .

They all have a seat.

Suddenly, Lucinda enters the room donning shades. She takes off the glasses and does not look pleased. She dons a look like she means business. This causes Emily to look worried.

Emily: Lucinda, what are you doing here?

Lucinda: Don't I own this paper?

Emily: Yes, but--

Lucinda: No "buts." If you're wondering who called the meeting, it was me.

Emily: OK. . . why is that?

Lucinda: There are going to be some changes with the newspaper.

Emily: Such as?

Lucinda: Such as I sold the paper this morning. Worldwide no longer owns The Intruder.

On Emily stunned,



Ryder is in a rush, getting himself together. After tying his tie, he frantically starts to search for something but can't find it.


Ryder: (to self) Now is not the time.


Ryder groans and heads over the to the door.

Ryder: Who is--

Ryder opens the door to reveal his younger sister, CHRISTINA.

Christina: (barging in) Hey Ryder.

Ryder: Chrissy, what are you doing here?

Christina: Moving in.

Ryder: Say what?!

Christina: I'm moving in. Mom and I had another fight, and I want to get as far away from her as possible.



Jami goes over some files. MJ emerges from the elevator and notices Jami. He walks over and taps her on the shoulder, greeting her with a smile.

MJ: Hey.

Jami: What's up?

MJ: Nothing much. Still reeling over that party. Talk about crazy.

Jami: (writing in file) Tell me about it.

Jami closes the file and faces MJ.

Jami: Especially you and Allison.

MJ: Me and Allison?

Jami: Yes. You two on the dance floor. Remember?

MJ: That's something I'd like to forget.

Jami: (not convinced) Mmm hmm.

MJ reads Jami's face then starts laughing.

Jami: What?

MJ: Are you jealous?

Jami: (flustered) No.

MJ: I think that you are.

Allison bends around the corner and notices Jami and MJ. A sly smirk comes across her face. She heads over to them.

Allison: Hey guys.

Jami: Speaking of the devil. . .

Allison: You guys were talking about me?

Jami: Actually we were.

Allison: Really? Do tell.

MJ: (anxious) Do we have to?

Jami: Yes. We do. (to Allison) We were actually talking about your sister and how embarassing it was for her yesterday. You know. . . being caught in bed with Ryder and Paul finding her. Somewhat similar to your situation with Casey. . .

Allison: Very funny. You're a comedian, huh? Just like Monique. Guess birds of a feather flock together.

Jami: Guess they do.

Allison: (rolling eyes) Anyways. . .

Allison turns her attention to MJ. She starts to run her fingers across his lab coat.

Allison: So MJ, what are you doing tonight?

MJ: I -- umm. . . I--

Jami watches on with fury. She decides to take action.

Jami: He's going out with me!

Allison: He is?

MJ: (overlapping) I am?

On Jami trying to sell her latest scheme,




MJ: I am?

Jami shoots MJ a look and he realizes what she is doing.

MJ: (then, with confidence) I am!

Jami: (walking up on Allison, smug grin) So I guess you'll have to find someone else to go out with.

There is a tense standoff between the two ladies with MJ standing in middle. Suddenly:

Intercom: Dr. MJ Dixon, please report to surgery in room 401. Please report to room 401, stat.

MJ: (easing out) Sorry, ladies. I gotta go. . .

Jami: Wait!

Jami grabs MJ and whispers in his ear:

Jami: Forgive me.

She plants a kiss on his cheek. MJ lights up.

Jami: See you later.

MJ exits in a daze.

Jami: Such a nice guy.

Allison: Sure is. Sadly, he wants to be shackled to you.

Jami: Don't you have integrity? He is related to Casey, and we know you're doing this to get Casey's attention.

Allison: I happen to think that MJ is a nice guy.

Jami: That you just wanna use.

Allison: Whatever.

Jami rams the file in her on Allison's chest.

Jami: Here. This needs to be filed. Maybe while you're finding where this goes, you'll find your dignity too.

Jami walks off.

On Allison troubled,



Mo and Carly sit at the table eating donuts and sipping on coffee. Mo is clearly telling Carly something juicy as she has her full attention.

Mo: . . .So then Lisa jumped in and started snatching wigs. The woman was fierce!

Carly: Snatching wigs?

Mo: (sighs) She read Susan and her band of tramps. You missed one h*ll of party.

Barbara enters at the end of Mo's comment. She pours a cup of coffee.

Barbara: Monique, don't you have something better to do than gossip?

Mo: Umm. . . no. (getting up) Let me get back to my office and find something do before Babs goes nuts.

Barbara: Monique, show some respect, OK? It's Mrs. Coleman. Not Barbara. Not Babs.

Mo: (exiting) Whatever, Babs.

Carly chortles. Barbara then shoots her a look.

Carly: What!

Barbara: You're encouraging her just like Lisa is.

Carly: Well I find her charming and she brings good energy.

Barbara: Good energy? I would not consider gossiping as good energy.

Carly: (rising) I do. (heading to fridge) Especially when you have a newborn, three teens, and husband. I need my gossip where I can get it.

Carly digs in the fridge as Barbara stand over, watching.

Barbara: Seriously thought, you and Lisa need to stop encouraging her. Put up some boundaries or I am going to have to fire her.

Carly: (closing fridge with apple in hand) Too bad you can't. (takes a bite) At least two of us have be in favor and I doubt Lisa wants to fire her.

Barbara: Carly!

Carly: Barbara, where are we going to find a better intern? Huh? (waits for an answer. . .) I thought so.

Barbara: I seriously don't know what you two see in her.

Carly: A bit of ourselves. ALL of us.

Barbara: Dear God. She is nothing like me.

Carly: She's feisty.

Barbara: Mouthy is the word I'd use.

The door reopens and in walks Monique again.

Mo: A hag is here and she is determined to see you.

Mo moves aside in and in walks Susan.

Susan: Barbara, we need to fix this situation and fast.



Emily: Lucinda, you can't!

Lucinda: I can. Stocks are dropping and I have to let one of my subsidiaries go. Intruder is the one I have to drop.

Emily: This has something to do with me and Paul, right? He's the CFO and he's advised you to do so after what happened.

Lucinda: What are you talking about? I have no clue nor do I care what goes on with you or Paul's personal lives. This is something we've been deciding for awhile.

Emily: So Paul does know?

Lucinda: Yes, but this has been a decision in the making for awhile, darling.

Emily: OK. Without a primary backer--a publisher, we're screwed.

Lucinda: Oh darling. . . You're reading too much into this.

Emily: I don't think I am!

Emily gets up and starts to pace, frantically.

Lucinda: Darling, could you listen!


Emily: Cass? What are you doing here and who is she?

Rachel: The new owner of the Intruder.

On Emily taken back,



Ryder and Christina are sitting on the sofa. Ryder is clearly annoyed at this point.

Ryder: You really need to get over it, Chrissy.

Christina: No. Mom needs to let go, but we won't have to worry about that now. She has no choice but to let go seeing as I am now moving here.

Ryder: And where are you going to stay?

Christina: Here.

Ryder jumps from the sofa.

Ryder: Oh no. H*ll no!

Christina: C'mon, Ryder. Only for awhile. At least until the next semester starts at Oakdale U.

Ryder: No! And while we're on the topic of school, what about Berkley?

Christina: What about it?

Ryder: So you're not going to school?

Christina: Not now. I took the semester off.

Ryder: Have you even figured out how you're going to pay for school? Huh, Chrissy?

Christina: Yes. I have the college bonds from Grandma Nancy that I haven't cashed yet. I can use those to pay for the upcoming semester, and apply for scholarships for the remainder of my time. If you're trying to imply that I need Mom or Dad, I don't.

Christina gets up and opens the door and grabs her suitcases.

Christina: Now where is my room?

On Ryder astonished by her boldness,



Emily: You? Who are you? Do you even know anything about the newspaper industry?

Rachel: I do. Probably more than you. (extending hand) Rachel CORY Hutchins. CEO of Cory Publishing.

Emily: (to Lucinda) The Rachel Cory?!

Lucinda nods.

Emily takes Rachel hands and shakes it firmly.

Emily: (eager) So glad to meet you. So glad to be working with you.

Rachel: (doubtful) Sure you are. . . Now that the introductions are done and over, let's get to business.

Emily: Let's! (pull out chair) Have a seat!

Rachel: No need. What I have to say is short and sweet.

Everyone is rapt in attention.

Rachel: I'd like you to meet your new co-editor, Samantha Cory.

Emily does a double take when Rachel announces this.


In walks SAMANTHA CORY, daughter of Blaine and Sandy Cory. A bright, smart, beautiful Columbia University grad--just the match for Emily.

Rachel: She'll be assisting you, Mrs. Ryan as we transition the Intruder from a smut rag to an interactive newspaper that will trailblaze all news and media into the future.

Emily's jaw drops.

On Samantha being stoic and determined,



- Henry's sister, Clark, emerges and causes trouble.

- Jami's secret is discovered.

- Emily continues to lose it all

- Scott is reunited with his not so thrilled family

- Bonnie returns to Oakdale

- Mo's brother realizes the girls are lying and comes to Oakdale

- Lisa & Tom are at odds

- Tom will do anything to win

- Jack is still plagued by his mother's death

- Adrienne and Holden continue to get hot & heavy, much to the chagrin of Emma




Emily lies with her head between Ryder legs as Paul enters. It is clear that Emily is sedated; however, this isn't clear to Paul.

Paul: God d*mmit! Emily! What the h*ll are you doing?!

Emily: Huh? Paul, what are you. . .

Emily notices how she is positioned. She also sees Ryder lying in the bed, still drunk and out of it.

Emily: (coming to) Oh my God! Paul, I can--

Susan: (O.C) What is going on here?! Emily!

Susan comes from behind Paul and look on disgust.

On Emily horrified,



Lily stand frozen in the doorway, gazing at a naked Adrienne and Holden. Adrienne, embarrassed, pulls the covers over her body.

Adrienne: (to Lily) What are you doing?!

Lily: No! I should be the one asking what you are doing! But it's clear that you're doing my husband instead!

Adrienne: (to Holden) Husband?!

Holden: (correcting) Ex. (to Lily) Why are you here?

Lily: I work here! (tearing up) How could you, Holden? How could you?



Carter walks in grinning as Scott, grinning too, sits on the sofa.

Carter: Well look who it is.

Scott: In the flesh.

Scott and Carter share a manly hug and laugh before sitting back down on the sofa.

Carter: Took you long to get here.

Scott: I know. I know. I just had to wrap some things up in Los Angeles. My focus is all yours now.

Carter: Good. But are you still serious about going through with this? Going against your brother?

Scott: Of course. Nothing wrong with a little sibling competition. Except I expect to win.

On Scott determined and sly grin,




Lily: How could you, Holden?! How could you? Of all these places in Oakdale, you chose here to frolic around with your little hussy?!

Adrienne: Excuse me?

Adrienne starts to get rowdy but Holden holds her back.

Holden: Seriously, Lily?

Lily: Very.

Adrienne: Are you two going to seriously do this now?

Holden: No!

Lily: (overlapping) Yes!

Adrienne snatches the top blanket off the bed and covers herself. She makes her way towards the bathroom, but:

Adrienne: I'll be in the shower. When you get done, Holden. . . (seductively grinning) . . .you can come join me for rounds two, three, and four.

Holden grins as Adrienne exits into the bathroom.

Lily: Slut. (to Holden) So where did you meet her?

Holden: None of your business.

Lily: It is my business when you're causing a disturbance and the neighbors complain. Oh and the fact that you might bring this tramp around of children!

Holden: Lily. . .

Holden puts on his underwear and grabs a robe from nearby as he gets out the bed.

Holden: It's not that serious. We're just having fun.

Lily: Yes. Fun. But when I was having fun with Damian--

Holden: Different situation. We were still married.

Lily: I thought you were dead!

Holden: Fine. Whatever you say. May I just remind you that we're not together?

Lily: Your decision.

Holden: And I am fine with it. You on the other hand. . .

Adrienne: (O.C.) Holden. . . I'm getting really horny!

Lily: You're slut is calling you.

Holden: Lily--

Lily: I don't wanna hear it! (wounded) Just keep the noise down.

Lily rushes out the room as Holden tries to stop her.

On a conflicted Holden,



Paul rushes down the stairs with a handfull of Emily's clothes in his hands. It's clear that he is p*ssed off. Emily is hot on his heels, screaming as Paul opens the door and flings her clothes out the door.

Emily: Paul, let me explain!

Paul: Explain what? That I found your head inbetween Ryder's leg?!

Emily: Paul!

Paul grabs Emily and starts shaking her.

Paul: How long?! How long have you been sleeping with him?!

Emily: Are you serious?!

Emily snatches away from here. Tears stream down her eyes.

Emily: Do you think that after all we went through to be together that I'd compromise it?! For a fling?! Clearly you don't know me!

Paul: Clearly I don't!

Susan and a half dressed Ryder come rushing down the stairs.

Ryder: Paul, I've never--

Paul: Shut up! I don't wanna hear it! You can take this piece of trash and get out of my house!

Susan: Excuse me! Don't you talk to my daughter like that!

Paul: I'll talk to her any way that I please. It's warranted!

By now, other party guests have made their way in to see the spectacle. Barbara, Allison, Meg, and Lisa make their way to the front of the crowd.

Allison: What's wrong?

Paul: You're tramp of sister was just caught in bed with Ryder!

Lisa: Must be hereditary.

Susan: Oh shut up, Lisa!

Lisa: I'm just saying. . . You're little clan has been known to run astray. And of course it'd be with poor innocent Ryder!

Any man of Hughes relation has to pentrate a Stewart woman. It's like right of passage.

The crowd goes into the ruckus after Lisa's insult-- laughing and "ooing."

Mo: (to Lisa) Girl, you better snatch wigs! Work! W-E-R-K!

MJ: (to Jami) I thought work was spelled W-O-R-K?

Jami shakes her head, telling him let it go.

Barbara: Lisa, enough!

Barbara walks up to Paul, getting control of her son and the situation.

Barbara: (to Paul) Are you sure?

Paul: Am I sure?! I caught her in our bed with her head between his legs!

Everyone gasps.

Mo: At a child's birthday party?! That's h*ish!

Susan: Could someone shut her up?!

Mo: You don't know me you ole' hag. And I did not come from that hole between your legs, so you can't tell me what to do. OK?

Barbara: (stern) Monique! Enough!

Mo: OK. But that's because you sign my checks. . . and you're crazy.

Barbara shoots a look at Mo before turning her attention back to Paul and Emily. A saddness come over her face.

Barbara: (to Emily) Why?

Emily: Why? Why what?! Didn't I just say that I didn't do anything with Ryder!

Ryder: She didn't! How could I when I was drunk!

Mo: That ain't stop nobody from getting loose, sweetie.

Allison: You look like you'd know.

Mo: Actually I don't know but your sister does.

Barbara: Monique, don't say another word. . .

Mo closes her mouth and gestures like she locking it and throwing away the key.

Ryder: Meg can tell you that! I came here with her!

Everyone looks to Meg. She stands off to the side, feigining innocence.

Meg: You did. But you told me that you were going to the bathroom when we got here--I didn't know that you were messing with her on the side. How could you!

Ryder: What?!

Meg: I was really starting to like you! And you were using me! Using me to get to this sl*t!

Ryder: You're crazy.

Emily: You're just now figuring that out?

Paul: She isn't too crazy! She's never been caught screwing someone in my bed!

Emily grabs Paul and looks him in the eye. She is dead serious.

Emily: Paul, I love you. I would NEVER cheat on you with another man. You have to believe me. This was a mistake. I did not sleep with Ryder.

Lisa: Of course not, but you were working you're way up before Paul walked in.

Emily: Lisa, please shut up! (to Paul) I am telling the truth! I swear to God. I am telling the truth!

Paul is conflicted as he wants to believe Emily but the facts are in front of him. Then:

Paul: I can't.

This is a blow to Emily. She can't believe it.

Paul: I want you to pack your sh*t and get out. I want no traces of you left behind. You have thirty minutes.

Coldly, Paul walks away from Emily and their marriage.

On Emily crushed and stunned,



Tom is with his stratagists and volunteers going over the campaign when Carter walks in. Spotting him, Tom folds everything up and sends his crew into the back.

Tom: What do you want, Carter?

Carter: I just came to stop by and see if you were ready to drop out of the race.

Tom: Not a chance. Your flashy, tacky methods work now but they will soon start to wane.

Carter: I wouldn't call myself flashy and tacky. I'd just say that I have great support behind me.

Tom: Like Lucinda Walsh?

Carter: For starters.

Tom: Well just know that I have people with deep pockets backing me too. This election won't be an easy feat.

Carter: I agree. If anything, I think that things are about to turn up.

Tom: Really? How so?

Carter: (calling out) Hey! My future Chief Assistant District Attorney, show yourself!

In walks Scott with a grin on his face.

Scott: Hey big bro. Aren't you going to welcome me home?

Tom: (befuddled) Scott. . . what is the meaning of--

Carter: I'd like you to meet my new Chief Assistant District Attorney, Scott Eldridge. You know him, don't you?

Tom scowls at Carter.

Carter: Now don't be mad. Looks like you'll be pulling an all nighter. (to Scott) I'll give you some time to get reacquainted.

Carter exits.

Tom: Why, Scott? Why?

Scott: Why not? This is strictly business, big bro. All is fair in politics. See you at the debates. . .

Scott exits.

On Tom verklempt,





Emily quickly lights the candles on the cake. She then grabs it and rushes up to Paul with a big grin on her face.

Emily: Happy birthday!!

Paul laughs, but stops when he notices his quiet and now awkward guests watching on.



Meg eases open the door and peers in. No one is there.

Meg: Let's get this show on the road.

The kicks open the door and drags in a drunken Ryder.

Meg: My God you weren't joking when you said that you were a lightweight.

On Meg dragging Ryder up the stairs,



Adrienne sits alone eating her dinner. In the B.G., Holden enters. Adrienne looks up from her plate from a second and gives a quick glance behind. Her and Holden eyes connect. A slight smile from both parties then Adrienne turns back around.

On Adrienne intrigued,



We hear the lock unlocking and in walks Luke.

Luke: Noah! Noah, you here?

Luke closes the door behind him.

Luke: Guess he started at WOAK today.

Luke sighs and places the grocery bag in armchair. On the coffee table lies a stack of mail, which Luke eyes. Exhausted, Luke drags himself over and plops down on the sofa before grabbing the mail.

Luke: (going through mail) Bill . . . bill . . . Another bill . . . (sarcastically) Oh! A student loan for Noah! . . . bill . . . (stops on the last letter) Can't be?

A closeup shot of a letter addressed to Luke from his old friend, Kevin Davis . . .




We pan across the floor that is covered in clothes, the same clothes that Ryder was dressing until we come up to see Meg tucking him into the bed.

Meg: (giddy) Paul is going to flip out when he sees you two in bed together!

Meg digs into her purse and pulls out a small vial filled with something white.

Meg: Now let's get this started.

On Meg grinning,



Emily and Paul walk around the pool, arm in arm, while the party is back on. Seems as if the two are in their own world -- away from everyone else.

Emily: Sorry about the party.

Paul: It's fine.

Emily: No! It wasn't.

Paul: It was.

Paul stops and pulls Emily close, staring into her eyes lovingly.

Paul: It was. The awkward silence was a bit weird but it was fine. More than fine. It was perfect.

Emily and Paul lean in for a kiss when,

Henry (OC): Meg! You made it!

Paul and Emily look over towards the door to see Meg standing in doorway. The sight of her makes Emily sick.



Holden has now joined Adrienne. The two are enjoying themselves, laughing.

Adrienne: . . .And my father caught Bradley hiding in my closet naked!

Holden: (laughing) Gosh. . . that Brad was a mess.

Adrienne: Yeah. He was. (hitting her) I still miss him. No other man has meant so much to me like Bradley. Don't think another will. . .

Holden: I understand. Young love. We think that it'll stand the test of time but it doesn't. Reality sets in--

Adrienne: And people change. Just hate how things ended between us. . . how we never stayed in touch.

Holden: Well I'm sure that Brad is looking down from Heaven and wishing the same.

Adrienne: Yeah. . .

Holden: (getting up) Well thanks for having dinner with me.

Adrienne: (grabbing him by the hand) Wait! (pulling away) I mean, what about a night cap? A drink? How about it?

Holden is a bit conflicted -- struggling between yes or no. Then,

Holden: You know what . . . sure. Let's have that drink.



We come in on Lisa and John slow dancing together to Midnight Star’s Slow Jam.

Lisa: Who would’ve thought that the two of us are having a good time at this party?

John: I know right.

John spins Lisa out and then back in towards him.

Lisa: Just look at them.

A shot of Meg and Emily exchanging words with Paul standing between the two, over it.

Lisa: Young. . . miserable . . .

John: That was us about 40 years ago.

Lisa: Speak for yourself. That was 40 years ago for you. Ten years ago for me.

Lisa and John share a laugh.

John: Still the same Lisa.

Lisa: Always.

They continue dancing. Unbeknownst to the two, Lucinda watches on fuming from a far.

Nearby, Mo and Casey are slow dancing too; however, Casey is distracted by something.

Mo: Casey?

Casey: Huh? Oh. Sorry.

Mo: Are you still upset about Allison? I mean if you wanna go make up with her—

Casey: I don’t. Trust me. That door is closed forever. . . (holding up Mo’s chin) . . .and a new one is open.

Casey leans in and kisses Mo passionately.

We move onto Jami and MJ dancing. Suddenly, Allison taps MJ on the shoulder.

Allison: Can I cut in?

MJ: Well—

Before MJ can answer, Allison finds a way to edge Jami out the way and dance with MJ. Allison rests her head on MJ’s chest, closes her eyes, and smile.

MJ glances over at Jami, who is in total disbelief,

On a shot of Jami rolling her eyes,


Meg and Emily are still exchanging words. Paul still looks on.

Emily: Who invited you?

Meg: Barbara and Henry did. Is it a problem, Emily?

Emily: Clearly it is.

Meg: Why?!

Emily: The way you’re dressed for starters. . .

Meg: It’s a dress!

Emily: Honey, you can’t kid a kidder. This stunt you’re pulling, I’ve done it a million times.

Meg: Oh. . . we know.

Paul: Ladies, c’mon. It’s my birthday. Can’t we put our differences aside for once? Plus, Eliza is here, Emily. She’d want both of her moms here.

Emily nods in agreement while this statement sends a chill down Meg’s spine—not a good one, yet Meg feigns a smile.

Meg: How about a drink then?

Emily: Most definitely.

Meg: Then I’ll go get them. Merlot?

Emily: Ooo, yes.

Meg: Be right back.

Meg walks off for the refreshment table.

Emily: At least little Miss. Cornfield knows her wines.

Paul: Emily. . .

Emily: Just saying.


Meg unscrews her vial and drops with white substance into Emily’s glass.

Meg: Bi*ch. . . You can kiss Paul and my daughter goodbye.

Meg grabs the glasses and heads back towards Paul and Emily. She hands Emily her glass first. Then Paul.

Meg: To new beginnings?

Emily: I don’t know about—

Paul: (elbowing his wife) Yes, new beginnings. For Eliza.

Emily: (sighs) Fine. Only for Eliza.

The three clink their glasses together before Emily quickly downs her wine.

Meg: (taking a sip) Jesus. You were thirsty, Emily. You didn’t leave a drop in the glass.

Emily: It was much needed.

Meg: (thought) Oh bi*ch whatever. What I need right now is for a bus to run you over; however, I’ll settle for something less. . . the demise of your marriage. . .

Meg smiles at Emily. Emily is taken back by this and hesitant at first before smiling back.



Luke sits on the couch reading the letter when Noah barges in with a grin on his face. Luke jumps up, hiding the letter in his back pocket.

Noah: Baby, guess what?

Luke: (walking over to him) What?

Noah: Kim is thinking about giving me a show on WOAK—a show to air short films for local movie makers. How about that?

Luke: Sounds wonderful.

Noah hugs Luke tightly.

On Luke feeling guilty as he holds a secret from Noah,



Holden and Adrienne are in the throes of passion—making love like never before. The two look like two animals in the wild attacking one another, feeding off one another’s energy.

Adrienne: Oh Holden!

Holden: Shh!


Adrienne: (breathing heavily) Should we answer?

Holden: Shh!

The sweaty Holden nibbles on her lip before kissing her. Adrienne lets out a moan as the door, canceling out the sound of the door unlocking. . .

Lily (OC): Excuse me! The guests have been complaining about the noise level. . .

It’s Lily!

Lily: . . .In here. . .

Holden looks up to see Lily standing in the door way. Both he and Adrienne cover up.

On a astounded and heartbroken Lily,



Paul and Meg stand off to the side in silence. Then,

Meg: (looking around) Where did Emily go?

Paul shrugs.

Paul: Said she was going inside to take an Advil. She was developing a headache.

Meg: Should you go and check on her?

Paul glances at his watch.

Paul: Maybe I should?

Meg nods. Paul takes her advice and heads in.

Meg: Ta-ta, Mrs. Ryan—or should I say Ms. Stewart now.

Meg maniacally grins as we


to Lucinda charging toward John and Lisa, who are still dancing.

Lucinda: (clears throat) John!

John and Lisa stop dancing.

John: Lucinda, I didn’t know you were here.

Lucinda: Of course you didn’t.

John leans in to kiss Lucinda. She puts a hand up, blocking him.

John: What?

Lucinda storms off.

John goes to go after her when Lisa grabs him by the arm, preventing him from going.

Lisa: Let her go.

John: I can’t. (kisses Lisa on the cheek) Thanks for the dance.

Lisa: (smiles) Anytime.

John rushes off to catch up to Lucinda.

A shot of Lisa shaking her head in disbelief,



Paul bursts into the room to find Emily’s head in between Ryder’s legs—in his crotch region. To us, it is clear she is passed out but not to Paul.

Paul: God d*mmit! Emily!

Emily sits up, dazed and confused



Carter opens the door and flicks on the light. What he sees brings a smile upon his face.

Carter: Why hey there, Mr. Future Assistant District Attorney!

We pan over to reveal. . .


Scott Eldridge, Lisa’s estranged son!!

He is sitting on the sofa.

Scott: Hey there, partner. Just thinking of some ways we’re going to bring down my big brother and win the office.

Carter and Scott share a laughter, and embrace each other in a friendly hug.



- Emily's world unravels and Meg enjoys it from a far

- Ryder is onto Meg, but doesn’t rat her out

- Tom files for custody of Daniel due to Emily’s actions

- Allison decides to stick it to Mo through Jami

- Aaron is reunited with the mysterious woman

- Jack continues to unravel

- Holden finds love

- Luke reunites with an old friend

- Barbara & Henry's love begins to wane

- A Stenbeck comes to town

- A Cory (AW) and a Whitney (EON) come to Oakdale

- Bonnie returns to Oakdale & forms an alliance with Tom

- Casey & MJ are let in on a secret

- Lisa finds love, but Lucinda serves as the buffer

- Carter becomes a thorn in John's side

- A lost son returns home, joining a foe

- Craig's vengeance puts Rosanna in peril





We open up on the calm, cool, and blue water of the pool; however, the party is anything but.

Paul's staff is scattered about, frantic, and setting up his birthday party. Some are hanging balloons and banners. Some are setting up food. The cook is off to the side tending to the grill. One of the maids is off to the side discussing what genre of music to play with the DJ.

Standing on the terrace, watching it all with a clip board in her hand is Emily.

Emily: We gotta hurry! Paul will be here any second. (glancing at watch) Oh God. Where is Allison with the cake?

Allison (OC): Right here. Stress no more.

Allison crosses from inside the house onto the terrace bearing a cake. Emily sighs with relief. This is one less thing she has to worry about.

Allison: Where do you want it?

Emily: (pointing) Put it over there with the presents. Just shove them to the side and put the cake front and center.

Allison: Got it. Anything else?

Emily: Did you get the candles?

Allison: Yes.

Emily: Forty?

Allison: (now agitated) Yes.

Allison produces a candle with the numbers "4" and "0." She hands them Emily.

Allison: Better than lighting forty candles.

Emily hugs Allison before slightly pushing her in the direction of the table -- a nudge to get her moving.

Emily: (to self) Now where is Barbara? She was supposed to be here.

On Emily anxious,



Barbara sits at her desk. She turned away from the entrance as she is going over designs. Henry, donning a sly grin, slides into the room unbeknowest to her. He spins the chair towards him, grabs the designs from Barbara, and tosses them.

Barbara: Henry!

Henry: Hush, my love.

Henry grabs Barbara and hoists her onto the desk, wrapping her legs around his waist. He begins to kiss her neck; however, we see that Barbara is not pleased by this love gesture, though she doesn't let Henry on.

Barbara: Baby . . .

Henry: (face buried into her neck) Yes.

Barbara: Now is not the time for us to get it on.

Henry: (pulling back) Why?

Barbara: Umm . . . let's see . . . we have to attend Paul's birthday party.

Henry: But that isn't for another 2 hours.

Barbara: But I promised Emily I'd be there to help her.

Henry: I doubt Emily Stewart needs any help. She's probably running a tight ship.

Barbara: OK. But I also have to give the OK on these designs.

Henry: OK . . . but why can't Carly or Lisa do it?

Barbara: Because Queen is my line. That's the whole reason of us having three different, individual lines. Each vision is differ from the other. And you ought to know that vision is FAR differ from Lisa's and Carly's.

Henry breaks away from their embrace and head for the door.

Barbara: Hey! Where are you going?

Henry: I'm going to head to the party and assist Emily, and leave you here to finish this up.

Barbara: You didn't want to wait on me?

Henry: No. You just finish this up, and I'll handle the party for you.

Barbara: Thanks, honey.

Henry: No problem.

Barbara gets back to work as Henry watches her for second with a slight smile. He closes the door and his mood changes -- he's hurt from Barbara's rejection. Something more is going on . . .




His body wet and glistening, and donning nothing but a towel, Ryder opens the door to reveal a sultry Meg, who looks like sex on stilts with her skin tight red dress and high heels.

Ryder: If looks could kill . . .

Meg: I'd have tons of bodies in my tracks. Now aren't you going to invite me in?

Ryder moves to the side, making way for Meg to enter. She seductively enters with every curve of her body switching. Ryder likes this. He closes the door.

Ryder: Is Paul going to be alright with me bringing you as my date?

Meg: Why would he? Paul and I have been divorced for awhile now. He's shacked up to Emily.

Ryder: Yeah . . . but you are the mother of his child.

Meg: And that's it!

Meg walks up to Ryder and gently strokes her fingers against his abs.

Meg: You aren't worried about Paul are you?

Ryder: No -- I mean I just don't want to rock the boat.

Meg: Don't worry about Paul. If he says anything rude, I'll check him. Now go get ready.

Ryder grins and goes into the bathroom. Meg has a seat on the sofa.

Meg: (calling out) What do you have to drink in here?

Ryder (OC): Water. Some soda. I think I have beer or two.

Meg: How about drink before we leave?

Ryder: Sure. Their over in the fridge.

Meg gets up and head to the fridge. She pulls out two beers and puts them on the counter. She glances around the corner before taking one of the beers and pouring half of it out into the sink. She then digs into her and pulls out a small bottle of Jack Daniels. She mixes it in with the beer and shakes it a little. Then she tosses the small bottle of Jack Daniels into the trash.

Ryder then bends around the corner and Meg hands him the mixed beer.

Meg: (toasting) To new beginnings.

Ryder: To new beginnings.

Ryder downs the drink. Meg sips on her and watches as he downs his.

On Meg with a scheming smile,




Allison and Emily stand by the table where the presents are, watching on as the party is jumping. Music is blaring and people are dancing. Emily is pleased with final product.

Allison: (leaning over through the loud music) Paul is going to love this.

Emily: Oh he better.

Allison: I know he will. That man lights up at anything you do.

Emily is touched by this revelation -- on the verge of crying.

Emily: Really?

Allison: Yes he does. I just hope to find love like you have . . . again.

Emily: You will. Trust me. Don't give up on love.

Allison: I won't. And I won't give up on Casey either.

Emily and Allison share a smile when Casey enters with Monique on his arm. MJ has Jami on his. Allison's smile drops.



Lucinda sits in an armchair sipping on tea. The fire in the fire place illuminates the room. John, passing by, peeks his head into the room.

John: I thought you were going to the party with me.

Lucinda: I am or I'll get a driver to drop you off and bring me later.

John: Why?

Lucinda: I have a date this afternoon.

John: (joking) You cheating on me already?

Lucinda: Oh darling, don't start. It's a business date with Carter Wallace.

John rolls his eyes.

Lucinda: What was that?

John: What?

Lucinda: You rolling your eyes.

John: I just don't see why you're supporting that man. He's like a used car-salesman. He's shady.

Lucinda: And who should I be supporting? Tom Hughes?

John: I don't see why not.

Lucinda: (sighs) Just because he's your son-in-law . . .

John: That isn't the only reason.

Lucinda: Then what other reason? May I remind you that the last time he was in office, he stepped down from his position because he was "bored."

John: It's called a mid-life crisis.

Lucinda: Yes . . . I guess you can call it that.

Matthew, Lucinda's butler, escorts Carter into the room. Lucinda stands up to greet him, shaking his hand.

Lucinda: Please have a seat, Mr. Wallace.

Carter: Why thank you, Ms. Walsh.

Carter has a seat in the armchair across from Lucinda's. Lucinda looks at John waiting for him to introduce himself. After a few seconds, he gives in.

John: (shaking Carter's hand) John Dixon. I'm voting the opposition, who happens to be my son-in-law.

Lucinda gasps. She is appalled.

John: I'll see you at the party.

John kisses Lucinda on the forehead and leaves.

Carter: Such a nice man.

Lucinda: Forgive him.

Carter: No harm done. He's just one vote. One monkey doesn't stop the show.

Lucinda: So true. (handing him a check) Now here are the first of many contributions to your campaign.

Carter reaches for the check when Lucinda snatches it away quickly. Carter is confused by this action.

Lucinda: Now you see . . . we have a problem.

Carter: We do?

Lucinda: Yes.

Carter: OK. Please share what the problem is.

Lucinda: Your infatuation with an uncouth she-beast by the name of Lisa Grimaldi.

Carter: I don't--

Lucinda: Mr. Wallace, don't lie. If there is one thing I am good at, it's reading men. And when you see that woman, you melt into a puddle. Now if I am going to invest in your campaign, then I am going to need you to win. I don't toss away money for nothing.

Lucinda hands him the check again.

Lucinda: Don't cross me.

Carter: I wouldn't dream of it.

On a close shot of the two hands shaking,



The party is still going on, but we focus on Allison, who watches as Monique (dancing) back that a** up on Casey. Allison really becomes unnerved by this. Susan places a comforting hand on Allison's shoulder.

Susan: Let it go.

Allison: I can't. I won't. And I definetely won't let that wh*re have him.

Monique comes off the dance and head to the table where Allison is standing, getting some juice.

Allison: (to Mo) Loving this, huh?

Mo: What?

Allison: My sloppy seconds.

Mo: Sloppy? I don't know if you'd associate Casey and sloppy together. Now you on the other hand . . .

Susan: Hey you! Don't you dare insult my daughter!

Casey, Jami, and MJ take notice and make their way over towards the table. So does Emily.

Mo: Then tell that bi*ch to know her place.

Casey: What is going on now?

Mo: This stalker bi*ch is trying to stake her claim again.

Allison: Stalker? I wasn't too much of a stalker because we were engaged.

Mo: And?! You don't have him now.

Emily: OK. What is going on?

Casey: Your sister.

Emily: You sure you and your posse aren't the problem.

Casey: Oh I am sure.

Allison: (to Casey) You're doing this to hurt me!

Jami: (to Allison) And you're making a scene again! Chill out. He doesn't want you.

Casey: Thank you!

Emily: You know what, today is about is about my husband and if you all (pointing at Casey and his crew) are going to ruin it then leave.

Barbara (OC): Is everything alright over here?

Barbara joins the crowd.

Emily: I want them out of here!

Barbara: Emily . . .

Suddenly, Paul emerges from the house. The crowd is silent and stunned to see him. Emily grabs the cake from the table and rushes over to Paul.

Emily: Surprise!!

On Paul not trying to laugh,



- Meg sets her plan in motion

- Emily's world come crashing down in more than one way

- Allison decides to stick it to Mo through Jami

- Aaron is reunited with the mysterious woman

- Jack continues to unravel

- Holden finds love

- Luke reunites with an old friend

- Barbara & Henry's love begins to wane

- A Stenbeck comes to town

- A Cory (AW) and a Whitney (EON) come to Oakdale

- Bonnie returns to Oakdale

- Casey & MJ are let in on a secret

- Lisa finds love, but Lucinda serves as the buffer

- Carter becomes a thorn in John's side

- A lost son returns home, joining a foe

- Craig's vengeance puts Rosanna in peril




We come in on Jack and Carly lying in bed asleep. Carly lies peacefully. A close up shot on Jack, who tosses and turns (without managing to awaken Carly).

Voice: Jack . . .! Jack . . .!

Jack awakens to see Deloris standing at the foot of the bed. She has a glowing aura about her -- it's apparent that she's an apparition.

Jack: Mom!

Deloris: Jack . . .! Jack . . .! Help me!

Deloris holds her hands out to Jack, who tries to reaches her but can't as she seems to get farther and father away from him.

Jack: Mom! Wait, what is it?

Deloris: Jack . . .!

Deloris points to his badge that sits on the nightstand. Jack glances at it and now at Deloris again, who has blood on her white gown. Deloris touches the blood and looks at it before showing her now bloody hands to Jack.

Deloris: Help me . . .

Jack: I don't know what you are saying? Mom! . . . Mom!

Deloris lets out a piercing scream, and

Jack awakens, drench in sweat and breathing heavily. Carly wakes up too.

Carly: Jack? Honey, you alright?

Jack looks over at his badge on the nightstand. A shot of the badge and then a shot of Jack wiping the sweat, clearly shaken,




Jack sits at the table eating his food. Carly, still worried, walks over and pours more juice into his glass. Carly eyes him, looking for answer, then

Jack: What?

Carly: You tell me.

Jack: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Carly: Last night. You waking me up. How about starting there?

Jack: I . . . I just had a bad dream.

Carly grabs a seat next to him.

Carly: Care to share?

Jack flashes back to his mother holding her bloody hands out to him for help.

Jack: What are you, a dream interpreter now?

Carly: Did I say I was?

Jack: No.

Carly: OK then. I was just worried as you woke up like you've seen a ghost or something.

Jack: Carly . . .

We hear Baby Nora cry in the background.

Carly: Hold that thought.

Carly gets up and starts up the stairs.

Jack: No need. I have to head to the station.

Carly: Jack!

Jack: Carly, the baby!

Carly: Ugh!

Carly exits up the stairs. Jack grabs his badge and heads for the door, and opens it, nearly colliding into JJ, still in his pajamas. He has a stack of mail in his hands.

Jack: What are you doing up this early?

JJ: Uh . . . Thought I'd get the mail.

Jack reaches for the mail and JJ snatches away.

JJ : No, Dad!

Jack: JJ, give the mail.

JJ: (seeing badge in Jack's hand) Aren't you running late?

Jack: Yeah. Just give the mail to your mom.

JJ: I will.

Jack runs off. JJ closes the door and quickly goes through the mail until the gets to a letter from his school. He rips it opens to see it's another letter informing them that JJ has been expelled.

JJ: (mumbling) Mom and Dad are going to kill me.

Parker (OC): They sure are . . .

JJ nearly jumps out of his skin. He turns to see Parker standing behind him at the bottom of the stairs, grinning.

JJ: You are just loving this, aren't you?

Parker: Yep. If you'd just tell Mom and Dad--

JJ: I'm not telling them anything and neither are you!

Parker, still donning a grin, walks over to JJ and takes the rest of the mail.

Parker: Of course not. I enjoy watching you squirm anyways.

JJ: Don't you have something better to do like pine over Liberty?

Parker: Shut up!

Carly (OC): Boys!

JJ hides the letter behind his back. Carly comes downstairs holding Nora.

Carly: Boys, can you watch Nora today for me?

Parker: Can't. I have SAT prep today, but JJ can.

JJ: What?!

Parker tugs at the letter behind JJ's back, reminding him that he could always feed his brother to the wolves. JJ, knowing he's in a predicament, caves in.

JJ: I'll do it.

Carly: Thanks, JJ. Don't worry as Sage will be home around 2:00 after cheerleading camp is over. (notices mail) Is that it?

JJ: (eyeing Parker) Yeah . . . That's it.

Carly takes the mail and heads into the kitchen, while handing Nora to Parker.

Parker: Don't test me, JJ.

On JJ at his wits end,



Lucinda and Luke are seated, having breakfast. Coming in mid convo:

Lucinda: I can't believe that you didn't want to come stay at the house with me and John, darling.

Luke: Well you know that Noah is back in town.

Lucinda: He could've stayed there too. There are plenty of rooms.

Luke: Seeing as out relationship is back on, I doubt we'd want to be apart if you know what I mean.

Lucinda: I don't.

Luke: Then I think we should stay here for now.

Lucinda: Why?

Luke: Well Mom and Lisa gave us a discount--

Lucinda: Ooo. . . that woman! I should've known.

Luke: Grandma, calm down.

Lucinda: I should've known that she was one who convinced you stay here. I think she has out for me.

Luke: I think you're just being delusional.

Lucinda: Oh please, darling. The woman has wanted John ever since he moved back to Oakdale and got back with me.

Luke: I seriously doubt that a glamorous woman like Lisa would want John.

Lucinda: Glamorous? (tuts) That old bag. . .

Lucinda takes a sip of her tea.

Lisa (OC): Luke! Ole' Lucy girl!

Lucinda nearly chokes on her tea. Lisa advances towards their table.

Lisa: Morning. You guys enjoying the breakfast?

Lucinda: I was until you arrived.

Luke: Well I think it's lovely. . .

Lisa ignores what Luke said as her attention (well claws) is focused on Lucinda.

Lisa: Guess that Midol I handed you a few weeks didn't help. Oh! My bad! I fail to forget that you're OLE LUCY not young Lucy. You must be going through menopause . . .

Lucinda: Excuse me! How dare you?!

Luke: You guys. . .

Lucinda: (to Luke) Hush, Darling. (to Lisa) You are trash, lady. And I use the word "lady" very loosely when it comes to you.

Lisa laughs.

Lisa: Is that all you got?

Lucinda: I've barely begun with you.

Carter (OC): Ms. Walsh? Mrs. Grimaldi? I didn't know you two knew each other.

Lisa and Lucinda to see Carter standing behind them.

Lisa: Carter!

Lucinda: (off what Lisa said) Carter?! You already calling the man by his first name?

Carter: Oh that's fine. We're all the same age here.

Lisa: I don't know about that. . . Maybe WE are but that thing there . . . (pointing to Lucinda) . . . she's definitely a century or two.

Luke covers his mouth to prevent from laughing. Carter smiles, amused, but even more impressed by Lisa's sassy personality.

Lucinda: Mr. Wallace, you'll have to excuse this she-beast. She is as crass as they come. Please have a seat.

Carter: (eyeing Lisa) Nothing wrong with being a little crass.

Lisa looks back Carter, seductively. She likes this man. She wants to know more about him . . .

Lucinda: (clear throat) Honey, that stunt you're trying to pull is tired. Just like you are. Now if you'll please excuse us, as I am funding Mr. Wallace's campaign, and go fetch us so more coffee . . .

Lucinda hands Lisa the empty tea kettle. A smug grin comes across to Lucinda's face.

Lucinda: Be a good hostess. OK, darling?

Lisa: Go fetch you're own d*mn coffee. And while you're doing that, go get those crow's feet check out. Like a tree's rings, they're telling your age, Lucy.

Lucinda gasps. Lucy tosses her hair and sashays off.

Lucinda: (to Luke, touching her eyes) Is it that bad?

On Luke searching for something to say,



Margo peeks out of her office when Jack enters.

Margo: Jack!

Jack turns as Margo signals him to come into her office.


Jack: What's up?

Margo: I thought that you would want to see this.

Margo hands him a paper.

Jack: What is it?

Margo: Something about your mother's death. I thought you'd want to look at it.

Jack reads the paper. He then looks at Margo not believing a word of what is on the paper.

Jack: Overdose . . .? (handing back to Margo) This has to be a mistake.

Margo: It isn't. I spoke the the Chief of Police, and he wanted me to tell you that your mother's death was no accident. They're are officially declaring your mother's death as a murder, Jack.

Jack: But the hospital staff . . . I--I talked to them all of the time. They all loved my mother.

Margo: Well they are saying that there is no way that your mother could've been injected that much insulin. Not by a staff member anyways. This was intentional.

Jack: What about her log? Her visitors log?

Margo: They said they're looking into it . . .

Jack's mind starts to wander off -- he's again picturing his mother holding her bloody hands out to him for help.

Margo: Jack . . .

Jack: (coming to) Sorry.

Margo: You alright.

Jack: I will be. Excuse me, Margo.

Margo nods, giving him the OK. Jack excuses himself and closes the door behind him. His knees nearly buckling from underneath him, Jack leans up against the wall and starts to sob.

Jack: What the h*ll is going on? Murder?

Jack looks down at his badge, clipped to his belt.

Jack: Is this what you were trying to tell me?

Jack wipes the tears from his eyes and turns to see a vision of his mother advancing towards him, bloody. She is holding hands out to him for help.

Deloris: Jack . . .! Jack . . .!

On Jack nearly losing it,





Luke and Noah lie nude, intertwined on the floor, asleep. Luke, head lying on Noah’s sweaty, glistening chest awakens and gently kisses Noah’s nipples before working his way up to his neck.

Luke: (between kisses) Time to wake up.

Noah grins as he enjoys this moment of ecstasy. Luke kisses his neck.

Noah: You know you’re hitting my hot spot.

Luke: I know. And thank you. I needed that badly.

Noah: I could tell.

Luke kisses Noah and the lips and then gets up, putting his clothes back on.

Noah: What are you doing?

Luke: I have work to do. These videos won’t edit themselves.

Noah: Then I’ll help you. Now lie back down.

Luke: You do realize that the janitor will be on duty soon. He does check this room. I doubt he wants to see me getting my back broke.

Noah: So. Who cares?

Luke: I do. Now how long are you going to be in town?

Noah: As long as you’re here.

Luke: (taken back) W-what?

Noah: I told you that I’m not about to lose you again.

Noah grabs Luke by the neck and pulls him in for a deep, passionate kiss—so hot it could melt the paint off the walls.



Carly and Jack, dressed nicely in black, holding hands, head to the porch. Their kids tag close by followed by Janet, Dusty, Holden, Emma, and Aaron.

Emma: C’mon, kids. Let’s go inside. I have some homemade ice cream in the icebox.

Emma heads inside with JJ, Parker, and Sage, who is carrying baby Nora.

Carly looks at Jack, who eyes are puffy red. It’s apparent that he’s been crying. Carly takes a Kleenex from her purse and wipes his face.

Janet: I’m so sorry about Deloris, Jack. She was so nice to me when I was dating Brad.

Jack: Thanks, Janet. I just wish that I gotten closer to her over the years . . . allowed the kids to get close to her.

Holden: What’s done is done. Don’t live with regrets, Jack.

Carly: Yes, baby. Holden is right. You and Deloris didn’t have the best relationship, but now you must find a way to put things at peace.

Jack: You’re right. (looks around) Where’s Aaron?

Holden: Where is he?

Everyone looks around for Aaron. Holden catches Aaron sitting on a tree stump nearby. Something is bothering Aaron and Holden wants to know.

Holden: Excuse me, guys.

Holden departs from the crowd.

Jack: (wiping tears) So glad to see you two getting along.

Carly: Say what?

Jack: You heard me. Both you and Janet have been a real help to me the past few weeks.

Janet: (placing hand on Carly’s shoulder) We have to get along seeing as we’ll be working together.

Carly scowls at the thought of working with Janet but doesn’t allow either one of them to see it.

Woman’s Voice: Jack!

Jack turns to see an old friend standing behind him. She’s also dressed nicely.

ANNOUNCER: The role of ADRIENNE POINTDEXTER is being played by Noelle Beck.

Adrienne advances towards a stunned Jack and wraps her arms around him. Jack, a first for today, laughs and hugs her.

Carly: (to Janet) Umm . . . who is she?

Janet: Adrienne Pointdexter . . .

On Janet not too pleased to see her,




Mo and Allison still stare each other down as Jami watches on, still sipping her tea.

Mo: Once again, can I help you?

Allison: You can. Stay away from Casey.

Mo: Excuse me, b*tch?

Allison: Did I stutter?

Mo: You better hope you did, heffa.

Allison: Or what?

Mo: (to Jami) Oooo! Did this b*tch just challenge La Diva?!

Mo grabs the butter knife off the table and swipes it Allison, who dodges being cut by the blade. Everyone in the room is paying full attention to this altercation.

Mo: Don’t get sliced up in here, Blondie!

Jami gets up and stands between the two.

Jami: Put the knife down, Mo!

Allison: Yeah. You better listen to her before you get hurt with that knife, you hood rat.

Mo: Hood rat? Girl stop. Would a hood rat ever look as glamorous as La Diva? Dressed to nines in Chanel, and sporting red bottoms? I think not.

Allison: Who is “La Diva?”

Mo: Me.

Allison bursts into laughter. Mo tries to make a go for Allison but Jami prevents her. Meanwhile, Casey & MJ make their way into the restaurant and up to the women.

Casey: What’s going on?

Mo: This mess you were involved with decided to take it upon herself and warn me about talking to you.

Casey: What? Allison!

Allison: Casey, I’m not about to let you get involved with an unsavory character.

Jami: Unsavory character? You don’t even know her.

Mo: You better get this b*tch, Casey! Before I coat this wall with red—HER BLOOD!

Casey: (to Allison) Who are you to talk? Ex-porn star. . .

Mo: Porn star?! I knew there was something real gutter butt about you girl!

Casey: . . . Serial adulteress. You’re the only one that’s unsavory.

Hurt, Allison storms out of the restaurant. Casey turns to Mo, who is still disturbed by the entire ordeal.

Casey: I am so—

Mo: No. Don’t. It’s not your fault. Some people just don’t know when to let go.

Casey: Yeah . . . (noticing Jami) Oh! You must be the new intern that MJ is always talking about.

Mo glances at Jami with a “I told you so” grin. Meanwhile, MJ blushes as he is embarrassed.

Jami: (awkwardly) I guess so. . . (shaking Casey’s hand) Jami Sartell, by the way.

Mo: Well since we all know each other, I had an idea. . .

Jami: Monique . . .

Mo: (ignoring her) How about a double date? Me and Casey. MJ and Jami. How about it?

Casey: I think it’s an excellent idea. How about tomorrow?

Jami: I think I’m on—

Mo: (silencing her) She’s all for it. You pick the time and place.

Casey: Will do.

Mo smiles as she drags a bewildered Jami out, and



Picking up where we left off with Jack, Carly, Janet, and Adrienne . . .

Adrienne: Oh my God. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you, Jack. You look great!

Jack: (blushing) Thanks.

Carly clears her throat, gaining Jack’s attention.

Jack: Oh—this is my wife, Adrienne. (pulling Carly next to him) Carly, this Adrienne. She use to go out with Brad back in high school.

Carly: Oh really? (pointing to Janet) I thought she did?

Adrienne glances back and finally acknowledges Janet. She cuts her eyes at her and goes back to ignoring her.

Janet: Adrienne . . . you look nice after all these years.

Adrienne: So do you . . . and your child bearing hips.

Jack’s jaw drops. Janet laughs slightly as it’s on for her. Carly watches on enthused as once again, she is drama free.

Janet: Well that’s because I’ve been able to get a man to have kids with me.

Adrienne: Is that so? I heard that Brad didn’t even know about your first bundle of joy, and Jack here was supposedly the father of the second, but wasn’t. Still sluttin’ around, huh, Juicy?

Carly: Oh wow. . .

Janet: I can still see that you’re jealous. Let me give you something else to hate about (show wedding ring) I’m married.

Adrienne: Really? Who was brave enough to do that?

Janet: His name is Dusty Donovan.

Adrienne: And he didn’t flee in the opposite direction? That’s shocking. Honey, just because he put a ring on your finger doesn’t change your spots. You might need H and O to spell housewife, but you’ll never be one.

Carly: Did she just call you a h*?! (nudging Janet) You gonna let her call you out?

Jack: Carly! (to Janet & Adrienne) Now c’mon now you two . . . Brad would not want you two fighting.

Carly: Oh please. Brad would’ve enjoyed this. Well the old Brad would’ve.

Adrienne: Jack, no worries. I just came to pay my respects seeing as I wasn’t able to make Brad’s funeral.

Janet: I don’t know why. Deloris hated you.

Carly: (to Adrienne) You too?! Girl, she hated me—

Jack: Carly!

Carly: I’m gonna just go into the kitchen.

Jack: You do that.

Carly heads into the house.

Adrienne: Regardless of how your mother felt, I respected her, Jack.

Janet: (tuts) So fake.

Adrienne scowls at Janet for second, then

Adrienne: I just wanna let you know that I’ll be in town for a few days.

Jack: Sounds great. Where will you be staying?

Adrienne: The Lakeview.

Jack: Wonderful. Just stop by and see me, Carly, and the kids before you leave.

Adrienne: Will do.

Adrienne kisses Jack on the cheek.

Adrienne: So good to see you again.

Janet: Goodbye!

Adrienne flicks Janet “the bird” and walks off. Holden walks over and rejoins Janet and Jack.

Holden: Who was that?

Jack: An old friend of mine and Brad.

Janet: A hater.

Holden: Alright. . .

Jack: How’s Aaron?

Holden: Not good. The funeral is causing him to worry about Julie—you know with her being sick and all.

Jack: Yeah . . .

Holden: I told him to take a walk. I hope he’ll be alright.



Aaron walks down the dirt road, in deep thought when all of a sudden a car speed down the road towards him. Aaron notices it and rolls out of the way. The car stops and a woman steps out.

Woman: You alright?!

Aaron gets up and dusts himself off.

Aaron: Not so much. My life just flashed before my eyes. Why are speeding down this road anyways?!

Woman: I said that I’m sorry.

Aaron: You ought to be. You could’ve killed someone.

Woman: Look. . . I’m just trying to get to Oakdale.

Aaron: Well you’re almost there. Just outside of it.

Woman: Good. Do you need a ride back to wear you’re going?

Aaron: No. I’ll be fine. Just don’t try and kill me again.

The young woman get back into the car and speeds off with a cloud of dust to follow.

Aaron: Who is she?

And on Aaron curious who the young woman is and why she is in a rush,






We come in on a shot of one of Tom's political posters being taped onto Fashions. We follow Casey, who taped the poster, to pull back and reveal a crowd of denizens and media surrounding Tom, who is standing at a podium giving a speech. Lisa and Margo stand close by, gleaming.

Tom: If I am reelected as District Attorney, I promise to clean up crime here in Oakdale. No more will you have to worry about crime rates raising because they won't with me in office.

Reporter#1: I may be getting a little personal, but will you possibly being reelected have any effect on marriage to Commissioner Hughes?

Tom: Doubt it. We'll be working side by side. Not the first time we've done it.

Tom looks back and smiles at Margo. She recipocates.

Emily (OC): Mr. Hughes, will you become bored with the position like you did last time?

Tom: No . . . (realizing) Emily . . .

Lisa: Oh no.

Emily pushes her way to the front of the crowd. She holds out her tape recorder.

Emily: I just want to jog your memory along with these people. Last time you were DA, you stepped down, correct?

Tom: (annoyed) Yes.

Emily: You declared at that time that you were over law, correct?

Tom: Yes, I was but--

Emily: Now you do understand why the people of Oakdale would be a bit skeptical about you stepping into the position again, do you?

Tom is at a loss of words. Margo facepalms while Lisa shakes her head in disgust.

Tom: Yes. I would.

Reporter#3: Seeing as Ms. Stewart--

Emily: Mrs. Ryan . . .

Reporter#3: My apologies. Seeing as Mrs. Ryan is here and brought this up, wasn't this also around the time that you worked for her, which lead to you have a child out of wedlock with her?

Tom: Yes, but--

Voice (OC): OK. OK. That's enough. You guys are taking all the fun out of an election for me.

Everyone turns to the side to see Carter Wallace, Tom's competition, standing with a big grin on his face.

Lisa: (to Margo) Who is he?

Margo: The competition.

Lisa: (intrigued) Oh.

On Carter waving and smiling for the flashing camera like a true politician would,




We pick up where we left off. Carter moves through the crowd and makes his way onto the podium to join Tom but not before he and Lisa exchange glances--chemistry exploding.

He joyfully pats Tom on the back, playing up the crowd. Tom is fuming once again, as he doesn't appreciate Carter taking over his event.

Carter: Oakdale!

Crowd: YEAH!

Margo elbows Lisa, who joined in. Then shoots a look at her letting her know to no participate.

Carter: Are you ready sick of these half a**ed young bucks promising you one thing, but doing the other?!

Crowd: YES!

Carter: Are you tired of your streets not being safe for your children because of fear of gangs and pedophiles?!

Crowd: YES!

Carter: Are you tired of these so called cops (glances back at Margo) not doing their jobs to the best of their abilities?!

Crowd: YES!

Carter: Then vote for me because I promise you, unlike my competition, (pats Tom again) that I'll clean Oakdale up. I'll send a shockwave, a message that will have criminals fleeing this town. Our streets will safe again for children to run and play. I'll work with the Mayor and Commissioner, yet call them out when they aren't serving you . . . (points at everyone) Serving you! Vote for Carter Wallace, the OG that'll set Oakdale free.

The crowd goes into an uproar of cheers. Carter basks in the cheers and looks over at Tom. Carter shrugs his shoulders, letting him know that the game is on, before basking in the cheers again.

Meanwhile, Lisa watches on intrigued. Charismatic, sexy, and hands on -- a man that Lisa needs, a man that Lisa wants.



Mo sits off to the side going over some papers when Casey, exhausted, enters with flyers. Mo looks up and likes what she sees.

Mo: D*mn. Talk about needing some of that cream in my coffee.

Mo has to get his attention. But how? She walks up the counter playing clumsy and bumps into Casey, thus causing his flyers to fall all on the floor.

Mo: (a bit over the top) Oh my God! How clumsy of me!

Casey: No problem.

Mo kneels down to help him. While helping, she takes a whiff of Casey, unbeknowest to him, and smiles.

Mo: (thought) Damn he smells good. A bit musty but that's because he's been working hard. Ain't nothing sexy like a man that's been working hard and he still smells good a little. Axe. Yes, axe. I recognize that smell anywhere. His sexy behind can drop the axe on--

Casey: Hey.

Mo snaps out of it.

Casey: Thanks.

Mo: (tossing her long mane--well weave, seductively) No problem. (extending hand) I'm Monique, by the way.

Casey: (shaking her hand) Casey. Casey Hughes.

Mo: (in a daze) Casey . . . Casey Hughes. (hits her) Hughes?!

Casey: Yeah. Is that a problem?

Mo: (laughing it off) Oh no. Just threw me off. Don't mind me.

Casey: (smiling) No. Tell me what's so funny?

Mo: Umm . . . (searching) That's the name of the doctor I met yesterday when I was Oakdale Memorial.

Casey: Oh. Which one?

Mo: (in though) Damn what's his name??? (then) Bob!

Casey: That's my Grandfather.

Mo: Oh is it? Such a nice man. I can see where you get your good looks from.

Casey: (bashfully) Thanks.

The two share a laugh when Allison enters. She instantly cues in on the two laughing and does not like it,



A shot of Meg bent over on the pool table. She's about to go for her shot as Ryder sits back and watches the view, which he likes. Meg takes the shot and jumps up and down screaming.

Meg: I win!

Ryder: Yeah. You did.

Meg places the stick on the table and heads back over to the bar. Ryder follows.

Meg: I'm so glad that you joined me for quick game. But I wanna apologize--

Ryder: No worries. Apology accepted.

Meg: Thanks. I've just had a hard time adjusting to sharing Eliza with that bit-- I mean Emily.

Ryder: Understandable. My birth mom went through a similar situation. Having to share me with my other mom who raised me. . . I feel your pain.

Meg: Glad someone understands. . . Now what do you want to drink?

Ryder: Oh no. Don't think so. Too early and I'm a bit of lightweight.

Meg grins at this revelation.

Meg: I find that hard to believe.

Ryder: I am. Two drinks and I am out.

Meg: Oh really? From beer?

Ryder: No. Beer is fine. It's the hard liquors that do me in.

Meg: I think they do us all in.

On Meg grinning like a chessire cat,



Mo is back at her table, alone and glowing when Jami enters. Mo waves her down. Then Jami joins Mo.

Jami: Sorry I'm late. I was helping MJ with some lab work.

Mo: Mmm hmm. You and this MJ-cat are getting real close.

Jami: We're just friends and collagues.

Mo: Whatever, boo.

Jami: So what have you been up too, little Miss. Fashion Designer?

Mo: Running errands. Filing papers. On the edge of killing your cousin.

Jami: Who? (leaning in) Barbara?

Mo: Yes. Talk about a Class A b*tch. That heffa got me working like I'm Kizzy off Roots. Slavery is over.

Jami: Mo!

Mo: She is. I respect her but she needs to get her back broke more often. Hubby ain't hittin' it right.

Jami pops Mo.

Mo: What?! (laughing) Could be that or she's going through menopause.

Jami gasps. The two then burst into laughter.

Jami: So you've been slaving all day? I find that hard to believe seeing as you were grinning when I walked in. Something else is going on.

Mo: Well I met this guy . . .

Jami: Go on.

Mo: He is so fine.

Jami: And?

Mo: He's a SAWB.

Jami: A what????

Mo: Keep up, sweetie. A sexy a** white boy. I thought American boys were on that racial hangup mess. I guess they've finally evolved like the European boys, and learned to appreciate dark chocolate.

Jami rolls her eyes. Mo is well known for her wacky acronoyms.

Jami: (sighs) Did I need to know that? What next? You wanna tell me his blood type?

Mo: (mumbling) Nawl. I'm sure it's no differ from yours. . .

Jami: Huh?

Mo: I said, don't hate because I'm getting some cream in my coffee girl.

Mo playfully pops Jami hands, yet quickly hesitantly laughs when she isn't looking.

Jami: Me? Hatin'? Never. I only congratulate.

Mo: Glad to hear that because you need to congratulate me now.

Jami: For what?

Mo: Because that SAWB is your cousin.

Jami: What???!!!!

Mo: You said you don't hate!

Jami: I'm not hating! But my cousin? Which one?!

Mo: (grinning) Casey.

Jami: Hold on, what a sec--wasn't he engaged? My Aunt Frannie mentioned it to my mom.

Mo: Not anymore. I asked him if he was seeing someone and he said he's newly single. Guess homegirl messed up. But I should thank her if I get the chance to meet her. That boy might be my future hubby and father of the kids. We're going out on a date real soon. Maybe we can double date? You and MJ. Me and Casey. I hope he ain't a scrub . . .

Mo is tapped on the shoulder. She turns to see Allison standing behind her.

Mo: Can I help you?

Allison: Yes. I've been watching you since I've arrived and I noticed you getting cozy with my ex-fiance.

Jami: (to Mo) Oh! Looks like your wish came true.

Jami takes a sip of her tea. Mo shoots a look at Jami before her looking back at Allison. The two stare each other down.

jpi_marnie6508_78433.jpgTiana Benjamin.jpg



Luke is going over tapes when he hears a knock at the door.

Luke: Who is it?

No answer.

Luke: (sighs) You guys, I'm not in the mood today.

Luke opens the door and there is Noah. Noah charges at Luke and grabs him, kissing him passionately. Luke pushes him away.

Luke: Noah, what are you doing here and what are you doing?

Noah: I said I'd wait for you but not anymore. I'm here to take what's mine.

Luke: What?

Noah pulls Luke into a passionate kiss again. Noah hoist Luke onto the table, knocking over some tapes.

Luke: (while Noah kisses his neck) I broke up with you.

Noah: And now we're making up.

Noah wraps Luke's legs around him and kisses him. Luke gives in and goes along as he needs to sweat his edges out after the strenous few weeks he's had. Oh what the h*ll. Then,

Luke: (pushing him away) What about Kim?

Noah: She was leaving when I came in. We're here all alone.

Luke: OK. Well what about condom?

Noah digs into his pocket to reveal a magnum. Luke grins. Noah wraps Luke's legs around him and picks him up, slamming him into the wall and they continue to touch, kiss, lick, moan, groan, and . . .



The crowd has cleared away leaving only a few people, who are cleaning up, along with Tom, Margo, Lisa, Emily, and Carter (nearby).

Tom: (to Emily) I cannot believe you!

Lisa: I can. I knew she'd never change her spots. And people thought Paul could clean her up . . .

Lisa tuts.

Emily: I was reporting. You ought to know all about that, Tom. You were once a reporter with me when you were having a mid-life crisis.

Margo: But most reporters have some form of integrity.

Emily: And the ones that do are the ones complaining about newspapers not selling. I don't have that issue. The Intruder is always sold out. Recession my a**.

Lisa: A two bit, talentless wh*re.

Emily: You'd know, granny. The people in this town thought the same about you once upon a time.

Lisa goes to slap Emily but Margo steps in dragging her away.

Tom: This stunt you just pulled could ruin me!

Emily: Tom, I gotta sell stories. I have a child to feed.

Tom: And I'm starting to second guess whether or not I should've agreed to shared custody.

Lisa: You shouldn't've!

Emily: Oh, you'd say that! Seeing as you had no problem keeping Tom away from his father!

Lisa: You trailer trash . . .

Margo: Enough! You two stop it. You're giving Carter more ammo. (points) See!

They all look over to see Carter smiling and waving.

Tom: (to Carter) Loving this, huh?

Carter: (joining them) Actually, I don't. Family quarrels are normal. Plus the info you all are spewing is old news. If I am going to sling mud, it is going to be something that isn't well-known. But I can tell I won't even have to resort to that. You'll do yourself in, Hughes. (pointing to Emily) Or she will.

Carter exits but not before exchanging a smile with Lisa.

Tom: Emily! You better reel it in!

Emily: I'm doing my job!

Tom: Then find something else to write about! If you print one article about me or anyone in my family, you'll wish you would have never slept with me all those years ago!

Tom, Margo, and Lisa exit.

Emily: Trust me, I do.

On a shot of Emily, frustrated but fearful of what Tom might do,





Roseanna sits on the sofa donning a silk robe, glasses, and hair tied up in a bun. Though she is dressed comfortably, she is determined.

Roseanna: (on phone) Yes . . . I want as many flowers and candles as you can fit in there and I want it to look nice . . . Now how much is that? (jots down something) . . . That’s perfectly fine. You can bill my account.

Craig walks in dressed in a nice tuxedo. All the life is sucked from him—he himself seems dead.

Roseanna: (whispering, in phone) Just have it done, OK?

Roseanna hangs up the phone and focuses her attention to Craig, who looks out window, in a glazed reverie.

Roseanna: Craig . . .

Craig: You don’t have to put up a front. I know what you are doing.

Roseanna: I don’t know what you’re talking—

Craig: The funeral. I know that you’ve been up all night planning it. You didn’t have to.

Roseanna: But I wanted too.

Craig: (slight smile, then) Why are you so nice to me? After everything I have done to you over the years?

Roseanna eases over to Craig and places a hand on his shoulder for comfort.

Roseanna: Because I’ve learned that everyone deserves a second chance.

Craig: But this is like my one-thousandth chance with you. My fourth chance to be a father and I just keep blowing it. (to Roseanna with tears in his eyes) I’m cursed. I have to be. First Bryant’s death, Lucy won’t even talk to me, Dusty practically has more rights to Johnny than me, and now Gabriel is dead. This must be my comeuppance.

Roseanna: You’re talking crazy.

Craig: I beg to differ. (moves to sofa and sits) Maybe this is God telling me that I suck as a father—that I don’t deserve to be one. If that is the message he is trying to convey then dammit, I have heard him loud and clear!

On Craig burying his hands in his face, completely destroyed,



Margo stands at the stove cooking. Tom sits on the sofa going over some files when Casey descends downstairs trying to fix his tie.

Casey: Are you sure about this, Mom?

Margo: About . . .?

Casey: The funeral, Mom. Are you sure we should go?

Margo walks over and starts to fix Casey’s tie.

Margo: Why wouldn’t we go?

Casey: Because Uncle Craig hates us.

Margo: Us, no. Just me, and I thinking about it, I totally understand why he would feel that way.

Tom: Oh c’mon, Margo! You not believing that crap that Craig spewed a week ago, are you?

Margo: Actually I am, Tom, and he is right. I’ve sucked as a sister. I’ve done nothing but scold and berate him time and time again when I should’ve been there for him . . .

Margo finishes fixing Casey tie and goes back to cooking.

Margo: Sad part is he’s always there for me when I don’t need him to be. Always.

Margo wipes the tears from her eyes. Casey comes overs wraps his arms around his mother.

Margo: Just seeing him in pain all over again over the loss of another child—it just makes me wanna go back in time and do things differently.

The doorbell rings.

Tom: I’ll get it.

Tom heads to the door and opens it revealing Katie with Jacob, Chris, Lyla, Cricket, Ernie, Billy, and Suzie.

Margo: Oh, Momma!

Margo runs over to Lyla and collapses in her arms. And on Lyla consoling her daughter,



We open up on an article from The Intruder that reads:


We pull back to see the article is being read by Barbara. The takes a sip of her coffee and closes the article—understanding the pain Craig is going through.

Suddenly, Mo struts in with a file in hand and cell to her ear.

Mo: (on phone) Oh thank you for the drink last night. It was much appreciated! . . . Alright, Alonso—

Barbara snatches the phone away from her.

Barbara: What do you think you are doing?

Mo: Umm . . . talking.

Barbara: I don’t think so, missy! You were supposed to be here thirty minutes ago.

Mo: (brushing past Barbara) I got stuck in traffic.

Barbara: (following her) I don’t believe you.

The two enter into the


where Mo grabs a mug out the cabinet and flicks on the coffee machine.

Barbara: You do realize that you work for me!

Barbara snatches the mug away from Mo, leaving her shocked yet amused too.

Barbara: I will not accept you being late. Do you understand me?

Mo: (taking the mug back) Whatever, Babs.

Barbara: I beg your pardon?

Mo: Look, Babs, can I have a second to breathe? I mean I’ve been working here for two weeks and you’ve been working me like a slave on a plantation. Lisa and Carly don’t work me as much as you do.

Barbara: You do realize that—

Mo: I am intern, I know, I know. You let me know every day. (handing her the file) Here! I did what you asked now could you back off?

Barbara is about to have a comeback when,

Paul (O.C): Mom!

Barbara: In here, Paul! (to Mo) You better be lucky . . .

Paul enters.

Paul: Mom, hey.

Paul kisses Barbara.

Paul: Monique, how are you this morning.

Mo: Doing great, Paul.

Barbara: It’s Mr. Ryan to you.

Paul: But I told her to call me Paul.

Barbara: But she works for me and when is on the clock—

The phone rings in the B.G. Mo brushes past Barbara to exit.

Barbara: (stunned) Did she just—?

Paul laughs.

Paul: Looks like you’ve met your match.

Barbara: (leaning in close) Well don’t tell her that. I’ll end up having to strangle that girl in here. (beat) But what brings you here?

Paul: Craig . . .

Barbara: Oh, Paul!

Paul: Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything drastic today.

Barbara: I doubt that.

Paul: I swear I won’t go anywhere near him.

Barbara: And Emily?

Paul: She’s at home busy with Daniel. I think that Gabriel’s death has had an effect on her.

Barbara: Good. I don’t want anyone near that church giving Craig a reason to blame us for his losses.

Paul: But does he not have a reason to blame us?

Barbara: Huh?

Paul: I mean all of his losses have resulted because of us. He blamed Jennifer for Bryant’s death, your entire marriage to him—

Barbara: . . . Is something I’d like to forget . . .

Paul: Fine. And it didn’t help that I’d later come back and take both Meg and Roseanna away from him. Followed by Dusty getting custody of Johnny . . . I mean thinking about it—

Barbara: Don’t! Craig’s misery is his own doing, and I do feel sorry him; however, it is no one’s fault but his. Don’t sit here and beat yourself up over Gabriel’s death, Paul. It was an accident.

Paul: Craig doesn’t see it that way and I don’t blame him.

Barbara: When has Craig Montgomery been known to think rationally? Never is the answer. Just let it go, Paul.

Barbara exits.

Paul: But I can’t . . .

On Paul feeling guilty,


Jami goes over some files. A few moments later, MJ comes up behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

MJ: You alright?

Jami: Yeah. Why?

MJ: I’m just wondering seeing as you took his death very hard.

Jami: Well it was totally unprofessional.

MJ: It’s fine. We’re human.

Jami: Yeah, but I should’ve held it together. (beat) It just hit me so hard to hear that Gabriel and Craig recently reunited after all those years of not knowing each other, and finally developing a relationship only to . . .

Jami becomes overwhelmed again, and MJ draws her in, hugging her.

MJ: I understand. Makes me appreciate my relationship with my parents and family . . . Don’t know what I’d do if I was in that situation.

Jami: (mutters) Tell me about it.



It is after the funeral and the Montgomery/Peretti clan (Craig, Lyla, Margo, Tom, Katie, Casey, Lucy, Chris, Cricket, Ernie, Billy, Suzie, and Roseanna) are all scattered about. Craig sits off to the side, isolated, still reeling from what just happened.

Lyla approaches her wounded son bearing a cup of tea and eases down next to him.

Craig: What?

Lyla: Drink this.

Craig: I don’t want it.

Lyla: It’ll soothe you.

Craig: (tuts) If I need anything, it is a d*mn drink. Something strong. Something that is going to put me out of my misery.

Lyla: Trust me, this tea can put you out of your misery too if you drink it.

Craig takes the glass and guzzles it down before handing the glass back to Lyla.

Craig: There. You happy?

Lyla: Craig . . .

Craig: You know what, why are you bothering me? As a matter of fact, why are you even here? (standing up, loudly) Why the h*ll are any of you here? Why?

The room gets silent watching Craig. They are all on edge.

Craig: I’m being serious, why is anyone here with the exception of Roseanna? Why? Huh, Lucy?

Lucy is at a loss for words.

Craig: I mean you wanted to be as far away from me as possible. Why come back? Same applies to you too, Cricket. You got your happy ending with Ernie and kids. Why pop your head back in Oakdale? I haven’t heard from you in YEARS. Why show up now? Did Mom make you come?

Cricket lowers her head, embarrassed.

Craig: And Margo and Katie, you two are just as bad. At least Cricket and Lucy had the decency to actually put space in between us, so it would be easier for them not to claim me. You two never acknowledge me unless you need something, or you want to scold me. Otherwise, I am dead to you.

Katie: That’s not true!

Lyla: Katie, hush! Let him speak.

Craig: Tell ‘em, Mom! Let me speak! Today is about me and MY SON! . . . MY SON! NO ONE ELSE! HE WAS NOTHING TO ALL OF YOU! JUST HOW YOU ALL TREAT ME!

Craig goes for the exit when Manly, Roseanna’s butler, bearing a floral reef, collides into him.

Craig: D*mmit, Manly! Watch out!

Manly: But Mr. Montgomery, this was for you.

Manly hands him the card. Craig reads it aloud:

Craig: To the Montgomery family: We send our condolences for your loss. Sincerely, WorldWide Enterprises, Lucinda Walsh and Paul Ryan . . . ARGGH!!!

Craig rips the reef up, tossing everywhere.

Craig: Loss . . . LOSS! Oh! You and Paul will loss when I am done with you, Lucinda, you old, shriveled up b*tch!

On Craig, enraged





Roseanna, Liberty, Luke, and Katie wait patiently with somber looks written on their faces. Meanwhile, Craig, off to the side, leans against the wall—clearly destroyed.

Liberty: (jumping up) I can’t sit here anymore I need answers and now!

Katie: And we’ll get them. (pulling her down) But until then we need to sit and be patient.

Liberty: But I can’t. I can’t! (on the verge of crying) I can’t bear to lose Gabriel too! Not after Dad, I can’t.

Katie holds Liberty as she sobs. Craig, over it, walks off. Roseanna gets up and chases after him.

Luke: (shaking his head) This is all my fault. . .

Katie: No it isn’t. It’s no one’s fault. Just an accident and Gabe will pull through just fine.

On Katie struggling to believe her own advice,



Roseanna slowly ease up to Craig with tears falling from his eyes as he gazes at the view of Oakdale. Roseanna reaches out to touch him but pulls away, unsure.

Craig: No words of encouragement are going to help me, Roseanna.

Roseanna: I know. . .

Craig: (facing her, snappy) Then why are you up here?!

Roseanna: Because you don’t need to be alone. Not at this time.

Craig: Yeah I do. I need space to think, to process this. I haven’t felt like this since—

Roseanna: Since Bryant?

Craig: Yeah.

Roseanna: Well Gabe is not dead and for we know, he might pull through this.

Craig: He better or I’m going to make Paul and Lucinda pay. . .

With fury and hatred taking over Craig,


Jami puts on the top of her scrubs when MJ, shirtless, comes around the corner. Jami smiles at him.

MJ: What?

Jami: Nothing. I just didn’t expect to see you half naked so soon.

MJ: (joking, covering his nipples) Then stop looking!

Jami burst into laughter when Chris bursts in. MJ quickly puts on his shirt and Jami ties her hair back and the two stand up looking at Chris.

Chris: Is he here yet?

MJ: Who?

Chris: Dr. Wyatt?

MJ: Not that I know of.

Suddenly, the three hear a woman moaning from the shower. Suspicious, Chris storms over to the shower, with MJ and Jami following, and opens the door to reveal DR. STEPHEN WYATT having sex with another female doctor. Off the woman screaming,

Chris: What the h*ll is going on?

The female doctor grabs the only towel and rushes out the shower. Stephen covers his male parts with his hands and embarrassed, smiles.

Stephen: Hey, Chris. Longtime since we’ve last seen each other. But not like this. . .

Chris: Pig.

Stephen: You'd know.

Chris slams the shower door.

Chris: And so you know, you’re needed in the emergency room. (to Jami & MJ) C’mon you two.

Jami, Chris, and MJ exit. Then Stephen peeks out of the shower and waves at the female doctor. She rushes back into the shower and the close the door. She tosses the towel over the shower, and on a shot of the towel lying on the floor and them laughing in the background,



Emily rushes in to find Paul grabbing the mail off the table. He notices something is wrong by the look on her face.

Paul: What happened?

Emily: If you answered by phone calls you’d know.

Paul: My phone died on the way home. Now what’s wrong?

Emily: You didn’t hear?

Paul: Hear what?

Emily: (grabbing his hand) Let’s have a seat.

Paul: (snatching away) How about you just tell me what happened? Is it Meg again?

Emily: . . .No.

Paul: Then what is it? Spill it.

Emily: It’s Gabriel. He was in an accident on one of the back roads.

Paul: What?!

Emily: Yeah—

Distraught, Paul runs past her, exiting and leaving the door open.

Emily: Paul! Paul, come back!

On Emily looking out the door distressed,



Open up on Carly standing the with a phone to ear. Jack and the kids, consoling him, sit nearby.

Carly: Alright. Thanks for calling me Roseanna and keep me update.

Carly hangs up the phone and turns to Jack, anxious.

Jack: (noticing her expression) What now?

Carly: Umm. . . it’s was Roseanna. She’s at the hospital.

JJ: Is she OK?!

Carly: Yes. She’s fine. But Gabriel isn’t. He was in an accident on one of the back roads near Route 66.

Parker jumps up and grabs his coat.

Carly: Where are you going?

Parker: To find Liberty and let her know.

Carly: But—

Parker exits.

Carly: . . .she already knows.

Carly sighs, and



Tom, Casey, & Margo, Dusty & Janet (with Johnny & Lorenzo), Holden, and Lily have joined everyone. We pick up with

Luke, Holden, and Lily, who sit off to the side.

Holden: Have you been checked out?

Luke: For what? Nothing is wrong with me.

Holden: But you still need to get checked out.

Luke: Well until I hear that Gabriel is alright, I am not moving from this spot.

Lily: I just don’t know why you didn’t let your father and I know that you were coming home, and where is Noah?

Luke: (agitated) Mom. . .

Holden: Maybe we need to give him some space, Lily.

Luke: Please!

Lily storms off and Holden gets up and chases after her.


Holden: Lily! Stop!

Lily: (stops) What?!

Holden: Why are you acting like this?

Lily: Because I’m sick of being treated by a second rate citizen in this family. First, you and now Luke is giving me attitude. I’m sick of it!

Holden: You’re being over the top.

Lily turns to storm off again when she notices Craig and Roseanna, arm in arm coming down the hallway. It’s apparent that something wrong.

Lily: Craig? What’s wrong?

Craig grabs Lily by the hand and leads her back into the


Everyone looks up at Craig, waiting to hear from him.

Craig: I, umm. . . I. . .

Craig, crying, looks to Roseanna for help.

Roseanna: It’s time to say our goodbyes.

Liberty: (jumping up, hysterical) Goodbye?! What are you talking about? Is Gabriel dying?

Roseanna nods.

Liberty: No!

Lily hugs Craig.

Lily: I’m so sorry.

Craig: Feel sorry for Gabriel. Not me.

Something catches Craig’s attention—it’s Paul. Hold on eye contact between the two,



Gabriel lies on the bed, motionless. Bob stands next to him, check his vitals on the machine. Jami then quietly eases in.

Jami: Dr. Hughes.

Bob: (turning) Hey. Is there something wrong?

Jami: No. Just came to see if you needed any help.

Bob: Sadly, there is nothing you or I can do.

Jami joins Bob and looks at Gabriel.

Jami: He’s so young and full of life. The youth always dies young.

Bob: Sadly, they do. Sucks because he was finally settling into Oakdale and gaining the home he always wanted. Boy was finally reunited with his father.

This strikes home for Jami.

Jami: He didn’t know his father?

Bob: Nope. But that’s life. You’re finally happy and life throws us all a cruel twist of fate. (sighs) I just can’t imagine how Craig is feeling.

Jami: Craig. . .?

Bob: His father. Sadly, his eldest son passed away in a car accident many years ago. Talk about history repeating itself.

Jami: Yeah. I guess.

Bob: I just couldn’t imagine being in Craig or anyone out there shoes. Having someone come into your life and all of sudden leave like that! (snaps his fingers) I don’t know if I could handle it.

Jami nearly cracks when MJ bursts in.

MJ: We need your help. Craig and Paul are fighting in the waiting room.

Bob: Was security called?

MJ: Yes, sir.

Bob: (handing Jami the chart) Stay here.

Bob and MJ exit. On Jami overwhelmed with guilt and sorrow,



The room is in an uproar as Craig has Paul pinned down on the floor, punching him repeatedly. Holden and Casey manage to pull Craig off as Tom and Dusty help a bloody Paul up.

John and Chris stand in between the two parties, serving as barriers.

Craig: You b*stard I could kill you and that old b*tch, Lucinda.

Lily: Craig!

Craig: Sorry, Lily, but your mother has brought this upon herself.

Margo: Craig, it was an accident.

Craig: Oh shut the h*ll up, Margo. Your dumb a** always take everyone else’s side but MINE! YOUR BROTHER! YOUR FLESH AND BLOOD!

Craig breaks free from Holden and Casey’s grip.

Craig: No one in here cares about me or my son—no one but Roseanna, Johnny, and Liberty! The rest of you are just posers. Phonies!

Katie: That’s not tr—

Craig: Shut up, Katie. You’re just like Margo! A fairweather sister! When you need me, you come running but any other time I am like dirt beneath your feet. I am nothing to you!

Katie starts to tear up.

Roseanna: Craig, let’s go.

Craig: Hold on, sweetheart, let me deliver these last fatal blows. (to Paul) You’ve robbed me just that b*tch of a sister of yours robbed me of Bryant.

Chris and John hold back Dusty and Paul as they both now rowdy by Craig’s last insult.

Craig: But why I am not surprised. You’re Barbara Ryan’s seed. Misery follows her everywhere she goes, and now it has rubbed off on you as well.

Paul: I think you got that backwards, buddy. Misery follows YOU everywhere.

Craig: Maybe. . .but not after today. For now on, I’ll be the one issuing out the misery. He was gone but now he is back—old, bitter, angry Craig is back! He’s back!

Craig takes Roseanna by the hand and walks off.

Paul: He’s back? Has he ever left? (to Margo) Aren’t you going to arrest him?

Margo: For once, no. And you aren’t going to press charges either.

Paul: He just beat me senseless, and cursed everyone out in here!

Lily: He’s in pain.

Dusty: But that doesn’t have a right for him to bring up Jennifer.

Luke: Who gives a d*mn! What about Gabriel! What about him! I don’t know why I came back here. First Reid and now Gabriel—I can’t deal with this!

Luke runs off.




INT. GABRIEL’S ROOM – Bob switches off the life-support machine. Bob walks out as we notice Liberty sits next to his bed. Liberty opens up a letter from Gabriel addressed to her and a ring falls out the envelope into her hand. Seeing this, she crawls into the bed, crying. She kisses him on the lips and places the engagement ring on her hand before resting her head on his chest. Meanwhile, Parker watches on from outside, saddened.

INT. LOCKER ROOM – Jami sits alone on in one of the showers, and pulls out a photo of Bob & Kim that she lifted off her mother. She holds the photo close to her heart and starts to sob uncontrollably.

INT. FAIRWINDS – Emily sits alone on the sofa when she hears the door. She rushes to see its Paul with a patched up nose. She runs over and inspects his face, and he sways her away before walking off, leaving Emily hurt.

INT. JACK/CARLY—Jack lies in the bed, destroyed by the news of his mother’s death. Carly crawls into bed, wiping the tears from Jack’s face before cuddling with him.

EXT. GRAVEYARD – While Janet stands back watching, Dusty, with Johnny, goes and places some flowers on Jennifer’s grave. Dusty holds his son tightly. Suddenly, Katie & Chris appear. Chris stands back as Katie goes and does the same as Dusty, placing flowers on Brad’s grave. John emerges with his own flowers and walks over and kneels down, placing flowers on Little Johnny’s (his son with Barbara) grave. We get a nearby shot of Bryant’s grave, which is near Little Johnny’s grave. John plucks off a flower and places it on his grave.

INT. WALSH ESTATE – Lily barges in, hysterical, falling into Lucinda’s arms. Lucinda consoles her.

INT. CAR – Holden drives around, looking concerned as he looks for Luke. He comes to a train track and notices Luke’s car parked off to the side. He then notices Luke, in a grief stricken daze, staring as a train goes down the track. Holden realizes this is the same place where Reid was killed. He gets out and puts his arms around his son, who collapses in his arm, in tears.

INT. GABRIEL’S ROOM – Craig & Roseanna return to see a nurse pull a sheet over Gabriel’s face before wheeling him out. Not being able to take it, Craig’s kneels buckle and he falls to the floor, crying uncontrollably. Roseanna sits beside him and holds him tightly.

As Craig buries his face in Roseanna’s chest, crying,



- Gabriel's funeral takes place

- Mo makes an enemy at BLC

- Clark, Henry's sister, comes to town with ties to Mo & Jami

- Craig reverts back to his old ways and unintentionally hurts Roseanna in the process

- Meg uses Ryder to break up Paul & Emily

- Noah returns

- Jack holds a funeral for his mother, which brings an old girlfriend of Brad's to town with all her baggage

- Holden finds love and it isn't with Lily

- Someone unexpectedly learns about Jami's secret

- Tom's competition, Carter, comes to town with some unexpected help, and with his eyes on Lisa

SN: I leave to go abroad next Saturday for London but don't let that prevent you from commenting, suggesting, and reading all the other great blogs on SON. When I return, the WORLD will keep on spinning. Hope you all enjoy. Feedback is much appreciated! wink.png




Jami sits patiently outside Bob's door with a folder containing her transcripts, resume, and various other paperwork in her hand. The door opens and Bob peeks his head out with a smile on his face.

Bob: Jami?

Jami: Y-yes.

Bob: C'mon in.

Jami takes a deep breath to contain herself and then goes inside to see it decorated with plaques and various photos of his family. However, sitting near and dear on his desk a photo--


Jami nearly loses it realizing what she has been robbed of until--

Bob: Jami, come have seat.

Jami: Umm, yes, Sir.

Jami eases down into the seat across from Bob. She hands him the folder. Bob flips through it, liking what he sees.

Bob: University of Oxford. . . sounds good. I'm still trying to figure out what made you come here to little ole' Oakdale?

Jami: Well I wanted to work over here and the States--hopefully bring what I learned over in London and apply it here and vice versa. Plus, I have family over here.

Bob: You do? Where?

Jami: California! (look off to the side) California. . .

Looking off to the side, her eyes land on a photo of his bookshelf of Bob & Kim--their wedding photo.

Jami: (sotto) How nice. . .

Bob: Excuse me?

Jami: Oh, the picture of you and I assume is your wife.

Bob: (proud) Yep. That's me and my Kim. Twenty-eight years and going strong.

Jami: How beautiful.

Bob: (handing back her folder) There is no need to look of your credentials anymore. I think you're more than qualified to join out intern program. We'd be lucky to have you.

Jami: Really?

Bob: Really. And you can start tomorrow if you can.

Jami: I'd be honored.

Jami shakes Bob's hand.

Jami: You won't regret your decision.

Bob: I'm sure I won't.

Jami grabs her things and walks out, closing the door. She leans up against the wall shedding tears of joy.

Jami: You won't regret it, Grandpa. You won't.

Not paying attention, she starts to walk off and rams into MJ sending her papers all over the floor. They both kneel down and collect them.

Jami: (wiping tears away) I am so sorry.

MJ: No problem. (noticing she's been crying) You alright?

Jami: Yeah. Oh yeah. Just got some really good news.

MJ: Glad to hear that. (extending hand) Dr. MJ Dixon.

Jami: (shaking his hand) Dr. Jamison Sartell. But everyone calls me Jami.

The two stand up and MJ hands her the papers he collected. She places them back in the folder. Bob peeks his head out the door again.

Bob: Is everything alright?

MJ: Just a minor accident.

Jami: Yeah.

Bob: OK. (going back into his office, then) Oh, MJ, this is Jami, our newest intern. You two will be spending a lot of time together for the next year. (to Jami) He's an intern too.

Jami: Great. I think I just made my first friend.

Jami smiles and walks off leaving MJ in a daze. He likes what he sees.

Bob: (interrupting moment) Pretty girl, huh?

MJ: Yeah.

On MJ, intrigued,



Mo sits at a table sketching designs when Lisa comes over to the table.

Lisa: Hello, sweetheart. Are you enjoying the food here?

Mo: Huh? (noticing the untouched food on the table) Oh wow! I am so sorry. I was so wrapped up in sketching that I totally forgot that the waiter brought the plate out here. My mother would kill me if she knew I was drawing at a table in public.

Lisa: No problem, honey. We all get wrapped up in other things. . .(noticing the sketch). . .especially when we have talent like that--are you a designer?

Mo: I'd like to think I am or at least be able to be one in the near future. Why do you ask, Ms. . .

Lisa: Grimaldi. But you can call me Lisa.

Mo: THE Lisa Grimaldi? The designer?!

Lisa: (grinning) In the flesh!

Mo chunks her pad onto the floor and grabs Lisa into a hug. Lisa is bewildered.

Mo: (pulling away) Oh my God! I was a HUGE fan of Get Real Fashions! Would it be bad if I was to tell you that I still fit into some of the dresses that you made years ago! And Barbara Ryan--she's your friend and I loved her daughter, Jennifer's line, Street Jeans! I can't believe that I am talk to THE Lisa Grimaldi.

Lisa: (basking in it) Believe it! But with designs like that, you've got a great future yourself.

Mo: I do?

Lisa: You do. (hands her a card) Meet me at this address in the morning. I might have a job in store for you. . .?

Mo: Monique.

Lisa: Monique. See you in the morning.

Lisa gets up and walks away. On Mo, thrilled,


Gabriel stuffs mail into various mailboxes when Paul enters.

Paul: Gabriel. Just the man I've been looking for.

Gabriel: You have? Why?

Paul: Is that how you're supposed to talk to your superior? I'm sure your dad has taught you proper etiquette when adressing superiors. Then again, your dad is Craig Montgomery. . .

Gabriel: My apologies. Let me try that again. (being flippant) Mr. Ryan, how may I help you?

Paul hands him a package.

Paul: I need this delivered to Lucinda in person as soon as possible.

Gabriel: Why not fax it? Email it?

Paul: Why don't you do your job?

Gabriel: (looking at the mass amounts of mail then Paul) What is all of this then?

Paul: Just deliver the package within the next thirty minutes. This is important business. I'm trusting you. I just hope I don't eat these words. . .

Paul walks off as Gabriel watches with disdain on his face.

Gabriel: (sighs) Why the h*ll couldn't he have delivered this. (looks at watch) I was supposed to meet Liberty after putting up this mail and I'll be here all night.

Gabriel moans and exits, slamming the door behind him.



Open on Jack, JJ, and Parker sit on the sofa watching the NBA finals.

Jack: I get this feeling that the Heat is about to bring home the championship.

JJ: Not if Oklahoma can help it!

Carly (OS): Can someone can and get the dip for me?

Jack: (into the game) In a second, honey!

JJ: Yeah, Mom.

Parker: Well I'm hungry. JJ, go and get the dip.

JJ: You go and get it.

Parker: JJ. . .go and get the dip if you know what is best for you.

JJ glances at Parker, who has a sly smile on his face, ready to expose a secret.

JJ: (getting up) Fine.

JJ heads into the kitchen when the phone rings.

Carly (OS): Get the phone!

Jack: OK, honey.

Jack, still into the game, shuffles over to the phone, and answers it.

Jack: Hello. . .this is him. . .yes. . .what?

The phone slips out of Jack's hand as he is frozen in place, somewhat catatonic.

Parker: (noticing Jack) Dad. . .

Carly (with Baby Nora), Sage, and JJ (with a bowl of dip) from the kitchen.

Carly: Jack, what's wrong?

Jack: My mother. . .she's dead.

On Carly overwhelmed by this,



Meg storms and slams her purse on the bar before having a seat.

Meg: I'll have the strongest drink you can come up with!

Bartender nods and goes to make her a drink. Meg sits fuming before she notices Ryder sitting beside her.

Meg: Hey you!

Ryder: Hey. Clearly, something is bothering you. Lemme guess? Emily Ryan?

Meg: I don't even want to hear that tramp's name. Not until I get a drink in me.

Ryder: Fine by me.

A moment of awkward silence and Ryder takes a sip of his beer, then

Meg: What do men see in her? I mean be honest!

Ryder: I don't know. . .I don't really know her. Know of her, yes.

Meg: Well keep it that way. That venomous viper is determined to raise my daughter at all costs. (grabs her drink and takes a sip) I'm not going to let that happen.

Ryder: Just be reasonable.

Meg: Excuse me?

Ryder: (turning to Meg) Listen, be reasonable, Meg. I know what it is like to be jerked between two mothers--my biological mother and my mother.

Guilt comes across Meg's face.

Ryder: Don't feel bad. I'm just warning you to be reasonable. Take Eliza's feelings into consideration because when both of my mothers were fighting over me, they didn't take my feelings into consideration at all. Instead, they both thought they knew best and really didn't. There is enough love to go around.

Meg: No offense, Ryder, but I have to get my daughter away from her. Emily is so baby hungry--

Ryder: You're going to regret it one day, Meg. You all are. Be reasonable.

Meg: I can't be?! This is Emily Stewart we are talking about. The same woman who is infamous for stealing men and now babies. You should know or have at least heard about it. Seducing Hughes men is a right of passage in the Stewart household.

Ryder: Well I wouldn't know about that nor do I. Just take heed of what I said.

Ryder gets up and walks away.

Meg: I can't, Ryder. I can't. Reasonable is not in Emily's vocab. But Hughes men are. I think I just found my golden ticket and you are it, Ryder.

On Meg struggling with her impending scheme,



Gabriel zooms down the road winding road as the rain starts to pour. His phone beeps and Gabriel reaches in his pocket to reveal a text from Liberty that states, "I can't wait to see you tonight. I love you."

Gabriel heart warms at the sight of the text. Then looks up to notice he has drifted into the wrong lane. An oncoming taxi rams into Gabriel, sending him into the air before hitting the ground.

The taxi comes a screeching halt and a pair of man's feet rush out the back of the taxi over to Gabriel. Kneeling down and taking off Gabriel's helmet, we hear a gasp. We pan up to see it's Luke.

Luke: Oh my God. (to the taxi driver) What have you done!

Taxi Driver: What are you talking about?! He was on the wrong side of road!

Luke: Just go! Go get help!

Taxi Driver: What about my money?

Luke: You stupid b*stard! How can you worry about getting paid at a time like this! Go get help now before I kick your a**!

The Taxi Driver hops into the car and speed off.

Luke: Hang on, Gabriel, help is coming. Just hang on.

On Luke cradling a bloody Gabriel in his arms,


- Mo makes an ally and enemy at BLC

- Clark, Henry's sister, arrives in Oakdale

- Luke returns to Oakdale with Noah soon following

- History repeats itself as tragedy strikes involving a young teen

- Craig reverts to old ways

- Casey & Aaron both find new mates

- Emily's paper, The Intruder is intruded upon




Holden & Emma sit on the porch in peace sipping on a glass of tea. Then a red Toyota Camry '12 drives around the winding road towards the house. It's Lily.

Holden: (getting up) Kids are here.

Emma: Good. I better rush and see if the cookies I baked for them are ready.

Holden: You do that.

Emma heads into the house as Holden walks off the porch and starts over towards the car.

Ethan and Natalie hop out the car and rush over to Holden, hugging him tightly. Lily watches on smiling.

Natalie: I've so missed you, Daddy!

Holden: It's was only a couple of days.

Natalie: But it seemed like forever.

Holden: Well I apologize. I hope I won't have to leave so sudden and for so long again.

Natalie: You say that every time; however, all can be forgiven if you got what I asked. . .

Lily: Natalie!

Holden: (to Lily) She's fine. (to Natalie) If you are referring to a new pair of riding boots then I got them.

Natalie jumps up and down with joy.

Holden: (to Ethan) And don't worry, I got you something too.

Ethan: What?

Holden: You have to go inside and see it.

Ethan: Cool!

The squeaky screen door opens with Aaron stepping outside.

Aaron: I thought I heard you two from inside!

Natalie & Ethan: AARON!!

The two kids rush over to hug their brother before he leads them into the house leaving Holden and Lily alone for once.

Lily: You didn't tell me that Aaron was back in town.

Holden: It kind of happened at the last minute.

Lily: Well I wish you would've told me. I could've baked him my apple pie that he loves so much.

Holden: No need. Momma is already in there baking up a storm. I don't think we need another dessert.

Lily: (wounded) Oh. . . (getting to the point) Look, Holden, we need to--

Holden: Lily. . .

Lily: You promised we'd discuss us when you got back.

Holden: (taking the kids bags from Lily) What is there to discuss?

Lily: Holden!

Holden: Lily. . .

Lily: I am sick of the kids being upset that we aren't together anymore. You've made your point now you should just come home.

Holden: I am home.

Lily: No! With me and kids I mean.

Holden: Lily. . .

Lily: What?!

Holden: I did some thinking while I was gone and--(beat, trying to find words, then) I don't think that--

Lily: What?! We should be together? Is that what you are trying to say, Holden?

Holden: Maybe. . .

Lily, now pissed, wipes the tears from her eyes.

Lily: I wasn't the only one that screwed up, Holden!

Holden: Did I say that?

Lily: No but you sure as h*ll are implying it!

Holden: There you go. . .

Lily: (frazzled now) Doing what?! Putting words in your mouth? I just asked a simple question! Yes or no?

Holden: No. No to us.

This is a blow to Lily. She stands in silence, verklempt by Holden's confession.

Holden: Lily, I think that everything that went down with Molly and Damien, it is kind of hard to just push it all behind us and just pick up where we left off because we can't.

Lily: I gave you everything you asked for. You asked for space, I gave it you. But I ask you for one little thing--

Holden: Little? I hardly find us reuniting as something little.

Lily: (head down, shaking it, embarrassed) I always forgave you. I always took you back. When you married Emily, when you had amnesia, when you left me and went to therapy, when you SLEPT WITH CARLY!

Holden: Calm down.

Lily: Don't tell me to calm down, dammit! I've been wasting away waiting for you. All the me I gave up for you--Damian, Dusty, Mike! The list goes on and on but not anymore, Holden Snyder. Not anymore!

Holden: You are seriously overreacting. I just don't think that we can reunite now. . .

Lily: Now or later--what is the difference?! I'll tell you the difference, there is no now and there will be no later. Goodbye, Holden.

A destroyed Lily gets into the car and speeds off and on Holden watching on, torn


Monique and Jami make their down the busy hallway--girls running around in towels, some giggling and laughing in the doorway, some doing as they are about to do and move in. The two finally make it to the end of the hall where they see their room--ROOM 235.

Jami: This is it.

Jami opens the door to the room to reveal an empty, yet spacious room for two--two desks, two twin beds, two closets. Both of them walk in looking around at their new home.

Monique: At least it is bigger than our old dorm room back in London.

Jami: True.

Jami walks over to the window while Monique inspects one of the beds. She notices a spot on comforter on the bed and cringes.

Mo: You can have this bed.

Jami: (looking back) Sure.

Mo eases over to the other side of the room and sits her stuff on the floor before plopping onto the bed.

Mo: I can't believe that your mother thinks that we are studying abroad for a semester in Paris.

Jami: (sitting on her bed) Well she's never one to pry. She just wrote the check out to the school and handed it over to me.

Mo: Well my mother would never do that.

Jami: That's why I had you apply for all those fashion abroad scholarships.

Mo: But what about when they call?

Jami: You still have the same number unless you changed it.

Mo: OK. Then what about when they want to visit?

Jami: We'll tell them that we're out of the country--we're in Italy or something.

Mo: OK. You really have this all planned out don't you?

Jami: I try.

Mo: Well I don't need you to try. I just need you to--

Two very attractive young men walk by the door, grabbing Mo's attention.

Jami: Mo?

Mo: (still mesmerized) Huh?

Jami: Mo, pay attention to me.

Mo: Girl please. I saw two fine young yanks walk pass our door and I want to get to know them.

Mo goes and stands in the doorway, eying the guys in the hallway.

Jami: OK. . . but I thought that you were just worried about--

Mo: (shooing Jami) Ignore whatever I said. I think I'm going like it here in Oakville.

Jami: Oakdale.

Mo: Yeah, yeah. Same thing.

Jami: Now I was thinking that we should also take full advantage of the time we have here. Like getting internships.

Mo continues to ignore Jami as she still has her eyes on the guys.

Jami: Mo!

Jami pulls Mo inside and closes the door.

Mo: Huh?

Jami: Did you hear anything I just said?

Mo: . . .No.

Jami: (groans) Internships! Internships!

Mo: What about them?

Jami: We should apply for internships while we are here.

Mo: I seriously doubt that there is an internship for fashion in Mayberry USA.

Jami: Have you even looked?

Mo: No! Have you found an internship?

Jami: Actually I have and I have an interview tomorrow.

Mo: Where?

Jami: Oakdale Memorial Hospital.

Mo: Hold on, isn't that where your grandfather works?

Jami: Yes, but--

Mo: OK. . . I thought that you said you weren't going to just pop in be like, (mocking) "Hey, I'm Jami Sartell. You must must be Bob Hughes. Oh guess what, and I'm your granddaughter conceived by your daughter who you haven't seen in twenty plus years!"

Jami: That isn't the point.

Mo: Then why apply there?

Jami: (looking for an answer, then) OK, fine! You were right minus the "I'm your granddaughter" crap but I just want to work near him. I mean he is the reason I am going to be a doctor.

Mo: I already know the story girl and I have since we were two. Your mother left Oakdale to volunteer in Montega, found love with your successful lawyer turned mobster dad, had you and brothers, left your dad and went into hiding and wound up in London, and somehow failed to tell her parents that she had a husband and kids.

Jami: It is embarrassing when you put it like that.

Mo: It is but what's done is done. You just have to be cautious. I know that you want to have a family reunion with your maternal side of the family but you have to be aware that you can't just burst into these people lives. You have to ease into their lives while still keeping your whereabouts hidden from your daddy.

Jami: True. So should I not go in for the interview?

Mo: Yes but don't go flying off at the mouth just yet. We're going to do this as we planned months ago, so when the truth does come out, your entire family won't feel like their hit with a ton a bricks trying to protect you.

Jami's phone rings. It reads Aunt Frannie.

Jami: Better answer it.

Mo: You better.

Jami: Hello?

Frannie: Hey, sweetie. Have you guys settled in?

Jami: Yes, ma'am.

Frannie: Perfect. Just checking to see if things are alright.

Jami: It is. How's my mom?

Frannie: A wreck. She already wants to hop on the Eurostar and head over to Paris.

Jami: Oh boy.

Frannie: Don't worry, I got her on a leash.

Jami: Hopefully it is short.

Frannie: Well don't you worry about her. Your Uncle Andy and I have it under control. You just have fun and enjoy your time getting to know the family AND SLOWLY.

Jami: I know. Mo just reminded me.

Frannie: Good. I always liked that girl.

Jami: (smiling at Mo) So do I. But Aunt Frannie. . .

Frannie: Yes.

Jami: Thanks.

Frannie: You're welcome. It is about time that everyone else learns about you, your brothers, and everything else but in due time.

Jami: Well speaking of my brothers, will you kiss Linc, Robert, and Edgar for me?

Frannie: Will do and be safe.

Jami: I will.

Jami hangs up the phone with hope that everything is going to pan out as she wishes.


- Jami meets Bob

- Mo gets an internship at BLC at makes an ally and an enemy

- Clark, Henry's sister, arrives in Oakdale

- Luke returns to Oakdale with Noah soon following

- Tragedy strikes involving a young teen

- Jack receives bad news

- Craig reverts to old ways

- Meg uses a Hughes man to get what she wants. . . Paul

- Casey & Aaron both find new mates

- Emily's paper, The Intruder is intruded upon




We open up with Kim and Bob holding each other hands.

Kim: You excited?

Bob: More than ever. I never thought I'd miss this place.

Kim: Now remember our deal. . .

Bob: I know, sweetheart. John and Chris both said they'll do their best to help me keep the work load down.

Kim: I'll hold you to it.

Bob looks at Kim, lovingly. She does the same. The two go to lean in for a kiss when the elevator doors open to a crowd of close family and friends.

Crowd: SURPRISE!!!

Bob and Kim step off the elevator stunned as they enter into the



which is filled with balloons, decorations, food, music, etc. John walks over and guides the couple through the crowd.

Kim: Dear God.

Bob: (to John) All of this is for me?

John: Of course. You are the man of the hour.

On John patting Bob on the back and Bob overcome with joy


Picking up where we left off. Katie hands Bob and Kim a glass of punch while Chris hands his father his lab coat.

Chris: You're gonna need this too.

Chris hands Bob a brand new stethoscope.

Bob: (taking it, emotional) Thanks, son.

John: And you'll need these too.

John takes Bob's hand and places the keys in them.

John: I'm relieved of my duties.

Bob: (joking) Don't get to happy.

Bob and John laugh when Lucinda makes her way over.

Lucinda: (kissing Bob on the cheek) Welcome back, darling. On behalf of the board, we are all glad that you are back.

Bob: Thanks, Lucinda.

Lucinda: No problem.

Lisa crosses over to greet Bob and Kim. Lucinda eyes Lisa with a disdain glance.

Lisa: Welcome back, honey. (kissing Bob, then Kim) So glad that you two moved back home. Oakdale was no fun without you two.

Kim: (to Lisa) And life without you was just as boring.

Lisa and Kim laugh.

Lucinda: (mutters) I beg to differ.

Lisa: (snapping her head) What did you say, Ole' Lucy?

Lucinda: Lucinda. My name is Lucinda.

Lisa: I know what your name is, Lucy. Now what did you say?

Lucinda: Oh nothing.

John: (sensing the tension) Chris, Bob, how about some cake?

Bob: (uncomfortable) Yeah. . . I'll take you up on that offer, John.

Bob and Chris follow John to get some cake.

Lisa: Anyways. . . (to Kim) I've got good news!

Kim: Please share!

Lisa: Well I've got a new business venture with Barbara and Carly.

Kim nearly chokes on her drink.

Kim: . . .Carly?! As in Jack's Carly? Carly Tenney?

Lisa: Yep.

Lucinda: Oh how I would've loved to have been a fly on the wall during this business meeting.

Lisa cuts her eyes at Lucinda for a beat, then

Lisa: (to Kim) We put our differences aside and decided to open a fashion house together.

Kim: That's great!

Lucinda: (being flippant) Oh it is! We shall see how long this lasts.

Lisa: Lucy. . . don't hate.

Lucinda: Never a hater. Always a congratulator.

Lisa: I beg to differ.

Kim: Maybe we can do a piece for WOAK on your venture.

Lisa: (lighting up) Oh yeah?!

Kim: Yes! I think that the people of Oakdale would love to hear three of their greatest designers come together to form something major.

Lisa: I love it!

Kim: You know what, Lisa, I'm gonna call the station and have the crew get on it. (digging in her clutch and grabbing her cell) Excuse me.

Kim walks off to the opposite side of the room to make the call leaving Lucinda and Lisa all alone.

Lisa: Aren't you gonna congratulate me?

Lucinda: For what?

Lisa: Just out of respect. Businesswoman to businesswoman.

Lucinda: I'd hardly call you a businesswoman but if it makes you feel better then congrats.

Lisa: I'm gonna remember this moment--you insulting me down the road when you ask us to buy advertisement for The Intruder.

Lucinda: Write it down, take a picture, do whatever. I doubt I'll ask you for anything.

Lucinda starts to walk off when Lisa grabs her by the arm.

Lisa: Oh Lucy, hold on.

Lisa digs in her purse and places something in Lucinda's hand.

Lisa: I brought this just for you. You need it. Trust me.

Lisa walks off laughing. Lucinda looks in her hand to see Lisa left her a pill -- a Midol.

Lucinda: Tacky witch!



JJ sits on the sofa laughing uncontrollably at the TV. Parker, sitting nearby at the table, watches on annoyed.

Parker: (over it) JJ. . .

JJ ignores him and keeps laughing.

Parker: JJ. . .

JJ keeps laughing.

Parker walks over, snags the remote off the table, and cuts the TV off.

JJ: What the h*ll was that for?!

Parker: If you can see, I'm trying to study.

JJ: Then go to the room or the kitchen--the library is open today too.

Parker: I prefer to study down here. Now keep quiet.

JJ: Who died and make you king?

Parker: No one, but--

JJ: But what? You wouldn't have to study in the summer if you didn't screw around during the school year. Not my problem.

Parker: I find that odd, coming from you.

JJ: What?

Parker produces the notes from his pocket and flashes it at JJ. JJ goes to snatch it but Parker prevents him from grabbing it.

JJ: Give it to me.

Parker: Nope.

JJ: I'm not joking, Parker. Give me the note.

Parker: No.


Parker: Here.

Parker hands JJ the note with a grin on his face. JJ reads the note then rips it up.

JJ: Stay out of my business.

Parker: Fine. Oh, don't think that you tearing up that note prevents you from hiding the truth from Mom and Dad. They're gonna find out when August swings around and they discover that you can't go back to the academy.

JJ: Shut up.

Parker: Oh I will. I'm not gonna say a peep. I'm gonna sit back and watch you squirm all summer long. (leaning in close, taunting) All that money Mom and Dad spent to send you to that nice, fancy school. . . Can't wait to see them eat you alive upon learning that you've been kicked out.

JJ glares at Parker with a burning hatred. The moment ceases upon hearing a baby cry—it’s Nora (Jack & Carly’s baby).

Parker: Better go and check on the baby, JJ.

JJ frowns at Parker as he advances up the stairs, disappearing and,

On Parker, pleased,



Bob, Chris, and John still stand by the table eating cake and watching everyone else enjoy themselves when John's (and Iva's) son, MJ comes rushing up to them.

MJ: Dad—

Bob is shocked to see MJ and puts his cake down to hug MJ.

Bob: I haven’t seen you in years, how is your mother?

MJ: She’s doing great.

Bob: Glad to hear and glad to have you in the intern’s program too.

MJ: Thanks. (to John) You’re needed in the ER. Mr. Tibbett is complaining about his pacemaker again.

John: I’m on my way. (to Bob) Excuse me.

Bob: No problem. About that time we all get back to work.

John rushes off with MJ.


To Casey, Margo, and Tom sitting off to the side in mid conversation. Casey, however, is distracted by Allison, who is across the room looking at him.

Margo: I was thinking that it would be best that you interned with your father, Casey.

Casey doesn’t answer back.

Margo: Casey!

Casey: (snapping out of it) Oh yeah. Sure.

Margo looks across the room to see what her son is staring at and see a somber Allison. Margo gives her a dirty look and Allison walks out of frame.

Margo: I thought you two were over.

Casey: We are.

Margo: Then why stare at her constantly?

Casey: Mom, I don’t want to hear it. . .

Tom: She’s telling the truth, Casey. Do you want to be with Allison?

Casey: No! I did call off the engagement.

Margo: Then you need to move on. That’s why you need to—

Casey: Take the job with, Dad. I heard you before.

Tom: Which won’t be a long-term internship.

Margo: (puzzled) What’s that supposed to mean?

Tom: Because I’m considering running for District Attorney.

Margo: You are?

Tom: Yes. That’s if you don’t mind working with your husband again?

Margo: (popping Tom) Oh Tom! (hugging and kissing him) Of course I don’t mind! That’s great!

Tom: Then it’s settled. I’m running for the DA position.

Margo: And Casey can help you.

Casey: (dryly) Sure.

Margo: Maybe that’ll help his mind off of Allison.

On Casey, doubtful that’ll happen,




A FLIGHT ATTENDANT opens the door to let people off the plane. A crowd of people exit off of it. The last two to exit off are JAMI and MONIQUE—best friends and foils of one another (Jami being a white, a yank, more demure, and reserved while Monique is a black, a Brit, little vamp (yet fashionable), and lively {and has an attitude if you cross her}).

Jami grabs her two bags from underneath the bus while Monique struggles grabbing her entire wardrobe from underneath the bus.

Jami: Honey, how did you get all of that on the plane? You’re only allowed one carry on!

Monique: I told them that the Louis does not go underneath the plane. (struggling with luggage) And you’re lucky I agreed to come along. (looking around) Ugh. We gave up London to come here to Neverland?

Jami: Neverland?

The two start down the terminal.

Monique: Yes. NEVERLAND. Nothing is here.

Jami: Mo, we’re in an airport terminal. Of course nothing is here; we haven’t even made it to the exit.

Monique: (sneering) And that is long enough for me to see that nothing is going on here. There better be hot guys here.

Jami: We’re in the city, of course they’re gonna be hot guys. Now we better go and catch a taxi.

Monique: You better hope I see some hot guys when I get to Oakland.

Jami: It’s Oakdale.

Monique: Same thing.

Jami goes to drag Monique by the arm when Monique stops her.

Monique: Oh no, honey. No running. Do you see the shoes I have on?

Jami looks down to see a nice pair of black/white patterned heels.

Monique: Chanel.

Jami: Why would you wear that on the flight?

Monique: Why wouldn’t I?

Jami: (sighs) I’m not gonna even go there with you. . .

Monique: (tossing her hair) Wise choice.

Jami: Now let’s go get my luggage and go get a taxi.

Monique: Yeah, yeah. (putting on Chanel shades) Oakhaven ain’t ready for the diva!

Jami: Oakdale, Mo.

Monique: Isn’t that what I said?

Jami: No.

Monique: Whatever.

Jami tries not to laugh as she shakes her head in disbelief at her over the top friend. And on Jami walking and Monique sashaying,






- Tragedy strikes in Oakdale to a young teen

- JJ starts to rebel causing a rift in the Snyder/Tenney household

- Holden wants to move on . . . without Lily

- Jami and Monique reach Oakdale

- Monique likes what she sees in Casey

- Tom meets his opponent in the run for the office

- Henry’s sister, Clark, reaches Oakdale with ties to Mo & Jami

- Meg continues on her quest of getting Emily out the picture and uses Emily’s weakness to do so . . . a HUGHES man.

- More characters come to Oakdale, shaking things up!




Lisa, Carly, and Barbara walk into a vacant building—dusty, torn, and battered. The sight of this causes Lisa to do a U-turn with Carly and Barbara stopping her.

Lisa: This is the building you were talking about, Barbara?

Barbara: (taking it all in) Isn’t it great?

Carly: I wouldn’t say all that. . .

Lisa: Then I’ll say it—Barbara, this building looks like sh—

Carly covers Lisa’s mouth before she can finish. Barbara walks over to the center of the room, pointing things out.

Barbara: With a little bit of paint, here and there we can fix this place up to be a top notch fashion house.

Lisa: A little? Baby, it is gonna take a hell of a lot of paint to fix this piece of junk up.

Barbara: Could you be a little bit more optimistic?

Lisa: H*ll no. It would’ve been better to have gone into to Milltown and bought one of those new buildings over in the strip mall.

Barbara rolls her eyes and keeps walking through the foyer.

Barbara: I was thinking the downstairs area we have reception sitting off to the side here. (walking over to a door) And this room could be our storage room—where we keep fabrics, threads, needles. (noticing Carly nor Lisa has moved) C’mon! Let’s head up stairs so we can look at your offices.

Lisa and Carly look over at the jagged, wooden stairs, which resemble something about of Henri Matisse painting.

Lisa: You go. We’ll stay here.

Barbara: (going up the stairs) C’mon!

Lisa and Carly rush over and start climbing the stairs behind an eager Barbara. Barbara sways the cobwebs out of the way as they reach the top of the stairs, which looks just as worse as the bottom.

Carly: OK. . . I was going to keep my mouth shut but we are going to spend more money remodeling than making money.

Lisa: She is. I’m not investing a damn thing in this hell hole.

Barbara: You don’t have to. I already hired the contractors to remodel the place. They are supposed to be out here tomorrow. (pushing the first door on the long hall open) Here is where we’ll do our photo shoots.

The room is quite big, filled with windows. Looks like a studio apartment; however, it looks like the crappy building it is in.

Lisa and Carly peeks in while Barbara goes into the room, showcasing it like she is Barker Beauty. Lisa and Carly look at each other. Then at Barbara. Then back at each other.

Lisa: (under her breath) Lord help this girl. She really thinks this spot is hot.

Carly: And it’s not.

Barbara: Now let me show you your office, Lisa.

Barbara starts down the hallways some more.

Lisa: Is it in this building?

Carly bursts into laughter, guiding Lisa down the hallway with a gentle push and,




Bob and John sit off to the side eating lunch together.

Bob: Never knew how much I would miss the food until I was gone.

John: I felt the same way too when I left all those years ago. Being back here just felt so right.

John looks over to see something is wrong with Bob.

John: What is it?

Bob: Huh? (hiding it) What are you talking about?

John: You were never a good liar, Bob.

Bob: You’d know.

John: Ouch. That hurt.

Bob: (sighing) Sorry. I just didn’t realize how much I miss this place. The sound of carts rolling in the morning, patients moaning, their loved ones biting our heads off—I miss it.

John: Then come home.

Bob: What?

John: You heard me. Come home.

Bob: I can’t do that.

John: Yes you can. Leave Arizona and come back home. It’s simple. Then can resume your position as Chief of Staff.

Bob: I can’t do that. I cannot take the position back when you are occupying it. I can’t.

John: (leaning in) Don’t tell anyone this but these past four months have been hell.

Bob is astonished by this revelation made by John.

John: It wasn’t until I left for John Hopkins and worked there for a while with medical students that I realized how much I

loved being in the E.R. Not cramped up in some rusty office shoveling paperwork. That was always you, Bob.

Bob: Hey!

John: I’m just saying. I miss doing research, healing patients—I don’t work well under structure.

Bob: If only you felt this way about twenty-five years ago when you were still fighting with me for the position and actually taking it away from me.

John: Well I was young and stupid. I did a lot of stupid things that now being older, I regret doing.

Bob reaches over and feels John’s forehead.

Bob: Are you OK?

John laughs.

Bob: What have you done to the John Dixon I know and loved to hate?

John: He grew up.

On Bob and John sharing a smile




Casey starts to unpack his belongings in his room when Kim appears in front of his door, knocking on it.

Casey turns around and smiles at the sight of Kim.

Kim: Can I come in, Kiddo?

Casey waves, indicating for her to “come on in.”

Kim: How are you holding up?

Casey: Barely.

Kim: (sitting on the edge of his bed) That’s understandable.

Casey: Gram, can I ask you a question?

Kim: Of course.

Casey: (sitting next to her) How did you handle the situation when Grandpa cheated on you with Susan?

This comes at Kim out of left field, throwing her off. She takes a breath and answers:

Kim: I was crushed, and so many things went through my mind.

Casey: Yeah, but you forgave him. How?

Kim: Introspection. That alone caused me to realize that I had a hand in your grandfather finding solace elsewhere. Now

he isn’t fully innocent but I had to learn to take my part of the blame.

Casey stirs on this a bit, then

Casey: So I should forgive Allison?

Kim: I can’t tell you what to do, Kiddo. That is for you to decide.

Casey: True. It would be easier though if you would decide for me.

Kim: I know. Trust me. I felt the same way, but what was right for me might not be for you. You call the shots. But you can’t

leave Allison in limbo. You have to make a decision and soon. And you can’t string her along either. As much as I don’t care for her at this point, it is not fair.

Casey nods, understandingly.


Kim: I’ll get that.

Kim heads down the hall then down the stairs to open the door to Susan.

Kim: Can I help you?

Susan: Where is Casey?

Kim: Why?

Susan: I need to talk to him.

Kim: Susan—

Susan: Look, Kim, I need to—

Allison comes from behind Susan.

Allison: No, I need to talk to Casey. Chill out, Mom. (to Kim) Can I go up and see him?

Kim moves out the way, allowing Allison to come in.

Kim: He’s in his room.

Allison: Thanks.

Kim nods and Allison heads up the stairs. Kim looks back at Susan, who has her arms crossed.

Susan: Aren’t you gonna invite me in?

Kim: This isn’t my house.

Kim slams the door in Susan’s face.


Casey is back to putting his clothes up with Allison enters. He looks up, sees her, and goes back to doing what he was doing like he never noticed her.

Allison: Casey.

Casey: What, Ali?

Allison: We need to talk.

Casey: Start talking.

Allison: Well can you stop moving and listen to me?

Casey: Allison, I can do two things at once. You’re wasting time.

Allison: Fine. I just wanna say that I’m sorry and that I didn’t mean to cheat you.

Casey stops what he is doing and looks her as if she is crazy.

Allison: I mean it. I didn’t mean too. I started when you were stressing about all the long hours and papers and you shut me off.

Casey: So that gives you the right to cheat?

Allison: No.

Casey: Because you had just as much work as me, if not more and yet I NEVER cheated on you.

Allison: I know, but—

Casey: But, what?

Allison: (sobbing) I DON’T LOVE HIM! I love you. . .

Casey: But love isn’t supposed to hurt.

Allison: I know!

Casey: Well you hurt me.

Allison: (wiping away tears) I know! But please . . . please tell me we have another shot.

Casey: Maybe we do . . .

Allison’s face lights up with hope. Casey walks over and takes her by the hand. He opens it, dropping his wedding band in it.

Casey: But not anytime soon.

On Allison, severely wounded,




Emma is feeding the horses when a Blue Chevy Silverado pulls in beside the barn. Emma puts down the bag of grain and walks


where Aaron and Holden both get out the truck.

Emma: (to Aaron, overjoyed) What are you doing here?!

Aaron: Well I decided to take you both up on that offer. I’ve decided to move back to Oakdale and help out around the farm.

Aaron walks around the truck and hugs Emma tightly.

Emma: You sure?

Aaron nods “yes.”

Emma: Well what about your mother and her chemo?

Aaron: She has Uncle Caleb along with Pete and Jenny, who have both uprooted to Seattle to be near her—just know that

she pushed me to come here.

Holden: Now anytime you get ready—

Aaron: I know, Dad. But I am needed here, and I’ve actually missed Oakdale and the farm.

Emma: Not too many people say that.

Holden: (hugging Aaron) I’m just glad that my son is back.

Emma: Me too. Now this calls for a celebration—a special dinner.

Aaron: As long as there is some of your famous sweet potato pie. . .

Emma: Anything you want, baby! Let’s head over to the kitchen now and get started.

And with three generations of the Snyders arm and arm heading back to the house,



Parker and Jack walk up to the door, joking. Both are carrying gym bags.

Parker: Too much for you, old man, huh?

Jack: Never.

Jack grabs the door knob and the door opens. Parker and Jack look at each other, confused and look inside to see a book and clothes straddled all over the living room.

Jack: What the—

Sound of glasses is heard from the kitchen.

Jack: (to Parker) Stay here.

Parker nods. Jack eases around the corners, then

Jack: Hey!

JJ puts his arms into the air, dropping everything.

Jack: JJ!

JJ: (turning around) Dad!

Parker joins them in the kitchen.

Jack: What are you doing home?

JJ: Umm. . . school’s out, Dad.

Jack: No it isn’t.

JJ: Yeah. It is.

Jack glances over at the calendar with a red circle that reads Friday, May 11, 2012: JJ returns home.

Jack: Oops.

JJ: Tell my ham sandwich and glass of milk that.

Carly (OS): Anybody home?

Jack: We’re in the kitchen, honey.

Carly walks into the kitchen and to her surprise, sees JJ. She rushes over, hugging him.

Carly: Aww, my baby is home.

JJ: Yep.

Carly notices the shattered glass, milk, and ham sandwich on the floor.

Carly: OK. . . what is that?

Jack: It was my fault. I scared JJ.

Carly: You scared him.

Jack: I thought he was a burglar.

Carly: A burglar? Not my baby!

JJ grins as Carly and Jack squabble over what he said. Parker, meanwhile, slinks out of the kitchen into


where a letter lies on the floor. Being nosy, Parker picks the letter up, which reads:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jack Snyder,

We are sad to inform you that due to JJ Snyder being a constant problem in class that we have no choice but to expel him from the St. Paul Boy’s Academy. Any further questions, you can reach us at 604-578-9987.


Dean Richard Trudeau

St. Paul Boy’s Academy

Monticello, Illinois

JJ (OS): Hey Parker!

Parker spins around, yet hides the letter behind his back. He forces a smile on his face to hide what he is doing.

JJ: Mom and Dad said did you want to go to the Skyview Restaurant to eat tonight?

Parker: Sure.

JJ heads back into the kitchen.

Parker: (to self) Oh JJ, what have you done?

On Parker in deep thought,



Emily hugs Daniel tightly as Tom, Margo, and Paul watch on. Paul grins at his wife happiness while Tom is uneasy and

Margo is just sickened by the whole thing.

Tom: Now you have my number installed on your phone don’t you?

Daniel: (breaking away from Emily) Yeah.

Emily: He won’t need to call you seeing as he is here with me.

Margo: That’s what we are worried about.

Emily: Whatever, Margo.

Margo sneers at Emily.

Daniel: C’mon guys! Don’t make me run back to the boarding school.

Paul: Right. Now don’t worry about your luggage, some of the help will come and get that for you.

Daniel: Thanks, Paul.

Daniel hugs Tom then Margo. I’ll come and stay with you guys next week.

Tom: Can’t wait.

Emily: But till then. . . (opening the door) you know the deal.

Tom exits but Margo isn’t going out with a word or two.

Margo: (walking out) You know what, Emily, you are a real class A bit—

Emily slams the door in Margo’s face.

Emily: So now that they are gone. . .

Daniel: Mom, why are you so threatened by them?

Emily: (point to herself) Me?

Daniel: Yes, you.

Emily: I am not threatened by them at all. I just hate sharing you.

Paul: We see that.

Emily: Well I can’t wait for the help to come and get your suitcases, and no one knows how to fix your room like your

mommy, so I’ll do it. You just relax here with Paul.

Emily grabs his luggage and scurries up the stairs.

Paul: She is a mess.

Daniel: (snidely) She isn’t the only one.

On Daniel walking off and Paul feeling the sting of Daniel’s remark,




Kim walks into the studio, which is filled with people running amuck doing various things. But it isn’t as tight as ship as Kim

use to run it. This disturbs her. Suddenly, Ryder comes up and taps her on the shoulder.

Kim: (nearly jumping out her skin) Oh hey! What are you doing here?

Ryder: Just taking your advice and seeing what WOAK is all about.

Kim: You like it so far?

Ryder: So far, so good. I think that I might be able make this permanent.

Kim: Well I can put in a good word for you.

Ryder: Thanks, Aunt Kim but I think that Katie has that covered. I just know that this has to be hard for her to get a new co-host. You know. . .

Kim: Since Brad died. I know. Have they chem tested you yet?

Ryder: No. The producer just sort of left me out here to dry.

Kim: Well who is the producer?

Ryder: Some guy named Henry Coleman.

Kim: (bewildered) Henry?!

Henry comes out the office, frazzled. He approaches Kim and Ryder.

Henry: Sorry, Ryder. Things are a little backed up. An intern lost a segment for tonight’s news and I don’t know what do. Nice to see you too, Kim, but I gotta run. An intern will be here in a second to hand you an application.

Henry runs off.

Kim: What is going on here?

Ryder: I don’t know but I hope it’s just like this today.

Kim: I hope so because WOAK never use to be like this when I was in charge.

Ryder: Maybe you should’ve stayed.

Kim: Maybe.

On Kim questioning herself and having second thoughts,



The doorbell rings repeatedly as Emily rushes back down the stairs to answer. She opens it to reveal Meg. Meg pushes

past Emily into the house.

Meg: (livid) Where is Paul?

Emily: He had to run to the office.

Meg: Then I’ll meet him there.

Emily grabs Meg by the arm, stopping her.

Emily: Why do you need to see Paul?

Meg: I just got wind that Paul decided cancelled my contract with the daycare because he hired a nanny for Eliza.

Emily: And?

Meg: I don’t want Eliza to have a nanny!

Emily: Look, we know what is best for Eliza.

Meg: Say what?

Emily: Paul is doing what is best for our daughter.

This sends Meg over the edge.

Meg: Our daughter? Last time I checked, you had two boys. You don’t have a daughter with Paul unless Allison has is a seed of Paul’s, which I doubt.

Emily: I’m sorry.

Meg: You need to be. Realize that Eliza is MY daughter. Not yours. She is nothing to you.

Emily: I wouldn’t say all that. . .

Meg: (stepping in Emily’s face) Emily, don’t push me.

Emily: It was a simple mistake. I mean Eliza is like a daughter to—


Emily is at a loss of word over Meg. Meg tosses her hair, gives Emily one final warning look, and slams the door.

On Emily nervous,



Dusty walks with Lorenzo in his arms, cooing at the baby. He bumps into John.

John: What are you two doing here?

Dusty: Another checkup.

John: Everything alright?

Dusty: Yep. He has another set of shots he has to take in a few weeks, but he takes them well.

John: (playing with the baby) Of course he does. (looking at Dusty again) How has Janet been?

Dusty: Good. Still working at Al’s Diner when she isn’t running behind myself, Lorenzo, and Liberty.

John: Good. We have to schedule another family night real soon.

Dusty: We sure do but what are you doing roaming the halls? Don’t you have some paperwork to do?

John: I do but if things go as planned then I won’t have to worry about paperwork ever again.

Dusty: What are you talking about?

John: I offered the position back to Bob.

Dusty: But he retired.

John: We had a heart to heart and he realized that he missed the hospital and I realized how much I miss being in surgery.

Dusty: You two had a heart to heart?

John: Shocking, huh? But I think that the hatchet is finally buried.

Dusty: I’m proud of you, John.

John: That means the world to me. (smiling at Lorenzo) Now let’s head down to the cafeteria and see what we can get for

this growing boy.

Dusty: Alright.

With Dusty and John walking side by side in laughter,




Kim kneels down, gently placing some flowers on Nancy, Chris, and Dan’s graves. Unknowingly, Bob comes up behind her

bearing flowers too.

Bob: Great minds think alike.

Kim: (noticing Bob) They sure do.

Bob kneels down with Kim.

Bob: You came here for some introspection?

Kim: Yep. Bob, I need to tell you something.

Bob: So do I.

Kim: You first.

Bob: Kim, I miss Oakdale. I miss the hospital. I know you don’t want me to work, but Kim—

Kim: You miss working?

Bob: Yeah.

Kim sighs in relief.

Kim: So glad to hear you say that.

Bob: You are?

Kim: Yes, because I miss WOAK. I stopped by there today and I nearly went into cardiac arrest.

Bob: That was easy.

Kim: It was; however, we have to promise that despite our busy schedules that we always find time for not only our family


Bob: Ourselves.

Kim nods and with tears in her eyes, she leans over and passionately kisses Bob. Panning over to Chris, Nancy, and Dan's graves,







Emily, relaxed, sits on the sofa reading a copy of The Intruder when Susan comes storming into the room. Susan looks a total wreck, like she hasn't slept in days even though it has only been a night.

Susan: Have you heard from Allison?

Emily: No. She hasn't called?

Susan: I'm worried.

Emily: Mom, I'm sure that Allison is fine.

Susan: Em, this is Allison we are talking about!

Emily thinks about if for a second, then

Emily: You're right. (getting up) Let me get dressed and we'll drive over to Carbondale to find Allison.

Allison (OS): It would be a wasted a trip.

Allison enters into the room just as much of a wreck as her mother--mascara stains all under her eyes showing she has clearly been crying, her hair tossed all over the place, and still wearing the dress from the night before. Susan and Emily rush over and take Allison by the arms, guiding her to the sofa.

Allison: Why are you guys helping me?

Susan: What are you talking about? You are my child!

Allison: I guess that explains why I am such a total wreck.

Emily: At least she hasn't lost her sense of humor.

Susan cuts her eyes at Emily, letting her know that she is not in the mood.

Allison: Casey, have you guys seen Casey?

Susan: Who cares about him at this point.

This causes Allison, highly emotive--on the verge of crying, to jump up from the sofa. Emily manages to grab her and pull her back down to the sofa.

Emily: (calmly) Yes. He came to the party in a drunken mess, slandering your name.

Allison: Well it is not that hard to do seeing as what he said is probably true.

Susan: (easing down next to Allison) Is it true? Did you sleep with your professor?

Allison does not answer for a second, then

Allison: (sighs) Yes.

Emily: Allison!

Allison: I wasn't thinking.

Susan: Well we can see that.

Allison: But I need to find Casey. I need to just sit down and talk to him. I just--

Emily: Lie down. That is what you need to do. And Casey probably does even want to see you at this point.

Susan: And you'd never get past the guard dogs guarding him. Kim, Lisa, Margo, Tom--they are probably guarding him like is a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay.

Allison: (starting to cry) I just want to tell him why--go into details as to why. . .

Susan: It can wait. You need to rest.

Emily: Mom, is right. How about you go and lie in one of guest rooms and when you wake up, we'll think of way to fix the problem then. OK?

Allison: Fine.

Emily gets up and helps Allison up the stairs. Susan watches on, heartbroken for her daughter.

Susan: (to self) Damn you, Casey.




Casey is straddle across the bed--a mess too.


Margo (OS): Open the door, Casey!

Casey slowly opens up his eyes and trudges over to the door where he opens it to see Margo bearing a bag of donuts and a coffee. She pushes her way past him into the room. Casey closes the door.

Casey: Mom, it is too early.

Margo: It's 10 A.M.

Casey: Like I said, it is too early.

Margo: Well we need to talk.

Casey: I really don't want to talk about last night or Allison or--

Margo: (sitting on the bed) Sit down.

Casey trudges back over to the bed, doing as Margo says.

Margo: (handing him a doughnut) Eat this. (passing the coffee to him) Drink this.

Casey: Mom, coffee is not going to sober me up.

Margo: Oh I know. I am a cop. A good shower and rest does but you don't deserve a either. Not after that stunt from last night.

Casey: I'm the injured party here!

Margo: But that does not mean for you to go barging in a room in a drunken stupor and scream out how much of a slut someone is.

Casey: It's true and you know it. Heck, you are probably thinking the same right now.

Margo: You wouldn't be in this mess if you would've listened to me.

Casey: Mom. . .

Margo: It is the truth! I told you about her. I told you about Emily but did you listen? Did you?

Casey: No.

Margo: For now on, you'll listen to me. Now I'll meet you home and set up a room at the new house for you seeing as you'll be moving back home with us. And don't worry about switching your credits over from Carbondale State as I am already on it.

Margo kisses Casey on the head and exits. On Casey biting his doughnut, annoyed.




Lisa and Barbara sit a table in deep discussion of what occurred last night.

Lisa: Poor Casey. But that is a Stewart woman for you. Only due time before Paul suffers at the hands of Emily . . . again.

Barbara: Lisa, I am not getting into this with you. I have my own issues to worry about.

Lisa: Oh c'mon. You expect me to believe that you like Emily.

Barbara: We are fine.

Lisa: But you still did not give an answer. Yes or no?

Barbara: Yes, I like Emily. . . for right now.

Lisa: Knew it. (looking at her watch) Now where is Carly?

Barbara: I don't know but she is running late.

Lisa: Well I can't blame her. She is meeting with two people who have not been her biggest supporters.

Barbara: But that is in the past. Today is us moving forward.

Carly enters.

Lisa: There she is. (to Carly, waving) Over here.

Carly: (making her way over to them) Coming! (to herself) Dear God, strike me dead. (with a forced smile) Hi, ladies.

Lisa: Hey, Carly. (patting the seat next to her) Have a seat.

Carly hesitantly eases down in the seat with a forced smile still on her face. She looks at Barbara, who is calm and collected and smiling back at Carly; however, her smile is genuine. This scares Carly.

Carly: (breaking the facade) OK, let's get to the point. What have I done now?

Barbara: (puzzled) Nothing. Like I told you last night, I have a business proposition for you.

Carly: Like what?

Barbara: Seeing as we are all in a good place with each other--

Carly: We are?

Barbara: Carly, don't start. (continuing) I think that we should go into business together--the three of us.

Lisa and Carly look at each other. Then Barbara. Then back at each other.

Lisa: Us three?

Barbara: Yes. You, me, and Carly. I think that we should open a fashion house with all of us doing the designing, Lisa, you still running the store, and me and Carly getting the press for the line--

Carly: With the three of us, that shouldn't be too hard.

Lisa laughs.

Barbara: I am serious. I already picked out a name for us, logo, and everything.

Barbara digs into her bag and Carly leans back, scared.

Barbara: What?

Carly: (hesitantly laughing) Just you digging a bag sets me off, Barbara. Who knows what you might pull out. (to herself) Like a gun.

Barbara pulls a folder out and opens it to reveal their logo: "BLC Fashions: Barbara, Lisa, & Carly."

Barbara: Like it?

Carly: (taking the folder) I love it.

Lisa looks on with Carly, and a frown comes across her face.

Lisa: I hate it.

Carly & Barbara: Why?!

Lisa: Shouldn't it be LBC. I mean I am the original fashionista in Oakdale. My name should be first.

Barbara: But I thought of it.

Lisa: And?

Carly: But I like BLC. You being in the middle shows your importance in the operation.

Lisa: (glowing) How so?

Carly: Well its symbolic of what the work situations will be. You'll be the mediator between Barbara and I, thus preventing us from killing one another.

Lisa: True. (thinking about it) Alright. I love it now.

Lisa takes the folder and grins over the logo. Barbara mouths "thank you" to Carly before taking a sigh or relief.

Barbara: Now ladies, (pulling out another folder) I wanted you both to look over what markets I want us to hit.

Carly takes the folder and turns it to page one.

Barbara: Now if you see, I think we will be able to hit all markets. Lisa, you being more aged--

Lisa: Hold up!

Barbara: . . .And refined. . .

Lisa: Keep going.

Barbara: I think that it'll be better if you target older women. I named your line, "Matriarch."

Lisa: Ooo. I like it.

Barbara: Seeing as I the middle aged one of the two, and hoping to target women in their 40s and 50s, who want to feel like a queen, which is why my line is called, "Queen."

Carly: And mine is what?

Barbara: Belladonna. It sounds sexy and youthful.

Carly: Oh h*ell yeah. That's hot.

Barbara: Exactly and I want to have all three lines to have their Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer lines. We could also do some fragrances which I think we should call "Bold and Sassy" seeing as it describes all three of us. Not only that but a men's line too--for all ages called Esquire. I was also thinking about getting with Janet to do a domestic line called--

Carly: Janet? As in Janet Ciccone?

Barbara: Yeah.

Carly: Let's just hold that thought.

Barbara: C'mon Carly.

Carly: (rolling her eyes) Fine. But she cannot be an equal partner.

Barbara: She wasn't. I was thinking of splitting it 30% between the three of us. . .

Carly: And giving Janet 10%?

Barbara: Yes.

Carly: I'm cool with that. (sitting back and relaxing) Keep going.

Barbara: All I need for you two to take this contract and let your attorneys go over and send it back to me. Simple as that. Then we can start looking for a location to house the fashion house, etc.

Carly: I'm down.

Carly places her hand in the middle. Lisa places her next, followed by Barbara.

Barbara: 1. . .2. . .3. . .BLC.

Carly/Lisa/Barbara: (shouting) 1. . . 2. . .3. . .BLC!!!!

The three ladies burst into laughter and enjoyment over their new business venture, a new journey, a new chapter in life.






Casey speeds down the road, disheveled -- his mind still on what just happened.



A scared Allison looks at Casey. This is not the Casey she has known and loved.

Allison: Casey, let me explain.

Casey: Allison, I said call him back.

Allison: Casey!

Casey takes the phone and throws it across the room. The phone shatters into the pieces.

Allison: How could you?!

Allison goes for the phone when Casey grabs her, shaking her.

Casey: How long have you been screwing him?

Allison looks away, trying to avoid giving an answer.

Casey: (shaking her some more) Answer me!

Allison: (breaking free) You're hurting me.

Casey: You can't even answer a simple question--who are you?! Oh, wait, I know who you are. . . A TYPICAL STEWART WOMAN!

Allison: What is that suppose to mean?

Casey: That's you're not wife material. But I should've known that. You can't make a ho a housewife even though you need the "h" & the "o" to spell it. You know what--I don't even care anymore. I really don't. The engagement is over and I am going home.

Casey crosses over into the room grabbing his suitcases from under the bed. He slams it on the bed. He pushes the closet slide doors open with so much force, they fall off the hinges. He starts to toss his clothes into the suitcase.

Allison: What? Casey, you are talking crazy.

Casey: What is crazy is that I even fell for you. I should've learned after Emily. . .


Casey: (flippantly) Oh yeah. You sure are.

Casey starts moving throughout the rest of the room, grabbing his stuff. He cleaning the room of anything his, removing any essence he had in this room. He closes down his suitcase and locks it. He goes for the door when Allison moves in front of him, thus creating a blockade.

Casey: Move.

Allison: No.

Casey picks Allison up drops her on the bed as she kicks and screams. He picks his stuff up and proceeds for the door. Allison runs to the door in tears, ready to give a final blow to Casey

Allison: You wanna know why I was screwing him?

Casey stops in place.

Allison: Because you neglected me emotionally, physically, spiritually! And guess what, he fulfilled me where you lacked and that I mean!

Casey looks back with tears forming in his eyes.

Casey: . . .bitch.

He slams the apartment door behind him and on Allison screaming at the top of her lungs,


Casey continues to speed down the dark, winding road.



Jack sits on the bed adjusting his tie while Carly looks at herself in the long, stand, grooved frame mirror. She is wearing a Carly Tenney original--a short, satin, strapless dress that clings to her body, showing all of her curves.

Carly: Does this dress look good, G-Man?

Jack looks over and likes what he sees. Carly can see his reaction in the mirror.

Carly: I guess that answer my question, but I am just not feeling this dress.

Jack comes up behind Carly, wrapping his arms around her.

Jack: I think you look beautiful.

Carly: Thanks, baby.

Jack: No problem.

as-world-turns68.jpgHe grabs her by the face and kisses her passionately. Carly breaks the kiss, placing a finger on his lips.

Carly: Not now. We have a party to get to.

Jack: Do we have to go?

Carly: Yes. Now you go and start the car while I look for my earrings.

Jack: Alright but one more kiss?

Carly: No. (playfully pops him) Go get in the car.

Jack groans and exits.

Carly walks over the dresser and looks inside her jewelry box for her earrings. She snags them when the phone rings.

Carly: Now who is this? (grabbing her phone out her clutch) Hello?

Barbara (VO): Carly?

Carly: Yeah, who is this?

Barbara (VO): Barbara.

Carly nearly drops her phone but regains her composure.

Carly: (hesitantly) Hey, Barbara.

Barbara: Are you attending the party tonight?

Carly: Well I was until you called and stopped me from getting ready.

Jack (OS): Carly, c'mon. We're gonna be late.

Carly: (covering the reciever) Coming, Jack! (back in phone) What do you want, Barbara?

Barbara: A business proposition.

On Carly puzzled, yet intrigued



The party is starting to fill up with our favorite Oakdale denizens. At one of the tables sits John, Lily, and Lucinda. John and Lucinda are clearly having a good time. On the other hand, Lily isn't not. She seems uncomfortable, if anything. Lucinda quickly takes notice of this.

Lucinda: Darling, you alright?

Lily: I'm fine, Mother. Don't start.

Lucinda: I wouldn't start if you were alright, which you aren't. I know because I am your mother.

Lily: I said I am fine.

Lucinda: Lily, dear. . .

John: Lucinda, the girl said she was fine.

Lily: Thank you, John.

Lucinda: John, hush. Now I know my daughter and she is not alright.

Lily: (snapping back) Fine. I'm not alright. I just don't feel comfortable here.

Lucinda: Still thinking about Holden and the fact that he doesn't want to get back together?

Lily gets up from the table and John pulls her back down.

John: (to Lucinda) Enough. Lily said that she did not want to talk about it. The wound is still fresh.

Lucinda: But she needs to talk about it.

John: Yes, when she is ready. Not when you say so. I thought you swore you were going to work on you being meddlesome.

Lucinda: I did.

John: Then start now.

Lucinda: But--


Lisa bumps into Lucinda from behind, causing Lucinda's drink to spill on her dress.

Lucinda: Ugh!

Lisa: (turning around) Oops.

Lucinda: Like hell you are.

John grabs a napkin and starts to wipe the stain off when Lucinda smacks him.

Lucinda: You'll smear it. You are suppose to dabble.

Lily: Lisa said she was sorry. Why don't run into the kitchen and get some seltzer water. That'll help with the stain.

Lucinda: (pointing to Lisa) She should go get it. She did it.

Lisa rolls her eyes.

Lily: I'll go get it. It'll get me away from the table for awhile.

Lily gets up and heads for the kitchen.

Lisa: I'm sorry, Lucy girl if that makes you feel any better.

Lucinda: The name is Lucinda.

Lisa: Lucy, Lucinda, whatever.

John: OK, ladies. Calm down.

Lucinda: (to John) Don't know if you would classify her as a lady.

Lisa: John would. (looking at him seductively) Wouldn't you, Johnny boy?

John laughs, shaking his head. He realizes that Lisa is trying to stick it to Lucinda and it is working. Lucinda is not amused though. She's gonna stab back.

Lucinda: Once upon a time, maybe. But now he is with me.

Lisa: Whatever, old Lucy.

Lucinda: Old? Oh no, darling. John keeps me young if you know what I mean.

Lisa begins to dry heave.

John: Lucinda, c'mon now. . .

Lucinda: I'm just stating facts. I mean when was the last time you have sex?

Lisa: None of your business.

Lucinda: Weeks? Months? YEARS. . .?

Lisa: Just know that if I wanted Johnny-boy back I could have him back. . . (snapping her fingers) just like that.

Lisa tosses her hair and sashays off. John watches on, amused. Lucinda drives her elbow into his gut.



Lisa bumping into Barbara.

Lisa: Oh please don't give me a b*tch fit for bumping into you. Ole Lucy girl just tried it.

Barbara: Why would I? (blowing that off) I need to talk to you.

Lisa: Why? What's wrong?

Barbara: Nothing but I have a business proposition for you.

On Lisa, intrigued,


Kim and Bob's table where Margo, Tom, Katie, Chris, and Ryder sit.

Margo: It is so good that you could join us, Ryder.

Ryder: Thank Uncle Bob and Aunt Kim. They invited me and I couldn't turn them down. Feels pretty good to be back in Oakdale after all these years.

Kim: It sure does. I kind of miss it.

Katie: Aww, Kim, I thought you loved your new life in Arizona?

Bob: We do but nothing beats being in Oakdale.

Tom: Why not move back home?

Bob: For what? We aren't needed. Everyone is happy, and--

A drunken Casey with bottle in hand, stumbles into the room.

Casey: Hello, everyone!

Margo: (standing up) Casey? What are you--

Emily and Susan rush up to Casey.

Emily: Where is the bride?

Casey: Screw her.

Susan: Excuse me.

Casey: You heard me you old leather face, hag! I said screw your daugther -- oh wait, someone else is doing that. HER PROFESSOR! Yeah. I found out tonight that Allison cheated on me with her professor. No wonder she was getting A's.

Emily: Hey! That is my sister.

Casey: Which makes it worse. My Grandma Kim said it best--those damn Stewart women!

Kim cringes at the sight of Casey. Lisa rushes up to Casey, talking him down.

Lisa: How about I get you a suite for tonight and you sleep this off, OK?

Casey: (in a drunken stupor) Sleep what off? The fact that I did not please Allison emotionally? Spiritually? Sexually? I think that the last one is a lie because I am one hell of guy in the sack. Emily can tell you that.

Emily walks away in disgust. Meg, watching on from a far, enjoys it.

Susan: (shaking Casey) Where is my daughter?

Lisa: (removing Susan's hands) Who cares. You heard him, your daughter is a tramp.

Susan: Oh Lisa, put a sock in it.

Lucinda: (leaning into John) She needs to put something in her. Maybe she wouldn't be so b*tchy.

Lily: Mother!

Lucinda shrugs her shoulders, "what?"

Bob and Kim take a side of Casey and leads him out the room.

Casey: Grandma Kim? Grandpa Bob? What are you doing here?

Kim: Kiddo. . .

Followed by Lisa, they exit the room and pass by Carly and Jack. Carly and Jack look at the faces in the room which read from bewildered to utter disgust.

Carly: (stomping her foot) Damn it! I always miss the drama when it isn't about me! (to Barbara) Thanks alot.

On Carly, pouting




- The Stewarts and Hughes feud is reignited

- Bob and Kim reconsider their new life in Arizona

- Barbara has plans and Carly and Lisa are tied to them

- Susan Stewart strikes again but it isn't Bob this time

- Meg becomes a pain for Emily

- Tragedy strikes Oakdale

- Jamie and Monique rock Oakdale

- Lisa gets a new man but Tom doesn't like it and neither does Lucinda

- Forgotten sons return home taking their place on the show

- J.J. vs. Parker results in Jack vs. Carly

- Three legacy characters from 3 other P&G soaps find their way to Oakdale, creating a new quad with a lucky Hughes man





Emily stands at the head of the room with clipboard in her hand. Being a busybody, she can't help but direct the party planners.

Emily: Oh no! That banner is crooked. Pull the corner up more on the left side.

Susan walks in from behind and taps her on the shoulder. Emily turns, smiling at her mother.

Emily: Hey!

Susan: (kissing her daughter's cheek) Hey! I see you are whipping these party planners into shape.

Emily: I sure am. Everything has to be perfect for Casey and Allison's pre-wedding dinner.

Susan: I'm just surprised that Lisa let us plan it here at one of many new restaraunts at Lakeview.

Emily: I know right.

Susan: (looking around) So where is Paul?

Emily: At the office. You know him.

Susan: (mumbling) I wish I never did.

Emily shoots a look a her mother.

Susan: What?!

Emily: Mom, don't start.

Susan: I can't help it. Not since he thought it was a good idea to bring her back.

On Susan pouting,




Paul sits down on the sofa reading a magazine. From behind, a shot of a woman's bare feet ease down the stairs, seductively. We pull back to see it is Meg. Paul looks up from the magazine to see Meg easing down the stairs with nothing on but a sexy, red Herve Leger dress on that is clinging to her body, and showcasing all of her curves.

Paul: You do realize that it is just a pre-wedding party don't you?

Meg: (crossing into the kitchen) I know. But I might meet a man there tonight.

Paul: Meg...

Meg: What? Paul, I do deserve to have a little fun.

Paul: Not at the expense of my daughter.

Meg: OUR DAUGHTER and you don't hear me complaining about your choices. (clears throat) Emily...

Paul: I really don't want to get into a fight with you. I just came to see Eliza before the party. Where is she?

Meg: I put her down for a nap. Apparently, she caught a cold from one of the kids at the daycare center.

Paul: Not surprised seeing as you chose the daycare center.

Meg: Well she has to go there.

Paul: Actually, she doesn't. I offered to get a nanny.

Meg: Paul, no! I want my daughter to live a normal life.

Paul: And she can.

Meg: Not if it is up to you.

Paul: (over it) I'll just come back and see Eliza tomorrow.

Meg: Fine. (pushing him out the door) I'll see you at the party.

Paul: (grabbing a hope to the door, turning back) Hold on, who is keeping Eliza?

Meg: A babysitter.

Paul: Who?

Meg: Liberty.

Paul: Oh hell no.

Meg: What is wrong with Liberty?

Paul: It is not her that is the problem but her "beau."

Meg: Gabriel?

Paul: Yes!

Meg: Let me guess... because he is Craig's son.

Paul: Exactly!

On Meg rolling her eyes,



Katie sits at the table feeding Jacob. Meanwhile, Chris digs around in the fridge. He grabs a water and closes it.

Chris: Baby, what time is Margo and Tom going to arrive?

Katie: They said they were on their way.


Chris: I'll get it.

Chris goes and let Tom and Margo in. Kisses and hugs are exchanged as Margo joins Katie at the table. Tom and Chris stand by the counter.

Katie: So are you guys excited?

Tom: I guess so.

Chris: You guess so?

Margo: It is not like we have a choice.

Katie: OK. I thought you guys were over Casey and Allison being a couple.

Tom: I am.

Margo: Liar. You hate the idea of them getting married just as much as I do.

Katie: Oh c'mon, Tom and Margo. She is not that bad.

Margo: She's a freaking a whore. That girl has been ridden more than the town bicycle.

Tom: Well look her to family is...

Katie: Well her family can't be too bad... (looking at Tom & Chris) seeing as ALL the Hughes men have penetrated a Stewart woman.

Chris: Hey, I never said anything bad about Allison. I actually think they make a good couple.

Margo: Well I beg to differ. I just see this union going south.




Casey sits on the sofa. While Allison (offscreen) is in the bathroom fixing her hair.

Casey: Today, my future wife to be. We gotta hit the road.

Allison (O.S): I'm hurrying. This hair just won't stop frizzing up.

Casey: Well you are beautiful regardless.

Allison (O.S): Aww, thank you. But if you think you are about to get a quicky then you forget it, bud.

Casey: (grinning) But if you changed your mind...

Allison (O.S): Not going to happen.

Casey: You sure?

Allison (O.S) Yep.

Allison closes the bathroom door and locks it.

Casey: Not fair!

Allison (O.S) Life isn't fair.

She turns the blow-dryer on. Casey sits on the couch outside the bathroom, patiently. Suddenly, Allison's phone lights up.

Casey: Allison!

No answer. Only the sound of music and a blow-dryer is heard.

Casey: Allison! Your phone is vibrating.

No answer. Only the sound of music and a blow-dryer is heard.

Casey: Nevermind. I'll get it.

Casey picks up the phone, and answer it.

PHONE: Please enter your passcode.

Casey plugs in her passcode.

PHONE: You have one new voice message from 618-200-4767.

Casey: Who is this?

A MAN'S VOICE: Hey baby. It's me, Greg.

Casey's face drops.

A MAN'S VOICE: I just wanted to let you know that you are on my mind. That session we had the other day with you pinned up against the wall was hot. Hell, it made me realize that I cannot go on a day without you. I-I can't let you marry him.

Casey: What the fu-

A MAN'S VOICE: I know that you are marrying that loser, but I can't let you. I don't care about it being against school policy or that I am married. I need you.

Casey: This has to be a joke.

A MAN'S VOICE: . . . I love you, Allison.

Allison exits out the bathroom.

Allison: You ready?

Casey hands the phone Allison.

Casey: Telephone.

Allison: Who is it? Is it Emily? My mom?

Casey: Nope. Your Professor or should I say Greg?

Allison's jaw drops. Casey's face turns bright red as he gets up and walks over to Allison. He hands the phone to her.

Casey: Call him back.

Allison: But I can--


On Allison like a scared little puppy,






Another soap is making its return under the hands of the same head writer of TGL: THE GUIDINGLIGHT. Picking up where the last episode of AS THE WORLD TURNS sadly left us. Expect twists and turns that centers around the Hughes, Stewarts, and Snyder/Walsh clan! Here is a chance to see your cast:


Don Hasting as Bob Hughes

Kathyrn Hays as Kim Hughes

Elizabeth Hubbard as Lucinda Walsh

Larry Bryggman as John Dixon

Colleen Zenk as Barbara Ryan Coleman

Ellen Dolan as Margo Hughes

Scott Holmes as Tom Hughes

Martha Byrne as Lily Walsh

Jon Hensley as Holden Snyder

Maura West as Carly Snyder

Michael Park as Jack Snyder

Terri Conn as Katie Perretti Hughes

Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman

Kelly M. Hensley as Emily Stewart

Roger Howarth as Paul Ryan

Grayson McCouch as Dusty Donovan

Agim Kaba as Aaron Snyder

Julie Pinson as Janet Ciccone

Billy Magnussen as Casey Hughes

Marnie Schulenberg as Allison Stewart

Ashley Greiner as Faith Snyder

Mick Hazen as Parker Munson

Daniel Manche as JJ Snyder

Marie Wilson as Meg Snyder

Cady McClain as Rosanna Cabot

Scott Bryce as Craig Montgomery

Van Hansis as Luke Snyder

Jake Silbermann as Noah Mayer

Susan Masters as Susan Stewart

Kathleen Widdoes as Emma Stewart

...and Eileen Fulton as Lisa Grimaldi


Tom Degnan as Adam Munson

Alex Chando as Maddie Coleman

Chauntee Schuler as Bonnie McKechnie

New Faces

Nick Stabile as Chris Hughes

Kate Mansi as Jamie Sartell Hughes

Tiana Benjamin as Monique Wexler

Cornelius Smith Jr. as Dallas Griffin

Rhassaan Orange as Mitch Wexler

Wally Kurth as Mac Hutchins

Sam Beherns as Lars Stenbeck

Shayna Rose as Clark Coleman

Stuart Damon as Carter Wallace

Dylan Bruce as Ryder Hughes

Marco Dapper as Chase Trudeau

John Brotherton as Stephen Wyatt

Alycia Purott as Samantha Cory

Heidi Mueller as Charlotte Whitney

Cameron Mathison as Scott Eldridge

Matt Walton as Mason Sartell

Noelle Beck as Adrienne Pointdexter

Kin Shriner as Sean Markham

Eddie Alderson as Daniel Hughes


Ben Levin as Gabriel Montgomery

Sarah Wilson as Liberty Ciccone

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