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We come in on Jack and Carly lying in bed asleep. Carly lies peacefully. A close up shot on Jack, who tosses and turns (without managing to awaken Carly).

Voice: Jack . . .! Jack . . .!

Jack awakens to see Deloris standing at the foot of the bed. She has a glowing aura about her -- it's apparent that she's an apparition.

Jack: Mom!

Deloris: Jack . . .! Jack . . .! Help me!

Deloris holds her hands out to Jack, who tries to reaches her but can't as she seems to get farther and father away from him.

Jack: Mom! Wait, what is it?

Deloris: Jack . . .!

Deloris points to his badge that sits on the nightstand. Jack glances at it and now at Deloris again, who has blood on her white gown. Deloris touches the blood and looks at it before showing her now bloody hands to Jack.

Deloris: Help me . . .

Jack: I don't know what you are saying? Mom! . . . Mom!

Deloris lets out a piercing scream, and

Jack awakens, drench in sweat and breathing heavily. Carly wakes up too.

Carly: Jack? Honey, you alright?

Jack looks over at his badge on the nightstand. A shot of the badge and then a shot of Jack wiping the sweat, clearly shaken,




Jack sits at the table eating his food. Carly, still worried, walks over and pours more juice into his glass. Carly eyes him, looking for answer, then

Jack: What?

Carly: You tell me.

Jack: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Carly: Last night. You waking me up. How about starting there?

Jack: I . . . I just had a bad dream.

Carly grabs a seat next to him.

Carly: Care to share?

Jack flashes back to his mother holding her bloody hands out to him for help.

Jack: What are you, a dream interpreter now?

Carly: Did I say I was?

Jack: No.

Carly: OK then. I was just worried as you woke up like you've seen a ghost or something.

Jack: Carly . . .

We hear Baby Nora cry in the background.

Carly: Hold that thought.

Carly gets up and starts up the stairs.

Jack: No need. I have to head to the station.

Carly: Jack!

Jack: Carly, the baby!

Carly: Ugh!

Carly exits up the stairs. Jack grabs his badge and heads for the door, and opens it, nearly colliding into JJ, still in his pajamas. He has a stack of mail in his hands.

Jack: What are you doing up this early?

JJ: Uh . . . Thought I'd get the mail.

Jack reaches for the mail and JJ snatches away.

JJ : No, Dad!

Jack: JJ, give the mail.

JJ: (seeing badge in Jack's hand) Aren't you running late?

Jack: Yeah. Just give the mail to your mom.

JJ: I will.

Jack runs off. JJ closes the door and quickly goes through the mail until the gets to a letter from his school. He rips it opens to see it's another letter informing them that JJ has been expelled.

JJ: (mumbling) Mom and Dad are going to kill me.

Parker (OC): They sure are . . .

JJ nearly jumps out of his skin. He turns to see Parker standing behind him at the bottom of the stairs, grinning.

JJ: You are just loving this, aren't you?

Parker: Yep. If you'd just tell Mom and Dad--

JJ: I'm not telling them anything and neither are you!

Parker, still donning a grin, walks over to JJ and takes the rest of the mail.

Parker: Of course not. I enjoy watching you squirm anyways.

JJ: Don't you have something better to do like pine over Liberty?

Parker: Shut up!

Carly (OC): Boys!

JJ hides the letter behind his back. Carly comes downstairs holding Nora.

Carly: Boys, can you watch Nora today for me?

Parker: Can't. I have SAT prep today, but JJ can.

JJ: What?!

Parker tugs at the letter behind JJ's back, reminding him that he could always feed his brother to the wolves. JJ, knowing he's in a predicament, caves in.

JJ: I'll do it.

Carly: Thanks, JJ. Don't worry as Sage will be home around 2:00 after cheerleading camp is over. (notices mail) Is that it?

JJ: (eyeing Parker) Yeah . . . That's it.

Carly takes the mail and heads into the kitchen, while handing Nora to Parker.

Parker: Don't test me, JJ.

On JJ at his wits end,



Lucinda and Luke are seated, having breakfast. Coming in mid convo:

Lucinda: I can't believe that you didn't want to come stay at the house with me and John, darling.

Luke: Well you know that Noah is back in town.

Lucinda: He could've stayed there too. There are plenty of rooms.

Luke: Seeing as out relationship is back on, I doubt we'd want to be apart if you know what I mean.

Lucinda: I don't.

Luke: Then I think we should stay here for now.

Lucinda: Why?

Luke: Well Mom and Lisa gave us a discount--

Lucinda: Ooo. . . that woman! I should've known.

Luke: Grandma, calm down.

Lucinda: I should've known that she was one who convinced you stay here. I think she has out for me.

Luke: I think you're just being delusional.

Lucinda: Oh please, darling. The woman has wanted John ever since he moved back to Oakdale and got back with me.

Luke: I seriously doubt that a glamorous woman like Lisa would want John.

Lucinda: Glamorous? (tuts) That old bag. . .

Lucinda takes a sip of her tea.

Lisa (OC): Luke! Ole' Lucy girl!

Lucinda nearly chokes on her tea. Lisa advances towards their table.

Lisa: Morning. You guys enjoying the breakfast?

Lucinda: I was until you arrived.

Luke: Well I think it's lovely. . .

Lisa ignores what Luke said as her attention (well claws) is focused on Lucinda.

Lisa: Guess that Midol I handed you a few weeks didn't help. Oh! My bad! I fail to forget that you're OLE LUCY not young Lucy. You must be going through menopause . . .

Lucinda: Excuse me! How dare you?!

Luke: You guys. . .

Lucinda: (to Luke) Hush, Darling. (to Lisa) You are trash, lady. And I use the word "lady" very loosely when it comes to you.

Lisa laughs.

Lisa: Is that all you got?

Lucinda: I've barely begun with you.

Carter (OC): Ms. Walsh? Mrs. Grimaldi? I didn't know you two knew each other.

Lisa and Lucinda to see Carter standing behind them.

Lisa: Carter!

Lucinda: (off what Lisa said) Carter?! You already calling the man by his first name?

Carter: Oh that's fine. We're all the same age here.

Lisa: I don't know about that. . . Maybe WE are but that thing there . . . (pointing to Lucinda) . . . she's definitely a century or two.

Luke covers his mouth to prevent from laughing. Carter smiles, amused, but even more impressed by Lisa's sassy personality.

Lucinda: Mr. Wallace, you'll have to excuse this she-beast. She is as crass as they come. Please have a seat.

Carter: (eyeing Lisa) Nothing wrong with being a little crass.

Lisa looks back Carter, seductively. She likes this man. She wants to know more about him . . .

Lucinda: (clear throat) Honey, that stunt you're trying to pull is tired. Just like you are. Now if you'll please excuse us, as I am funding Mr. Wallace's campaign, and go fetch us so more coffee . . .

Lucinda hands Lisa the empty tea kettle. A smug grin comes across to Lucinda's face.

Lucinda: Be a good hostess. OK, darling?

Lisa: Go fetch you're own d*mn coffee. And while you're doing that, go get those crow's feet check out. Like a tree's rings, they're telling your age, Lucy.

Lucinda gasps. Lucy tosses her hair and sashays off.

Lucinda: (to Luke, touching her eyes) Is it that bad?

On Luke searching for something to say,



Margo peeks out of her office when Jack enters.

Margo: Jack!

Jack turns as Margo signals him to come into her office.


Jack: What's up?

Margo: I thought that you would want to see this.

Margo hands him a paper.

Jack: What is it?

Margo: Something about your mother's death. I thought you'd want to look at it.

Jack reads the paper. He then looks at Margo not believing a word of what is on the paper.

Jack: Overdose . . .? (handing back to Margo) This has to be a mistake.

Margo: It isn't. I spoke the the Chief of Police, and he wanted me to tell you that your mother's death was no accident. They're are officially declaring your mother's death as a murder, Jack.

Jack: But the hospital staff . . . I--I talked to them all of the time. They all loved my mother.

Margo: Well they are saying that there is no way that your mother could've been injected that much insulin. Not by a staff member anyways. This was intentional.

Jack: What about her log? Her visitors log?

Margo: They said they're looking into it . . .

Jack's mind starts to wander off -- he's again picturing his mother holding her bloody hands out to him for help.

Margo: Jack . . .

Jack: (coming to) Sorry.

Margo: You alright.

Jack: I will be. Excuse me, Margo.

Margo nods, giving him the OK. Jack excuses himself and closes the door behind him. His knees nearly buckling from underneath him, Jack leans up against the wall and starts to sob.

Jack: What the h*ll is going on? Murder?

Jack looks down at his badge, clipped to his belt.

Jack: Is this what you were trying to tell me?

Jack wipes the tears from his eyes and turns to see a vision of his mother advancing towards him, bloody. She is holding hands out to him for help.

Deloris: Jack . . .! Jack . . .!

On Jack nearly losing it,



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