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We open up on the calm, cool, and blue water of the pool; however, the party is anything but.

Paul's staff is scattered about, frantic, and setting up his birthday party. Some are hanging balloons and banners. Some are setting up food. The cook is off to the side tending to the grill. One of the maids is off to the side discussing what genre of music to play with the DJ.

Standing on the terrace, watching it all with a clip board in her hand is Emily.

Emily: We gotta hurry! Paul will be here any second. (glancing at watch) Oh God. Where is Allison with the cake?

Allison (OC): Right here. Stress no more.

Allison crosses from inside the house onto the terrace bearing a cake. Emily sighs with relief. This is one less thing she has to worry about.

Allison: Where do you want it?

Emily: (pointing) Put it over there with the presents. Just shove them to the side and put the cake front and center.

Allison: Got it. Anything else?

Emily: Did you get the candles?

Allison: Yes.

Emily: Forty?

Allison: (now agitated) Yes.

Allison produces a candle with the numbers "4" and "0." She hands them Emily.

Allison: Better than lighting forty candles.

Emily hugs Allison before slightly pushing her in the direction of the table -- a nudge to get her moving.

Emily: (to self) Now where is Barbara? She was supposed to be here.

On Emily anxious,



Barbara sits at her desk. She turned away from the entrance as she is going over designs. Henry, donning a sly grin, slides into the room unbeknowest to her. He spins the chair towards him, grabs the designs from Barbara, and tosses them.

Barbara: Henry!

Henry: Hush, my love.

Henry grabs Barbara and hoists her onto the desk, wrapping her legs around his waist. He begins to kiss her neck; however, we see that Barbara is not pleased by this love gesture, though she doesn't let Henry on.

Barbara: Baby . . .

Henry: (face buried into her neck) Yes.

Barbara: Now is not the time for us to get it on.

Henry: (pulling back) Why?

Barbara: Umm . . . let's see . . . we have to attend Paul's birthday party.

Henry: But that isn't for another 2 hours.

Barbara: But I promised Emily I'd be there to help her.

Henry: I doubt Emily Stewart needs any help. She's probably running a tight ship.

Barbara: OK. But I also have to give the OK on these designs.

Henry: OK . . . but why can't Carly or Lisa do it?

Barbara: Because Queen is my line. That's the whole reason of us having three different, individual lines. Each vision is differ from the other. And you ought to know that vision is FAR differ from Lisa's and Carly's.

Henry breaks away from their embrace and head for the door.

Barbara: Hey! Where are you going?

Henry: I'm going to head to the party and assist Emily, and leave you here to finish this up.

Barbara: You didn't want to wait on me?

Henry: No. You just finish this up, and I'll handle the party for you.

Barbara: Thanks, honey.

Henry: No problem.

Barbara gets back to work as Henry watches her for second with a slight smile. He closes the door and his mood changes -- he's hurt from Barbara's rejection. Something more is going on . . .




His body wet and glistening, and donning nothing but a towel, Ryder opens the door to reveal a sultry Meg, who looks like sex on stilts with her skin tight red dress and high heels.

Ryder: If looks could kill . . .

Meg: I'd have tons of bodies in my tracks. Now aren't you going to invite me in?

Ryder moves to the side, making way for Meg to enter. She seductively enters with every curve of her body switching. Ryder likes this. He closes the door.

Ryder: Is Paul going to be alright with me bringing you as my date?

Meg: Why would he? Paul and I have been divorced for awhile now. He's shacked up to Emily.

Ryder: Yeah . . . but you are the mother of his child.

Meg: And that's it!

Meg walks up to Ryder and gently strokes her fingers against his abs.

Meg: You aren't worried about Paul are you?

Ryder: No -- I mean I just don't want to rock the boat.

Meg: Don't worry about Paul. If he says anything rude, I'll check him. Now go get ready.

Ryder grins and goes into the bathroom. Meg has a seat on the sofa.

Meg: (calling out) What do you have to drink in here?

Ryder (OC): Water. Some soda. I think I have beer or two.

Meg: How about drink before we leave?

Ryder: Sure. Their over in the fridge.

Meg gets up and head to the fridge. She pulls out two beers and puts them on the counter. She glances around the corner before taking one of the beers and pouring half of it out into the sink. She then digs into her and pulls out a small bottle of Jack Daniels. She mixes it in with the beer and shakes it a little. Then she tosses the small bottle of Jack Daniels into the trash.

Ryder then bends around the corner and Meg hands him the mixed beer.

Meg: (toasting) To new beginnings.

Ryder: To new beginnings.

Ryder downs the drink. Meg sips on her and watches as he downs his.

On Meg with a scheming smile,




Allison and Emily stand by the table where the presents are, watching on as the party is jumping. Music is blaring and people are dancing. Emily is pleased with final product.

Allison: (leaning over through the loud music) Paul is going to love this.

Emily: Oh he better.

Allison: I know he will. That man lights up at anything you do.

Emily is touched by this revelation -- on the verge of crying.

Emily: Really?

Allison: Yes he does. I just hope to find love like you have . . . again.

Emily: You will. Trust me. Don't give up on love.

Allison: I won't. And I won't give up on Casey either.

Emily and Allison share a smile when Casey enters with Monique on his arm. MJ has Jami on his. Allison's smile drops.



Lucinda sits in an armchair sipping on tea. The fire in the fire place illuminates the room. John, passing by, peeks his head into the room.

John: I thought you were going to the party with me.

Lucinda: I am or I'll get a driver to drop you off and bring me later.

John: Why?

Lucinda: I have a date this afternoon.

John: (joking) You cheating on me already?

Lucinda: Oh darling, don't start. It's a business date with Carter Wallace.

John rolls his eyes.

Lucinda: What was that?

John: What?

Lucinda: You rolling your eyes.

John: I just don't see why you're supporting that man. He's like a used car-salesman. He's shady.

Lucinda: And who should I be supporting? Tom Hughes?

John: I don't see why not.

Lucinda: (sighs) Just because he's your son-in-law . . .

John: That isn't the only reason.

Lucinda: Then what other reason? May I remind you that the last time he was in office, he stepped down from his position because he was "bored."

John: It's called a mid-life crisis.

Lucinda: Yes . . . I guess you can call it that.

Matthew, Lucinda's butler, escorts Carter into the room. Lucinda stands up to greet him, shaking his hand.

Lucinda: Please have a seat, Mr. Wallace.

Carter: Why thank you, Ms. Walsh.

Carter has a seat in the armchair across from Lucinda's. Lucinda looks at John waiting for him to introduce himself. After a few seconds, he gives in.

John: (shaking Carter's hand) John Dixon. I'm voting the opposition, who happens to be my son-in-law.

Lucinda gasps. She is appalled.

John: I'll see you at the party.

John kisses Lucinda on the forehead and leaves.

Carter: Such a nice man.

Lucinda: Forgive him.

Carter: No harm done. He's just one vote. One monkey doesn't stop the show.

Lucinda: So true. (handing him a check) Now here are the first of many contributions to your campaign.

Carter reaches for the check when Lucinda snatches it away quickly. Carter is confused by this action.

Lucinda: Now you see . . . we have a problem.

Carter: We do?

Lucinda: Yes.

Carter: OK. Please share what the problem is.

Lucinda: Your infatuation with an uncouth she-beast by the name of Lisa Grimaldi.

Carter: I don't--

Lucinda: Mr. Wallace, don't lie. If there is one thing I am good at, it's reading men. And when you see that woman, you melt into a puddle. Now if I am going to invest in your campaign, then I am going to need you to win. I don't toss away money for nothing.

Lucinda hands him the check again.

Lucinda: Don't cross me.

Carter: I wouldn't dream of it.

On a close shot of the two hands shaking,



The party is still going on, but we focus on Allison, who watches as Monique (dancing) back that a** up on Casey. Allison really becomes unnerved by this. Susan places a comforting hand on Allison's shoulder.

Susan: Let it go.

Allison: I can't. I won't. And I definetely won't let that wh*re have him.

Monique comes off the dance and head to the table where Allison is standing, getting some juice.

Allison: (to Mo) Loving this, huh?

Mo: What?

Allison: My sloppy seconds.

Mo: Sloppy? I don't know if you'd associate Casey and sloppy together. Now you on the other hand . . .

Susan: Hey you! Don't you dare insult my daughter!

Casey, Jami, and MJ take notice and make their way over towards the table. So does Emily.

Mo: Then tell that bi*ch to know her place.

Casey: What is going on now?

Mo: This stalker bi*ch is trying to stake her claim again.

Allison: Stalker? I wasn't too much of a stalker because we were engaged.

Mo: And?! You don't have him now.

Emily: OK. What is going on?

Casey: Your sister.

Emily: You sure you and your posse aren't the problem.

Casey: Oh I am sure.

Allison: (to Casey) You're doing this to hurt me!

Jami: (to Allison) And you're making a scene again! Chill out. He doesn't want you.

Casey: Thank you!

Emily: You know what, today is about is about my husband and if you all (pointing at Casey and his crew) are going to ruin it then leave.

Barbara (OC): Is everything alright over here?

Barbara joins the crowd.

Emily: I want them out of here!

Barbara: Emily . . .

Suddenly, Paul emerges from the house. The crowd is silent and stunned to see him. Emily grabs the cake from the table and rushes over to Paul.

Emily: Surprise!!

On Paul not trying to laugh,



- Meg sets her plan in motion

- Emily's world come crashing down in more than one way

- Allison decides to stick it to Mo through Jami

- Aaron is reunited with the mysterious woman

- Jack continues to unravel

- Holden finds love

- Luke reunites with an old friend

- Barbara & Henry's love begins to wane

- A Stenbeck comes to town

- A Cory (AW) and a Whitney (EON) come to Oakdale

- Bonnie returns to Oakdale

- Casey & MJ are let in on a secret

- Lisa finds love, but Lucinda serves as the buffer

- Carter becomes a thorn in John's side

- A lost son returns home, joining a foe

- Craig's vengeance puts Rosanna in peril


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