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Lisa, Carly, and Barbara walk into a vacant building—dusty, torn, and battered. The sight of this causes Lisa to do a U-turn with Carly and Barbara stopping her.

Lisa: This is the building you were talking about, Barbara?

Barbara: (taking it all in) Isn’t it great?

Carly: I wouldn’t say all that. . .

Lisa: Then I’ll say it—Barbara, this building looks like sh—

Carly covers Lisa’s mouth before she can finish. Barbara walks over to the center of the room, pointing things out.

Barbara: With a little bit of paint, here and there we can fix this place up to be a top notch fashion house.

Lisa: A little? Baby, it is gonna take a hell of a lot of paint to fix this piece of junk up.

Barbara: Could you be a little bit more optimistic?

Lisa: H*ll no. It would’ve been better to have gone into to Milltown and bought one of those new buildings over in the strip mall.

Barbara rolls her eyes and keeps walking through the foyer.

Barbara: I was thinking the downstairs area we have reception sitting off to the side here. (walking over to a door) And this room could be our storage room—where we keep fabrics, threads, needles. (noticing Carly nor Lisa has moved) C’mon! Let’s head up stairs so we can look at your offices.

Lisa and Carly look over at the jagged, wooden stairs, which resemble something about of Henri Matisse painting.

Lisa: You go. We’ll stay here.

Barbara: (going up the stairs) C’mon!

Lisa and Carly rush over and start climbing the stairs behind an eager Barbara. Barbara sways the cobwebs out of the way as they reach the top of the stairs, which looks just as worse as the bottom.

Carly: OK. . . I was going to keep my mouth shut but we are going to spend more money remodeling than making money.

Lisa: She is. I’m not investing a damn thing in this hell hole.

Barbara: You don’t have to. I already hired the contractors to remodel the place. They are supposed to be out here tomorrow. (pushing the first door on the long hall open) Here is where we’ll do our photo shoots.

The room is quite big, filled with windows. Looks like a studio apartment; however, it looks like the crappy building it is in.

Lisa and Carly peeks in while Barbara goes into the room, showcasing it like she is Barker Beauty. Lisa and Carly look at each other. Then at Barbara. Then back at each other.

Lisa: (under her breath) Lord help this girl. She really thinks this spot is hot.

Carly: And it’s not.

Barbara: Now let me show you your office, Lisa.

Barbara starts down the hallways some more.

Lisa: Is it in this building?

Carly bursts into laughter, guiding Lisa down the hallway with a gentle push and,




Bob and John sit off to the side eating lunch together.

Bob: Never knew how much I would miss the food until I was gone.

John: I felt the same way too when I left all those years ago. Being back here just felt so right.

John looks over to see something is wrong with Bob.

John: What is it?

Bob: Huh? (hiding it) What are you talking about?

John: You were never a good liar, Bob.

Bob: You’d know.

John: Ouch. That hurt.

Bob: (sighing) Sorry. I just didn’t realize how much I miss this place. The sound of carts rolling in the morning, patients moaning, their loved ones biting our heads off—I miss it.

John: Then come home.

Bob: What?

John: You heard me. Come home.

Bob: I can’t do that.

John: Yes you can. Leave Arizona and come back home. It’s simple. Then can resume your position as Chief of Staff.

Bob: I can’t do that. I cannot take the position back when you are occupying it. I can’t.

John: (leaning in) Don’t tell anyone this but these past four months have been hell.

Bob is astonished by this revelation made by John.

John: It wasn’t until I left for John Hopkins and worked there for a while with medical students that I realized how much I

loved being in the E.R. Not cramped up in some rusty office shoveling paperwork. That was always you, Bob.

Bob: Hey!

John: I’m just saying. I miss doing research, healing patients—I don’t work well under structure.

Bob: If only you felt this way about twenty-five years ago when you were still fighting with me for the position and actually taking it away from me.

John: Well I was young and stupid. I did a lot of stupid things that now being older, I regret doing.

Bob reaches over and feels John’s forehead.

Bob: Are you OK?

John laughs.

Bob: What have you done to the John Dixon I know and loved to hate?

John: He grew up.

On Bob and John sharing a smile




Casey starts to unpack his belongings in his room when Kim appears in front of his door, knocking on it.

Casey turns around and smiles at the sight of Kim.

Kim: Can I come in, Kiddo?

Casey waves, indicating for her to “come on in.”

Kim: How are you holding up?

Casey: Barely.

Kim: (sitting on the edge of his bed) That’s understandable.

Casey: Gram, can I ask you a question?

Kim: Of course.

Casey: (sitting next to her) How did you handle the situation when Grandpa cheated on you with Susan?

This comes at Kim out of left field, throwing her off. She takes a breath and answers:

Kim: I was crushed, and so many things went through my mind.

Casey: Yeah, but you forgave him. How?

Kim: Introspection. That alone caused me to realize that I had a hand in your grandfather finding solace elsewhere. Now

he isn’t fully innocent but I had to learn to take my part of the blame.

Casey stirs on this a bit, then

Casey: So I should forgive Allison?

Kim: I can’t tell you what to do, Kiddo. That is for you to decide.

Casey: True. It would be easier though if you would decide for me.

Kim: I know. Trust me. I felt the same way, but what was right for me might not be for you. You call the shots. But you can’t

leave Allison in limbo. You have to make a decision and soon. And you can’t string her along either. As much as I don’t care for her at this point, it is not fair.

Casey nods, understandingly.


Kim: I’ll get that.

Kim heads down the hall then down the stairs to open the door to Susan.

Kim: Can I help you?

Susan: Where is Casey?

Kim: Why?

Susan: I need to talk to him.

Kim: Susan—

Susan: Look, Kim, I need to—

Allison comes from behind Susan.

Allison: No, I need to talk to Casey. Chill out, Mom. (to Kim) Can I go up and see him?

Kim moves out the way, allowing Allison to come in.

Kim: He’s in his room.

Allison: Thanks.

Kim nods and Allison heads up the stairs. Kim looks back at Susan, who has her arms crossed.

Susan: Aren’t you gonna invite me in?

Kim: This isn’t my house.

Kim slams the door in Susan’s face.


Casey is back to putting his clothes up with Allison enters. He looks up, sees her, and goes back to doing what he was doing like he never noticed her.

Allison: Casey.

Casey: What, Ali?

Allison: We need to talk.

Casey: Start talking.

Allison: Well can you stop moving and listen to me?

Casey: Allison, I can do two things at once. You’re wasting time.

Allison: Fine. I just wanna say that I’m sorry and that I didn’t mean to cheat you.

Casey stops what he is doing and looks her as if she is crazy.

Allison: I mean it. I didn’t mean too. I started when you were stressing about all the long hours and papers and you shut me off.

Casey: So that gives you the right to cheat?

Allison: No.

Casey: Because you had just as much work as me, if not more and yet I NEVER cheated on you.

Allison: I know, but—

Casey: But, what?

Allison: (sobbing) I DON’T LOVE HIM! I love you. . .

Casey: But love isn’t supposed to hurt.

Allison: I know!

Casey: Well you hurt me.

Allison: (wiping away tears) I know! But please . . . please tell me we have another shot.

Casey: Maybe we do . . .

Allison’s face lights up with hope. Casey walks over and takes her by the hand. He opens it, dropping his wedding band in it.

Casey: But not anytime soon.

On Allison, severely wounded,




Emma is feeding the horses when a Blue Chevy Silverado pulls in beside the barn. Emma puts down the bag of grain and walks


where Aaron and Holden both get out the truck.

Emma: (to Aaron, overjoyed) What are you doing here?!

Aaron: Well I decided to take you both up on that offer. I’ve decided to move back to Oakdale and help out around the farm.

Aaron walks around the truck and hugs Emma tightly.

Emma: You sure?

Aaron nods “yes.”

Emma: Well what about your mother and her chemo?

Aaron: She has Uncle Caleb along with Pete and Jenny, who have both uprooted to Seattle to be near her—just know that

she pushed me to come here.

Holden: Now anytime you get ready—

Aaron: I know, Dad. But I am needed here, and I’ve actually missed Oakdale and the farm.

Emma: Not too many people say that.

Holden: (hugging Aaron) I’m just glad that my son is back.

Emma: Me too. Now this calls for a celebration—a special dinner.

Aaron: As long as there is some of your famous sweet potato pie. . .

Emma: Anything you want, baby! Let’s head over to the kitchen now and get started.

And with three generations of the Snyders arm and arm heading back to the house,



Parker and Jack walk up to the door, joking. Both are carrying gym bags.

Parker: Too much for you, old man, huh?

Jack: Never.

Jack grabs the door knob and the door opens. Parker and Jack look at each other, confused and look inside to see a book and clothes straddled all over the living room.

Jack: What the—

Sound of glasses is heard from the kitchen.

Jack: (to Parker) Stay here.

Parker nods. Jack eases around the corners, then

Jack: Hey!

JJ puts his arms into the air, dropping everything.

Jack: JJ!

JJ: (turning around) Dad!

Parker joins them in the kitchen.

Jack: What are you doing home?

JJ: Umm. . . school’s out, Dad.

Jack: No it isn’t.

JJ: Yeah. It is.

Jack glances over at the calendar with a red circle that reads Friday, May 11, 2012: JJ returns home.

Jack: Oops.

JJ: Tell my ham sandwich and glass of milk that.

Carly (OS): Anybody home?

Jack: We’re in the kitchen, honey.

Carly walks into the kitchen and to her surprise, sees JJ. She rushes over, hugging him.

Carly: Aww, my baby is home.

JJ: Yep.

Carly notices the shattered glass, milk, and ham sandwich on the floor.

Carly: OK. . . what is that?

Jack: It was my fault. I scared JJ.

Carly: You scared him.

Jack: I thought he was a burglar.

Carly: A burglar? Not my baby!

JJ grins as Carly and Jack squabble over what he said. Parker, meanwhile, slinks out of the kitchen into


where a letter lies on the floor. Being nosy, Parker picks the letter up, which reads:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jack Snyder,

We are sad to inform you that due to JJ Snyder being a constant problem in class that we have no choice but to expel him from the St. Paul Boy’s Academy. Any further questions, you can reach us at 604-578-9987.


Dean Richard Trudeau

St. Paul Boy’s Academy

Monticello, Illinois

JJ (OS): Hey Parker!

Parker spins around, yet hides the letter behind his back. He forces a smile on his face to hide what he is doing.

JJ: Mom and Dad said did you want to go to the Skyview Restaurant to eat tonight?

Parker: Sure.

JJ heads back into the kitchen.

Parker: (to self) Oh JJ, what have you done?

On Parker in deep thought,



Emily hugs Daniel tightly as Tom, Margo, and Paul watch on. Paul grins at his wife happiness while Tom is uneasy and

Margo is just sickened by the whole thing.

Tom: Now you have my number installed on your phone don’t you?

Daniel: (breaking away from Emily) Yeah.

Emily: He won’t need to call you seeing as he is here with me.

Margo: That’s what we are worried about.

Emily: Whatever, Margo.

Margo sneers at Emily.

Daniel: C’mon guys! Don’t make me run back to the boarding school.

Paul: Right. Now don’t worry about your luggage, some of the help will come and get that for you.

Daniel: Thanks, Paul.

Daniel hugs Tom then Margo. I’ll come and stay with you guys next week.

Tom: Can’t wait.

Emily: But till then. . . (opening the door) you know the deal.

Tom exits but Margo isn’t going out with a word or two.

Margo: (walking out) You know what, Emily, you are a real class A bit—

Emily slams the door in Margo’s face.

Emily: So now that they are gone. . .

Daniel: Mom, why are you so threatened by them?

Emily: (point to herself) Me?

Daniel: Yes, you.

Emily: I am not threatened by them at all. I just hate sharing you.

Paul: We see that.

Emily: Well I can’t wait for the help to come and get your suitcases, and no one knows how to fix your room like your

mommy, so I’ll do it. You just relax here with Paul.

Emily grabs his luggage and scurries up the stairs.

Paul: She is a mess.

Daniel: (snidely) She isn’t the only one.

On Daniel walking off and Paul feeling the sting of Daniel’s remark,




Kim walks into the studio, which is filled with people running amuck doing various things. But it isn’t as tight as ship as Kim

use to run it. This disturbs her. Suddenly, Ryder comes up and taps her on the shoulder.

Kim: (nearly jumping out her skin) Oh hey! What are you doing here?

Ryder: Just taking your advice and seeing what WOAK is all about.

Kim: You like it so far?

Ryder: So far, so good. I think that I might be able make this permanent.

Kim: Well I can put in a good word for you.

Ryder: Thanks, Aunt Kim but I think that Katie has that covered. I just know that this has to be hard for her to get a new co-host. You know. . .

Kim: Since Brad died. I know. Have they chem tested you yet?

Ryder: No. The producer just sort of left me out here to dry.

Kim: Well who is the producer?

Ryder: Some guy named Henry Coleman.

Kim: (bewildered) Henry?!

Henry comes out the office, frazzled. He approaches Kim and Ryder.

Henry: Sorry, Ryder. Things are a little backed up. An intern lost a segment for tonight’s news and I don’t know what do. Nice to see you too, Kim, but I gotta run. An intern will be here in a second to hand you an application.

Henry runs off.

Kim: What is going on here?

Ryder: I don’t know but I hope it’s just like this today.

Kim: I hope so because WOAK never use to be like this when I was in charge.

Ryder: Maybe you should’ve stayed.

Kim: Maybe.

On Kim questioning herself and having second thoughts,



The doorbell rings repeatedly as Emily rushes back down the stairs to answer. She opens it to reveal Meg. Meg pushes

past Emily into the house.

Meg: (livid) Where is Paul?

Emily: He had to run to the office.

Meg: Then I’ll meet him there.

Emily grabs Meg by the arm, stopping her.

Emily: Why do you need to see Paul?

Meg: I just got wind that Paul decided cancelled my contract with the daycare because he hired a nanny for Eliza.

Emily: And?

Meg: I don’t want Eliza to have a nanny!

Emily: Look, we know what is best for Eliza.

Meg: Say what?

Emily: Paul is doing what is best for our daughter.

This sends Meg over the edge.

Meg: Our daughter? Last time I checked, you had two boys. You don’t have a daughter with Paul unless Allison has is a seed of Paul’s, which I doubt.

Emily: I’m sorry.

Meg: You need to be. Realize that Eliza is MY daughter. Not yours. She is nothing to you.

Emily: I wouldn’t say all that. . .

Meg: (stepping in Emily’s face) Emily, don’t push me.

Emily: It was a simple mistake. I mean Eliza is like a daughter to—


Emily is at a loss of word over Meg. Meg tosses her hair, gives Emily one final warning look, and slams the door.

On Emily nervous,



Dusty walks with Lorenzo in his arms, cooing at the baby. He bumps into John.

John: What are you two doing here?

Dusty: Another checkup.

John: Everything alright?

Dusty: Yep. He has another set of shots he has to take in a few weeks, but he takes them well.

John: (playing with the baby) Of course he does. (looking at Dusty again) How has Janet been?

Dusty: Good. Still working at Al’s Diner when she isn’t running behind myself, Lorenzo, and Liberty.

John: Good. We have to schedule another family night real soon.

Dusty: We sure do but what are you doing roaming the halls? Don’t you have some paperwork to do?

John: I do but if things go as planned then I won’t have to worry about paperwork ever again.

Dusty: What are you talking about?

John: I offered the position back to Bob.

Dusty: But he retired.

John: We had a heart to heart and he realized that he missed the hospital and I realized how much I miss being in surgery.

Dusty: You two had a heart to heart?

John: Shocking, huh? But I think that the hatchet is finally buried.

Dusty: I’m proud of you, John.

John: That means the world to me. (smiling at Lorenzo) Now let’s head down to the cafeteria and see what we can get for

this growing boy.

Dusty: Alright.

With Dusty and John walking side by side in laughter,




Kim kneels down, gently placing some flowers on Nancy, Chris, and Dan’s graves. Unknowingly, Bob comes up behind her

bearing flowers too.

Bob: Great minds think alike.

Kim: (noticing Bob) They sure do.

Bob kneels down with Kim.

Bob: You came here for some introspection?

Kim: Yep. Bob, I need to tell you something.

Bob: So do I.

Kim: You first.

Bob: Kim, I miss Oakdale. I miss the hospital. I know you don’t want me to work, but Kim—

Kim: You miss working?

Bob: Yeah.

Kim sighs in relief.

Kim: So glad to hear you say that.

Bob: You are?

Kim: Yes, because I miss WOAK. I stopped by there today and I nearly went into cardiac arrest.

Bob: That was easy.

Kim: It was; however, we have to promise that despite our busy schedules that we always find time for not only our family


Bob: Ourselves.

Kim nods and with tears in her eyes, she leans over and passionately kisses Bob. Panning over to Chris, Nancy, and Dan's graves,




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Very very nice...I love the Emily/Margo and Emily/Meg interactions....and the letter about JJ was funny, because they have no idea why he came home, except Parker....LOL...reminds me of my Bridget/Michele scenes

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You packed a lot of scenes and characters into this. I can see you put so much time and effort in. A very satisfying read. I like the way you eased Kim and Bob back in, so many great scenes with the veterans, like Bob and John. You really have that feeling of community and history which ATWT excelled at. I just hope that eventually Julie might be in your story not just as the constantly sick mother, which I hated on ATWT.

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