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Ep. 5 Feuding Brothers, Broken Lovers, New Girls = Trouble?!





We open up with Kim and Bob holding each other hands.

Kim: You excited?

Bob: More than ever. I never thought I'd miss this place.

Kim: Now remember our deal. . .

Bob: I know, sweetheart. John and Chris both said they'll do their best to help me keep the work load down.

Kim: I'll hold you to it.

Bob looks at Kim, lovingly. She does the same. The two go to lean in for a kiss when the elevator doors open to a crowd of close family and friends.

Crowd: SURPRISE!!!

Bob and Kim step off the elevator stunned as they enter into the



which is filled with balloons, decorations, food, music, etc. John walks over and guides the couple through the crowd.

Kim: Dear God.

Bob: (to John) All of this is for me?

John: Of course. You are the man of the hour.

On John patting Bob on the back and Bob overcome with joy


Picking up where we left off. Katie hands Bob and Kim a glass of punch while Chris hands his father his lab coat.

Chris: You're gonna need this too.

Chris hands Bob a brand new stethoscope.

Bob: (taking it, emotional) Thanks, son.

John: And you'll need these too.

John takes Bob's hand and places the keys in them.

John: I'm relieved of my duties.

Bob: (joking) Don't get to happy.

Bob and John laugh when Lucinda makes her way over.

Lucinda: (kissing Bob on the cheek) Welcome back, darling. On behalf of the board, we are all glad that you are back.

Bob: Thanks, Lucinda.

Lucinda: No problem.

Lisa crosses over to greet Bob and Kim. Lucinda eyes Lisa with a disdain glance.

Lisa: Welcome back, honey. (kissing Bob, then Kim) So glad that you two moved back home. Oakdale was no fun without you two.

Kim: (to Lisa) And life without you was just as boring.

Lisa and Kim laugh.

Lucinda: (mutters) I beg to differ.

Lisa: (snapping her head) What did you say, Ole' Lucy?

Lucinda: Lucinda. My name is Lucinda.

Lisa: I know what your name is, Lucy. Now what did you say?

Lucinda: Oh nothing.

John: (sensing the tension) Chris, Bob, how about some cake?

Bob: (uncomfortable) Yeah. . . I'll take you up on that offer, John.

Bob and Chris follow John to get some cake.

Lisa: Anyways. . . (to Kim) I've got good news!

Kim: Please share!

Lisa: Well I've got a new business venture with Barbara and Carly.

Kim nearly chokes on her drink.

Kim: . . .Carly?! As in Jack's Carly? Carly Tenney?

Lisa: Yep.

Lucinda: Oh how I would've loved to have been a fly on the wall during this business meeting.

Lisa cuts her eyes at Lucinda for a beat, then

Lisa: (to Kim) We put our differences aside and decided to open a fashion house together.

Kim: That's great!

Lucinda: (being flippant) Oh it is! We shall see how long this lasts.

Lisa: Lucy. . . don't hate.

Lucinda: Never a hater. Always a congratulator.

Lisa: I beg to differ.

Kim: Maybe we can do a piece for WOAK on your venture.

Lisa: (lighting up) Oh yeah?!

Kim: Yes! I think that the people of Oakdale would love to hear three of their greatest designers come together to form something major.

Lisa: I love it!

Kim: You know what, Lisa, I'm gonna call the station and have the crew get on it. (digging in her clutch and grabbing her cell) Excuse me.

Kim walks off to the opposite side of the room to make the call leaving Lucinda and Lisa all alone.

Lisa: Aren't you gonna congratulate me?

Lucinda: For what?

Lisa: Just out of respect. Businesswoman to businesswoman.

Lucinda: I'd hardly call you a businesswoman but if it makes you feel better then congrats.

Lisa: I'm gonna remember this moment--you insulting me down the road when you ask us to buy advertisement for The Intruder.

Lucinda: Write it down, take a picture, do whatever. I doubt I'll ask you for anything.

Lucinda starts to walk off when Lisa grabs her by the arm.

Lisa: Oh Lucy, hold on.

Lisa digs in her purse and places something in Lucinda's hand.

Lisa: I brought this just for you. You need it. Trust me.

Lisa walks off laughing. Lucinda looks in her hand to see Lisa left her a pill -- a Midol.

Lucinda: Tacky witch!



JJ sits on the sofa laughing uncontrollably at the TV. Parker, sitting nearby at the table, watches on annoyed.

Parker: (over it) JJ. . .

JJ ignores him and keeps laughing.

Parker: JJ. . .

JJ keeps laughing.

Parker walks over, snags the remote off the table, and cuts the TV off.

JJ: What the h*ll was that for?!

Parker: If you can see, I'm trying to study.

JJ: Then go to the room or the kitchen--the library is open today too.

Parker: I prefer to study down here. Now keep quiet.

JJ: Who died and make you king?

Parker: No one, but--

JJ: But what? You wouldn't have to study in the summer if you didn't screw around during the school year. Not my problem.

Parker: I find that odd, coming from you.

JJ: What?

Parker produces the notes from his pocket and flashes it at JJ. JJ goes to snatch it but Parker prevents him from grabbing it.

JJ: Give it to me.

Parker: Nope.

JJ: I'm not joking, Parker. Give me the note.

Parker: No.


Parker: Here.

Parker hands JJ the note with a grin on his face. JJ reads the note then rips it up.

JJ: Stay out of my business.

Parker: Fine. Oh, don't think that you tearing up that note prevents you from hiding the truth from Mom and Dad. They're gonna find out when August swings around and they discover that you can't go back to the academy.

JJ: Shut up.

Parker: Oh I will. I'm not gonna say a peep. I'm gonna sit back and watch you squirm all summer long. (leaning in close, taunting) All that money Mom and Dad spent to send you to that nice, fancy school. . . Can't wait to see them eat you alive upon learning that you've been kicked out.

JJ glares at Parker with a burning hatred. The moment ceases upon hearing a baby cry—it’s Nora (Jack & Carly’s baby).

Parker: Better go and check on the baby, JJ.

JJ frowns at Parker as he advances up the stairs, disappearing and,

On Parker, pleased,



Bob, Chris, and John still stand by the table eating cake and watching everyone else enjoy themselves when John's (and Iva's) son, MJ comes rushing up to them.

MJ: Dad—

Bob is shocked to see MJ and puts his cake down to hug MJ.

Bob: I haven’t seen you in years, how is your mother?

MJ: She’s doing great.

Bob: Glad to hear and glad to have you in the intern’s program too.

MJ: Thanks. (to John) You’re needed in the ER. Mr. Tibbett is complaining about his pacemaker again.

John: I’m on my way. (to Bob) Excuse me.

Bob: No problem. About that time we all get back to work.

John rushes off with MJ.


To Casey, Margo, and Tom sitting off to the side in mid conversation. Casey, however, is distracted by Allison, who is across the room looking at him.

Margo: I was thinking that it would be best that you interned with your father, Casey.

Casey doesn’t answer back.

Margo: Casey!

Casey: (snapping out of it) Oh yeah. Sure.

Margo looks across the room to see what her son is staring at and see a somber Allison. Margo gives her a dirty look and Allison walks out of frame.

Margo: I thought you two were over.

Casey: We are.

Margo: Then why stare at her constantly?

Casey: Mom, I don’t want to hear it. . .

Tom: She’s telling the truth, Casey. Do you want to be with Allison?

Casey: No! I did call off the engagement.

Margo: Then you need to move on. That’s why you need to—

Casey: Take the job with, Dad. I heard you before.

Tom: Which won’t be a long-term internship.

Margo: (puzzled) What’s that supposed to mean?

Tom: Because I’m considering running for District Attorney.

Margo: You are?

Tom: Yes. That’s if you don’t mind working with your husband again?

Margo: (popping Tom) Oh Tom! (hugging and kissing him) Of course I don’t mind! That’s great!

Tom: Then it’s settled. I’m running for the DA position.

Margo: And Casey can help you.

Casey: (dryly) Sure.

Margo: Maybe that’ll help his mind off of Allison.

On Casey, doubtful that’ll happen,




A FLIGHT ATTENDANT opens the door to let people off the plane. A crowd of people exit off of it. The last two to exit off are JAMI and MONIQUE—best friends and foils of one another (Jami being a white, a yank, more demure, and reserved while Monique is a black, a Brit, little vamp (yet fashionable), and lively {and has an attitude if you cross her}).

Jami grabs her two bags from underneath the bus while Monique struggles grabbing her entire wardrobe from underneath the bus.

Jami: Honey, how did you get all of that on the plane? You’re only allowed one carry on!

Monique: I told them that the Louis does not go underneath the plane. (struggling with luggage) And you’re lucky I agreed to come along. (looking around) Ugh. We gave up London to come here to Neverland?

Jami: Neverland?

The two start down the terminal.

Monique: Yes. NEVERLAND. Nothing is here.

Jami: Mo, we’re in an airport terminal. Of course nothing is here; we haven’t even made it to the exit.

Monique: (sneering) And that is long enough for me to see that nothing is going on here. There better be hot guys here.

Jami: We’re in the city, of course they’re gonna be hot guys. Now we better go and catch a taxi.

Monique: You better hope I see some hot guys when I get to Oakland.

Jami: It’s Oakdale.

Monique: Same thing.

Jami goes to drag Monique by the arm when Monique stops her.

Monique: Oh no, honey. No running. Do you see the shoes I have on?

Jami looks down to see a nice pair of black/white patterned heels.

Monique: Chanel.

Jami: Why would you wear that on the flight?

Monique: Why wouldn’t I?

Jami: (sighs) I’m not gonna even go there with you. . .

Monique: (tossing her hair) Wise choice.

Jami: Now let’s go get my luggage and go get a taxi.

Monique: Yeah, yeah. (putting on Chanel shades) Oakhaven ain’t ready for the diva!

Jami: Oakdale, Mo.

Monique: Isn’t that what I said?

Jami: No.

Monique: Whatever.

Jami tries not to laugh as she shakes her head in disbelief at her over the top friend. And on Jami walking and Monique sashaying,






- Tragedy strikes in Oakdale to a young teen

- JJ starts to rebel causing a rift in the Snyder/Tenney household

- Holden wants to move on . . . without Lily

- Jami and Monique reach Oakdale

- Monique likes what she sees in Casey

- Tom meets his opponent in the run for the office

- Henry’s sister, Clark, reaches Oakdale with ties to Mo & Jami

- Meg continues on her quest of getting Emily out the picture and uses Emily’s weakness to do so . . . a HUGHES man.

- More characters come to Oakdale, shaking things up!

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Jami and Monique are the new Sarah and Zoe!

The Lucinda/Lisa sparring is always fun. Enjoyed Bob and Kim's party too.

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