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Emily stands at the head of the room with clipboard in her hand. Being a busybody, she can't help but direct the party planners.

Emily: Oh no! That banner is crooked. Pull the corner up more on the left side.

Susan walks in from behind and taps her on the shoulder. Emily turns, smiling at her mother.

Emily: Hey!

Susan: (kissing her daughter's cheek) Hey! I see you are whipping these party planners into shape.

Emily: I sure am. Everything has to be perfect for Casey and Allison's pre-wedding dinner.

Susan: I'm just surprised that Lisa let us plan it here at one of many new restaraunts at Lakeview.

Emily: I know right.

Susan: (looking around) So where is Paul?

Emily: At the office. You know him.

Susan: (mumbling) I wish I never did.

Emily shoots a look a her mother.

Susan: What?!

Emily: Mom, don't start.

Susan: I can't help it. Not since he thought it was a good idea to bring her back.

On Susan pouting,




Paul sits down on the sofa reading a magazine. From behind, a shot of a woman's bare feet ease down the stairs, seductively. We pull back to see it is Meg. Paul looks up from the magazine to see Meg easing down the stairs with nothing on but a sexy, red Herve Leger dress on that is clinging to her body, and showcasing all of her curves.

Paul: You do realize that it is just a pre-wedding party don't you?

Meg: (crossing into the kitchen) I know. But I might meet a man there tonight.

Paul: Meg...

Meg: What? Paul, I do deserve to have a little fun.

Paul: Not at the expense of my daughter.

Meg: OUR DAUGHTER and you don't hear me complaining about your choices. (clears throat) Emily...

Paul: I really don't want to get into a fight with you. I just came to see Eliza before the party. Where is she?

Meg: I put her down for a nap. Apparently, she caught a cold from one of the kids at the daycare center.

Paul: Not surprised seeing as you chose the daycare center.

Meg: Well she has to go there.

Paul: Actually, she doesn't. I offered to get a nanny.

Meg: Paul, no! I want my daughter to live a normal life.

Paul: And she can.

Meg: Not if it is up to you.

Paul: (over it) I'll just come back and see Eliza tomorrow.

Meg: Fine. (pushing him out the door) I'll see you at the party.

Paul: (grabbing a hope to the door, turning back) Hold on, who is keeping Eliza?

Meg: A babysitter.

Paul: Who?

Meg: Liberty.

Paul: Oh hell no.

Meg: What is wrong with Liberty?

Paul: It is not her that is the problem but her "beau."

Meg: Gabriel?

Paul: Yes!

Meg: Let me guess... because he is Craig's son.

Paul: Exactly!

On Meg rolling her eyes,



Katie sits at the table feeding Jacob. Meanwhile, Chris digs around in the fridge. He grabs a water and closes it.

Chris: Baby, what time is Margo and Tom going to arrive?

Katie: They said they were on their way.


Chris: I'll get it.

Chris goes and let Tom and Margo in. Kisses and hugs are exchanged as Margo joins Katie at the table. Tom and Chris stand by the counter.

Katie: So are you guys excited?

Tom: I guess so.

Chris: You guess so?

Margo: It is not like we have a choice.

Katie: OK. I thought you guys were over Casey and Allison being a couple.

Tom: I am.

Margo: Liar. You hate the idea of them getting married just as much as I do.

Katie: Oh c'mon, Tom and Margo. She is not that bad.

Margo: She's a freaking a whore. That girl has been ridden more than the town bicycle.

Tom: Well look her to family is...

Katie: Well her family can't be too bad... (looking at Tom & Chris) seeing as ALL the Hughes men have penetrated a Stewart woman.

Chris: Hey, I never said anything bad about Allison. I actually think they make a good couple.

Margo: Well I beg to differ. I just see this union going south.




Casey sits on the sofa. While Allison (offscreen) is in the bathroom fixing her hair.

Casey: Today, my future wife to be. We gotta hit the road.

Allison (O.S): I'm hurrying. This hair just won't stop frizzing up.

Casey: Well you are beautiful regardless.

Allison (O.S): Aww, thank you. But if you think you are about to get a quicky then you forget it, bud.

Casey: (grinning) But if you changed your mind...

Allison (O.S): Not going to happen.

Casey: You sure?

Allison (O.S) Yep.

Allison closes the bathroom door and locks it.

Casey: Not fair!

Allison (O.S) Life isn't fair.

She turns the blow-dryer on. Casey sits on the couch outside the bathroom, patiently. Suddenly, Allison's phone lights up.

Casey: Allison!

No answer. Only the sound of music and a blow-dryer is heard.

Casey: Allison! Your phone is vibrating.

No answer. Only the sound of music and a blow-dryer is heard.

Casey: Nevermind. I'll get it.

Casey picks up the phone, and answer it.

PHONE: Please enter your passcode.

Casey plugs in her passcode.

PHONE: You have one new voice message from 618-200-4767.

Casey: Who is this?

A MAN'S VOICE: Hey baby. It's me, Greg.

Casey's face drops.

A MAN'S VOICE: I just wanted to let you know that you are on my mind. That session we had the other day with you pinned up against the wall was hot. Hell, it made me realize that I cannot go on a day without you. I-I can't let you marry him.

Casey: What the fu-

A MAN'S VOICE: I know that you are marrying that loser, but I can't let you. I don't care about it being against school policy or that I am married. I need you.

Casey: This has to be a joke.

A MAN'S VOICE: . . . I love you, Allison.

Allison exits out the bathroom.

Allison: You ready?

Casey hands the phone Allison.

Casey: Telephone.

Allison: Who is it? Is it Emily? My mom?

Casey: Nope. Your Professor or should I say Greg?

Allison's jaw drops. Casey's face turns bright red as he gets up and walks over to Allison. He hands the phone to her.

Casey: Call him back.

Allison: But I can--


On Allison like a scared little puppy,


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I like how you're continuing the stories the show ended on, but giving your own twist. I also like the way you show the photos of various sets. I think this is a great start, although I thought the dialogue for Margo and Katie was OOC.

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