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EP 17 The Intruder

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Emily, disheveled and angry, enters. Lining each side of the table consists of journalists that work for the paper. They all stand with confusion riddled on their faces. Emily makes her way to the head of the table, and has a seat.

Emily: Anyone know the meaning of this meeting?

Random Reporter: Nope. We all just got a call and was told to meet here.

Emily: Dear God. Everyone have a seat until I get to the bottom of this. . .

They all have a seat.

Suddenly, Lucinda enters the room donning shades. She takes off the glasses and does not look pleased. She dons a look like she means business. This causes Emily to look worried.

Emily: Lucinda, what are you doing here?

Lucinda: Don't I own this paper?

Emily: Yes, but--

Lucinda: No "buts." If you're wondering who called the meeting, it was me.

Emily: OK. . . why is that?

Lucinda: There are going to be some changes with the newspaper.

Emily: Such as?

Lucinda: Such as I sold the paper this morning. Worldwide no longer owns The Intruder.

On Emily stunned,



Ryder is in a rush, getting himself together. After tying his tie, he frantically starts to search for something but can't find it.


Ryder: (to self) Now is not the time.


Ryder groans and heads over the to the door.

Ryder: Who is--

Ryder opens the door to reveal his younger sister, CHRISTINA.

Christina: (barging in) Hey Ryder.

Ryder: Chrissy, what are you doing here?

Christina: Moving in.

Ryder: Say what?!

Christina: I'm moving in. Mom and I had another fight, and I want to get as far away from her as possible.



Jami goes over some files. MJ emerges from the elevator and notices Jami. He walks over and taps her on the shoulder, greeting her with a smile.

MJ: Hey.

Jami: What's up?

MJ: Nothing much. Still reeling over that party. Talk about crazy.

Jami: (writing in file) Tell me about it.

Jami closes the file and faces MJ.

Jami: Especially you and Allison.

MJ: Me and Allison?

Jami: Yes. You two on the dance floor. Remember?

MJ: That's something I'd like to forget.

Jami: (not convinced) Mmm hmm.

MJ reads Jami's face then starts laughing.

Jami: What?

MJ: Are you jealous?

Jami: (flustered) No.

MJ: I think that you are.

Allison bends around the corner and notices Jami and MJ. A sly smirk comes across her face. She heads over to them.

Allison: Hey guys.

Jami: Speaking of the devil. . .

Allison: You guys were talking about me?

Jami: Actually we were.

Allison: Really? Do tell.

MJ: (anxious) Do we have to?

Jami: Yes. We do. (to Allison) We were actually talking about your sister and how embarassing it was for her yesterday. You know. . . being caught in bed with Ryder and Paul finding her. Somewhat similar to your situation with Casey. . .

Allison: Very funny. You're a comedian, huh? Just like Monique. Guess birds of a feather flock together.

Jami: Guess they do.

Allison: (rolling eyes) Anyways. . .

Allison turns her attention to MJ. She starts to run her fingers across his lab coat.

Allison: So MJ, what are you doing tonight?

MJ: I -- umm. . . I--

Jami watches on with fury. She decides to take action.

Jami: He's going out with me!

Allison: He is?

MJ: (overlapping) I am?

On Jami trying to sell her latest scheme,




MJ: I am?

Jami shoots MJ a look and he realizes what she is doing.

MJ: (then, with confidence) I am!

Jami: (walking up on Allison, smug grin) So I guess you'll have to find someone else to go out with.

There is a tense standoff between the two ladies with MJ standing in middle. Suddenly:

Intercom: Dr. MJ Dixon, please report to surgery in room 401. Please report to room 401, stat.

MJ: (easing out) Sorry, ladies. I gotta go. . .

Jami: Wait!

Jami grabs MJ and whispers in his ear:

Jami: Forgive me.

She plants a kiss on his cheek. MJ lights up.

Jami: See you later.

MJ exits in a daze.

Jami: Such a nice guy.

Allison: Sure is. Sadly, he wants to be shackled to you.

Jami: Don't you have integrity? He is related to Casey, and we know you're doing this to get Casey's attention.

Allison: I happen to think that MJ is a nice guy.

Jami: That you just wanna use.

Allison: Whatever.

Jami rams the file in her on Allison's chest.

Jami: Here. This needs to be filed. Maybe while you're finding where this goes, you'll find your dignity too.

Jami walks off.

On Allison troubled,



Mo and Carly sit at the table eating donuts and sipping on coffee. Mo is clearly telling Carly something juicy as she has her full attention.

Mo: . . .So then Lisa jumped in and started snatching wigs. The woman was fierce!

Carly: Snatching wigs?

Mo: (sighs) She read Susan and her band of tramps. You missed one h*ll of party.

Barbara enters at the end of Mo's comment. She pours a cup of coffee.

Barbara: Monique, don't you have something better to do than gossip?

Mo: Umm. . . no. (getting up) Let me get back to my office and find something do before Babs goes nuts.

Barbara: Monique, show some respect, OK? It's Mrs. Coleman. Not Barbara. Not Babs.

Mo: (exiting) Whatever, Babs.

Carly chortles. Barbara then shoots her a look.

Carly: What!

Barbara: You're encouraging her just like Lisa is.

Carly: Well I find her charming and she brings good energy.

Barbara: Good energy? I would not consider gossiping as good energy.

Carly: (rising) I do. (heading to fridge) Especially when you have a newborn, three teens, and husband. I need my gossip where I can get it.

Carly digs in the fridge as Barbara stand over, watching.

Barbara: Seriously thought, you and Lisa need to stop encouraging her. Put up some boundaries or I am going to have to fire her.

Carly: (closing fridge with apple in hand) Too bad you can't. (takes a bite) At least two of us have be in favor and I doubt Lisa wants to fire her.

Barbara: Carly!

Carly: Barbara, where are we going to find a better intern? Huh? (waits for an answer. . .) I thought so.

Barbara: I seriously don't know what you two see in her.

Carly: A bit of ourselves. ALL of us.

Barbara: Dear God. She is nothing like me.

Carly: She's feisty.

Barbara: Mouthy is the word I'd use.

The door reopens and in walks Monique again.

Mo: A hag is here and she is determined to see you.

Mo moves aside in and in walks Susan.

Susan: Barbara, we need to fix this situation and fast.



Emily: Lucinda, you can't!

Lucinda: I can. Stocks are dropping and I have to let one of my subsidiaries go. Intruder is the one I have to drop.

Emily: This has something to do with me and Paul, right? He's the CFO and he's advised you to do so after what happened.

Lucinda: What are you talking about? I have no clue nor do I care what goes on with you or Paul's personal lives. This is something we've been deciding for awhile.

Emily: So Paul does know?

Lucinda: Yes, but this has been a decision in the making for awhile, darling.

Emily: OK. Without a primary backer--a publisher, we're screwed.

Lucinda: Oh darling. . . You're reading too much into this.

Emily: I don't think I am!

Emily gets up and starts to pace, frantically.

Lucinda: Darling, could you listen!


Emily: Cass? What are you doing here and who is she?

Rachel: The new owner of the Intruder.

On Emily taken back,



Ryder and Christina are sitting on the sofa. Ryder is clearly annoyed at this point.

Ryder: You really need to get over it, Chrissy.

Christina: No. Mom needs to let go, but we won't have to worry about that now. She has no choice but to let go seeing as I am now moving here.

Ryder: And where are you going to stay?

Christina: Here.

Ryder jumps from the sofa.

Ryder: Oh no. H*ll no!

Christina: C'mon, Ryder. Only for awhile. At least until the next semester starts at Oakdale U.

Ryder: No! And while we're on the topic of school, what about Berkley?

Christina: What about it?

Ryder: So you're not going to school?

Christina: Not now. I took the semester off.

Ryder: Have you even figured out how you're going to pay for school? Huh, Chrissy?

Christina: Yes. I have the college bonds from Grandma Nancy that I haven't cashed yet. I can use those to pay for the upcoming semester, and apply for scholarships for the remainder of my time. If you're trying to imply that I need Mom or Dad, I don't.

Christina gets up and opens the door and grabs her suitcases.

Christina: Now where is my room?

On Ryder astonished by her boldness,



Emily: You? Who are you? Do you even know anything about the newspaper industry?

Rachel: I do. Probably more than you. (extending hand) Rachel CORY Hutchins. CEO of Cory Publishing.

Emily: (to Lucinda) The Rachel Cory?!

Lucinda nods.

Emily takes Rachel hands and shakes it firmly.

Emily: (eager) So glad to meet you. So glad to be working with you.

Rachel: (doubtful) Sure you are. . . Now that the introductions are done and over, let's get to business.

Emily: Let's! (pull out chair) Have a seat!

Rachel: No need. What I have to say is short and sweet.

Everyone is rapt in attention.

Rachel: I'd like you to meet your new co-editor, Samantha Cory.

Emily does a double take when Rachel announces this.


In walks SAMANTHA CORY, daughter of Blaine and Sandy Cory. A bright, smart, beautiful Columbia University grad--just the match for Emily.

Rachel: She'll be assisting you, Mrs. Ryan as we transition the Intruder from a smut rag to an interactive newspaper that will trailblaze all news and media into the future.

Emily's jaw drops.

On Samantha being stoic and determined,



- Henry's sister, Clark, emerges and causes trouble.

- Jami's secret is discovered.

- Emily continues to lose it all

- Scott is reunited with his not so thrilled family

- Bonnie returns to Oakdale

- Mo's brother realizes the girls are lying and comes to Oakdale

- Lisa & Tom are at odds

- Tom will do anything to win

- Jack is still plagued by his mother's death

- Adrienne and Holden continue to get hot & heavy, much to the chagrin of Emma

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