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EP 16 The End of the Good Life (REVISED)

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Emily lies with her head between Ryder legs as Paul enters. It is clear that Emily is sedated; however, this isn't clear to Paul.

Paul: God d*mmit! Emily! What the h*ll are you doing?!

Emily: Huh? Paul, what are you. . .

Emily notices how she is positioned. She also sees Ryder lying in the bed, still drunk and out of it.

Emily: (coming to) Oh my God! Paul, I can--

Susan: (O.C) What is going on here?! Emily!

Susan comes from behind Paul and look on disgust.

On Emily horrified,



Lily stand frozen in the doorway, gazing at a naked Adrienne and Holden. Adrienne, embarrassed, pulls the covers over her body.

Adrienne: (to Lily) What are you doing?!

Lily: No! I should be the one asking what you are doing! But it's clear that you're doing my husband instead!

Adrienne: (to Holden) Husband?!

Holden: (correcting) Ex. (to Lily) Why are you here?

Lily: I work here! (tearing up) How could you, Holden? How could you?



Carter walks in grinning as Scott, grinning too, sits on the sofa.

Carter: Well look who it is.

Scott: In the flesh.

Scott and Carter share a manly hug and laugh before sitting back down on the sofa.

Carter: Took you long to get here.

Scott: I know. I know. I just had to wrap some things up in Los Angeles. My focus is all yours now.

Carter: Good. But are you still serious about going through with this? Going against your brother?

Scott: Of course. Nothing wrong with a little sibling competition. Except I expect to win.

On Scott determined and sly grin,




Lily: How could you, Holden?! How could you? Of all these places in Oakdale, you chose here to frolic around with your little hussy?!

Adrienne: Excuse me?

Adrienne starts to get rowdy but Holden holds her back.

Holden: Seriously, Lily?

Lily: Very.

Adrienne: Are you two going to seriously do this now?

Holden: No!

Lily: (overlapping) Yes!

Adrienne snatches the top blanket off the bed and covers herself. She makes her way towards the bathroom, but:

Adrienne: I'll be in the shower. When you get done, Holden. . . (seductively grinning) . . .you can come join me for rounds two, three, and four.

Holden grins as Adrienne exits into the bathroom.

Lily: Slut. (to Holden) So where did you meet her?

Holden: None of your business.

Lily: It is my business when you're causing a disturbance and the neighbors complain. Oh and the fact that you might bring this tramp around of children!

Holden: Lily. . .

Holden puts on his underwear and grabs a robe from nearby as he gets out the bed.

Holden: It's not that serious. We're just having fun.

Lily: Yes. Fun. But when I was having fun with Damian--

Holden: Different situation. We were still married.

Lily: I thought you were dead!

Holden: Fine. Whatever you say. May I just remind you that we're not together?

Lily: Your decision.

Holden: And I am fine with it. You on the other hand. . .

Adrienne: (O.C.) Holden. . . I'm getting really horny!

Lily: You're slut is calling you.

Holden: Lily--

Lily: I don't wanna hear it! (wounded) Just keep the noise down.

Lily rushes out the room as Holden tries to stop her.

On a conflicted Holden,



Paul rushes down the stairs with a handfull of Emily's clothes in his hands. It's clear that he is p*ssed off. Emily is hot on his heels, screaming as Paul opens the door and flings her clothes out the door.

Emily: Paul, let me explain!

Paul: Explain what? That I found your head inbetween Ryder's leg?!

Emily: Paul!

Paul grabs Emily and starts shaking her.

Paul: How long?! How long have you been sleeping with him?!

Emily: Are you serious?!

Emily snatches away from here. Tears stream down her eyes.

Emily: Do you think that after all we went through to be together that I'd compromise it?! For a fling?! Clearly you don't know me!

Paul: Clearly I don't!

Susan and a half dressed Ryder come rushing down the stairs.

Ryder: Paul, I've never--

Paul: Shut up! I don't wanna hear it! You can take this piece of trash and get out of my house!

Susan: Excuse me! Don't you talk to my daughter like that!

Paul: I'll talk to her any way that I please. It's warranted!

By now, other party guests have made their way in to see the spectacle. Barbara, Allison, Meg, and Lisa make their way to the front of the crowd.

Allison: What's wrong?

Paul: You're tramp of sister was just caught in bed with Ryder!

Lisa: Must be hereditary.

Susan: Oh shut up, Lisa!

Lisa: I'm just saying. . . You're little clan has been known to run astray. And of course it'd be with poor innocent Ryder!

Any man of Hughes relation has to pentrate a Stewart woman. It's like right of passage.

The crowd goes into the ruckus after Lisa's insult-- laughing and "ooing."

Mo: (to Lisa) Girl, you better snatch wigs! Work! W-E-R-K!

MJ: (to Jami) I thought work was spelled W-O-R-K?

Jami shakes her head, telling him let it go.

Barbara: Lisa, enough!

Barbara walks up to Paul, getting control of her son and the situation.

Barbara: (to Paul) Are you sure?

Paul: Am I sure?! I caught her in our bed with her head between his legs!

Everyone gasps.

Mo: At a child's birthday party?! That's h*ish!

Susan: Could someone shut her up?!

Mo: You don't know me you ole' hag. And I did not come from that hole between your legs, so you can't tell me what to do. OK?

Barbara: (stern) Monique! Enough!

Mo: OK. But that's because you sign my checks. . . and you're crazy.

Barbara shoots a look at Mo before turning her attention back to Paul and Emily. A saddness come over her face.

Barbara: (to Emily) Why?

Emily: Why? Why what?! Didn't I just say that I didn't do anything with Ryder!

Ryder: She didn't! How could I when I was drunk!

Mo: That ain't stop nobody from getting loose, sweetie.

Allison: You look like you'd know.

Mo: Actually I don't know but your sister does.

Barbara: Monique, don't say another word. . .

Mo closes her mouth and gestures like she locking it and throwing away the key.

Ryder: Meg can tell you that! I came here with her!

Everyone looks to Meg. She stands off to the side, feigining innocence.

Meg: You did. But you told me that you were going to the bathroom when we got here--I didn't know that you were messing with her on the side. How could you!

Ryder: What?!

Meg: I was really starting to like you! And you were using me! Using me to get to this sl*t!

Ryder: You're crazy.

Emily: You're just now figuring that out?

Paul: She isn't too crazy! She's never been caught screwing someone in my bed!

Emily grabs Paul and looks him in the eye. She is dead serious.

Emily: Paul, I love you. I would NEVER cheat on you with another man. You have to believe me. This was a mistake. I did not sleep with Ryder.

Lisa: Of course not, but you were working you're way up before Paul walked in.

Emily: Lisa, please shut up! (to Paul) I am telling the truth! I swear to God. I am telling the truth!

Paul is conflicted as he wants to believe Emily but the facts are in front of him. Then:

Paul: I can't.

This is a blow to Emily. She can't believe it.

Paul: I want you to pack your sh*t and get out. I want no traces of you left behind. You have thirty minutes.

Coldly, Paul walks away from Emily and their marriage.

On Emily crushed and stunned,



Tom is with his stratagists and volunteers going over the campaign when Carter walks in. Spotting him, Tom folds everything up and sends his crew into the back.

Tom: What do you want, Carter?

Carter: I just came to stop by and see if you were ready to drop out of the race.

Tom: Not a chance. Your flashy, tacky methods work now but they will soon start to wane.

Carter: I wouldn't call myself flashy and tacky. I'd just say that I have great support behind me.

Tom: Like Lucinda Walsh?

Carter: For starters.

Tom: Well just know that I have people with deep pockets backing me too. This election won't be an easy feat.

Carter: I agree. If anything, I think that things are about to turn up.

Tom: Really? How so?

Carter: (calling out) Hey! My future Chief Assistant District Attorney, show yourself!

In walks Scott with a grin on his face.

Scott: Hey big bro. Aren't you going to welcome me home?

Tom: (befuddled) Scott. . . what is the meaning of--

Carter: I'd like you to meet my new Chief Assistant District Attorney, Scott Eldridge. You know him, don't you?

Tom scowls at Carter.

Carter: Now don't be mad. Looks like you'll be pulling an all nighter. (to Scott) I'll give you some time to get reacquainted.

Carter exits.

Tom: Why, Scott? Why?

Scott: Why not? This is strictly business, big bro. All is fair in politics. See you at the debates. . .

Scott exits.

On Tom verklempt,


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Recommended Comments

LOL at Lily vs Adreinne

Wow im stunned at ur version of ATWT so aggresive. LOL all the cuss word. Im not to sure what to make of it. Ill keep reading to see how it plays out.

I do love the catty scenes with the women.

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I still plan on keeping the familial and othe relationship that were common with the show but I wanted to add some comedy, spice, and grit to the show that lacked the last few years. I'm aiming for a blend of primtime/daytime.

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