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  1. I'm confused. The description for today's episode says that "Nicole lashes out at Rick." Did I miss something?
  2. That would be my reaction if I saw that wig up close, too. LOL! I almost forgot that Maya face. Good Lawd! I don't know much about wigs, but that looks like Karla Mosley's real hear, I think, so I wonder if Reign Edwards chooses to wear wigs for some reason? I had assumed B&B probably don't have hair stylists that know how to work with Black folks hair, but maybe I'm wrong.
  3. I think that wig is alive, y'all! I swear it was moving all over her scalp throughout the episode. It almost started whip back and forth, whip back and forth ... An entire episode dedicated to Nicole's story (No Sheila! Quinn!). And it was probably one of the Blackest episodes in a while. I think Rick and CocoPuffs were the only two White characters on today. Now if only Mama Avant and Sasha and Lt. Baker could have popped up, too. LOL!
  4. Ugh ... why did I read this. I was trying so hard to enjoy this story and forget that Brad Bell is a crap writer without a clue ...
  5. That's pretty much Eric.
  6. Eric's been written as a spineless, pathetic, desperate old man/doormat for so long I'm not surprised by him bringing Sheila home. He's practically a Viagra-commercial cliche.
  7. I'm not even sure if I can give TK any credit for that. Rena Sofer just seems to have chemistry with every guy that Quinn shares a scene with. Dollar Bill, Deacon, Liam ...
  8. That's exactly my problem with Thorsten. I still can't get over his non-reaction to Brooke finding out about Ridge and Quinn during the big Australia shoot. He's on this location shoot and can't even muster the slightest bit of emotion. I do think there's chemistry between him and Rena Sofer, but he seems so bored when he's in a scene with anyone else. I was worried for only a second about Deacon being thrown under the bus with the shooting, but as long as Hope exists, he'll still exist one way or another. And it looks like he'll have the "falling off the wagon" excuse for the shooting. "Reformed Quinn" will probably ask for leniency in dealing with him.
  9. Just a heads up, TV Guide mentioned I'm addition to Sheila's reveal on June 9, "two more killer twists coming June 14 and 15."
  10. LMAO! I love them. And that wig though. Lawd!
  11. Is Eric "Bad Santa"? LMAO!!!
  12. I must have watched it online because I remember watching everyone get up and give a speech at the wedding. As long as they air even a minute of the episode though in ET, they're not going to re-air it. I'm curious how the Pheila mess will be explained. I had to stop watching Y&R not long after that reveal, at the height of LML'S craziness and mass character assassination. I've only read about how that story got worse from there.
  13. The "Have no faith in Brad Bell" part of me is thinking that it'll end up that Katie did in fact shoot at Quinn, but in Brad's mind, all it takes to redeem her is bring on someone even more crazy. Sheila will probably be using Katie in some way, blackmailing her, and Katie will become the "victim" and all is okay. Quinn and Katie will probably even team up together and be besties by 4th of July. I hope I'm wrong. I think when it comes to preemptions, if they manage to air even one minute of the show ET, they're not going to re-air. It used to be that way with GL and ATWT in their later years, but YR and BB would get better treatment if more than half the show was pre-empted. I guess they don't care anymore. The local stations don't even re-air episodes late night anymore since the episodes are online. If the entire episode is pre-empted in ET, then it'll air the next day. If recall correctly, the Nicole/Zende wedding actually aired in whole in ET but was pre-empted in the west. I guess in those cases, they stay on schedule and the West have to watch online.
  14. Yes. There was an article about the the Katie/Quinn story in this week's TV Guide magazine that hinted that something huge was going to happen with this story today that would interest veteran fans. I really thought it was going to be Monday because of that pre-emption, so I was a little surprised that in did in fact air today and we got a good old-fashioned Friday cliff-hanger. And that promo at the end of the episode was giving me all kinds of feelings and excited for the summer. Brad better not disappoint.
  15. OMG! SHEILA!!!!!!