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  1. LMAO! That's what I figured. That set must be barely holding together.
  2. There was a recent episode with Bill and Liam discussing the "Caroline is dying lie" and it was so obvious that the show wants Dollar Bill to be this show's Victor Newman. There was an exchange between those two that easily could have been recycled dialogue between The Mustache and [insert a character]. The problem is that Dollar Bill is too much of a joke to be Victor Newman. Don Diamont was so channeling Eric Braeden, minus the mumbles during that scene.
  3. From the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine: Don Most (Ralph Malph of Happy Days) will make a guest appearance as a Pete the handyman who will show up at Spectra Fashions on August 24-25 when a small fire breaks out. This guest stint will kickoff "a big September event." Don Most mentioned that Spectra Fashions is an old building and that "something very dicey" is going on with the electrical wiring. He also said there will be some flirtation between Pete and Shirley and that he'd "love to come back."
  4. There were several awkward/contrived moments in yesterday episode. Like having CoCo joining in with the Forresters celebrating both Eric and Quinn reuniting and Thomas leaving for New York to be with Caroline and the baby. I'd assume this would be the first she heard of the latter. It was weird to have her "celebrating" Thomas leaving her sister for Caroline. She didn't even have to be there. She should have been in the Spectra scenes hearing the news from Sally.
  5. Cynthia Watros, Annie Parisse, Kimberlin Brown, and Sabryn Genet.
  6. So ... um ... no comments about that cheesy end of today's episode of Quinn's portrait morphing into a portrait of Sheila (along with thunder claps) and then the "animation" of an evil mugging Sheila? It reminded me of when I'd sneak a peak at DAYS about 10-15 years ago (back when my high school and college friends were watching that instead of the CBS shows) and they'd have those video game passing scenes whenever someone was in a car and when they would do that cheesy freeze frame at the end of a scene. Don't know if they still do that. At least the show is making laugh. That counts for something, right? Not a complete waste of time, I guess.
  7. Nothing. The hotel scenes were so hard to watch. Horribly written, directed, and acted. Nobody's motivations made any sense (well, maybe except Steffy shooting Sheila, but that mess was so laughable). Eric seriously looks like a lost, helpless old man suffering from dementia and that's the only thing that would make any sense regarding this character at this point. He serves no more purpose beyond a plot point and set prop anymore. You could literally see John McCook grasp for some kind of motivation for the way Eric has been acting, especially towards Steffy at the hotel.
  9. LMAO! I actually think his acting is on par with Ronn Moss at times. Especially when he has to play "angry old man" routine.
  10. I thought the same thing.
  11. Probably nobody is going to get this, but after I read this I just had to reply with: "But what she gonna look like with a chimney on her?" I'm enjoying Sheila so far, it helps to have low expectations when it comes to this show nowadays. I'm living for the end of each episode she appears in when the camera zooms up close on her, all sinister-mugging. I'm all for some cheesy, campy fun while this story lasts. So, that was the end of the Lizzie story? And everybody lives happily ever after, huh?
  12. Your names are killing me. LOL! I thought they had good chemistry, too.
  13. Some observations of today's episode: 1. Nicole's extensions/wig were a little better today. At least it didn't look like they were put on at the last minute during a blackout. 2. Wyatt's hair straight up looks like Lou Ferrigno's hair as The Incredible Hulk! 3. R.J. and CoCo kissing really does look like two siblings making out with each other. Ew. 4. While the Lizzie story has quite a few problems, it's 10 times more interesting whenever Julius and Vivienne show up. They've been the saving grace of any Avant storyline (and sometimes the show as a whole) since they've came on the scene. 5. Yes, Julius is overstepping, but how the hell did Zende, Rick, Maya, and Vivienne think it would be a good idea to gang up on Nicole like that ... 6. Which leads me to my last observation. Reign Edwards actually shed real tears y'all! I know that she's limited somewhat as an actress, but she has an appeal to me that makes me root for her, so it pains me whenever she has a scene that calls for her to cry (and Lawd she's had many recently) and she can't get the waterworks going.
  14. I'm confused. The description for today's episode says that "Nicole lashes out at Rick." Did I miss something?
  15. That would be my reaction if I saw that wig up close, too. LOL! I almost forgot that Maya face. Good Lawd! I don't know much about wigs, but that looks like Karla Mosley's real hear, I think, so I wonder if Reign Edwards chooses to wear wigs for some reason? I had assumed B&B probably don't have hair stylists that know how to work with Black folks hair, but maybe I'm wrong.