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  1. I don't know which is worse: the writing of, directing for, or the acting from Thorstyn Kaye. Not once did I feel like he cared for Brooke. He didn't even bother trying. When Ridge learned that Brooke saw him kissing Quinn, TK had NO reaction at all, just a look of boredom and like he could care less. I was willing to chalk it all up to his piss poor acting at that point. Maybe even rushed, bad directing. But then there were the scenes with Ridge and Brooke afterward in the hotel room. He doesn't profess that he loves Brooke or try to actually fight for her. Instead his only argument for them to marry is R.J. And he actually tries to turn this all on Brooke. Like really. This show doesn't even try anymore. And what a waste of a location shoot. I'm pissed that Brooke chose NOT to tell Eric (at least as of Thursday's episode). There was no excitement. No fallout. No drama worth caring about. What a way to celebrate the show's 30th. I enjoyed the new NuSally for like a minute. Then they rushed this pairing with Thomas and have been recycling every moment (not even story) that had already been done so much better with the REAL Stephanie and Sally. Everyone already said what needs to be said about Quinn. I just ask for Brad Bell to make at least an effort to make a decent show. He's not even trying. And most of the whole cast must be bored to death with all of the retreads, because with and exception of a few, they're all just phoning it in that I don't feel anything for anyone or for any couple or story.
  2. I'm enjoying the anniversary clips and miss that show. I'm assuming that they'll continue showing them in chronological order. But if that's the case, I find it odd that they've excluded highlighting any scenes with Sheila. I know there are a number of characters they could have showcased, but how can you ignore the impact Sheila has had on the show? Hell, they've threw in a random Usher (Raymond) scene without any context just so they can remind us that Usher was once on the show. LOL! Or even moments like Eric and Stephanie having a pillow fight should have been replaced with something more significant. That said, I'll take these old clips over the current show any day. They're the only things worth watching at the moment.
  3. Thank you. I was wondering who she was reminding me of. I've caught a few episodes of Y&R since the new regime, just to check out the changes and I swear that show has two Phyllis. There's another actress on the show that looks just like Gina Tognoni, it was confusing me. Now this Sally chick makes a third.
  4. See, I didn't even know that. So it was weird seeing Diane hanging with Paul and Lauren at the wedding. I've only watched Y&R from mid to late 90s until January 2007.
  5. I'm glad the history between Ashley and Julia was brought up because I was wondering what was up with their weird interaction at the wedding. Without context ut almost seemed like Ashley was subtly making fun of her not having a date. It was something in the way Eileen Davidson played those scenes. I had a bit of a chuckle seeing Nikki, Ashley, and Diane ... if they only knew they'd one day being passing around Victor's frozen sperm. Good Lawd!
  6. Did I miss the "The role of Steffy is now being played by Lil' Kim" announcement at the beginning of the episode?? The makeup was brutal today. She about looked like a damn Oompa Loompa. I'm assuming Caroline will be returning and they're just setting up a story that'll probably be dropped the minute she returns.
  7. What? No comment about Stephanie rolling her eyes and winking at the audience at Thotsha? LOL! For some reason, I have a feeling there's going to be something wrong with the baby and that Rick and Maya will be that boring couple that move from one social issue storyline to another. Thotsha is definitely not pregnant. That was totally a desperate move to keep Zende from dumping her. The Matriarch talk was definitely too much and awkward.
  8. they had a kid but she didnt raise him and isnt a part of his life. She's not his mother. The only contribution she did was her eggs. The show really wouldnt have any flashbacks to show of them together when he was a kid. Jack not being mentioned wasnt a surprise bc the only time the show tried to acknowledge that Brooke was his bio mother was when Taylor gave up her rights and Brooke was supposed to step up. She showed up to his first birthday party and that was it. The show never tried to pretend that they even had a relationship offscreen Thanks! I embarassed to admit that I actually kind of forgotten about that story. I just knew that there was someone missing and checked out Brooke's wiki and they mentioned Jack. Your explanation helps make sense of everything.
  9. So did Brooke and Nick not have a child? Did I just imagine that? Not one mention or flashback or place-card or decoration for Jack Marone? I can't remember if there was a stocking for him or not. I guess if they never mention him now, when he's SORAS'd and brought on the show after years of not having any relationship with his family, he'll be able to date cousin, too, just like Thomas and Ivy.
  10. LOL! I was like, "He did NOT just say that?"
  11. LMAO! I'm so curious about this. Isn't Jacob Young's Rick the only person on the show that could have a "flashback" of Raymond/Usher? What would prompt that?
  12. LOL! Shade is shade, but I get your point. ;-)
  13. Yeah, she's about the only interesting thing with the younger set.
  14. Yep, and she's compared Hope to Brooke a few times and made snide comments about their ways with men. Not that I disagree with her, but I think dio hi the nail on the head about where this story is heading.
  15. I'm dying over these Stephanie/Susan Flannery comments! But if that was Stephanie, they wouldn't need any cheesy effects because Susan Flannery would have kept it real. She didn't play with her slaps, AT ALL. LOL!