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The Carly Corinthos/Sam McCall Friendship Thread *An Uncomfortable Friendship*


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Yeah, yeah, yeah I know they are not friends, and they fight with each other, Carly thinks Sam isn't good enough for Jason and Sam thinks Carly is a pain in the butt, but I think deep down these two really do care about each other.

Carly kindly agreeing to look after Sam today.

Sam asking Carly for help with Jason.

and my most favorite scene.....

when Carly was having a breakdown, Sam taking care of her, they had this beautiful scene together of comfort.

I don't have trouble supporting them as friends because the crap that went down between them was when Tamara was in the role, I think Laura Wright and Kelly Monaco have good chemistry together.


Carly needs a friend and Sam needs a friend and do you really want to hang out with the Princesses of Port Charles in Liz, Robin and Elizabeth?

Anyone else in?

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I'm in.

Carly and Sam actually have an understanding now. Carly sees how much Jason loves Sam and Sam loves Jason. You can say that she doesn't like Sam, nor does she hate her. She's indifferent.

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