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BBC cancels Doctors

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After running for 23 years, the TV show had been affected by "super inflation in drama production", causing costs to rise significantly, the BBC said.

It said it had faced a choice on whether to re-invest in the Birmingham site where the show is made or finance new shows in the West Midlands.

The final episode will be aired in December 2024.


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What a shame! It’s just a lie with money. I mean they lost two cast member who were eating up a lot of money coz they were in for more than a decade which should’ve given them some room to work with!

Just like the stupid reason they gave for cancelling Holby City. BBC seems to want to get out of soap operas.. I think that they will keep EE for a bit but if the ratings won’t change and they make more income with it then it’s gone next! 

F the BBC

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And BBC’s original and last remaining medical drama/soap, Casualty, has just had its output reduced going forward. Plus, its only original character, Charlie Fairhead, is leaving the show after 37 years. 

And it’s Executive Producer, former Eastenders producer, Jon Sen, is off as well.

I’d say the show probably has 2-3 years left. 

With Channel’s 4 and 5 no longer airing British soaps on their main TV platforms, it looks like the U.K. is slowly going the way of America when it comes to the value of soaps vs costs involved.

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