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2 hours ago, BreakingDownTheWalls said:

If it was someone you actually like having three or four different roles on the show, you wouldn’t be complaining.  So, all of this “Oh, the story can go to someone else” is just nonsense.  I don’t believe the crying or whining.


Oh, shut up. No one has anything to prove to you when you can read the archives going back eight years to where we were all talking about this stuff literally every day when Frank and Ron Carlivati were in full swing. 


No one is interested in how you've been stanning for Roger since 1993 and how great his body of work once was; I know all about it. I watched OLTL all those years, I've seen dozens of fanatics like you come and go online and they all have an excuse for why he should always be onscreen in the 2010s or 2020s by pulling up grainy standard-def YouTube clips from the '90s. I watched those years, they were many good years and they have absolutely nothing to do with today's GH. You can't justify your position so you just blame everyone else. Welcome to Ignore.

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