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March 6-10, 2017: New Low For B&B in Women 18-49 Viewers


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1 hour ago, ChitHappens said:

Those numbers are horrid, but I'm super happy Bold is doing so poorly! 

Same.....it took the horrid Ridge/Quinn mess for folks to wake up and tune out. I am sure Bradley Bell will blame this on the Spectras.




And Y&R continues to drop too!  Sally will not last with these awful numbers. In the 2's now for HH numbers?? Bye Sally....you are going to be fired soon.

2. B&B 2.44/8 (-.13/-.11)........Yikes..


1. Y&R 3.05/10 (-.13/-.32)...Yikes



Tuesday: 2.45/3,445,000
Wednesday: 2.37/3,349,000
Thursday: 2.34/3,218,000
Friday: 2.40/3,359,000

Just Horrible!!
Wednesday: 2.95/4,128,000
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Thursday: 2.87/4,016,000 
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1 hour ago, DramatistDreamer said:

This is going to sound very mean but none of these headwriters seem to be very good at what they do. 

Bradley Bell did not seem to inherit much of  his father's creativity or discipline for the craft.



Preach it!

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11 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

I guess Y&R viewers aren't here for Jill/Colin, Billy/Victoria or Ashley/Ravi or Cane....and the conclusion with Scotty was a complete snoozefest and no one tuned in.


For what it's worth, I like the actor who plays Ravi. I just wish that the writers had invested more time in developing his character.

I always use the example of how Marland introduced and developed Casey Peretti on ATWT. Casey was a driven doctor who would annoy the heck out of an otherwise mild-mannered Dr. Bob Hughes, which of course, made him Dr. John Dixon's favored young doctors.  Everyone thought that Casey would get together with Dr. Hughes' daughter Frannie (immediate conflict, right?) but that didn't happen at all, Marland surprised the audience with a completely different, somewhat unforeseen twist, that, when you actually looked at it in retrospect, was completely logical, though surprising.


These shows today leave absolutely no room for surprise and some barely use any logic the creative decisions they do make.

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That's how Reed was introduced too. I think most thought he was more like John Dixon. No one compared him to Casey.


I actually like Scotty but his backstory sucks. He being a journalist and worrying about some driver we don't even know about is pure garbage. I still think he should have been a doctor like his dad or a big time lawyer. It would have been interesting too had he been paired with Heather, Paul's daughter.


Y&R doesn't have anything earth shattering to watch. It is so boring with useless characters I don't care about like Colin, Pod Victoria, Pod Billy, Ravi, Gloria and Cane. Add Lily to the mix and I have all the reasons why this soap continues to drop in the ratings. Sally Sussman won't last that much longer. She is already hitting the 2's in HH numbers. That is not good at all.




B&B ratings are truly deserved. It has been pure trash for the longest time and now the viewers are seeing it and tuning out. I couldn't be happier.

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@SoapsudsI liked the fact that you didn't have any character like Casey Peretti. He was driven because he was from a working class Irish-Italian family and many of his peers in medical school were from aristocratic, blueblood families and most of his classmates never thought he'd make it.

He wasn't meant to be like John Dixon.  

John Dixon had a very checkered history, he was terrible to Kim and abused her, sexually and emotionally. Frankly, I wouldn't want to model a character on him. John Dixon could only have worked in the 70s and 80s when a character could 'bounce back' from committing marital rape.


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